tagSci-Fi & FantasyWaking the Dragon Ch. 03

Waking the Dragon Ch. 03


As Gryph emptied himself into the Queen's quivering body, the Dragon crept through the shadows across the grounds toward the soldiers' barracks. She stayed low to the ground and hugged trees and wagons as she closed the long distance between the palace and the gray buildings. She had left her sword and the wolf in the room and carried with her only a long knife that she kept sheathed in her pants. She had put her tunic back on after Gryph had left her. She had rubbed the wolf's head, her thoughts whirling until she had realized she had no choice but to attempt to rescue the girl from Eton's cruelty.

She had left the wolf sleeping and crept through the palace until she had found the exit Eton had used. Her green eyes adjusted easily to the night, seeing as well in the darkness as she did in daylight. She saw with her ears as well as her eyes, listening for other wanderers in the darkness. She reached the barracks and squatted underneath a window, listening to the sounds in the barracks. She could hear a man panting and grunting but nothing from the girl. Cautiously, she raised her eyes above the lip of the window. A break between the window's edge and the shade gave her a partial view of the room.

The girl was face down on a long table in the center of the room. Her legs were tied with thick rope to the legs of the table. Her arms were stretched and two more lengths of rope secured her arms to the other end of the table. Beds lined the far wall. She could see sleeping lumps beneath the blankets, oblivious to the girl and the solider standing behind her with his pants at his ankles. He was positioned with his manhood at her rear opening. The girl's cheek was resting on the table, her face toward Bane. Bane could see silent tears rolling from the girl's brown eyes, even though the hood still covered her face. They had not removed the gag from her lips.

The soldier grunted as he finished and pulled out, slapping his hand firmly on the girl's bottom. He liked the mark it left, so he smacked against her three more times. Her body flinched each time. The soldier looked down, surprised to see his shaft rising again. He continued spanking the girl's bottom until he was stiff. Bane tensed with each sound, growing angrier at the poor treatment of the girl. Nothing she could have done would be worth this punishment.

The soldier slid back into her, his hips rocking quickly as he grunted and thrust. Bane pushed the shade a little, attempting to see more of the room. Only one other soldier was awake. He sat straddling a chair, his back to the window, encouraging his comrade. Bane sensed from the motion of his arm that the observer was stroking himself in time with his buddy's thrusts. The two of them would probably switch places through the night until they were worn out, then wake another pair to continue the girl's pounding.

Bane crawled through the window, moving with stealth as she placed her boot on the wooden floor. She gripped the hilt of the knife in her palm and crept behind the seated guard, using the base to knock him unconscious. The man thrusting in and out of the girl did not notice as his companion slumped. It would have been easy for Bane to slice the soldier's throat, but she thought it would be best not to kill any of the guards. She wanted to stir as little water as possible until she was ready for full attack.

The guard at the girl caught sight of her movement but could not stop his rocking in order to combat her. He opened his mouth to wake his comrades, but Bane gripped the blade of her knife and flipped her wrist. The knife swirled end over and over, the blade catching the glint of the candlelight. To both of them, the blade seemed to spin in slow motion before landing solidly in the large apple at the base of his throat. Bane raced across the room and caught the man before he could fall. His eyes fluttered as he fought to breathe around the blade lodged in his throat.

The girl watched as the warrior dragged the man outside. Bane put a finger to her lips and disappeared into the darkness. The girl kept an eye on the door as best she could until the Dragon returned. The warrior cut the ropes and helped the girl to stand. They didn't waste time exchanging words or looks. Instead, Bane grabbed the girl's hand and led her into the night air. She tugged and the girl followed across the dark, undisturbed grounds to the palace. They didn't stop until they reached the Dragon's tiny room.

Bane cut the knot from the lacing on the back of the hood and removed it from the girl's head. She sliced the leather of the gag and pulled it out of the girl's mouth, surprised at how long it was. The girl smacked her dry lips and Bane went to the basin that Gryph had replaced after the wolf had drunk. She filled a glass and helped the girl to drink, then used a towel to wash the girl's face. Bane wrapped a blanket around the girl's shoulders before she moved a chair to sit directly in front of the girl.

The girl took another drink of water and moved her stretched jaw. She studied the contents of the cup, and then looked into Bane's concerned eyes. In this light, they seemed more hazel than green. They were flitting over the girl's face, trying to discern the girl's stability and well-being. The warrior was so intent that when the girl threw the remainder of cold water from the glass into her face, the Dragon instinctively slapped the girl's face. "Typically people say thank you when they are rescued."

"I didn't ask to be rescued," the girl hissed, springing to her feet and pacing the small room. She ran her fingers through her brown hair, combing it away from her face and lifting it where the hood had pressed it down. "Why did you do that?"

The Dragon gaped at the girl, taken aback by the response. She sprang to her feet, watching the girl tread circles in the small chamber. "Because I detest seeing people abused. Do you mean to tell me that you were enjoying those soldiers taking turns on you? Would you have chosen to stay there?"

"No, I didn't enjoy it, but yes, I would have chosen to stay. The punishment now will be far worse then being at the mercy of inebriated guards all night. I know those men and I know what they are capable of. I also know Matayla, and her cruelty knows no limits." The girl stopped pacing and pressed her face in her hands, shaking her head. "Given the choice, I would have taken the night with the guards over Matayla's anger any day. Thanks a lot for being my hero, Dragon," the girl spat, venom dripping from her voice. She moved to the balcony and stared across the grounds. Bane could see the tension in the girl's body. Her muscles were drawn so tightly that she trembled.

Bane closed the distance, standing behind the girl. The blanket had slipped off the girl's shoulders, revealing her upper back and part of her chest. She gripped it in her clenched fists at her bosom. Bane placed her hands on the pale shoulders, gliding her palms over the smooth flesh. Her breath warmed the back of the girl's neck. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. You can tell Matayla it was my fault."

"It won't matter," the girl whispered, shaking her head dejectedly. Bane was relieved that the girl did not pull away from her touch. "Nothing will matter except that she will have an excuse to unleash her poison." The girl's shoulders slumped, her body giving in to the soothing caress of the warrior's strong hands. "What did you do with the one you killed?"

"I put him in the creek behind the barracks," Bane answered in a calming voice. She brushed the girl's hair to one side, admiring the fine line of her neck. A thick silver band encircled the girl's throat and rested on the knobs of her spinal cord that connected her skull to her body. Bane moved her fingertips over the girl's backbone, counting the vertebrae downward. The girl was so slender that Bane could see every ridge. The blanket slipped more, pooling at the small of her back. Bane's long, tender fingers moved all the way down to the base of the girl's spine. Bane made a circle there with her fingers then rested both hands on the back of the girl's pelvis.

The girl did not pull away. Instead, she sighed and dropped her head forward, her muscles slowly relaxing under Bane's gentle massage. The Dragon's fingers moved up either side of her backbone, applying more pressure as she neared the sharp shoulder blades. She used the pads of her fingers in circular motions to caress the tight muscles, working until the girl exhaled softly and slumped a little. Bane then moved her hands to the girl's shoulders, sliding her palms over the tender skin. She pressed closer, pulling the girl so that her back felt the soft leather of Bane's tunic. Bane's breath remained warm on the girl's exposed flesh as she slid her hands down the girl's arms.

Bane's hands encircled' the girl's wrists, her deep green eyes looking over the girl's full breasts. Bane thought she had never seen two more perfect examples of the female anatomy. They were pale and round and Bane knew instinctively that when she placed her palms over them, they would be fully covered. The nipples were dark against the light colored flesh and were starting to pucker as the wind and Bane's touch worked their magic. Bane took the edges of the blanket and peeled it from the girl's hands. She pulled it open and dropped it on the floor. It pooled against their feet. Bane's hands moved to the girl's stomach, trailing lightly over the soft swell. She worked her way upward, moving toward the round breasts, her palms longing to hold them.

Bane turned her face toward the girl as her fingertips trailed upward, her breath warm on the girl's cheek. The girl turned toward Bane, moistening her lips. Her big brown eyes searched the Dragon's visage, unable to rest in any one place. She wanted to memorize the Bane's tender countenance. She tried to remember when she had seen anyone look on her with tenderness but could not. The tip of Bane's pink tongue darted about the Dragon's lips and the girl leaned forward, her lips slightly parted in anticipation of a kiss. Instead, the Dragon dropped her eyes back to her hands as her fingers trailed over the soft globes.

Bane's fingers made light circles over the full breasts, working inward slowly. The girl did not protest. She turned her head and her breath fluttered across Bane's neck. The Dragon's digits climbed upward, moving steadfastly toward the puckered flesh surrounding the lengthening nipples. The girl gasped softly when Bane closed her thumb and forefinger around the extended nipples and tugged lightly.

Encouraged by the girl's sound of pleasure, Bane rolled the nipples in her fingers. The girl relaxed, sinking back against the strong warrior. Bane's thumb brushed over the nipples as her hands cupped the breasts. She was pleased to note that only small patches of skin were visible beneath her splayed fingers. Her hand flexed and eased, massaging the full globes.

Bane's left hand stayed in place, cupping and teasing the breast and nipple with playful fingers. The right hand danced downward over the girl's flat stomach. She slid her thigh between the girl's, pushing her into a wider stance. Bane's hand reached the base of the stomach. Her fingers drummed against the girl's mound and skipped along the slit. The girl still did not pull away from the Dragon's touch, but Bane remained cautious. The girl had been abused. Bane did not want the young slave submitting because it was expected of her. Bane wanted the girl to crave the touch, so her fingers remained light. They teased along the slit, brushing the thick curls. She paused to massage lightly at the base of the girl's opening. She pushed her index finger in to the first knuckle and swept up the girl's swollen lips. She could feel moisture forming in the girl's depths.

The girl moaned softly and Bane smiled, moving her lips to the shell of the girl's ear. "I'll stop if you want me to," she whispered. "All you have to do is ask. I'll do whatever you want."

The girl shivered at the Dragon's words, groaning softly and leaning back into the hard frame of the warrior. She opened her legs a little wider, giving Bane more access. Bane's finger brushed against the girl's hard bud. The moan that exploded from the girl's lips sent a shudder through Bane's body, but the Dragon did not pursue the pleasure. She wanted to hear the girl ask for more. Bane moved her fingers back to the pert bosom, her slick fingers moving over the throbbing nipples. The girl's chest was rising and falling rapidly with her growing excitement.

Bane bit the girl's neck, her teeth drilling into the pale flesh. She sucked hard on the skin, her teeth gripping the membrane just above the thick silver collar. The girl tilted her head, whimpering softly as the Dragon's teeth drew a thin line of blood. The Dragon suckled, drinking from the vein. The girl's hips started rocking back and forth, her firm bottom slapping against Bane's cradling pelvic bone. Bane released the girl's flesh from her mouth, licking softly over the broken skin.

The warrior's hand trailed to the girl's hip, sliding over the flare of her pelvis and back to the apex of the girl's thighs. Her hand cupped the mound, her middle finger slipping between the lips. She rubbed against the button, flicking it up and down. The girl moaned low in her throat, pushing her hips forward in a silent plea for more. Bane added two fingers to the motion, pushing them against the girl's opening. She wiggled the two fingers inside the girl, then added a third. Her thumb pressed against the nub, rotating it with the pad of her digit as her fingers began moving in and out of the girl.

The hand resting on the girl's breasts flexed and relaxed in time to the fingers gliding in and out of the tight channel. Bane moved her fingers swiftly, scraping the inside of the sensitive walls with her fingertips. The girl opened wider, allowing the Dragon full access to her deep recess. She sagged against the warrior, her face flushed as Bane's fast, talented fingers pushed the small woman higher into a pinnacle of pleasure. Bane growled in the girl's ear, encouraging her to give into the sensations rushing through her body. The girl tilted her head backwards, her mouth open in a silent scream as her body trembled on the verge of release.

Bane pinched and tugged the nipple, twisting as her thumb drummed against the slick button of the girl's center. The warrior pushed the girl faster and harder, building the climax. The girl arched her back, panting, a thin noise escaping her throat as she crested. Her skin shone with sweat and her vein throbbed against her temple. She bucked against Bane's thrusting hand, finally pushing herself over the top. Her body stiffened, quivering against Bane as she rode the wave within her. She whimpered, her eyes glazed over as Bane continued pushing. The wave broke even higher as Bane launched her to a second zenith.

Bane stilled her fingers inside the girl, surprised to see tears streaking down the young face. Bane pulled free, wrapping her arms around the girl's waist. She held the girl tight against her body, feeling the vibrations fade away. The girl turned her head toward Bane, pressing her wet face to Bane's neck. Bane hugged the girl to her, unsure what had caused the tears. The Dragon was uncertain what to do with the emotional girl. Interpersonal relationships had never been Bane's strong point. She hadn't even been able to communicate with Nyte in that regard.

Bane turned the girl, roughly rubbing the hollow cheeks dry. She held the girl's face in her hands, staring into the deep brown eyes and trying to read the young slave the same way she would read an enemy. The girl bravely met the stare, seeing beyond the emeralds in the Dragon's eyes to the human beneath the warrior. The slave took the warrior's hands in her own and walked backwards toward the bed.

"What is your name?" Bane asked as they crossed the tiny room, her voice much softer and soothing. Her eyes and tone held tenderness.

"I don't remember," the girl answered.

Bane's steps faltered and she tilted her head in puzzlement. "How do you not remember your own name?" the Dragon demanded.

The girl grabbed the tail of Bane's tunic, lifting it over the warrior's head and leaning forward to kiss each already hard nipple. The kisses were short but full of suction as she squeezed the hard buttons between her lips. She looked into the Dragon's face. "I dare say your given name is not Bane. Do you remember?"

A hint of a smile touched the warrior's lips. "You are very clever for a girl who doesn't remember her own name." Bane's words died on a sigh as the girl's lips closed over one of her breasts and her tongue lapped around the puckered areola. Her tongue swept round and round, teasing Bane's nipple to a greater length. The girl's fingers were unlacing the warrior's trousers. She moved her mouth to the other breast, treating it to the same playful teasing.

Bane quietly watched the girl's mouth at work. Her cheeks flexed in a steady rhythm as her tongue rubbed the nipple repeatedly. The pleasure rushed through Bane in steady pulses. She could feel it growing inside her as the girl finished unlacing the pants. Bane's hands joined the girl's in her effort to slide the tight pants over the Dragon's narrow hips. Soft hands caressed the flare of Bane's hips, moved over her firm buttocks, and came to rest on her trim waist.

Bane put her finger under the girl's chin, pulling the tugging mouth away from her sensitive breast. She looked into the girl's brown eyes, both of them focusing on the other. Bane's heart thudded against her chest, a reaction she had not had to anyone since Nyte. The sensation caused her blood to turn cold. She pushed the girl back and walked away. The girl stood in place, watching the muscular back retreat. "Did I do something wrong?" she queried softly.

"No," Bane answered in an emotionless tone. "Go ahead and lay down." The warrior filled a glass with water and took a long drink. The girl remained in the same spot, watching in puzzlement as Bane fought her internal, silent conflict. The Dragon finished her water and slammed the glass on the table. "I said to lie down!" she yelled.

The girl flinched but still did not obey. Instead, she walked slowly across the room to the warrior. She cautiously ran her fingers over Bane's strong, tight shoulders. She leaned forward to rest her mouth against the rigid muscle. Bane relished the girl's tender touch for a few brief seconds. She felt electricity springing from the girl's lips to her skin. She closed her eyes and held her breath. The warrior wanted nothing more than to throw the girl across the bed and satisfy both of their bodies. For reasons she couldn't understand, making love to the slave did not feel right. Guilt tinged her conscience for the intimate encounter they had already shared. She shrugged her shoulders, breaking the contact. "Go on. Rest," Bane whispered, hoping desperately the girl would comply.

The girl hesitated only a moment this time, finally stepping away. Bane felt like she could breathe easier when the girl was not so close. The girl went to the narrow bed and pulled back the blankets. She sat down on the edge and turned to watch Bane prowl about the edges of the room. "Why are you in Avin?" she asked.

"I've heard that question a lot recently," the Dragon snorted.

"Have you told the truth in any of your answers?"

Bane turned and looked at the girl in surprise. Her insightfulness was chilling. "I have not lied."

"Why are you here, Dragon?' the girl repeated in a firmer voice.

Bane walked over to the bed and sat down next to the girl, though the Dragon did not turn her discerning eyes to the small woman. She sat thoughtfully, wanting to word her response in the proper way. The wolf came to the warrior, resting its soft muzzle on her knee. "I've been walking for a long time without knowing where I am going. I've relied on the kindness of strangers for survival and human companionship. Avin is just another stop in my journey."

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