tagMatureWaking Up The Neighborhood

Waking Up The Neighborhood



My wife Lisa and I have been married for 20 years, I am 48, 5'9", and 185 pounds, some of it 12 pack abs, mostly gray hair and goatee, I try to keep in shape, and my wife says I am not too unpleasant on the eyes. She is 5'4", blonde, green eyes, with nice tits, and a pleasantly plump body.

We have always had a good sexual relationship. A lot of straight, normal fucking, and a little kinkier stuff, like light bondage and discipline, but nothing real strange. My wife is a "squirter". When I can get her orgasms going she soaks the sheets, the bed, and me. I love it! I love eating her while she is cumming.

A funny thing happens to me when I eat her, I don't get hard, but, I start drooling precum uncontrollably. The only time I get hard when eating her is when I eat my cum from her pussy.

For some reason that really turns me on. I thought she would be disgusted by it, but she's seems to really like it too. I can eat her for hours, and I love eating her while I use a dildo on her pussy.

I had helped my wife load her luggage for her trip with her girlfriends to a house far out in the country. They get together about four times a year for an estrogen fest. She would be gone for a three day weekend and return on the following Tuesday.

Friday evening I had watched a couple of porno flicks we had, and had slowly stroked myself to a nice cum and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and took a brisk walk enjoying the cool air. I usually went on a two-mile walk in the afternoons, but that day I had decided to do it early because of the heat.

I had no idea just how hot it would get that day! I was almost home when a couple of houses down from ours, I saw my neighbor and his wife pull up to their house. I didn't really know them, having only seen them in passing on my walks, or driving by the house in their Jeep.

He was a big guy 6'2", over 200 lbs, I'd guess, pretty hairy, and he looked to be slightly older than me. He had salt and pepper hair and beard, he looked like he was either naturally strong, or that he worked at it. She was cute and much smaller than him with blonde hair and appeared to be very busty.

I smiled at them and said "Good morning" and started past them when he turned and said "Hey can I ask you a question?"

I stopped and said, "Sure what can I do for you?" "I noticed you had a wall put in and I like the way it turned out, can I ask who did the work?"

I held out my hand and introduced myself "I'm John ".

He told me his name was Steve and introduced his wife as Sandy. I told him who the contractor was and we chatted about our houses and the neighborhood for a while.

I told them I had to get going because of a hardware run I had to make. Steve said that they had noticed my wife leaving the night before and asked if I was a bachelor for the weekend.

I laughed and told them yes, I would. He invited me to come back that evening and have a barbecue, and some drinks with them . At first I declined but they did not want to take no for an answer, so I agreed and asked what I could bring. They told me to pick up some ice and margarita mix while I was out. I agreed to come back around 5:00 p.m. and left.

I made my way back to their place at 5:00 p.m. and rang their doorbell. Sandy opened the door, she had changed into a nice white one-piece swimsuit that showed off her boobs and her curves rather well.

She led me into the kitchen where Steve was waiting for the mix to make Margaritas. He mixed the drinks and we went out by the pool. It was a warm night and we sat under their Ramada and discussed our jobs and recreational pleasures.

It turned out they like us, loved to use their pool, and go to the beach. We seemed to have a lot in common and were getting on very well. We had a couple of drinks and after we ate the sun was down and it was getting a lot cooler. Steve suggested we retire inside.

He mixed more Margaritas and we were all getting pleasantly buzzed. He sat in a large lounging chair with Sandy at his feet. Steve was wearing loose shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Sandy had put on a loose robe and her arm draped over his leg, and after a while I noticed she was very subtly rubbing her arm against his cock.

I pretended not to notice and slyly watched her getting him aroused. Soon his cock was obviously harder and I started getting very hot from watching them. Sandy was looking at me while she rubbed his cock and my mind starting drifting, I imagined them fucking and her sucking his cock.

Suddenly, I realized they were both waiting for me to answer a question Steve had asked. I stammered that I had not heard what he asked, and would he please repeat the question.

He replied, "I asked if you like what you see?" I blushed and said, "Maybe I should leave now". Steve looked at me and said "Sandy and I love to play for people, would you like to see more?"

I was in a rather warm mood from the drinks and thought to myself "what could be the harm if they want me to watch?" But, I said to Steve " I think I should go." Steve looked sternly at me and said, "I don't think you really want to leave do you?" It sounded more like an order rather than a question and I couldn't get myself to move out of the chair I was in.

Sandy laughed and started to really rub his cock in earnest, which was poking its head out from under his shorts leg. It looked thicker and longer than my own cock.

I was breathing rapidly and feeling very turned on watching her fondle that cock through his clothes. Sandy opened her robe to reveal her boobs, which were even nicer than I had imagined. Steve settled further into his chair and opened his legs to give her more access to his cock.

Sandy undid his shorts and pulled them off of his body while he removed his shirt. His cock was pretty hard at this point. Sandy was stroking it and licking her lips, both of them ignored me and Steve was almost growling as she started licking and sucking the head of his cock.

I was very, very, warm, and was getting very turned on watching these two. My own cock was straining against the fabric of my shorts. My hand discretely moved towards my cock so I could stroke it as I watched. Sandy was now taking his cock into her mouth and it was amazing how she was able to take him almost all the way in.

Steve was soon moving his hips and fucking her mouth. Suddenly she took him out of her mouth and held her fist around the base of his cock and said, "Not yet honey, I want to show John how you fill my pussy with that sweet cock of yours."

With that she stood and dropped her robe; she turned toward me and backed up towards Steve while gripping his cock and aiming it at her pussy. Slowly she sat on his cock as he held her hips. They both moaned as he slid in to her pussy to the hilt.

I could smell her pussy from across the room. My own cock was on fire and I was afraid I was going to cum in my pants, but I could not take my eyes off of the scene in front of me.

Sandy looked directly at me and motioned for me to come to her. I hesitated, and Steve spoke up and said "Sandy and I enjoy having other people join us sometimes, have you ever played with a couple?"

I had always wanted to but had never had the opportunity, and doubted my wife Lisa would ever want to. "No I haven't" I said

"But you would like to wouldn't you?" Steve replied

"My wife would never want to do such a thing," I answered.

Steve looked at me and said "I wasn't talking about her, I was talking about you".

Sandy had been bouncing on his cock but was still embedded on it and rocking back and forth.

I blushed turned red and stammered, "Well yeah I guess I would like to try it."

Sandy had her fingers on her clit and was flicking it as she rocked on his cock. There was some soft jazz playing in the background and she seemed to be rocking in rhythm to the music.

Steve whispered something to Sandy I couldn't really make out. She stopped rocking and held out the hand she had been stroking her clit with toward me and smiled slyly at me.

I didn't feel like I had a choice anymore and went to her so I could taste that pussy juice on her hand. She rubbed my cock through my clothes and then slid my shorts down my legs while I licked and sucked her fingers.

She stroked my cock and pulled me toward her so she could taste my cock. She stroked and sucked my cock while I closed my eyes.

Soon I had to sit before my legs buckled under me, I moaned and pulled out of her mouth. There was an ottoman behind me and I sat on it as Sandy knelt in front of me.

Steve got behind her and started fucking her doggy style while she sucked my cock.

I felt her begin a rhythm of sucking me in and out of her mouth, it felt sooo goood . I put my hands on either side of her head and gently held her.

After a few minutes of this I heard Steve grunting and when I opened my eyes he looked at me and moaned that he was close to cumming. I could smell her pussy as he stroked it with his cock and it was pushing me over the edge.

My balls were tightening up and I knew I would come soon. I told them both as much and Sandy stopped sucking me and gripped the base of my cock and said "No, not yet Honey".

My cock stayed hard but the urge to cum abated somewhat. Steve said, "She likes to play for a long time before anybody gets to cum". He pulled out and his cock was dripping precum.

He knelt next to Sandy and grabbed my cock from her hand Sandy laughed and said "I am not the only one who likes to suck cock." I couldn't believe my eyes! Steve winked at me and sucked my cock into his mouth. I wanted to protest but it felt so damn good, even better than the blowjob Sandy had been giving me.

Sandy stood up and left the room while Steve continued to suck my cock. He was slobbering all over it. I was in heaven, he knew just how to bring me to the edge and then back off.

I hadn't noticed Sandy come back in the room and I was startled when she spoke "I think it's time we got more comfortable in the bedroom". Steve stopped sucking and agreed.

We stood up and they both led me in to the master bedroom with its huge poster bed. They pulled me onto the bed and soon Steve and I each had one of Sandy's nipples in our mouths and she squealed in delight.

He told me to go ahead and fuck her while she sucked his cock. Steve lay on his back while Sandy got on her hands and knees and started stroking and sucking his cock while I knelt behind her and slid my dick in her pussy.

She was so warm and wet it felt like I was going to cum any second. Sandy moaned and moved back and forth on my cock as her mouth did the same on Steve's cock. Sandy shuddered and I could feel her pussy contract on my cock as an orgasm shook her.

Steve grunted with pleasure as she tongued and sucked his cock.

My balls felt like they were in a vise, but I was determined not to come yet.

This felt way too good to end this soon.

Steve pulled his cock from Sandy's mouth and told me to put her on his cock. I stopped fucking her and she turned around and sat on his cock.

I licked my lips as her pussy lips stretched around his cock. Sandy looked at me with an evil grin and said "I love it when he is buried in my pussy like this." She reached down and fingered her clit as he fucked her.

I stroked my cock wet with her pussy juice. Sandy squealed as she came again and told Steve to fill her pussy with his cum. Steve moaned and stiffened as he squirted his cum into her pussy, Sandy cooed and shook, bouncing even harder on his cock, she grabbed my cock and pulled me into her mouth just as I started cumming.

My senses reeled and I think I passed out for a few minutes, because I slowly woke to the sound of Sandy washing in the bathroom. Steve was sitting up in the bed looking at me and smiling

"Wow! I don't think I have ever come that hard" I said. Steve laughed and said "Oh there is plenty more of that to share."

It was pretty early in the evening and both Steve and Sandy dressed in long white robes, they handed me one, and I put it on. We had another drink and sat in front of the fireplace

on their thick soft carpeting.

The fire warmed the room and soon Sandy's robe was open again. She stroked her tits and her pussy as Steve and I watched. Sandy looked at me and said "I would love to have you eat my pussy for me."

She looked at me with puffy glazed eyes from the fucking she had received. I licked my lips and eyed her swollen pussy lips wet with her cum. Steve put his arm around my shoulders and gently but firmly led me to her.

Sandy lay back on a pillow so her pussy was at an angle perfect for eating her. I was so hot that I knew I could not resist and knelt down in front of her.

I spread her legs and started licking her vaginal lips while I savored her aroma. I flicked her clit with my tongue and sucked and nibbled it. Sandy moaned how good I was and started pushing her pussy into my face.

I slid me tongue into her pussy and suddenly I realized it was still full of Steve's cum!! I moaned and started eating her in earnest I don't know what came over me but eating his cum from her pussy while he watched me was the hottest thing I had ever done!

I heard him behind me telling me to eat it all, to clean her completely. He knew she was still full of his cum and he was enjoying me eating it. Sandy squealed with delight and pulled my face into her pussy while she started cumming all over it.

I gulped and swallowed both of their juices, it tasted sooo good. I felt a hand on my cock stroking it and I heard Steve tell me to eat it up, that there would be more later.

I abruptly came all over his hand, I couldn't help it, this was so hot! I collapsed on Sandy's stomach, my face coated with their cum. Sandy stroked my hair and she told Steve that she thought I probably was through for the evening.

He agreed and we all cleaned up the mess we had made. I changed back into the clothes I had worn over there. I thanked them for the evening and staggered back to my house. I had a couple of shots of whiskey and fell into bed thinking as I drifted off, that I would have to sort all of this out in the morning.

To be continued……….

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