tagMatureWaking Up Next to You...

Waking Up Next to You...


Waking up next to you.

I am sleeping in my bed and you lie next to me, the love of my life. You are awake earlier then I am. You stretch out a bit and see me, the sweet loving woman that you met a few weeks ago. You pull me towards you and you hold me in your arms. I slowly wake up. You know very well how I like to wake up. But you know an even better way to wake me up.

You push me gently on my back on the bed and start to straddle me. You open my thighs a bit with your leg. You know how I love it to feel your hard member between my legs. I let out a moan. I can feel your hard dick between my legs, gently moving around until it touches my lips. Then I shift a bit on the bed to allow you to enter my wet silken lips. I feel him slowly entering my love canal. You start pushing it deeper. I tighten my muscles in my pussy, because I know you love that feeling. Slowly I feel like I'm being filled, with that beautiful hard dick of yours. Slowly you take me with you in the world of love and lusts and when we both get more aroused, you start to build up the speed, harder and deeper in me.

Before you are able to cum, I withdraw from your embrace. I turn you on your back and slowly I move my head towards your belly. I feel you stiffen the moment I touch your dick with my tongue. With long strokes I lick my own juices from your hard member. Then I put my lips around your head and take you in my mouth. I try to suck you dry. My lips slide over the length of your dick and my tongue plays with the tip of it. Smoothly sliding around the super sensitive edges of it. Then I feel you harden in my mouth, I didn't know you could become that hard and aroused. I look up into your eyes and our eyes meet. I start playing with your balls and you grab my hair with both hands as you don't want me to stop.

But I have other plans. I give a last kiss on the tip of your stiff pole and I crawl on top of you, facing you. I get the lube out of the drawer and I make sure we are both slippery. You already know what is about to come and you let out a moan of pleasure. When I'm sure I haven't missed a spot, I put down the tube. Then I put your slippery red head towards my little anus. And I slowly let myself drop onto your dick.

I feel myself open up, when I slowly drop down onto your hard member, sometimes its almost painful. I have to get used to the feeling of being full. You grab my breasts and start playing with my nipples which stand to full attention. You want to distract me a bit from the pain and you tease my nipples and pinch them. I moan aloud, from pain and pleasure.

At that very moment you slide deeper into me. I feel as full as I can be. I have to get used to the feeling a bit, but then I start to move up and down onto your beautiful cock. I know that when I'm used to the feeling, that you want to take my hard in my ass. Deep, hard and fast, deep until your balls rest at my ass crack. You know I really enjoy it when you take me hard. We both have to leave soon for work, but right now, we can enjoy each other. I want to feel your seed inside of me.

I enjoy the feeling of you being completely inside of me. And I let you decide the rhythm, hard and deep. And every time you push into me, my muscles squeeze you. While you are taking me, I play with my dripping wet pussy.

You turn me around and place me on my hands and knees. When I'm ready, you take me from behind and can't stop yourself anymore. You take a hold of my hips every time you push into me hard and pull me toward you. Your balls slap against my wet pussy.

It drives me crazy, to be taken so hard and rough... I almost don't touch my clit, but I cum, almost screaming with pleasure. You feel my muscles pulse inside me and it is like if they want to milk you empty.

As aroused as you are now, you can't hold back much longer. The feeling that it is you that made me cum so hard sends you over the edge. With one hard last push you shove yourself deep in my bowels. You grunt loudly and I feel you cum. I love the feeling of my ass being filled with hot seed. I really enjoy the feelings....

Slowly you withdraw from my asshole and you lie down beside me on the bed. I curl up between your arms and enjoy you touching me. I was in heaven and I know you were too. Together we enjoy the passion that is still between us.

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