Walk In The Woods Ch. 01

byL.A. Wicker©

He grabbed her with all of his might and hugged her. 'Oh baby,' he moaned feeling his long, thick cock coming to life between them. 'I wish you would have told me last night,' he said looking to her pretty, love filled eyes. 'I could have made it so special for you,' he said caressing her face.

'Anywhere with you will be special, Daddy,' she replied feeling his cock pressing to her now wet pussy. 'So, tonight, will you please take me?' she pleaded hoping that he would take her. She had been waiting so long and knew that no one else would get her prize but him.

Her hugged her. 'Yes!' he whispered in her ear as his hands caressed her firm ass. 'I can't wait to get my baby,' he added pushing his hardness into her burning desire.

'Oh, I can't wait!' Tammy moaned enjoying her Daddy's arms. 'I've been dreaming of you taking me for so long,' she said feeling tears filling her eyes and running down her cheeks. 'I turned down so many guys when I was in college, because I knew that nobody would love me like you would,' she added feeling his cock growing harder. 'I think I'll change while we're here.' And she pulled her tiny shirt over her head and tossed it to the ground.

He smiled looking to her excited breasts. 'I guess this means I get to see you wearing the bikini?' he teased as she wiggled out of her tight shorts, letting them fall to her feet. 'Damn!' he smiled again as he felt her heat against his hard cock. 'I could take you right now,' he whispered moving his hand between her legs, leaning to give her a deep, loving kiss.

'I'll do anything you want,' Tammy whispered felling as if she were going to explode as her Daddy kissed her so passionately. His caring fingers slowly eased in her wetness. 'Oh Daddy!' she moaned out falling against him. 'Make me cum,' she begged looking to his handsome face.

'Alright you guys.' Ray laughed as he walked towards John and naked Tammy. 'You can do that stuff later,' he laughed enjoying the sight of Tammy's exposed breasts. 'We need to set up camp and then it's playtime in the water!' he said watching Tammy as she quickly dug in one of their backpacks for her bikini.

John turned trying to shield Tammy from Ray's excited eyes. 'We'll be right there. Tell everyone we are claiming this spot.' John said in a firm voice as he turned to see his beautiful daughter tying the tiny bikini around her breasts. 'Oh I love that!' he moaned running his hand over the soft fabric that covered her small ass.

'I'll be sure to wear it the rest of the day and maybe tonight.' Tammy smiled enjoying her Daddy's hand caressing her ass and his eyes roaming over every inch of her excited body like a young schoolboy.

John smiled and gave her a kiss. 'If you do, I'm very sure tonight will be the night you've been wanting so long,' he replied. 'Come on, let's go help,' he smiled giving her firm ass one last caress before they walked away.


Later, Tammy and Stacie floated in the cool water, watching John swimming across the pool. His broad shoulders, thick, masculine chest and the soft hair covering it was a sight to behold. 'He is so hot.' Stacie smiled to Tammy, feeling heat building between her legs. 'I need to ask you something,' she said looking into her new friends' eyes. 'Is he your Dad?' she asked knowing the answer because of the shocked look on Tammy face. 'Oh my God!' Stacie gasped. 'I wish I had a hot Dad like him to fuck me,' she sighed looking out to John.

'It is hot.' Tammy smiled thinking of him deep in her body the night before. 'It's wonderful,' she smiled. 'He is so big, it almost hurts,' she added seeing a look of lust on Stacie's face.

'You bitch.' Stacie teased. 'I wish you guys were into sharing,' she smiled reaching to caress Tammy's bare thigh under the water. 'I wouldn't mind being with either of you,' she whispered to Tammy making sure her loving hand moved higher up her soft thigh.

'I know he sure does like you.' Tammy smiled enjoying Stacie's hand on her. 'If he wants you I would never stand in his way,' she added seeing a large smile on Stacie's face and her soft hand covered Tammy's excited pussy.

Stacie grabbed Tammy in her arms and squeezed with all of her might. 'You'll never know how happy that makes me,' she said thinking of the big, wonderful man making love to her. Ray was a good guy in the sack, but Stacie wanted out of this world just one time before they were married and she knew John was the man for the job.

'I'm sure he'll love being with you.' Tammy replied dreaming of her Daddy on top of Stacie and her wonderful body.

'Are you going to do the same for Ray? He sure does like you.' Stacie said enjoying the embarrassed look on Tammy's face as her hand gently caressed her bikini-covered pussy.

John swam up to them and moved behind Tammy, making sure his hard cock pressed into her ass. 'So, what are you two hot little things talking about?' he asked feeling Tammy pushing back to his hardness.

'We were talking about you giving Stacie a good, hard fuck.' Tammy giggled with a smile as she turned to see a big grin on his face. She had seen him looking at Stacie and knew he wanted her.

John wrapped his arms around her. 'When was this decided?' he asked giving Stacie a fast wink as he thought of getting the tall beauty.

'I thought you would enjoy her.' Tammy smiled turning to hug him in her arms. 'I would like you get me tonight,' she whispered in his ear. 'My poor pussy in on fire,' she paused to think on all the times she had thought of him fucking her. 'I need a great guy to put out the fire,' she whispered again moving her hips against his hard cock.

'I regret nothing!' Ray screamed to the top of his lungs.

'What the hell is he doing?' John asked looking up the side of the tall cliffs as Ray jumped into the cool water below.

Ray swam up to the others'. 'Damn! That was fun,' he laughed looking to the three people. 'You look happy. What's up?' Ray asked pulling Stacie against him.

'I got a nice surprise that has something to do with them,' she replied smiling to him. 'I get something nice in me and you get something nice to put your cock in,' she smiled seeing his face light up.

'You're kidding? I didn't think they wanted to fool around.' He asked looking to Tammy swimming with John.

'I guess she changed her mind.' Stacie said. 'Let's go swim with them,' she giggled as she quickly swam towards John. 'Can I steal him from you?' she asked looking to Tammy.

Ray snuck up behind Tammy, grabbed her in his arms and swam away. 'Now you're mine!' he teased in an evil sounding voice.

'What do you have in mind, big boy?' she giggled feeling his cock pressing against her side. 'You should put that someplace better,' she smiled as he quickly turned her to face him.

'Is this better?' he asked pushing his cock to her pussy. 'Oh yes! I think it's very good,' he smiled enjoying her legs wrapped around him.

Tammy caressed his face. 'I think it is too,' she whispered wondering what it would be like having this nice man making love to her. She dearly loved her Daddy, but Ray was really turning her on.

'What do you think of being able to fuck me?' Stacie asked as John's big, hard cock pressed into the front of her small bikini.

He just smiled as he moved closer to her. 'I think we'll have a lot of fun,' he replied, reaching to squeeze her ass, knowing she would be a great girl to fuck. 'Think you can handle it?' he teased looking into her lust filled eyes.

'You get it out and real hard and I'll show you,' she replied reaching to grab him. 'You think you'll be able to handle me?' she laughed.

'I think I'll be able to handle your sweet, little ass, don't you worry about it,' he said reaching to kiss her and wanted her right then and there.

'Look at them fucking whores.' Todd said looking out to John, Stacie, Ray and Tammy. 'Both of the no good sluts need to be taught a lesson,' he added wishing it were he holding Tammy.

Kim looked up; wishing it was her in John's big, strong arms. As of late, Todd had become a jerk. He wanted to fool around with other women, but when she tried to with a man, he went crazy and ended up hurting her.


'I must say.' John smiled looking to Bill and the very attractive girl sitting next to him. He never forgot a face, but for some reason he couldn't place where or when he had seen Candy before. 'This has to be the best food I've ever had on a camp out. Thank you, Bill,' he added holding up his coffee cup and so did everyone else.

Bill just and hugged Candy to his side. 'Thank you all,' he smiled. 'This pretty girl did all the work,' he said looking to Candy. 'All I did was put it on the fire,' he added giving her a soft kiss.

'Well thank you both.' Tammy said with a smile. 'You guys are great cooks,' she added reaching to give Candy a hug.

'I'd like to say something.' Bill said looking to John. 'I'm very, very sorry about the way I talked to you at dinner last night,' he paused to look at Candy and saw a warm smile. 'Sometimes I'm an ass hole and I need to be set straight,' he added hugging her to his side.

'Thank you Bill.' John replied reaching to give him a hard slap on his back.

'I just wanted you to know I'm sorry,' he smiled. 'It's getting late.' Bill said looking to the sun dropping behind the mountains. 'I need you guys to go hunting firewood. Todd and Stacie can you two go back down the trail? I thought I saw a bunch of good wood back a half mile or so. John, you and Kim go over that way,' he pointed off towards the mountains. Ray and Tammy you two go that way,' he said pointing behind them.

Todd felt anger rushing through him as he thought of Kim going off with John, but he did have the opportunity to be with Stacie. He hoped she would act the same around him as she did with John. He needed a woman that loved to fuck. Kim was a great looking girl, but she knew nothing in bed.

As everyone went off into the woods, Candy pulled Bill into her arms. 'That was very sweet what you did,' she smiled to the man she loved pushing back her short brown hair from her face.

'I knew it was wrong and I had to say that,' he paused to gently kiss her. 'They are good people,' he smiled hugging her in his arms and he if he didn't change his ways she was sure to leave him.

John and Kim walked in the deep woods and he reached around her thin waist. 'Why haven't you guys been talking to us?' John asked looking into Kim's pretty eyes.

She looked to him and knew it would be okay telling him. Tears began to fill her eyes. 'He hurt me!' she broke down crying. Her tiny hands covered her face and she felt his strong arms wrap around her body. 'He got so mad at me for dancing with you,' she sobbed returning his loving hug. 'When we got to our room. He tore off my clothes, threw me on the bed and raped me!' she said crying harder. 'While he was doing it, he twisted my arm so bad. I couldn't use it until just a little while ago,' she added looking up to him.

John felt anger filling him and knew Todd was going to pay for hurting this pretty girl. 'He won't do it again.' John said caressing her face, wiping away some of her tears. Todd was going find out what a good beating felt like. Nobody hurt a girl while John was around.

On the other side of the woods, Todd walked behind Stacie. His eyes were glued to her fabulous ass and he knew it was time to make his move. If she would fuck John and there was a good chance she would do him.

His arms reached around her and he pushed his hard cock into her ass. 'How about you give me some of this great pussy,' he said moving his hand between her long legs.

'I don't think so,' she replied pulling from him. 'What gives you the idea I want to?' she asked backing away from him. She had been raped in high school and wasn't about to have this jerk do it.

Todd moved towards her, his eyes were filled with anger. 'You can fuck that old man, why can't you give it to me?' he asked as he backed her against a tree. He knew what was coming; he would have to just take it from her.

'You touch me and Ray will kill you,' she said trying to push Todd away, but his hands grabbed her thin blouse tearing it from her. 'Stop it!' she screamed.

'Fuck you, bitch!' he laughed knocking her to the ground. 'This is your last chance. You give it to me or I'm just taking it,' he said holding her face to his.

'Okay,' she panted. 'Let me get my shorts off,' she said as her eyes saw a large tree branch lying within arms reach. Stacie smiled as she slowly unbuttoned the small shorts, making sure she kept his eyes on them. 'Mother fucker!' she screamed swinging the branch to his head, knocking him out. She got up and ran as fast as she could back to camp.

On the far side of the pool, Ray looked to Tammy. 'You're so pretty.' Ray said as he looked to the beautiful woman. He pulled her into his arms, enjoying the feel of her warm body against his.

She returned his hug and knew she wanted him inside her body. She also knew her Daddy better get her fast or she might let Ray have the honor of taking her. 'Thank you,' she whispered feeling his cock coming to life as it pushed against her excited pussy.

'You turn me on more than anyone I've ever known,' he said leaning kiss her lips. His tongue slid into her mouth as they kissed long and deep. His hands roamed over every inch of her body, enjoying her many womanly gifts.

Tammy felt as if she was going to explode as Ray reached between her legs and softly caressed her. 'You're going to make me cum,' she smiled moving back to his mouth. Tammy spread her legs wide as their kiss deepened. She needed relief from the burning that had been haunting her for so many years.

Ray reached down her shorts and held her desire in his hand. 'You're on fire,' he moaned letting his fingers trace over her delicate panties. 'When was the last time he fucked this hot little thing?' Ray asked moving his fingers into her soft folds of flesh.

Tammy moaned out when his finger slid inside her. 'Oh please stop,' she whispered moving her hips in time with his finger. 'It feels so good,' she moaned moving her mouth back to his.

Ray knew she was so close to cumming on his finger, but he wanted more. He wanted his hard cock deep inside her. 'Let's do it,' he pleaded looking to her. 'I want you,' he added kissing her nose. 'Please!' he begged.

Tammy wanted him just as bad, but she was saving herself for Daddy and if she let Ray get her, he was sure to be mad at her. 'I can't,' she said with tears running from her eyes. 'I'm still a virgin,' she said sniffing back tears. 'I've been saving myself for my Daddy. After he gets me,' she smiled to him with love in her eyes. 'I'll do it with you anytime, anyplace,' she whispered giving him a long, deep kiss.

Ray couldn't believe what she had just said. Tammy was twenty-four years old and still a virgin. Plus, she had been saving herself for her own father. 'Are you kidding me?' he asked pulling from her. 'He's your Dad?'

Tammy saw the shocked on his face and hoped he didn't think of her in a bad way. 'I've been in love with him since I was a teenager. I told him I was a virgin and saving myself for him. Tonight he's going to take me and after that, I really want you,' she smiled reaching to hug him, but he pulled away.

'That's a new one for me.' Ray said. 'We better find some wood and get back to camp before they send out a search party.'

Tammy felt as if her heart had been torn in two. 'Please don't do this,' she pleaded looking to Ray. 'I'm crazy about you,' she said feeling more tears forming in her eyes. 'We'll be together and it will be wonderful,' she smiled to him with love. She needed him so bad and could only hope this didn't get in the way.

Bill sat with Candy when Stacie came running in the camp. 'What happened?' Bill asked reaching a small towel around Stacie. 'Did Todd do this?' he asked as he hugged her to his chest.

'Yes!' she cried. 'I wouldn't do it with him,' she sobbed. 'He went crazy. He tore off my blouse and had me on the ground,' she sniffed. 'I managed to grab a tree branch and knocked him in the head and ran back here as fast as I could,' she cried as Candy wrapped a bigger towel around her naked breasts.

'Fucking bastard.' Bill said hoping the other men got back to camp before Todd did. Bill had always been a bully, but when it came to fighting, he came up short.

Todd jumped up, rubbed his head and when he saw the blood, he went crazy. 'I'm going to kill that bitch!' he screamed pulling a long hunting knife from his side. 'I'm going to gut you, cunt,' he said making his way towards camp.

Ray and Tammy made their way back to the campsite and when he saw Stacie crying in Bill's arms he rushed to her. 'What happened baby,' he asked pulling her sobbing body to his.

'Todd tried to rape me,' she cried enjoying his loving arms around her body. 'He said that I should fuck him because I was fucking everyone else,' she sobbed feeling Tammy move against her back.

'Come on, it'll be okay.' Tammy said pressing her hips against Stacie's firm ass. 'Daddy will beat the holy, living shit out of him,' she added reaching around Stacie, making sure she gave her nipples a light brush with her thumbs.

Stacie pulled from Ray and fell into Tammy's arms. She loved the girl so much and hoped that they would get together. Stacie loved a good wet pussy just as much as she did a good hard cock. 'Oh you feel good,' she whispered in Tammy's ear, giving it a small kiss.

'You do too.' Tammy replied moving her loving hands down Stacie's back to her wonderful ass. 'Too bad we don't have on our bikinis,' she smiled wondering what it would be like having a woman make love to her. She had tried once in college, but she passed out.

Stacie laughed. 'If we did these guys would be getting one hell of a show,' she replied leaning to give Tammy a soft kiss. 'I want you girl,' she whispered to Tammy.

'Hey, you two better stop that.' Ray teased as he turned to see the girls' kissing each other. He loved watching Stacie with other girls and he knew Tammy would go wild with Stacie between her legs.


John and Kim made their way back into camp and saw everyone was upset. 'What's wrong?' he asked tossing down a large pill of wood.

'Todd tried to rape her.' Ray said with tears in his eyes. He had been with Stacie for close to ten years. They had gotten together in high school, right after she had been raped. He remembered the pain that haunted her for so long and he could never stand to see her go through it again.

'I guess that little fucker is going to get it really good.' John smiled as he reached to hug Kim. 'She told me he raped her last night and just about broke her little arm,' he added seeing Tammy hugging Stacie. 'She okay, baby?' he asked with concern.

Tammy gave Stacie another hug. 'She'll be fine,' she replied knowing Todd was going to see some of the many skills that Special Forces men were taught.

Todd came running from the woods, blood ran down the side of his head as he glared at Stacie. 'You're going to die, bitch!' he yelled, pointing his finger at her.

'You'll have to go through me first.' Ray said as he stood proudly in front of Stacie. He wasn't sure if he could take Todd or not, but there was two other men standing nearby that were sure to help.

Todd laughed at him and slashed the long hunting knife across his chest. 'Oh really?' Todd laughed seeing blood oozing from Ray's chest and watched him fall to the ground.

'That was pretty good.' John laughed. 'You want to try that with me?' he asked watching Tammy and Stacie rush to help Ray.

'Oh baby!' Stacie said lifting Ray's bloody shirt and saw a deep cut right in the middle of his chest.

Tammy grabbed the towel from Stacie and pushed it on his chest. 'We need to keep pressure on it until Daddy is done beating him and then he'll fix you,' she smiled to Ray as she turned to watch her Dad beat the shit out of Todd.

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