tagGroup SexWalk of Shame Ch. 03

Walk of Shame Ch. 03

byStardog Champion©

Standing alone on a darkened porch in a town far from home, dressed to the nines as she knocked on a door of what looked to be a lifeless house, the only thing from her past that Jacqueline Montero could liken her present circumstance to was 30 years earlier when she'd been a small child out on Halloween, trick-or-treating.

While there was no pumpkin shaped pail in her hand, and the costume she now wore was basicly bought online at places like Bloomingdales and Victoria's Secret, the same eerie and awkward feeling of standing, vulnerable, in front of a stranger's house, holding her breath as she as she waited for the door to open was identical to how she felt three decades earlier dressed as Cinderella.

Only this time, Jacki was the trick and the treat.


Hoya22's real name was Brian Calendril. A nugget of information, along with the names of the other three men waiting downstairs, Jacqueline would never know.

By the time graduation weekend rolled around, with the exception of the guys who had summer jobs lined up in town, most everyone living at the frat house had headed home. Brian was supposed to be one of them, having earned his degree in the same ceremony Jacki's daughter, Randi, did just hours earlier. He would have certainly been out on the party circuit that night as well if it wasn't for a unique opportunity that presented itself a few weeks back.

"Come on in," he offered the 41 year old divorcee standing outside, before closing the door, and Jacki's life as she knew it, behind her.


The aroma was the first thing to strike Jacki when she stepped foot inside the spacious but cluttered house. Having only raised a single daughter and having no brothers around growing up, Jacki had never lived in a house where there were multiple men living under one roof. Her first inhale brought a combination of pizza and other assorted fast foods of every variety. Her second inhale left the traces of beer and corn chips on her palate, not to mention the faint whiff of weed. Each successive breath brought that combination of fragrances home a little clearer.

"Can I get you a drink...a beer maybe?" the man she knew as Hoya22 offered.

"No...but thanks," she politely replied, oddly safe in her commitment to do what she'd come over to do, but not wanting to take a chance someone there might spike her drink.

Considering the circumstances, making small talk wasn't exactly easy between the two, but Jacki filled the gaps of silence by comparing her mental picture of the kid in front of her to how he actually appeared. Brian was more handsome in real time and seemed quite a bit taller than she remembered, likely due to the fact that he was sitting down during most of their cyber activities. She didn't remember crossing paths with him during the graduation ceremonies earlier in the day, which was a relief, and his fraternity wasn't one Randi ever spoke of during their occasional mother/daughter chats.

If Jacki would have been paying closer attention during the ceremony, she would have heard Brian Calendril's name called out 20 minutes (and 10 letters) before Randi's, but for now, all that happened earlier that fateful Saturday was ancient history.

Walking around the hardwood floor of the living room, the tips of her black high heels marking every step, Jacki absorbed the vibe of the house as she and Hoya22 sporadically sized each other up. She nearly asked the young man for his name, but decided that would fly in the face of what she'd come out that night to do.

Jacki sensed she and him were the only two people at that moment on the main floor of the house, but given the vibrations of a bass thud coming from below through the structure of the turn of the previous century house, deep down she knew the crux of the evening, and perhaps even early morning, was going to be spent down there.


Even though they had only spent the better part of five minutes pacing around the room, Brian and Jacki felt a strange kinship, as if they'd known each other for much longer considering how each had mentally replayed what happened during their two internet sessions weeks earlier.

The first one had turned into quite the epic of depravity when Brian had called all the other guys in the house up to his room when he sensed the sway he had over the woman he was cybering with. The second rendezvous the following evening between Brian and Jacki had been an intimate one on one, which had also served as the genesis for what was about to unfold one floor beneath Jacki's feet.

Seeing the light rising from the opened door to the basement on one of her circuits around the living room, Jacqueline fancied it as almost a portal to Hell from the way light, and the sound emanating from it, seemingly beckoned her towards it.

Casting a quick gaze over to Brian, the knowing twinkle in his dark blue eyes told Jacki her most decadent fears and fantasies were all about to come true.

If Jacki was worried about having to visually deal with the descent down the waiting steps, with the quickness of a thief, Brian eliminated that concern in one fell swoop. Pivoting with noticeable unease in the center of the living room as she nervously rung her hands together, one moment Jacki could see Brian standing a couple of feet to her right, then in the time it took her to blink, he had disappeared behind her.

Jacqueline's chest rose, and her entire world went dark, the instant the 22 year old college student slipped a silky black blindfold over her eyes. It hadn't come as a complete shock given the content of their conversation a few weeks earlier, but to have it happen with such blinding precision brought a gasp of shock to her numb and trembling lips. Before she could come anywhere close to gathering herself, Jacki felt the strapping young lad behind her raise her long dark hair and plant a soulful kiss dead center on the back of her neck.

The glow from the basement light still carved into the blank canvas of her brain, Brian's kiss, and the ones to the right side of her neck that soon followed, added an explosive rush of sparkling color to the blackness she'd been cast in to.

Without the ability to see, Jacki's remaining senses immediately became more vivid. Brian's soft lips drifting across the bare skin of her neck like a refreshing autumn wind, it was contrasted seductively to the strength of each of his hands as he reached around Jacki from behind and openly fondled her breasts through her form fitting blazer and blouse.

"I'm gonna walk you downstairs," he whispered into the older woman's ear. "Are you ready?"

Nodding her head, Jacki found herself grinding backwards against the handsome young stud in a silent, but certain, gesture that her fate was now in his hands.

The acuteness of Jacki's available senses were ratcheted to overdrive when she felt Brian's right hand firmly come to rest on the base of her spine and instant before he began nudging her towards the stairwell. Still feeling his lips and warm breath tickling the back of her neck as he guided her blindly along, Jacki could clearly feel the rush of cool air when she came to the opened door.

Descending down the old, rickety steps in a pair of 4 inch heels would have been perilous under the best of circumstances. To do it blindfolded, with a complete stranger directly behind her, and having no clue what waited at the bottom, made the trip down something Jacqueline would never forget.

If the upstairs had smelt vaguely like a frat house, the scent that hit Jacki once she reached the landing of their rumpus room left no doubt. If there was a faint whiff of booze and weed up in the living room, those smells were multiplied tenfold once she inhaled her surroundings below ground.

Jacki could also detect the faint but unmistakable aroma of pussy as well. Wondering how many other women those boys had nailed over the years in that modified game/party room, it sent a tingling jolt of electricity from the roots of her hair down to the tips of her toes when she realized she was about to be next.

Once she was safely down, Jacki's thoughts turned to just how many of Hoya22's frat brothers were standing there watching her blindfolded before them. It could be two, three, four, perhaps even a dozen or more, but what was clear was how silent the room became once the man who'd helped her down the steps presented her to the assembled crowd. Knowing she had the power if she wanted to reach up and remove the blindfold at any given moment, Jacki's hands remained clenched in front of her as the kinetic weight of those male gazes washed over her.

The boys had apparently been playing pool when Jacki began her descent downstairs, but by the time she reached the landing there was one last smack of one ball hitting another before dead silence. Her world completely black, the drumbeat of Jacki's already racing heart only quickened when she sensed the men scattered about the room start towards her.


Despite the wild estimates in Jacki's swimming head, there weren't a dozen plus men hovering in the basement. Besides Brian, there were only four other guys assembled for the night's festivities. Three of which had taken part in the impromptu masturbation session with Jacki that first night online, and one other guy from the frat Brian owed a favor to.

Having briefly entertained the thought of letting the entire fraternity in on what was going to happen that night, Brian decided against it. Logistically, it would have been lunacy with that many guys and only one girl, the presence of more people would have certainly created a greater chance the scene may have gotten out of hand. And besides, Jacqueline was only one woman and to expect her to hold up under five guys' virile assault was questionable, letting two dozen guys loose on her would have been sheer madness. So with most of the guys already gone after the end of the semester, Brian was left with a small group of brothers he trusted.

For the three that had been up in Brian's room to see for themselves first hand what sort of perversity Jacqueline Montero was capable of, it wasn't a shock when they saw her standing at the foot of the steps of their private room. Kerry Hoyt, Devin Dennison and Allen Crupp were their names, but the fourth guy who'd masturbated that night on camera for Jacki was sadly on a flight to Denver for a job interview the following Monday, having no clue what he was missing back at the frat house.

In his place was a young man who'd just finished his Sophomore year named Garrett Burke. At first, Garrett had been a tad skeptical when Brian told him what might unfold the Saturday night after graduation. Canceling his previous plans just to be safe, Garrett assumed the guys had just hired an escort or stripper to come over to the house.

When heard the click/clack of the bindfolded woman's high heels on the rickety steps, then saw the classy way the long haired brunette was dressed, he started to realize they weren't pulling his leg. By the time Jacki was all the way down and wringing her hands nervously beside Brian, Garrett's cock had become as hard as the cue stick resting in his hands.


Without her trusted ability to see, there was a natural re-coil in Jacki's posture as the vibration of the men's footsteps closed in around her. Clenching her fingers even tighter in front of her, Jacki found she could detect the subtle differences in their gaits as they moved in to inspect her.

"I can barely fathom the look in their eyes," Jacki thought to herself, knowing how obscenely compelling it would be to see something like that as the proverbial fly on the wall.

Still sensing the shadow of Brian's presence hovering to her right, Jacki blindly tried determining how many other guys were there from the amount of footsteps surrounding her, along with the distinct differences in the scents of cologne now flooding her palate.

"This is only a dream," her conscience interjected every so often, not wanting to admit something so deep and dark that she'd fantasized in secret about for so many years could actually be happening. "Its so dark..it just has to be a dream!"

Any thought of that night being a figment of her overworked and undersexed imagination was thoroughly erased when several strange hands came to rest across her body.

"UUHHH..UUHHHHH," Jacqueline immediately winced, just as anyone would when walking through a pitch black cave and being touched by things she couldn't see.

Her lips parting into a perfect oval as her fingernails dug at the smooth fabric of her black pencil styled skirt, a million tiny goosebumps clustered beneath Jacki's clothes when all those fingers clasped down on her. Having had Brian's hand on her back, among other places, as he led her down the steps, she'd developed a tactile imprint of his unique touch. The others, however, had created an overload of sensory input until Jacki's world suddenly became very, very small.

Feeling at least one person flanking her to each side, Jacki also knew there was someone standing directly in front of her, and she was also pretty sure another of the boys had claimed a spot directly behind her.

If the overwhelming sensation of all those strange hands roaming freely over her body wasn't enough, before she could begin processing all that, Jacki felt a warm set of lips come to rest on the right side of her throat just before pair of large hands slipped beneath the back of her dress and started caressing the cheeks of her bare ass.

Unable to keep her hands stable one second longer, Jacki flailed her arms out in each direction until they were grasping wildly for something to hold on to. In the end, what she found were two handfuls of sinewy muscle and single minded intent.

By the time Jacqueline had snared her hands around two of the men in front of her, all 10 of their hands were guiltlessly roaming over her body, from her tingling scalp all the way down to her trembling thighs.

Even though she'd put on more pounds than she cared to admit since hitting her 40's, the five boys easily lifted the tips of her heels of the floor several times as they collectively felt her up. The feeling of temporary weightlessness combined with her new found blindness created real strains of disorientation in Jacki's head. Her tether to reality now cut, she was capable of anything.

There were one set of lips mashing and chewing just below her left ear, and other, along with a warm and wet tongue slithering down the nape of her neck. The set of probing fingers that had drifted beneath her dress from behind now eased up and down the back of her legs, sending shivers of excitement up her spine each time they alternated between the buttery smooth material of her stockings to the exposed flesh of her upper thighs. Jacki could also feel three, maybe four hands eagerly pawing at her breasts through her sheer blouse until her crisp white shirt tail came untucked from the waistband of her tight skirt.

"It's like you're a buffet and they're a bunch of starving men," she couldn't help thinking, imagining those ten hands actively groping her were upwards of a thousand.

"YEEEEZZZZ...AAAHHH," Jacki bellowed when one of the guys kissed her flush on the lips, anxiously digging her fingernails into the shoulders of two of the men even though she had no clue exactly what part of her body they had their hands on.

Slowly guiding Jacki to the center of the room, much the same way an army of ants would ferry their kill back to the nest, one of the boys was finally brazen enough to hike the woman's skirt up and trace his fingers around the tiny front panel of her soaking wet thong panties.

Once again a steaming hiss shot from Jacqueline's throat, and even in her blindfolded darkness she began rutting her hips forward, as if trying to corral the inquisitive digits exploring her flaming crotch. Not even needing to take the hint, those young man's fingers quickly slipped beneath the lace trim lining and sliced inside the rose petal bloom of Jacki's soaked quim.

An immediate chuckle of aroused appreciation rose from the men surrounding her when they heard for themselves just how wet Jacki had become.

It was difficult to tell in her predicament, but Jacki thought her pumps had already slipped off during the mayhem. Rubbing her right foot down one of the men's calves, the assumption was confirmed. Checking her left the same way, Jacki noted her second shoe was still attached but hanging by only two flexing toes.

To a neutral observer, Jacki looked as if she was being swallowed whole by the five young men. Only the occasional flop of her head, extension of a hand, or kick of one of her legs would show there was actually a woman smothered between the half ton of testosterone surrounding her.

What was vividly clear was the sound of clothes being pulled apart, and the occasional whap of a torn button snapping through the air. Somehow during the proceedings, Jacki's blazer had been removed and summarily spat out of the scrum, and even though it took a little more work on the gentlemen's' part, the fanciest blouse in Jacki's closet soon followed.

If there was one thing certain, it was Jacki's clothes were being shed at a much quicker rate than the men's were. So enthralled by the prey in their snare, they excitedly stripped the older woman until she was left in nothing but her bra, stockings, skimpy panties and a dress that was obscenely pushed up all the way to her waist.

Suspended in the men's intertwined grip, without any real depth perception because of the blindfold, Jacki hadn't realized yet she'd become as much horizontal in the air as she was vertical. Feeling the chilly air of the basement washing over her increasingly bare skin, it made each of the warm hands groping her that much more rapturous as they led her forward.

Her heavy tits flopping wildly in the lacy cups of the expensive bra she'd bought for the occasion, it wasn't long before the snaps of it were undone and she felt the jet black straps being slid over her smooth, Victorian shoulders. Before the discarded bra even hit the floor, a drooling mouth closed hungrily over each of her shamefully plump nipples.

Her feet now dangling several inches above the floor, every possible sensitive spot on her body was being stimulated one way or another as they ferried Jacki to her eventual destination. The disorientation was so consuming, Jacki didn't realize the two men responsible for supporting her from behind had left their posts until she could literally feel herself falling backwards in the air.

"Oh..God..," she was able to moan weakly before her back came to rest on something as flat as it was unforgiving.

"I know what that is," Jacki's own voice rattled around inside her brain.

Squirming her shoulders side to side several times, she knew they'd dropped her straight down on the fraternity's pool table.

Despite being a novice at billiards, Jacki immediately recognized the velvety feel against her naked back as she acclimated herself to her newfound perch. The backs of her legs rubbing against the polished rails of the regulation sized table, Jacki's right hand sent the 5-ball rolling towards one of the corner pockets when she genuflected it out.

The glow of the overhead lighting baking down against her bare skin, Jacki could sense the shadows of the men stalking above until all 50 of their eager fingers were once again groping and pawing at her wantonly displayed wares.

Extending her legs into the air, Jacki quickly nestled the arch of both her stocking clad feet between two of the men's thighs, essentially using her them like a pair of hands to stoke the straining bulges awaiting her through their jeans.

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