tagErotic CouplingsWaking Tom Ch. 01

Waking Tom Ch. 01


Didi looked at her sleeping boyfriend with mock disgust. Tom had resisted all her efforts to get him up. She had pulled his arms, tickled him and sprinkled water on him to no avail. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and she wanted to make the best of it.

Giving up, she went to take a shower. Stripping down, she ran her hands over her tall, slender body. Didi stood at 5'9" just two inches shorter than Tom. Warm water matted her short blond hair to her head. She lathered herself with Egyptian musk body wash. It was a scent that Tom really liked. Her nipples were erect and sending small electrical impulses down her body as she lightly tweaked them.

If Tom was there with her, he'd suck her nipples until her legs gave out. He had a way of lashing her nipples until she begged for mercy. She imagined his hand were hers. She felt "his" hands slowly moving down pass her belly. She spread her legs in anticipation. "His" hands made their way down to her honey nest as Tom called her bush. The hands gripped and kneaded her making increasingly loud moans escape from her. The thought of Tom fucking her hard made her stop. Didi wanted to cum but she wanted to have Tom's cock in her pussy when she did. She closed her eyes and let the warm water cascade down her body. When her breathing slowed down, she got out and toweled off. Her pussy twitched with lust. Tom needed to wake up!

Didi went into the bedroom and stood over Tom. He lay on his back with his arms askew. She pulled the sheet off of him. His naked body radiated heat making her feel flushed. His cock lay flaccid across his right thigh. It wasn't too big nor was it too small. Tom's cock was just perfect for her. She licked her lips thinking wicked thoughts.

Didi leaned over carefully and licked the head of it. Tom stirred and she stopped. She really wanted to just grab it and stuff it in her mouth. Her tongue would probe the opening drawing out Tom's sweet nectar. Her tongue darted out again and gave Tom's cock a short lick. No movement this time. Didi began to lick the length of it. Tom's hand reached down nearly brushing her face. He lazily scratched his balls before shifting again.

His cock was now semi erect. Subconscious moans escaped from his lips. Didi suckled his balls, rolling them around in her mouth. She dipped fingers in her honey nest feeling the wetness from her excitement. She put one hand on the bed to brace herself. She continued to suck Tom's cock and finger herself.

His cock was now erect and rock hard. He was still moaning but had not opened his eyes yet. Didi carefully got on the bed and stood up. She stepped over Tom positioning herself over his cock. Slowly she squatted down until her pussy lips touched his cock. Using a hand to control his cock, she rubbed it back and forth along her wet slit. The head glistened with her wetness. Holding it firmly, Didi began to lower herself on it. She gasped at the wonderful feeling of Tom's cock entering her---spreading her pussy. His eyes fluttered open as she sunk down on him. She did a circular grind until he was all the way in. His look of confusion was just priceless. Lowering her knees on each side of him, Didi used her butt muscles to start riding him.

"Wake up baby," she moaned.

His hips began to thrust upwards. He reached up and tweaked her nipples sending shock waves throughout her body. Tom put his hands on her hips to help control her movements. He grunted loudly as he fucked her tight pussy. This is how she liked it, Tom's cock deep in her. Didi felt his pace quicken and knew he was going to cum soon. She ground down milking his shaft. She felt her own orgasm coming too. Tom was pistoning into her so fast and hard, she could barely hold on.

Tom held her hips in place as he pounded into her. Didi began a loud wail as her orgasm slammed into her. Without his hands holding her, she was sure she would have fallen over. Tom grunted loudly as he exploded hot cum into her pussy. Afterwards, he slowed his pace, but continued pumping into her until his cock softened. Didi lay across him trying to catch her breath. He gave her a sleepy smile. She'd have to wake Tom like this more often.

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by Anonymous01/22/18

Nice one

A beautiful morning surprise

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