tagSci-Fi & FantasyWaking the Dragon Ch. 04

Waking the Dragon Ch. 04


The noble guardian spent the afternoon exploring much of the castle without the wolf, moving stealthily down the long hallways and in and out of open rooms. She tried to appear casual in her exploration but she was filing away every turn, every guard, and every hiding place. She climbed up the narrow, circular staircase to the top of the tower and studied the sprawling landscape. She examined the contours of the land with the practiced eye of a warrior. She easily pictured how Matayla's army must have looked as it marched through the village. She could imagine the fear that must have coursed through the King as he watched the mass of humanity moving toward his home. This army had stopped the fire, but what would they want as payment, he must have wandered. She could almost feel his helplessness as he had opened his home to Matayla, and then watched as his wife and daughter were murdered.

She then turned to survey the cliffs. In the light of day, she saw that the escarpment was not sheer. She could see winding narrow paths etched into the walls of limestone. From this height, she could almost follow the maze, but it would be difficult for an enemy to use the paths to attack. She watched a guard pick his way along one of the paths and disappear into one of the caves. Bane leaned forward, watching the entrance of the cave with a keen eye. She waited until he came out. It was a different guard. The first had entered carrying a full sack, but now it was empty. He kept his head down as he walked back down the path. Bane tried to mark the spot in her mind, memorizing the other features around the cave. Her eyes stayed with the soldier as he moved among the boulders.

Bane heard the footsteps behind her but did not move. Her body tightened, ready to defend herself if the need arose. She tilted her head just enough to see Gryph emerge through the doorway and step onto the platform. "Dragon," he said, announcing his presence. Bane turned, casting indifferent eyes on him. "Her Majesty has requested that you come to her chambers for the evening meal."

Bane considered the invitation. She had no desire to be in Matayla's presence, but she wanted to do nothing that would make Matayla suspicious. It would also give her an opportunity to investigate the inner sanctum. She nodded her head once, indicating her acceptance of the invitation. She returned to staring across the palace grounds, her eyes now tracing the stone wall. She noted every door and every possible way to breach the defenses. She did not immediately run to Matayla's summons. She wanted Matayla to know that she was not a puppet. She was a Dragon.

Gryph excused himself, hurrying to report to the Queen the Dragon's acceptance. Bane gave him time to do complete his task before she walked down the winding stairway and into the long corridor. She found Gryph waiting in the middle of the hall in front of a thick wooden door. He nodded in greeting before opening the door and stepping aside so the noble guardian could enter the Queen's chambers.

Bane entered and listened to the door click into place. The room was dim, lit only by several candles. Bane walked farther into the room, her eyes sweeping over the shadows. The table in front of the futon was spread with cheeses and fruits. Bane made her way to the low couch. Wind made the curtains surrounding the balcony door billow and she shifted her attention that way. Matayla stood in the entrance, her back to the room. The sheer red robe she wore whipped against her legs. Her hair was down and the wind lifted it from her fine neck.

Bane took a moment to admire the woman. Despite her feelings toward the ruler, Bane could not deny that the woman had a fine figure. She had sharp patrician lines in her face and her body. Her legs were long and Bane cursed herself for wanting to know what those legs would feel like wrapped around her hips. She was suddenly glad that she had chosen to put on the artificial phallus underneath her armor that morning. She had worn it because its presence sometimes helped her to focus her mind, but now she thought it might have another use.

Realizing the train her thoughts had taken, she gave her head a slight shake in an attempt to refocus. She knew she had to be on the defensive with Matayla. Even though she found the Queen attractive and desirable, Bane knew not to trust her. The warrior placed several different fruits on a small plate and walked toward the balcony. She stopped at the entrance and cleared her throat. Matayla looked over her shoulder, a smile curving her full lips. "Welcome, Dragon," she greeted in her husky voice. Bane stepped onto the balcony, offering the woman a treat from the plate. Matayla took a slice of orange and bit into it, sucking the juice from the interior before finishing the bite. Her pink tongue darted over her lips, tasting the excess moisture.

She leaned toward Bane, her full breasts spilling over the top of the bodice of the silk gown. In the fading twilight, Bane could see the light pink areolas peeking from behind the red garment. She took a strawberry in her fingers, the fruit as red as her robe. "I gave you two options for lovers last night, Dragon," she whispered. "Either the Captain or the boy would have been happy to fill your bed." She held the berry to the Dragon's lips. Bane opened her mouth and bit the fruit. Matayla leaned forward, her voice lower and sexier, "You could have had me."

The Queen's voice was warm on Bane's face as she finished feeding the berry to the warrior. She pressed her wet fingers to the warrior's lips, allowing the Dragon to suck the juice from them. The Dragon's tongue twirled around Matayla's long fingers, sucking them softly with a glint in her eyes. Her dark eyes never left Matayla's face. She watched as the tip of Matayla's tongue darted over her pink lips. The corner of Bane's lip curled and the warrior settled into one of the balcony chairs. "Why don't you show me what I could have had?"

Matayla felt a chill dart down her back. Bane's words were not a request. The Queen heard the command in the warrior's tone. Bane was watching the tall woman expectantly. It was clear from the expression on Bane's face that she had no doubt Matayla would obey. She nibbled on the fruit, waiting for Matayla to disrobe. Matayla felt her hands trembling. It had been a long time since anyone had dared to give the Queen an order. She wanted to refuse. She was appalled to find her hands at the ties to the robe, her quivering fingers undoing the knots that held it together. She tried to tell them to stop, but Bane's green eyes held her captive. She shrugged her shoulders and let the wisp of material fall onto the ground.

She pushed the thin straps of the gown off her shoulders, allowing the bodice to sag, revealing more of her full breasts and pink nipples. She pushed down, revealing her hard stomach. Her breasts sprang free, standing firm in the cool night air. Her nipples puckered under the warrior's gaze and the chilled wind whipping around her body. The gown fell down her hips as soon as she released the material. It formed a puddle around her feet and she stepped out of it.

Bane's eyes trailed up the Queen's long legs, lingering on the light colored bush at the apex of Matayla's thighs. Bane finished the fruit and allowed her eyes to trace the blonde's heavy breasts. She nodded in appreciation, setting the plate to the side. She rose and crossed to the trembling Queen. She trailed her fingers lightly over Matayla's pale shoulder, gliding down to the full breast. Her fingertips circled the nipple, watching as it tightened more. Matayla gasped and groaned softly, pushing into Bane's touch.

Bane's soft caress suddenly ended, clamping tightly on the hard nipple. She pinched tightly, tugging and twisting. A soft noise of pain escaped Matayla's throat as her body arched into the sharp, thrilling sensation. She tried to read the Dragon's face, but Bane expression was stoic and gave away nothing. Her green eyes were as dark as the Forest that surrounded three sides of the palace. Her mouth did not move into a frown or a smile as she squeezed tighter. Matayla whimpered, her knees weakening. Bane twirled the stiff nipple sharply and Matayla yelped. Bane broke the contact but immediately bent to rub a soothing tongue over the hard, throbbing breast. Matayla's whine faded into a soft moan of pleasure. She placed her hand behind Matayla's head, holding it in place as Bane's mouth sucked in more of her globe.

Just as the sweet sensations started washing through Matayla, Bane changed the pace again. Her teeth clamped hard on the already sensitive nipple. Matayla cried out again, her fingers knotting in the warrior's hair. She tried to pull Bane off, but Bane's teeth tightened on the nub, their sharp edges digging into the tender flesh. Matayla felt her skin stretch as she tried to free herself from Bane's hot, terrible mouth.

When Matayla thought she was no longer going to be able to tolerate the pain, Bane's teeth released her and began suckling softly once more. The warrior's hand came up and gripped Matayla's other breast tightly in her palm. She squeezed and massaged roughly, avoiding contact with the nipple. Matayla pushed herself into Bane, knowing that pain would come again but unable to relinquish the exquisite pleasure racing through her body in delicious currents. She moaned, trying to twist her body to force Bane's long, talented fingers to come into contact with the sensitive bud of her dry breast, but Bane easily avoided giving into the Queen's desires.

She clenched the full globe tightly, her fingertips biting into the soft flesh. She twisted the whole breast with her fingers, using enough force that they both knew the Queen would have bruises tomorrow. Matayla gave bruises, she didn't receive them, but she could not find it in herself to ask the warrior to stop. She wanted the pleasure Bane's soothing tongue offered and the pain the sharp nails digging into her soft flesh promised.

Bane's fingers finally closed over the straining nipple as her mouth left the other breast and moved down the Queen's flat stomach. She pinched and pulled until tears formed in Matayla's eyes. She dipped her tongue into Matayla's navel, and then stood, pulling her hand and her mouth away. Matayla whimpered as Bane stepped away, watching breathlessly as the warrior walked back into the Queen's chambers. Helpless to do otherwise, Matayla meekly followed the warrior.

Bane stopped at the foot of the bed and turned to watch as Matayla closed the distance with small steps. The Queen's breasts were red and the faint scratches bubbled on the pale flesh. Bane inhaled deeply, catching the scent of Matayla's arousal. Matayla reached for Bane, wanting to remove the warrior's clothing and roll together on the big bed with the velvet cover. Matayla wanted to see Bane's naked body and worship it with her hands and mouth. Before her hands could close over the warrior's arms though, Bane roughly grabbed Matayla and hurled her face first on the bed. Before Matayla could turn over and watch the warrior, Bane gripped the Queen's hips and yanked backward, forcing the lady into a kneeling position with her bottom in the air.

Bane smacked each of Matayla's white cheeks with an open palm, and then pushed her trousers down her legs. She climbed onto the bed on her knees, her hand forcing Matayla's face into the pillows. Bane gripped her hand around the faux penis and glided the length of it between Matayla's slick lips. Matayla gasped is surprise, her hips bucking backwards. Bane placed the head of the shaft at Matayla's entrance and drove it into the Queen's channel. Matayla groaned with pleasure and Bane began thrusting in and out, the warrior's thighs slapping against Matayla as she quickened her tempo. Matayla moaned with pleasure, thrusting back to meet Bane's powerful thrusts. For a moment, the only sound in the room was Matayla's harsh breathing, punctuated by her trembling groans of pleasure, and the slapping sounds of Bane's hips pounding the Queen as she drove the rod in and out of the tight, wet canal.

Matayla's hands gripped the coverlet on the bed, the pillows muffling her screams as Bane's hips pistoned more violently. Matayla writhed on the bed, trying to find relief. At Bane's angle of entry, the thick, long shaft was driving in and out of Matayla's opening but was not brushing the throbbing button at the point. No matter how the Queen moved, Bane answered with a slight shift of her hips that kept the intensity at the same level. Bane was not breathing hard. She had not even broken a sweat. She could go for hours, wearing Matayla into a helpless bundle without allowing the Queen release.

Knowing that Bane was using her body as a weapon, Matayla reached between her legs to touch her own nub. Before she could reach it, Bane grabbed the Queen's wrist and pulled it behind her back, pinning it there. Pain shot through the Queen's arm as Bane twisted the limb into an immobile position. She moved to apply more pressure, forcing Matayla into a totally helpless pose as the warrior pounded the smooth cane deeper. Matayla was sobbing, unable to form the words to plead for release. Bane kept pushing, making no effort to relieve the bomb building inside of Matayla.

Every nerve was alive in Matayla's body. She could feel the length of the tube moving in and out of her, building the charge but not igniting the fire. Her breasts and sensitive nipples brushed against the velvet cover, sending electrical shocks through her body. She could feel Bane's strong thighs moving against her. Tears were streaming down her face. She never knew pleasure could be so intense that it would bring pain, but the pain of no release was controlling her now. Bane leaned forward, her voice low as she growled in Matayla's ear. "What do you want?"

Matayla could not answer right away. She licked her lips and her mouth moved wordlessly. Bane tangled her fingers in Matayla's hair, tugging violently and repeating her command. "Please," Matayla sobbed.

"Please, what?" Bane barked without slowing her hips.

"Give me release," Matayla pleaded.

"The girl is mine."

"Yes, yes. Anything! Just please, finish me!"

Bane gripped Matayla's hips in her hands, lifting the woman from the bed as she continued driving deep. The new position allowed Bane to slam against Matayla's button as she thrust forward. She paused to grind against the nub, rotating her hips as she pushed against Matayla's pelvis. Matayla groaned as Bane changed her method of sweet torture. The shift in tempo and position increased the intensity. Matayla felt her pulse increase as delicious quivers started exploding deep in her womb. She forgot everything but the sensations washing over her as her body crested the first peak. She screamed into the pillow as Bane kept going, pushing her to a second peak. Matayla was accustomed to stopping after her first and the pain that flushed through her as Bane drove deep to launch a third blinded Matayla.

Bane pulled out of Matayla, allowing the Queen to collapse in exhaustion. The warrior wiped the shaft dry using the velvet cover. She sat down on the settee and resumed snacking on the fruit and crackers, her strong legs stretched out in front of her. When she had eaten her fill, she pulled a thin dagger from a hidden sheath in her trousers. She turned the blade in her hand, watching the light of the candles glisten on the metal. As she rotated the blade, she found her eyes reflected in the silver surface. She stopped, momentarily hypnotized by the cold green orbs staring back at her. She couldn't remember the last time she had really looked at herself. For a breath, she didn't recognize the person staring back at her in the mirror of the knife.

Thankfully, Matayla disturbed the silence a few moments later with a low, long groan. Bane quickly took the blade and tucked it beneath the cushions of the divan. She slid it in the crease between the base of the chair and the arm. Matayla shifted on the bed as she regained consciousness, rolling to her back. She lay there for a long moment, feeling the delicious fatigue in her muscles. The Queen stretched, surprised at the soreness she felt from the warrior's brutal pumping. She smiled as the memory of the three intense climaxes. Her womb felt empty with the absence of Bane's thick weapon. With a contented smile on her face, Matayla rose from the soft bed. Her legs immediately gave out and she sank to her knees. The Dragon never looked at the Queen. Matayla crawled toward the Dragon, a hungry look in the blue eyes focused on the bulge beneath the black trousers.

The Queen reached Bane and stretched her neck forward to touch her mouth to the outline of the shaft. Bane immediately pushed Matayla away. "Where is the girl?"

"Being punished," Matayla answered with a short tone, reaching again with her mouth for the rod that had given her such pleasure.

Bane pushed the Queen away and stood. "Take me to her."

Matayla sat back, feeling anger brew inside her. She had given herself to the warrior and in return the Dragon had given her the most incredible pleasure she could remember. She was humiliated to know that Bane had only used her to obtain access to the girl. "She won't go with you," the Queen spat.

Bane looked down at the kneeling ruler and raised her eyebrow. "Why is that?"

"She'll share your bed if I tell her to, but she won't leave with you," Matayla announced as she stood. She reached for her robe, wrapping it around her shoulders. She didn't want the warrior to see how much her pride burned. She silently tied the stays, keeping her back to Bane. Bane quietly waited for Matayla to continue. "She won't leave the palace."

Bane caught the wording of Matayla's statement. The girl would not leave the palace, she would leave the Queen. Bane heard the hidden message. "Take me to her," the warrior ordered again as she rose.

Matayla looked at the warrior with dark hatred in her crystal eyes. She felt turmoil. She hated the Dragon and everything for which the warrior stood. She despised the way that Bane had casually brushed her away. The look she had seen in the girl's eyes disturbed the Queen. For the first time, Matayla was unsure of her total control over the slave she had taken when she had ridden into the kingdom. The Dragon might be charismatic enough to convince the girl to try to escape. A smile lightly touched the Queen's lips. The girl could try. She would never succeed.

Matayla also detested Bane for the way her body felt just looking at the powerful warrior. Her intimate parts were sore from the brutal ride that Bane had just taken, yet her inner walls throbbed with the desire to experience Bane's raw passion once more. She wanted to see Bane's small, firm breasts and feel the faux penis sliding in and out of her lips once more. She could feel moisture forming at the thought. She tingled in desire. Her hands untied the robe again and she walked toward Bane. "Why do you want the girl so badly? I can satisfy you so much more."

Bane expression did not change as the Queen closed the distance. She admired Matayla's pale body, the nipples standing at attention, the flush of anticipation on her skin. Bane only had a moment to appreciate the finer features of Matayla's figure. The Queen stepped close, capturing warrior's left arm between her full breasts, teasing the warrior with the hard nipples. Her breath was warm on Bane's face. "Let me please you," she whispered, sliding her hand up the inside of Bane's thigh and over the hard phallus. "Let me make you quiver."

Bane turned her head, watching Matayla's inviting red lips move. She did not resist when the Queen's hand slid upward, pushing the heavy tunic off of the warrior's stomach. Bane lifted her arms, allowing Matayla to remove the top. Matayla stepped back to admire the warrior's small breasts, but her hands longed to touch them. She didn't even notice the burn scar. Matayla rolled the nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Bane watched the long fingers on her breasts, but her expression still remained stoic. Frustrated with the lack of response from Bane, Matayla untied the laces at the crotch of Bane's trousers. She pushed the leggings down until they gathered at the warrior's feet. Kneeling in front of Bane, Matayla looked at the phallus, studying it with her eyes. She leaned forward and licked it, feeling the smooth, hard material with her tongue.

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