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Waking Up


I know you'll read this when I'm finished. You always read what I write and that's okay, I like knowing you enjoy the erotic side of me. I'm not sure if you know what these feelings inside me are all about or what makes them flare up but it's very simple. It's you....the thought of you, the essence of you, the scent of you. It's almost something primal, the need to touch you and feel your excitement grow and hear your breathing change. It's feeling goose bumps rise to the surface of your skin and knowing they're there because of me and what I'm doing to you that excites me.

With that excitement comes the need to be touched by you, tasted by you and to taste your lips on mine. This morning is still fresh in my memory, how I woke up laying next to you and watched you as you slept. The curve of your lips and your chest rising and falling slowly as you were sleeping started that familiar feeling of desire between my legs and I let those feelings lead me. My hand slipped under the covers and began a slow trek across your chest, fingers slowly circling each small tender nipple before moving down slowly towards your stomach.

My hand finds that tender area just between the hip bone and the stomach and I move lower to the insides of your thighs and the most sensitive part of your body. I want you to wake up slowly so I only let my fingers graze over you, barely touching at all but not enough to tickle you. You're semi hard, which means you'll be waking up soon, and I'll take advantage before you jump out of bed to start your day.

I slowly pull the sheet lower to give me more access and my hand gently begins to lift your swollen member as I shift myself to take you into my mouth. I feel you move slightly and don't even pause to see if you're awake or not, that's no longer an issue. I feel the smooth skin of your hardness pass over my lips and tongue and let my tongue circle and explore every minute detail.

This morning I'm your alarm clock, and I feel you begin to move and respond to my mouth around you and your hand moves to tangle your fingers in my hair. Your hips rise and fall with each stroke and you strain to reach the breast closest to you so I move to the side so you can reach. Your fingers rolling, pinching and kneading the nipple as it grows hard between your fingers and I feel my muscles tighten, wanting you inside me, wanting to feel you fill me and the heat you bring with you.

I let your hips move you deeper into my mouth and throat for a few minutes longer before I pull away and strip the covers back from you. Straddling your body with my legs I push my hips forward and spread my lips around your hardness as it lays across your stomach. Moving forward and backward I can send you sliding between my lips and across my clit in what feels delicious this early in the morning. Our most sensitive parts are touching without you inside me, just slipping across the top of you with my lips and my button pushing myself towards the top and using you as my toy. Your hands move to my hips and you grind up and against me, watching and knowing what you're doing to me and taking it all in. Everything is getting slippery with my juices and my hand slides down to let a finger get wet and move it back to my own lips to taste and smell the sweetness I know I'll find there.

Without warning or any notice the orgasm hits me and starts my thighs to shake against you and my back to arch as my body stiffens. A low moan escapes my lips and you pull me down towards you to kiss me deeply and passionately as the waves subside to a dull throb. You guide yourself up and to my opening and with one quick move you're inside me, causing me to pull back from the kiss and gasp in pleasure.

Deeper and deeper you plunge your hardness inside me and my muscles grab and squeeze tightly around you, wanting to somehow hold you there and keep us together as long as possible. You reach down and grab my bottom with both hands and drive deep and hard as I feel you explode inside me. That warmth spreading across my stomach as I feel the head spasm and throb and you hold me still for a moment as the feeling of tenderness passes and you ease up to embrace me and push the hair out of my eyes. Such a warm smile spreads on your face I can't help but smother your cheeks with kisses before rolling over and kicking you out of bed so you can shower first and I can spread out on the mattress and hog all the covers. Every day should begin like this.

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