tagRomanceWaking Up

Waking Up


Her eyes are closed. She is dreaming about him. She wants sex. She wants to be made love to. She wants to be fucked hard. She wants it to be sweet. She wants it to be nasty. All she knows is that she wants him.

Her eyes are closed. Slowly she feels a hand cup her warm breast. Tenderly rubbing her nipples, gently squeezing. His warm hands softly rub her stomach, over her arms, up to her face. His lips meet the back of her neck, licking, kissing her ear. His strong, warm hands reach down and play with her clitoris. Leisurely rubbing. Already moist in anticipation. She can feel his rock hard cock urgently pressing into her back. Wetness on her back. She is enjoying the feeling of the smoothness of the cock rubbing up and down, drenching her back in his wetness. She goes to roll over, to kiss him good morning, but he affectionately holds her still. He wants to take her from behind. She wants to feel the warmth of his chest on her back.

Her eyes remain closed. He continues to teasingly, gently, softly touch her body all over. Almost tickling. The feeling is both exquisite and torture. She is enjoying feeling the touch of his hands on her body and doesn't want it to end. But she also wants to feel him inside her. She wants to be made love to. She wants to be fucked hard. She wants his cock in her pussy. She wants his cock in her mouth. She wants his cock up her ass. She wants all of him. She wants it now!!

He senses her wants. She starts to open her eyes. "Close them," he says. He knows she wants him but he is enjoying the tease. He spreads her legs slightly and places the wet head of his hard cock over the entrance to her pussy. She tries to push herself back on him but he pulls away. Again he places his cock over her pussy hole, and again she can't control her urge to push back on him and have him inside her. Again he moves back. For the third time, he moves his cock near her hole. She realises his game. As he starts to push his cock gently inside, she moves slightly and tilts her pelvis. The next thing he knows, his hard wet cock is entering her ass.

She feels his shock and surprise, and is enjoying being in control of his game. He is gently probing his cock into her ass. She knows that he is trying not to come. She knows he is enjoying the naughtiness of it all, the tightness of it all, the nastiness of it all. She grabs hold of the bedhead and slams her ass back onto his cock. Harder. Deeper. Faster. She can't get him deep enough into her ass. It feels as though it is as far in as it could possibly go.

He reaches around and starts grabbing her clit, fingering her, squeezing her breasts hard. She knows he is going to come soon and that he is trying to help her come first. With his fingers inside her pussy and his cock up her ass, she begins to frantically rub her clit. She can feel it building. He is pounding his cock harder and harder up her ass, yet she still wants harder and deeper. She wants to come hard with his cock up her ass. She wants to feel him come hard up her ass.

He can feel her body start to shudder. He can feel her pussy pulsating around his fingers. He can feel her ass start to tense and pulsate. He can hear her screaming. He can feel himself start to come. He can feel himself shooting his load hard up her ass.

She can feel her whole body start to tingle. She can feel her pussy dripping wet, pulsating around his fingers. She can feel her ass pulsating around his cock. She grips the bedhead hard and screams. It's massive. Her body is shaking. She can sense an urgency in him. She feels him shoot his come up her ass. Hard.

He leans over and looks at her. She looks happy. Satisfied. She opens her eyes. She looks into his eyes. Happily she realised she hadn't been dreaming. She had beat him at his own game, but really they were both winners. What a brilliant way to wake up - like a dream come true!!

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