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Christine yawned luxuriously, stretching slowly and sitting upright, so that the sheet slipped down and the morning sun gilded her pale skin, turning her breasts and belly the colour of polished gold. Sue felt the movement and lazily opened her eyes, just lying in the warmth and admiring her friend's supple body. Christine looked down and saw that Sue was awake. Slowly, Christine laid back down beside her and looked into her deep brown eyes.

"Sue, " Christine began, hesitantly.

"Shhh, I know, " Sue replied, "You were upset, you needed comforting and you're not really into girls."

Before she could continue, Christine had placed her fingertips against Sue's lips, pressing gently against the plump moistness of her mouth. Then she leaned over and slipping her fingers away, kissed Sue's mouth lightly, tasting her lips as they curved in a gentle smile. Then she kissed one corner and then the other.

"Sue, I'm not upset now," Christine murmured, as she kissed the curve of her smile, "and I don't want you to comfort me, I want you to make love with me."

Sue reached out and slid her arm around Christine's hip, spreading her fingers over the small of her back. Christine pressed her lips to Sue's feeling her mouth open and Sue welcoming her probing tongue. Sue's embrace tightened a little and she closed her eyes as Christine slipped the tip of her tongue into Sue's mouth. Christine rested her hand on the smooth curve of Sue's belly and rubbed softly, her fingertips tracing circles against the warm skin. Gradually the circles widened and her fingertips were brushing the curve where Sue's breasts rose gently from her ribs. Christine cupped the warm flesh, suppressing a stab of envy at her lover's voluptuous curves. Her fingers cradled Sue's breast, squeezing it very gently and making Sue sigh into Christine's mouth.

Sue lifted her hand to cup Christine's breast, her thumb and forefinger resting lightly upon the base of her nipple. Slowly, teasingly, Sue traced a circle with her fingernail, running it around the bottom of the hard nub. Christine gasped, the sound captured in the warmth of Sue's mouth, as she softly pinched the sensitive nipple between her finger and thumb. Christine took hold of Sues nipple and pulled on it, lifting the tiny, hardened shaft and stretching it.

Christine moved her mouth away from Sue's lips and kissed her jaw, her eyelids and the soft skin at the base of her throat. Sue arched her back, pressing her breast against Christine's fingers, and then reached out to guide Christine's mouth to her breast. Christine kissed the warm skin and smelt the tang of Sue's arousal as she kissed the tiny pearls of perspiration from the valley between her breasts. Christine's tongue flickered against the softly curving skin like a questing snake, touching and then withdrawing into her mouth to taste her lover. Sue trembled and pushed Christine's mouth closer to her erect and aching nipple. She could feel a ripple of air as Christine giggled, realising that Sue wanted her to suck and lick the hard bud, but determined to tease her a little first.

Sue squeezed Christine's nipple a little harder, making her gasp against her breast. Christine closed her lips around the hard stalk of Sue's nipple, drawing it into her mouth and nuzzling gently at her breast. Her tongue swirled over the hard point of Sue's nipple, bathing it gently in Christine's mouth. Sue murmured in the back of her throat, encouraging Christine to caress her with her mouth. Christine, gently nipped at the hard point of Sue's nipple with the edge of her teeth, trapping it so that she could lash her tongue across the sensitive flesh.

Christine, slid her hand lower, following the slight curve of Sue's belly until she could touch the smoothly shaven vee of her sex. The mound was firm but yielding as she pressed her fingers against Sue's body. Sue trembled and took a shuddering gulp of air as Christine's fingers edged closer to the hard pearl, hooded by a delicate fold of skin, that was her aching clit. Sue reached down and guided Christine's hand to her pussy, pressing against her fingers, so that the tip of her forefinger slipped inside and brushed against the base of her clit. Christine felt the shiver that raced through Sue's body and the sudden hot flood of wetness over her fingertips. Sue pushed upwards, taking Christine's finger deeper into her pussy. Christine closed her eyes, the tips of her long, silken lashes brushing against Sue's skin. She could feel Sue gripping her finger and realised that sue was whispering to her.

"Yess! " Sue hissed, "Touch me, push your fingers inside me. I want you to make me cum."

"What do you want me to do?" Christine giggled.

"I want you to force your fingers into my pussy, make me wet and then make me cum." Sue groaned.

Christine moved her hand slowly and then thrust two fingers into the wetness of Sue's pussy. Sue arched her back, her bottom leaving the bed as she tried to take more of Christine's long, slender fingers into her pussy. Gasping she fell back, her pussy gushing onto the sheets. Christine released Sue's nipple from between her lips and began to kiss a trail downwards, over her belly. Sue whimpered quietly as Christine moved her fingers slowly in and out of her tight pussy.

"I never knew this could be so good." Christine whispered, just loudly enough for Sue to hear.

"What?" Sue asked, distracted by the feel of Christine's breath upon the swollen pearl of her clit.

"Fingering your wet cunt and tasting your juices as I suck your clit." Christine replied.

Plunging her mouth down onto Sue's dripping pussy, Christine sucked her swollen clit into her mouth and began to lash it with the tip of her tongue. Sue could hardly bear the sensation ripping through her and thrashed against the bed, while Christine held her clit firmly between her lips and sucked and licked, swallowing the heady nectar that gushed onto her lips. Sue screamed as her whole body was wracked by spasms of ecstasy.

Christine released the hard nub of Sue's clit from her mouth and watched as her pussy swelled and a tiny spurt of creamy juice splashed onto the sheets. Sue gasped and reached for Christine, pulling her closer, so that their breasts were pressed together. Christine could feel the hard points of Sue's nipples pressing against her, the heat from her excitement making them feel like hot coals upon her skin.

Sue pushed gently against Christine's shoulder, pressing her down until she was lying flat on her back. Sue leaned over, her breasts swinging a little, her nipples brushing against Christine's chest. Lying on her back, Christine's figure was even more boyish than before, her taut, pert breasts almost flat. Sue's fuller, more voluptuous globes hung a little and Christine could see them flatten as Sue pressed them against her. Christine's nipples stood hard and erect like pebbles. Sue smiled as she straddled Christine and rocked back and forth, rubbing their breasts together, the hard nuts of their nipples catching and dragging against each other. Leaning on her forearms, sue lowered herself onto Christine, pressing her breasts onto her and kissing the corners of her mouth. Christine parted her lips and let Sue's tongue slip between them to explore her mouth. Sue tasted herself on Christine's lips and pressed herelf against the soft thatch over the girl's pussy.

Christine sucked hungrily on Sue's tongue, feeling the lips of her pussy swelling and becoming wet as they kissed. Sue rested on her side and brought her hand onto the swell Of Christine's breast, her own bosom pressed against the other. Her palm trapped the soft swelling, kneading it sensuously, gently. Christine's nipple pressed against Sue's palm, hardening as Sue caressed her breast. Christine moaned quietly, almost a sigh, as she felt her pussy moisten, the tender lips sticking together. Sue slid her hand over Christine's taut belly, feeling the dampness on her skin, until her fingertips touched the silky thatch of pubic hair. She pressed a little harder, her fingers sliding through the moist, springy curls until she could touch the delicate hood hiding Christine's swollen clit. Sue brushed her fingernail over the hard pearl, making Christine mewl like a kitten. Christine pulled her knees a little higher and let them fall open, spreading her thighs for Sue to reach further down. Sue ran the tip of her finger along the puffy, tender, lips of Christine's pussy, then slowly but firmly pushed three fingers inside. Christine arched her back as she felt Sue gradually stretching her tight pussy, the sensation of Sue opening her wet pussy sending ripples of pleasure through her. Christine drew her knees further back, so that sue could push more deeply into her yielding pussy.

"Oh God, Sue," she moaned, "that feels so good!"

"You like the feel of my fingers in your pussy?" Sue asked.

"Yess!, Finger my cunt!" Christine wailed.

Sue smiled at her friend's request. Little did Christine realise, but she had wanted to take her to bed almost from the day they had met. This was a chance she would definitely make the most of. Gradually, very, very gently, Sue worked her fingers in and out of Christine's dripping pussy. She leaned over her and kissed the skin of her belly, watching it ripple as Christine's body responded to her caresses. Tilting her had, she could see them both in the mirror on the wardrobe door. She watched as she pressed her hand against the mound of Christine's pussy, watching it open and almost suck on her fingers. Pulling her hand back, easing her finger out of Christine's pussy, Sue was rewarded with a whimper from Christine.

"Don't stop, put them back in me." She begged

Sue said nothing, but this time, she bunched four fingers together and slowly pushed them between the lips of Christine's pussy, twisting her wrist as they sank in. Christine's eyes widened like saucers as she felt Sue stretching her. The pressure was almost painful and, for a moment, Christine thought that Sue was going to tear her open. She gasped as Sue's knuckles slipped inside her and her thumb brushed against her clit. Christine's whole body spasmed driving her puss against Sue's hand and forcing herself onto the fingers inside her.

Without saying anything, Sue eased her hand out of Christine's pussy, watching in the mirror as the opening slowly closed, leaving a tender pink gashed, swollen and almost bruised. Christine was trembling like a leaf in a gale and sue could hear her swallow and sigh as she caught her breath.

"Sue, put them back inside me, please?" begged Christine.

"You want my fingers deep inside you?" Sue murmured into her ear, "What about my fist?"

"Oh God! Whatever you want. Just make me cum again, please?" Christine whimpered.

Sue reached down and bunched her fingers and thumb together, then pressed them against the lips of Christine's pussy moving her hand from side to side a little until they were between the tender lips. Gradually Sue pressed harder and harder, watching her hand disappearing slowly into Christine's pussy. Slowly, fraction by fraction, Sue's hand edged deeper and deeper into Christine's pussy. In the mirror she could see Christine's pussy, stretched so tightly that it looked as though the skin would split, gripping her hand. A deep breath, a tiny lunge with her arm, and Sues hand was completely inside Christine's pussy. Christine was trembling continuously, her body almost vibrating as Sue paused, her hand buried inside her. Sue felt Christine's muscles soften as she relaxed and the grip of her pussy on Sue's hand eased. Then Sue began to curl her fingers back towards her palm, gradually making a fist. Christine felt the fingers inside her curling and the hand swelling into a fist, stretching her as Sue bunched her fingers tightly. Christine panted, trying to relieve, or at least get used to, the pressure against the tight walls of her pussy. Sue slowly and gently pressed her fist deeper, turning it so that the hard knob of bone pressed against the pearl of Christine's swollen clit.

Christine moaned loudly, thrashing her head against the pillow as Sue moved her fist inside Christine's tightly stretched pussy. Sue kissed Christine's hard nipple, then nipped it between her teeth. This was too much for her to bear and her moan became a shriek as her whole body convulsed in a shattering orgasm. Her back arched until Sue could hear Christine's joints crackling and then she fell back to the bed in a limp heap, like a dishrag. Christine lay panting on the bed, her chest heaving and her nipples swollen and cherry red.

Sue straightened her fingers and drew her hand back slowly, easing it out of Christine's dripping pussy. The wet, slurping sound as her fist slipped out was loud compared to the panting of the two women. Christine groaned as she felt the emptiness of her stretched pussy and Sue gathered her, trembling into a tender, yet passionate embrace.

"You're mine now, all mine." Sue whispered into her lover's ear.

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