tagMatureWalking with a Limp

Walking with a Limp

byelly bee©

It was the day of my first internet date. All the warnings from well meaning friends and parents bounced around my skull as I wrapped up my work and headed home. Despite these comments, I remained steadfast in my decision that internet dating was the only way to get laid anymore. Between work, friends, family and general life maintenance I was burning through vibrator batteries faster then I could restock. The clerks at the local all night deli were beginning to look at me with suspicion. But that could have been my tendency to buy nasty porn and oblong objects when restocking my batteries. Anyway, I digress, back to the pre-date madness.

Due to traffic snarls on the beltway, I found myself running late and starting to sweat as I did some quick calculations in my head. I knew I wouldn't have time for a much needed shower before my date if things didn't start moving quickly. Pulling into my parking spot, I sprinted for my door and dashed into my apartment, frantically pulling out the gstring and garters I wanted to wear that night. The doorbell rang prematurely and I had no choice but to answer it.

Either my date had totally lied or the guy at my door wanted to borrow adult incontinence pads. A white haired, stoop shouldered man approximately a million years older then mean leaned on his cane with a large grin on his face. "I'm Bob's dad, Bob couldn't make it and thought you wouldn't mind if I came instead".

I was speechless. All the warnings shot in my direction by loved ones had not covered this scenario. Bob's dad elbowed his way past me, taking a deep breath and declaring, "smells like you need to get cleaned up, which way's the bathroom?" Completely bewildered by the turn of events, I followed Bob's dad to the bathroom, where he plopped himself down on the toilet seat as though he were at the movies. "I'll just sit here and watch."

I stared at him dumbfounded. This man I didn't know, who looked old enough to die any minute now expected me to get naked for him. I opened my mouth to tell him to get the hell out and he gently placed the tip of his cane on my lower lip. He ran the cane down my chin, down my throat, slowly traced the outline of my left nipple and dropped it to the hem of my skit, where he proceeded to slip the cane under my skirt, up my thigh and to the folds of my pussy. He began rubbing the cane lightly against my clit and I felt myself blushing as my underwear grew moist. "Now turn around and off with these clothes."

I found myself turning, sliding my shirt off my shoulders, with my back to him. The cane followed my body, playing over my back and rubbing between my ass cheeks. I grew wetter and could faintly smell my pussy as I bent to drop my skirt. I hesitated, back to him, wearing only my thong, knowing that I was about to step across a line where I could not turn back. I wanted to grab a towel, order him out of my house, call the cops. But I wanted more of that cane between my legs too.

I felt the cane touch my clit from behind and knew that I would drop that thong to free my pussy and ass for the cane. I bent to step out of my thong and the tip of the cane slipped into my pussy, sliding on my juices. He pushed the tip gently in and out, teasing my pussy, I could smell myself stronger now, and felt my nipples harden, my chest flush, my pussy relax and contract, wanting more, wanting to be filled with the cane, with my vibrator, with his fingers, with anything. He slipped the cane out and ran it, slick with my juice, up my ass crack and to my butthole. I felt the cane dance around my asshole, barely dipping in before he pulled it out. I was naked, dripping with pussy juice, bent over and pushing my ass and pussy towards him when he dropped the cane tip to the floor, leaned his hands on it and said, "You better get into the shower now."

I stepped into the shower and went to pull the curtain. "No curtain," he said. I postioned myself under the nozzle and felt the warm water play on my body, beginning to sober up from the cane episode and feeling absolutely ridiculous to be naked, wet and showering for this old guy. I was just about to pull the curtain and make and escape plan when he said, "I want to see your wet asshole lubed and ready for me, bend over." It was the cane under my chin when he said this that prompted my to obey. I grabbed the soap, put my back to him and reached between my legs to lube my ass. I ran the soap up and down my inner thighs with my right had, teasing myself and him. I heard him unzip his pants and turned to look at him. "Stay bent over and touch clit. I want to see your pussy come while I tease your ass."

I ran my left hand over my clit, dipping my fingers in my pussy to share the lube. My pussy was hot and dripping, pre-come thick and moist on my lips and thighs. My clit grew hard and hot under my circling fingers and I felt my pussy begin to contract. His timing was perfect. He slipped the cane into my ass as my breath came quicker, stopping my orgasm temporarily in it's tracks. I began to moan as he shoved the cane harder and faster into my tight ass, working my swollen clit, my fingers sloppy and rough as my blood began to pump and I felt myself grow dizzy as I started to come. My pussy spasmed and shot hot juice and my asstightened around the cane with my orgasm, I came, over and over, shouting and thrusting into the cane, my fingers frenzied on my clit, the water and soap dripping into my face. He pulled the cane out from my ass as I dropped to the floor of the shower. I sat with my eyes closed, feeling my breath ease and regulate, feeling my blood return to my mind, my hands, feeling my clit deflate and my ass relax.

I debated opening my eyes and facing this familiar morning-after type of dread. I don't want to know his name, he's older then my grandfather and he just made me come like never before. I took a deep breath and turned my head towards the toilet. The cane leaned against the side of the sink and the toilet was bare but for a gleaming pile of thick cum.

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