Walk In The Woods Ch. 02

byL.A. Wicker©

Candy just loved her big breasts being held by a man, it could even make her cum if he was a skilled breast-man. 'Mmmm,' she softly moaned. 'You keep that up and I'll be screaming like Stacie was,' she whispered enjoying his big hands gently squeezing her while his thumbs lightly brushed over her swollen nipples.

'You're that easy?' he teased leaning to kiss her neck and again felt his cock coming to life.

Candy giggled as his lips touched her. 'I am if you keep this up,' she smiled caressing his hands while he touched her excited breasts.

'I'll have to remember that.' John winked knowing he would never forget to play with her soft globes of flesh.

Candy was lost and she knew that she also wanted him. 'Please do,' she moaned as he leaned to give her another kiss before running away from her to catch Bill.

'So how far is the next place?' John asked looking back to see Tammy and Stacie struggling to help Ray. 'Poor Ray is beat and them two girls are getting close,' he added turning to go back and help Tammy.

'We should just find a good spot down in there.' Bill said pointing down a small embankment. 'It's nice all along here. It might be hard getting Ray back up is all,' he added knowing it was very steep climb back up to the trail.

'If it's that hard, I guess we should go on.' John replied. 'Ray is lucky my crap stitch job is holding so far,' he laughed as Ray slapped him in the back of the head.

'Now you tell me how bad it is.' Ray laughed and knew that John was only kidding. 'I think you did a great job and I can go until we find a better place to camp,' he added looking to John.

John looked into Ray's eyes for any sign that he was either tired or trying to hide the fact he was in pain. 'If you're sure.' John said in a firm voice. 'I don't want you getting to tired. It's not good for you,' he added pointing his finger to Ray.

'I'm not, but one of you guys could help me for awhile. My two sexy helpers are getting worn out.' Ray said giving Stacie and Tammy a smile of love.

John quickly moved beside him and reached for Ray's belt. 'Come on little man. We're burning daylight.' John said in a weak attempt to imitate John Wayne as he helped him up the trail.

Candy ran to catch up with Stacie. 'Hey!' she said moving beside her. 'Can I ask you something?' she asked seeing Stacie nod yes. 'How big is John?' she asked feeling her face turning red again. 'You guys swarm over him like nothing I've ever seen in my life,' she laughed.

Stacie smiled holding out her hands in an attempt to give Candy an idea of how big John was. 'And let me tell you, when he cums, you know it,' she smiled. 'He shot so much in my mouth that I felt like I had dinner,' she added giving her lips a slow lick.

Candy felt wetness filling her panties and knew she also wanted him. 'I've never had anything that long before,' she paused to smile. 'But I sure want to try it.' Candy added and both girls' laughed.

'All I've got to do is suck him. You should ask Kim or Tammy how it feels.' Stacie said looking to the other girls' with envy. She hoped to get it later, but she wasn't going to hold her breath. John was going to ask Tammy if she wanted Ray, but if it were she, she'd pick John and his massive cock.


'It's just past these cliffs!' Bill yelled back to everyone and saw looks of relief fill their faces. 'Sorry it was so far, but you'll love it,' he added with a smile.

'Thank God!' Tammy laughed as she reached to give Stacie a slap on her ass. 'You think my Dad would get mad if I wanted to give Ray my cherry?' she asked hoping she could give it to the wonderful man she had fallen in love with. 'You know when we get out of here, its going to suck,' she added thinking of how bad she was going to miss Ray.

Stacie thought of John and his big cock and knew she would dearly miss him. 'He was thinking about asking you if you wanted to be with Ray,' she replied. 'It looks like you two are falling in love,' she said lifting her eyebrow to Tammy. 'Taking my guy from me are you?' Stacie teased. She wouldn't mind if she had a good replacement like John.

Tammy didn't know what to say. She had no idea that anyone knew. 'It's that obvious?' she asked feeling like a fool.

'I was kidding you.' Stacie said reaching to hug her. 'Ray is free to do anything or anyone he wants. We just hang out together and people think we're lovers,' she laughed. 'Well, we do fuck each other like animals, but that's about it,' she smiled. 'I was going to ask you if you would mind if I tried to get with your Daddy,' she added with a big grin.

'Do I have to call you Mom?' she laughed. 'Oh my God!' Tammy laughed again and thought about last night. 'We fucking made out!' she said grabbing Stacie.

Stacie just returned her hug. 'Just think how close we could be,' she giggled grabbing Tammy's ass and gave it a squeeze.

'Oh Lord! Can you see you and Daddy doing it and me and you on the side?' Tammy said thinking of how wonderful it felt being with Stacie.

Stacie thought for a few seconds. 'Think he'd mind if you and I did it once and awhile?' she teased enjoying the sight of Tammy's face getting so red.

'You are crazy!' Tammy replied giving Stacie a small shove with her hip. 'Look out!' she screamed as a large rock flew through the air, landing on the ground and bounced into Stacie's left leg.

Stacie fell to the ground holding her right leg. 'Ouch! Ouch!' she screamed out in pain as blood poured from her shin. 'It hurts so bad!' she screamed again as another rock flew towards Tammy.


The rock hit Tammy's back and knocked her out cold. John sat Ray down and ran as fast as he could to her. 'Baby! Wake up.' John cried pulling her into his arms as another rock flew from the cliff. 'Look out!' John yelled as loud as he could to the others' just ahead of him.

Bill, Kim and Candy ran towards John, making sure to keep a close eye on the cliffs above. 'What's going on?' Bill asked grabbing Stacie in his arms and ran towards John.

'I'm not sure.' John replied looking at Stacie's leg. He caressed her face and quickly reached into his bag for the first aide kit. 'Here baby, you take this and it'll stop hurting,' he said putting the small pill in her mouth.

Stacie held his big hand. 'It hurts so bad,' she sobbed looking to him for relief from the horrible pain.

'I know. It'll feel better in a few minutes.' John said giving her another kiss and heard a laugh coming from up above them. 'That little mother fucker!' John said with anger rushing through him. 'If he did this, he is dead!' he said leaning from the tiny overhang.

'I guess that showed them two whores to fuck with me!' Todd yelled from the cliffs. He threw more rocks down, but didn't hit anyone and figured he'd best be off before they tried to get him.

John moved to look up and see where Todd was. 'You're dead mother fucker!' he yelled out. 'You're dead!' he yelled again and reached in his pack. He pulled out a pistol and checked to make sure it was loaded.

'Damn!' Bill said when he saw the pistol. 'What the fuck is that?' he asked looking at the gun and was glad he wasn't Todd. 'John it might not be a good idea to shoot him,' he said and saw a look in John's eyes that sent chills through him.

'It's a .44 auto mag with a 15 round clip,' he replied. 'I'm not going to shoot him, I'm leaving this with you and I'm just going to hunt him down like a fucking dog, then I'm killing him,' he added handing the large gun to Bill.

Bill held the gun and couldn't believe John had given it to him. 'John, I don't know anything about this thing!' he said gently holding it in his hands.

John took it back and shoved it down the front of his pants. 'Let's get everyone out of here and I'll give you a fast lesson,' he said pulling Tammy up in his arms hoping she wasn't hurt that badly. 'You carry her,' he said to Bill. 'You two help Ray,' he looked to Candy and Kim. 'Stay as close to the cliffs as you can!' he added in a firm voice that was meant to save everyone's life.

They ran fast, looking above to make sure no deadly rocks came flying down until they reached the riverbank. 'It should be safe here.' John said looking around. 'The only way he can get to you guys is from the path,' he added pointing to the way they had just came. 'He can't get through the water or from either side of the bank.' John said, thinking of setting up a snare on the path before he went looking for Todd.

'You're going to leave us?' Stacie said in a weak voice. 'Who's going to protect us?' she added, feeling like she had just drunk of bottle of booze.

John looked to her and saw a big grin on her face, he moved next to her as she sat on the ground holding her leg. 'You'll be just fine. I'm going on up the ranger station to get some help and if I see Todd. His ass is dead,' he added leaning to give her a kiss and made sure her leg had stopped bleeding.

'What happened?' Tammy moaned trying to get up. 'Oh God my back hurts,' she whimpered looking to John for help.

John slid on the ground and pulled her to him. 'That little fucker Todd was throwing rocks. He hit you and Stacie,' he smiled brushing her hair from her face.

'Did you kill him yet?' she teased trying to smile at him, but the pain was horrible. 'I need one of your pills,' she moaned knowing that she'd be feeling better in just a few minutes.

John pulled one from the bottle and slipped it into her mouth. 'Here baby, this will help,' he smiled to her. 'I'm taking off for the ranger station. Bill and Ray will look out for you. I'm leaving Bill the .45, when you get off the buzz from the pill, I want you to take it,' he added knowing Tammy could shoot very well.

'You be careful.' Tammy replied as he stood and walked away. She knew he could take care of himself, but she couldn't help it.

John walked to Bill and Candy. 'I should be back sometime tomorrow. You guys keep a good lookout for that fucker and don't worry about shooting him down,' he said remembering that he never showed Bill how the gun worked.

After a few minutes of showing Bill how to use the gun, John turned to walk up the path. 'Hey, wait up!' Candy yelled out to him. 'I'm going with you just in case you need help,' she smiled. 'Don't give me any shit!' she laughed. 'I can go with the best of them and Bill said it would be a good idea,' she added, hoping they wouldn't run into Todd because she had some plans for John.

John shook his head at her and could see in her eyes that she had other plans. 'We really need to move our asses if we want to get to the station by dark,' he replied giving her full breasts a fast look over.

'You lead on, if you can keep them sexy eyes off my tits,' she smiled feeling her large nipples coming to life under the thin blouse.

John just smiled as he reached to grab his pack and slung it over his shoulder. 'How can I resist looking?' he asked giving her a wink. 'Let's go girl!' he said jogging up the trail thinking what it would be like having Candy and her large breasts on him.

Candy ran after him and she knew this was going to be the hardest trip in her life. He was a trained Marine and the most she had ever done was run a marathon two years ago. And if she did manage to keep up with John, she hoped to have the energy to try and fuck him later.


Darkness had just crept over the horizon when John and Candy made it to the small ranger station. John pulled a note from the door and used a flashlight to read it. 'Well piss!' he kicked the door. 'Read this,' he added handing her the note and flashlight.

'Oh no!' she said with disappointment. 'What are we going to do? They won't be back for three days,' she felt her heart sink for the others. They wouldn't know what was going on or if she and John had even made it to the station.

John held her to his body and tried to comfort her. 'I'm thinking that we'll rest overnight, find some food, supplies and leave a note before we head back,' he said looking around for some wood. He was sure that there'd be some kind of food inside and that Candy would get cold. 'I'll find some wood, you go inside and see what you can find to eat,' he couldn't help but smile when her big eyes looked up to his.

'No wonder why the girls' love you so much,' she said feeling heat rushing between her legs. He was a dream come true for any woman and she hoped that he would make a few of her dreams come true tonight.

He just smiled and went to look for wood. Candy made her way inside finding a wealth of foods and a clean bed.

'Oh yes!' she moaned falling across the cool sheets. 'This is so nice,' she whispered as a big yawn escaped her mouth and her eyes slowly closed.

John sat next to Candy, admiring her large breasts and rounded hips. 'You are so hot,' he whispered to her feeling his cock coming to life in his jeans. 'Hey sweety,' he said caressing her lower stomach. 'Time to wake up,' he smiled when her eyes slowly opened. 'I thought you should clean up and eat before you crash out for the night,' he added helping her sit up.

Candy lay against John's bare chest as she looked around the cabin. He had made a fire, had something cooking and a sheet was hanging on the far side of the small cooking area. 'You've been busy,' she smiled looking up to him. 'Why's the sheet hanging up?' she asked sitting up straight so that she could see his face.

'After you eat, I found a big tub and heated water so you can take a hot bath,' he said. 'I'm sure you're going to be real sore in the morning and that should help,' he added leaning to kiss her on the top of her head. 'Let's eat!' he said jumping up and pulled her to her feet.

Candy had never seen anything so sweet in her life. He must have been working for an hour or more to do all these wonderful things. 'This is so nice,' she smiled holding his arm as he led her to the small table next to the fireplace. 'Oh that smells so good!' she moaned holding her empty stomach when some wonderful smell filled her nose.

'I found some beef stew, corn and biscuits,' he said sitting across from her. 'Oh, one more thing,' he smiled reaching under the table.

Candy covered her mouth and tried not to cry when she saw the large vase of wildflowers. 'Oh how pretty!' she gasped as she reached to smell one of them. 'Okay, that's enough,' she smiled. 'You had me as soon as I walked away with you this afternoon,' she laughed and couldn't wait to finish eating, take a bath and she was going to all out fuck him to death.

'I mean I did all this for nothing?' he teased as she reached to playfully slap his arm. 'I'm glad I could do all this for you. I know I just about ran that hot little ass of yours to death getting here and this is the least that I can do to make up for it,' he smiled reaching for the pot sitting on the table and dished out the food.

'It may sound funny, but I think just getting to know you is worth it all,' she replied looking to his eyes as she took a bite of food.

He gave her a puzzled look as he sat down his fork. 'What do you mean? I didn't say but eight words at the most,' he said thinking of how hard he had pushed her.

'It wasn't just that,' she paused to wipe her mouth. 'You may not have talked, but I found out what kind of man you are,' she smiled. 'You're tough that's for sure,' she smiled. 'But the whole time I saw you looking back every few seconds to make sure I was okay.' Not even Bill had looked after her so good when they were hiking.

John smiled that she had noticed that he had been checking up on her so much. 'I just wanted to see them big boobs bouncing around,' he winked and enjoyed her face turning red as he took a drink of water.

'Oh bull!' Candy laughed at him. 'I bet you were a good man to be with if a war broke out,' she said as she thought of following him into a war. 'I'd follow you just about anyplace,' she said feeling like a young girl in love for the first time.

He looked to her face and couldn't believe what she had said. 'You would?' he asked thinking of days gone by.

'Yes,' she replied biting her lower lip and felt things running through her that she had never known.

John reached to hold her hand. 'I led so many men into places that they knew there was always a chance that they would never return and none of them ever said that,' he smiled to her and couldn't help his cock getting hard.

'I would,' she whispered hoping that she wouldn't fall for the tall, handsome man like all of the other girls' had. 'I guess I better take my bath now,' she said with a smile, knowing she had to get him inside her soon. 'I want a nice man to make love to me,' she softly said as she stood up.

'Oh really?' he said moving up to her. 'Where are you going to find a man way out here? and it's so late,' he teased watching her nipples growing under her small shirt.

'I'll show you in just awhile,' she laughed. Candy bit her lip again as his eyes gazed to her excited nipples, sending waves of excitement through her. 'After I'm finished,' she paused to lean and kiss him. 'You can do anything you want to them,' she smiled feeling fire building between her legs.

He just gave her a wink, returned her kiss and replied. 'That'll be nice!' John as he watched her disappear behind the sheet. He lay across the bed waiting for Candy to finish thinking of the others' that they had left behind. He hoped that they were safe. He left his daughter, two very sexy young ladies that were crazy about him and two men that he had became very fond of.


'I wonder if they made it okay?' Tammy asked looking to Ray as they sat hugging each other. She looked into the small fire wondering if her Daddy was safe.

Ray leaned to give her a small kiss. 'I'm sure they did,' he replied hoping that they would get together and make love. He had never wanted anyone so bad in his life.

'I'd die if anything happened to him,' she said and began to cry. Tammy felt Ray pulling her closer to him and she wanted him. Maybe not to screw, but a good long blowjob would help get her mind off Daddy and Ray would also feel better. The poor guy had been hard all night long.

Ray hugged her as his hands slid under her small shirt and started playing with her nipples. 'I want you,' he whispered in her ear as he gently rolled her excited nipples between his fingers.

Tammy knew she had to do something and do it fast before Ray charmed his way right into her panties. She turned to lie across his lap. 'I'm going to do something real nice,' she said in a soft voice as she slid his shorts down. 'Oh yes!' Tammy moaned when she saw his hard cock. 'Does the poor thing need some lovin'?' Tammy said in a motherly voice as she leaned to kiss it. 'You want Mommy to make it all better?'

Ray looked to her as a big smile filled his face. 'Oh yes,' he replied. She lifted her head and took him deep, sucking him into her warm mouth with ease. 'Oh Tammy!' he moaned hoping that the others' didn't hear him.

'Sounds like them two are having some fun.' Stacie giggled as she and Bill sat by their fire. 'You think John and Candy are out there somewhere fucking each other?' she asked feeling her pussy getting wet as the soft moans from Ray and Tammy filled her ears.

Bill just laughed. He knew John was every girl's dream man and Candy was sure to give into his charming ways. 'If I know John I'm they are,' he replied with a little hurt in his voice.

'Does it bother you?' Stacie asked reaching for a stick to poke at the small fire and she could tell it did. 'Don't let it bother you,' she smiled moving closer to him. 'Hell you're sitting here with a hot looking girl that is horny as a dog in heat.' Stacie smiled putting her arm around him wishing he were John.

Bill reached to hug her. 'Now that could get my mind off of them,' he said moving to her mouth. He kissed her and helped her on his lap. 'You are so pretty,' he whispered moving back to her mouth and they kissed long and deep. All thoughts of John and Candy slowly left them both.

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