tagLoving WivesWalter Kresky's Loving Wife

Walter Kresky's Loving Wife

byCharles Petersunn©

This is a rather sexist story. In fact, pretty outrageously so, and that is an explicit satirical intention. If stories of this type would be offensive to you, then you shouldn't read it. It is modeled after the loving wives and brides genre available in Japanese adult videos. Otherwise enjoy!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Walter Kresky was having the strangest yet most wonderful dream. He was at some unknown hotel, in a bedroom. It was apparently a very expensive hotel, and he must be in the penthouse suite. The bed was surrounded by many flowers: hyacinths, lilies of the valley, alyssum, lilacs, lavender, and, the most lovely, at least for scent, gardenias. The room was intoxicating with a variety of delightful scents. With each breath he appeared to detect a different flower.

Most importantly, he was not alone. He was naked on his bed, his legs spread, and between them was a beautiful actress. He couldn't quite place which one, as each time he looked her face changed, from one actress to another.

Whoever she was, she was naked, on her knees, facing him, her breasts dangling from her chest, her fingers cradling his balls, his cock in her mouth, her bottom up in the air.

Walter liked having his cock sucked this way. He liked it better than if the woman was kneeling on his left or right, or even lying down between his legs. He preferred it this way, with her bottom poking up in the air, as he enjoyed looking past the red lipsticked lips stretched wide by his thick meaty cock, past the sweet loving eyes gazing adoringly into his, to look up the slowly rising smooth sloped skin of her back, gradually rising up to two very lovely shiny and smooth matching white hillocks, split down the middle by an alluring deep crevice. It was a really nice perspective on a woman.

It was like gazing into the distance at two very wonderfully pale twin round snow mounds that were begging to be climbed, mounted, and staked.

But, Walter's eyes were also distracted by that face, that so terribly pretty, alluring sexy and famous face. It had changed again to another actress, but the physical sensation was constant, the sensation of her tongue, lapping and licking away at his cock. What man has not had the dream, the fantasy, of a beautiful actress, one he so enjoyed and lusted for, in many a movie, now lovingly giving him an actual blow job, delighting herself in that opportunity, to suckle his thick swollen cock like a sweet candy cane with an inordinately large round juicy cherry at the tip. He moaned with intense delight, but then he woke up.

To something even better: his wife, Joanna. She was waking him in her own very special loving way, with a good morning blow job. Is there a more wonderful way to wake up? Of course anything is better than the glaring shrill of a screeching alarm, but this was even better than the soothing sound of a babbling brook, a distant foghorn, or rain falling on a roof. Walter so much preferred his wife's method of bringing him back from his dreams and into the real world than what is provided by all those new age alarms.

And, Joanna was just as pretty as any one of those actresses. In fact, it was evident that she must have been up for an hour already, as her make-up was on and hair done. She did want the first thing Walter saw in the morning to be a pretty face, her face, and so of course she wanted her face to be as pretty as it could be, the face with which he had fallen in love.

She removed her lips to briefly greet him, "Wake-up sleepy head," providing him with a bright sunny morning smile, as well as a big fat kiss on the tip of his cock, and then returned to her task at hand, or actually the task at mouth and tongue.

Walter smiled cheerfully. He loved his wife so very much. What man wouldn't love a woman who would greet him this way?

Many a time, when he was younger, he would have an erotic dream, perhaps a dream of a movie star providing him with very wonderful oral sex, or maybe somebody he knew at work, or maybe just a nameless but still pretty woman, only to suddenly wake up to discover it was just a dream. There were times when he managed to keep such dreams going just a little, being in that trance state in between awake and dreaming, but that moment would never last long and he would inevitably realize that it was indeed just a dream, and that he was now awake, and there was no mouth on his still throbbing, yearning erect cock. If he wanted a happy ending he would have to provide it himself. It would be enjoyable, and at times quite intensely so, but never would it be as good as if the dream had in fact continued to its natural, climactic ending.

Well, with Joanna it was instead very wonderful to in fact awaken, because now it was for real, and he would indeed have that happy ending.

Joanna again slipped her mouth off Walter's cock, this time to provide a few flickering licks just on the very tip, the tip of her tongue against the tip of his cock. She loved doing this, almost as much as he loved having her do it. It was like butterfly kisses on the tip of his dick, right where he provided, released, squirted his cum: his slit. It was precisely there that Joanna concentrated her flicking tongue, as if she wished to tease and excite the tip to the point that it would be forced to release its treasure, its fortune, its gism.

While tonguing the tip Joanna caressed and massaged the shaft with her thumbs, holding his stiff rod in place with her fingers at the back, rubbing her two thumbs around and around in little circles along the front of the shaft, slowly working her way up the stiff rod. She always liked to say that through her thumbs she was massaging away all his anxiety, his tension, his stress, as well as potentially bringing forth a delightful and refreshing drink for herself.

But, before he could provide her morning protein slushy she shifted her attention to a very thorough licking up and down his shaft, at just about every inch, curve, and crevice she could find. It was like a mother cleaning her baby, making sure that she didn't miss a spot.

The visual contrast of his obscene manly cock towering across her very pretty face, being bathed by her soft feminine tongue, was really so evocative. She even paused when she was licking just the very tip of his dick to again give him a deep, sustained kiss but now on the underside of his crown, where he was most sensitive. The swollen red bulb was thereby lodged just beneath her nose, and she took in a deep breath of his manly, musky scent while she kissed and stroked his shaft.

He smiled in deep satisfaction as he contemplated squirting his load up into his wife's nose. He wondered if she would like that. She did so very much like the aroma of his cum. She would say it was kind of fruity and fresh. As he thought further he knew she would enjoy it up her nose, or at least she wouldn't mind. She would usually ask him where he wanted to cum, and she had never declined any request.

She slipped her tongue out and drew it down his shaft, all the while keeping her bright, gay, and adoring blue eyes trained on his, stopping when his knob was right in between her eyes, his cock splitting her face in half. She asked, "Can I take it in my mouth, sweetie?"

He favored his own preference, her nose, as that would be something quite new, but she didn't ask for many favors. He would allow her this own indulgence. "Certainly, honey. Anything for my little Peaches." He liked to call her his little Peaches.

"You're so good to me, Walter."

He reached out and caressed her cheek as she nibbled on his shaft. "Well, don't let it go to your head."

"I won't," she replied and brought that head back up so that she could bring it back down, this time with his cock reabsorbed into her mouth. She didn't though just open her mouth to take Walter's cock inside. She liked to first plant her lips on the tip, like she was giving it a kiss, and then have the cock very, very slowly push past her mildly resisting, clenching lips, gradually opening up her lips wider and wider and wider as the cock, little by little, entered inside. It was a much more visibly and physically pleasing way to draw his cock inside, letting him see it enter as if in slow motion.

Nor did she bring her face all the way down into his crotch. She first took only the crown into her mouth so that she could use her hand to caress and stroke his now very wet and slick shaft, while she devoted her tongue to his soft, swollen knob. She felt the knob tasted the best. It was the juiciest, softest fresh fruit on the tip of his trunk. She did like licking it the most. She suckled his cock like it was a giant nipple, trying to draw forth from his nuts his warm, tasty cream, all the while twisting and turning one clenched fist up and down the shaft, working his cock like a professional milkmaid, the other hand more gently, softly caressing and squeezing his balls. Joanna was really quite ambidextrous.

It was now a very forceful, demanding sucking, and it didn't take too long for him to feel that he was about to cum. He would have preferred to drag it out longer. He did so enjoy a long lingering blow job but he did, after all, need to get to work. He was Vice President of sales for J.C. Drithers and Company and his boss, Mr. Julius Drithers, would not be happy if he arrived late. He felt his balls tighten up and pull in against him.

It was a sign Joanna noticed as well, and she took to her task with even further furry and force, vigorously bobbing her face up and down in his lap, pumping his cock with her face and fist with a frenzied ferocity, until he suddenly exploded across her tongue and into her mouth.

Joanna so much enjoyed Walter cumming in her mouth. She felt his cum tasted better than any man's she had previously indulged. She really couldn't explain why. Perhaps it was because she truly loved Walter, perhaps it was her good cooking that he so much enjoyed. She did notice changes in the taste depending upon what she cooked. It seemed to be particularly sensitive to different fruits and vegetables. Meat somehow didn't seem to have an effect. In any case, whatever the reason for her partiality she gladly received his masculine broth, swishing her tongue around in her mouth as it squirted and sprayed into every nook and cranny, keeping the hot thick cream well stirred with her tongue as it poured and gushed inside.

An orgasm was such a nice way to start the day, being engulfed by waves of unadulterated, blissful pleasure coursing through his body, accompanied by the sight of his shaft lodged within his lovely wife's red lips, her face glued to his cock as it twitched, jerked, and spewed into her mouth.

Joanna sighed with satisfaction, and appreciation. Walter had quite a bit of cum, but perhaps that should not be surprising as his balls were rather large, plus it was the first orgasm of the day, having had all night to refuel and refill the tank.

Joanna in fact could feel her mouth filling up. She could try to swallow some of it, but she found that this risked coughing and gagging, and she might then need to disengage entirely. Her best option was to hold on tight and wait until his reservoir emptied. She did know by experience that she would be able to take it all, but her cheeks would be pretty well bloated with gooey masculine gism. She did like a big mouthful of hot porridge, especially for breakfast.

Walter could see his wife having a bit of difficulty taking it all. But he also knew she could and would do it. He had faith in Joanna's strengths and talents, and her commitment. Joanna took great pride in her role and duties as Walter's wife, and she would not let him down. He looked on with blissful confidence as his cock gave its final lurches and shudders, spitting its few remaining squirts into his loving wife's mouth.

When Joanna was confident that he was done, she milked out the remaining drops with her hands, and then squeezed even harder with her lips on his shaft and slowly, carefully, withdrew her mouth from Walter's cock.

Walter watched his cock gradually reappear, the crown eventually popping out from between Joanna's lips. It looked pretty happy to him: all shiny and glistening. He reached down to grasp Joanna's hands to pull her up to him for a good morning kiss in return. She certainly deserved that.

But, Joanna waved him off. Keeping her lips tightly sealed she slid off the bed, reached down to the floor and picked up a cup of steaming hot black coffee. It was a dark french blend. She brought it up to her lips, as if to enjoy the wonderful aroma of heavy smoky coffee in the morning, but she opened her lips just enough to let a large glob of Walter's cream slip from her lips into the cup, into the dark brew. Joanna liked thick cream in her coffee.

She then swallowed much of the rest of Walter's cum, washing it down with her coffee, and smiled gratefully at her husband.

He responded, "But, where's my cup?"

Joanna reached down again and brought up a second cup for her husband. Fortunately he did not take his coffee with cream.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Walter went to work with considerable energy, encouragement, and self-confidence. It takes a good wife to give her man what he needs to get going in the morning, to go out into that jungle, bag the game, and bring home the bacon. She will of course be rewarded for her loving support in many tangible ways. Walter was a very generous provider.

And, he did love his wife so very much. They had been married for almost ten years now, and he still missed her when he was at work. Not too many husbands can say that, as the passion of the marriage is often lost for some, even after just a few years. This wasn't at all true for Walter. He couldn't wait to get back home to spend more quality time with Joanna, to feel her warm embrace, her deep love, her warm, wet lips.

But, he didn't have to.

When it was time for lunch Walter closed and locked his office door. He didn't like being disturbed during lunch. This was his quiet time, his down time. Most everyone at J.C. Drithers and Company respected each other's lunch hour, as most of them felt the same way. Lunch time was a time to catch your breath, to relax, to get away from the dreary pressure of work, at least for awhile. Disturbing one another during lunch was really discourteous, if not outright inappropriate. Still, Walter would lock his door just to make sure any potentially offending party got the message. He would though answer the phone, as a call could be from a customer. And, of course, if Mr. Drithers came by; well, he would most certainly answer the door for him.

However, as soon as Walter retired to his couch for lunch there was a knock at his door. It was a polite knock, but a knock nevertheless. He took a deep, frustrating sigh and wondered whether he should simply ignore it. He was going to have a Chinese delivery and he certainly didn't want it to get cold. Well, at least the person knocked. It was amazing how many colleagues simply tried to open the door, not even bothering to knock. At least he, or she, hadn't tried to do that. He once put a "Please do not disturb" sign on the door, but Mr. Drithers did not approve. What if a potential client stopped by?

Well, perhaps he should indeed answer the door. It could in fact be management, perhaps even Mr. Drithers, although Walter doubted that he would knock so politely. As he got up from his desk and approached the door he heard another few taps. "Yes, yes, I'm coming," he answered impatiently.

He threw open the door with a bit of a scowl, but that quickly changed to a delighted smile when he saw it was his Joanna. "Peaches!" he exclaimed with considerable enthusiasm at the sight of her presence.

She was standing before him, as pretty as ever, with her picnic box. She had brought him a home-made lunch. "Hello sweetie," she responded, "I'm out shopping and I thought I would just stop by and drop off a little something for you, for your lunch. You can't always have Chinese everyday, can you?"

She was certainly right about that. It was a really nice surprise and such a considerate gesture. He quickly invited her in before someone noticed his door open, suggesting perhaps that he was in fact open for business. "Come in, come in. This is so sweet of you."

As Joanna strolled into her husband's office she commented, "I just don't understand why they don't provide you with a bigger office." She set the picnic box by his desk and strung the electrical cord over to an outlet. It was not an ordinary wicker picnic basket. Joanna's picnic box included separate compartments for cooling and heating. It required an electrical outlet for optimal efficiency but could be powered simply by plugging into a car's cigarette lighter, which she had used on the way to his office. "You know, you really should speak to them as you are much too important for this company. Here, I'll plug it in here and you can then help yourself in a bit."

'In a bit?' he wondered.

She then strolled over to his wall-sized window. "You do at least have a very wonderful view." That was certainly true. He was on the 35th floor, and did have an excellent, even coveted, view of downtown Scranton. It was spectacular. Thirty-five floors is not that high up, but the effect is really magnified when the window covers the entire wall. There was in fact no wall; it was just one large window. Joanna paused to admire the view. "You can see into so many other windows from here." She could indeed, particularly the offices across the street that were lower than the 35th floor. "They do though all look so terribly bored and lonely, eating by themselves in their drab, cramped spaces."

Walter noticed that his wife was wearing her trench coat. It wasn't really necessary as the weather was rather nice. But, he didn't have to wait long for an explanation.

"I imagine they can see into here as well, if they take the time to look." She turned around to face Walter and, while looking directly into his eyes, she undid the coat's belt, it's large buttons, pulled it open, and pulled it off, letting it drop to the floor.

She was completely stark naked (with the exception of her high heels). She pressed her bare bottom against the expansive window pane. If anybody was indeed looking they would have been treated with a lovely bare butt squished against the window. They would probably be more than just a bit curious.

Walter though had the better view, the front view, and it was beyond glorious. Joanna was not only very pretty, and she not only had the most lovely hair, and immaculate make-up, but she also had a drop-dead gorgeous figure. Her body was the epitome of the hour glass figure, a body that even the doll Barbie would envy, if Barbie was capable of feelings.

Joanna was well-tanned, but not where it counted the most. She always wore a bathing suit when out in the sun, but in such instances it would be the skimpiest of bikinis. When naked, this provided a really provocative sight, as her breasts and cunnie stood out so boldly, as if lit by a bright white light contrasting with her deep dark tan, signaling that these precious parts of her body were for her husband's eyes only, never seeing the light of day unless it was a very special and private occasion. Yet, by the very small, narrow pale strips, Joanna was also indicating that when she did wear a bathing suit she came awfully close to exposing those precious parts to anyone who might be interested, and many men would indeed be quite interested.

Joanna's breasts were among her best features (after her pretty, sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, and kissable lips). They were really quite large, and strikingly firm and prominent, even when not being held up by one of her sexy brassieres. They were really grand snowy mountains, white and pure as driven snow, capped by two round rosy areolas each with its own little tower, poking out rather straight and tall from each jutting peak. These were boobs that any man would so much desire to climb, to snuggle, to squeeze, and to fuck. Joanna had indeed on a number of occasions let Walter cum by sliding his cock in and out of those lovely flesh pillows, even squeezing them together for him, admiring the sight of the crown of his dick peeking out from and then retreating back down within her slick, fleshy tunnel, eventually to provide her with one of his very well received pearl necklaces. She so much liked pretty jewelry.

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