First--Censors, all were over 18 when the events in this story took place.

Second--Those who might seek-Oversized equipment-Anal-Cruelty-or anything mean or nasty, you won't find it here.

Third--Birth control is practiced by all participants in my stories.


It all started during the early Spring a couple of years back. My son Ed came to help me clear out of my home after a bad investment had bankrupted me

I was a 44 year old widow at the time. 5'5" tall and just a few pounds underweight. While not a sex pot I draw my fair share of lecherous stares from both sexes. By the way I am usually called Tami.

Ed who was twenty five at the time took a week off and came down to help me pack and load the u-Haul. Ed was a nice looking man of just under six feet and cut a trim figure under his full head of dark brown hair. He had no children.

My daughter in law had been dead for about three years and we had not seen much of each other since the funeral. We had however been in pretty much constant touch by e-mail and phone.

At the time of the move I had not had a live cock inside of me in over a year. Only my vibrating dildos kept me from going crazy. I did not have a male in sight to fill the void nor for that matter a female either.

I had to be out by that weekend. I had sold off some of my stuff and was busy putting aside things that were intended for Goodwill. The rest was destined for home and would go on the truck when Ed arrived. He was bringing the truck from home.

Ed whistled when he came in the door which caused me in turn to take an objective look at him as a male. He came out quite well including a nice looking 'package' under his shorts, not excessive but nice..

I still hadn't realized that I was still revealing more then I should have been when I noticed that Ed's package was swelling. I temporarily straightened myself then asked without even thinking.

"How's your sex life?"

It was not an overly bold question between us. We had always been open about the status of our sex lives since a time years before when I had caught him masturbating followed a week later when he caught me similarly occupied. He hesitated for a moment before replying.

"Mom. To tell the truth it's non existent."

I was in shock at his words. I could not imagine that there were not several females announcing their availability to him.

"I would think that you would be sporting a perpetual erection something like that one you are sporting now."

"Well when I haven't made love to my hand for a time there have been a few what are politely called 'nocturnal emissions' commonly known as 'wet dreams'."

"I try to keep my mind focused away from that but it isn't always easy. Such as when a sexy female is close by. The fact that she is my mother obviously doesn't always register to my little brain. Sorry."

"No apology necessary. Possibly the fact that my only partner in the past year has been myself has me being careless in how I dress. Maybe it's something sub concious."

"Wow. We're a pair. We need to find the right father daughter couple." At that moment my friends Rodney and Jill showed up to help avoiding a walk down that road.

Ed and Rod made short work of packing the truck while Jill and I cleaned up behind them. By four the job was done. Since Ed had an extra car at home which I could have and Jill had coveted my car which was still heavily encumbered they now owned the car and the payment book.

After some tearful good-byes Ed and I took off for home which was in Weldon North Carolina and would take about four hours. I slept for the first hour and a half at which point we stopped for a quick rest stop. Then we unpacked the box lunches that Jill had foisted upon us and began eating and drinking coffee as we drove into the setting sun.

My began recalling my teen fantasies of my son and I. Suddenly I was wet. It was still light out. I looked over at my son and could see that he was sporting an erection. As a matter of fact it was even bigger than earlier. I looked down at my own self.

My left leg was sprawled across the truck seat. The leg opening of my shorts had an opening which most likely showed part if not all of the crotch portion of my skimpy panties. No wonder Ed was half erect. After all I was female and he was male.

I looked over at my son as I moved my leg to a more lady like position. He looked at me and I said. "Sorry Ed."

"My pleasure." Was his reply.

Ed owned an big old sprawled out ranch house. He closed off a wing and built in a kitchen and enlarged the bathroom turning it into a luxury suite. The agreement was that I would pay the utilities and Ed would carry the mortgage and pay the taxes.

Ed wrote computer programs and was earning good money plus royalties on a couple he had done that were unrelated to his job and were somewhat marketable. Me? Somehow or other I ended up teaching History in a nearby city high school.

Suddenly the hunting season was upon us. Ed was hunting with his buddies up north. I was enjoying the pleasures of having the whole house to myself without untimely interruptions. I spent most of that Sunday doing household chores in the nude. Those who have not tried it should. When the temperature is just right it can be one of life's great pleasures.

That evening I treated myself to another great pleasure. I entered the Ed's new Jacuzzi still naked. I was in my favorite spot. I can't speak for other Jacuzzis but I had found a spot in Ed's where the jet plays a tune upon my crotch which makes it sing for joy.

I was enjoying it's pleasures while thinking of my old friend Ann who had just returned to town. I was on the verge of orgasm. My head was back and my gentle moans were beginning to fill the empty air when suddenly it wasn't empty any more.

"Now I understand your infatuation with that this thing." I heard from over my shoulder.

"Ed!" I almost shouted. "What the hell are you doing home?"

"Well I got my quota. The guys were beginning to annoy me. Then a problem developed at the office so I took that as an excuse to leave.

"I didn't intend to startle you. I checked first to see if you might have company. I didn't think about this. Sorry."

I guess I was feeling desperate when I said.

"Have you tried it? I don't know how it might work for men but it might be worth a try."

Without saying a word Ed turned around and entered the house.

"Oh shit." I said to myself. "I guess it time to go to plan B whatever the hell that might be."

I suddenly realized that I had been spending a lot of time thinking about my son as I sorted through my sexual fantasies.

The worst being over I stayed where I was and began to relax again. I laid back and closed my eyes. About ten minutes later I was becoming a bit drowsy and thinking that I should make sure not to fall asleep when I heard a scraping noise behind me.

I heard my son say. "I took a quick shower and decided to join you." He entered the tub in his boxer underwear then stripped it off underwater.

"I assume that you are naked." He said as he found his seat.

The only light was the underwater light. I could see Ed's penis but it was camouflaged to some extent by the moving water and the air bubbles.

He moved around the tub and I finally realized that he was looking for a spot where the jet was aimed to his advantage. After a minute or two of watching him I finally said.

"Ed. Why don't you sit right here nest to me and I'll re-aim that other jet that's next to mine?" I indicated a place just a few inches from where I was for him to sit.

I slid over to the other side and found the appropriate jet and re-aimed it till I could tell from Ed's reaction that I had it correctly aimed. I slid back to my previous seat moving myself into my own perfect position and again enjoyed the fruits of my effort. Now that we were both in a most pleasurable situation I reached over and took Ed's hand in mine and simply held it. He did not make any attempt to remove it.

I was tempted to reach over to do something nasty however I reasoned that slower is better. I did use my other hand on myself to gently assist the water jet do it's duty but I was careful not to be too blatant about it. I think Ed was doing something similar. I could see that he wasn't jerking off but his other hand and arm were under water.

After about fifteen minutes my body decided that enough was enough and that it was time to orgasm. I did manage to be somewhat subtle as I did. A few minutes later Ed's body made a couple of jerks followed a few minutes later by a glob of cum floating toward the skimmer.

Our hands had also signaled our body's pleasure to the other. Mine was beginning to cramp so I separated it from his. As I did Ed looked at me with a twinkle and said.

"Thanks for the assist mom." With that he exited the Jacuzzi and parted still naked with his towel over his shoulder.

Feeling that we had crossed a bridge I began to seriously consider the ramifications of bedding my son. Meanwhile having discovered Literotica I browsed through their incest offerings. While quite a few were arousing only a couple had the ring of truth so I learned very little.

We also had a good library where I was able to find a couple of autobiographies and several novels on the subject. Finally I came to the conclusion that the best approach if indeed I wanted to bed my son was to treat him like I would any other man I hoped to seduce.

In spite of the boldness of the hot tub encounter our relationship did not move up to that level. Over the next months I became ever bolder with my touches. I kissed him more often gradually approaching his mouth. My clothes became gradually more revealing along with a flash here and there. That seemed to get his attention. He definitely liked it when I revealed something more than polite society allowed. Still nothing happened.

One day. It was a Sunday. Ed, I knew would be away all day and well into the evening. I decided to find out just what excited him. I went over to his side of the house hoping that I would find his porno stash. That should give me a big clue. I searched his closet, then his dresser, then under his bed, then between the spring and his mattress. Finally desperate I even searched the garage.

I gave up. Then I thought maybe his computer. Having often used his I had no problem gaining entry. I did my best. Nothing. Could it be? Finally I went thru the rest of his home office. I opened his drawers, nothing, I pulled them out and looked behind them, nothing, finally I even looked behind the books in his bookcase.

At that point I gave up. The only thing at all significant was a framed 8x10 photo on his desk of me in a skimpy bikini. I dug through a packet of pictures in his desk drawer and found many of me in bathing suits and other innocent but sexy poses and outfits.

Maybe, I thought, I had confirmed what I had already noticed in my attempts to elicit some response from him. That he did like me in skimpy and revealing clothes.

"I can do that." I said out loud to an empty house. With that in mind I laid down on a chaise on the porch and tried to dream up ways of attracting my son's sexual interest.

In the middle of that thought process I suddenly wondered why I was so fixated on seducing my innocent son. I couldn't come up with a rational explanation. All I knew was that I wanted his cock inside of me in the worst way. Maybe I thought I would welcome any other hard cock if it were offered. Then I remembered that I had turned down two offers in recent weeks. So much for that theory.

It was about two weeks later when we both attended a 50th birthday party. It was at a community center in a slightly upscale development. After the obligatory comments were over the party split into several groups. I was wearing a blue linen spaghetti strap dress with a high front and a low back.

Since my boobs were not overly large I was sans bra. I did wear panties but thin ones which showed no lines. We joined a couple we knew in the area where some were slow dancing the music of a hi-fi.

After a few minutes I dragged Ed to the dance floor and finally got him close enough to feel signs of a developing erection. I thought that to be a step in the right direction. The dance over I excused myself to go to the rest room. When I returned my panties were in my purse as I anticipated some more intimate dancing.

I found that Ed had joined a group in the next room doing a sing-a-long around a piano. I was a bit disappointed but joined the group sliding in front of my son. We all had drinks in our hands as we sang loudly but not necessarily well. More and more people joined the group and soon we were in the middle of the group instead of the back.

Ed had one hand on my shoulder. As the group built we were soon touching my back to his front. Soon I felt the welcome touch of his partially erect penis against my thinly covered bottom. I wiggled my ass and pushed closer. Ed at first retreated then seemed to surrender and push back.

A couple of minutes later I felt his hand at my waist. Then began a sneaky exploration of my backside during which he found that there was only my naked body under the dress. He explored the cheeks of my ass for some time before his hand returned to my shoulder but our bodies were closer then ever. Meanwhile his erection had grown.

Then he bent and whispered into my ear. "Mom, you are a very naughty girl." To which my response was another wiggle.

We played that game for awhile. Before long I could feel pussy juice running down my inner thigh. About then I decided that it was time to 'go for broke'. I took Ed my the hand and led him to our car not even stopping to pay best wishes to out hosts.

As Ed opened the car door for me I turned to face him. I put my left hand behind his neck pulling his face to mine for a kiss. He resisted for a moment then our mouths met in instant passion as my hand right hand found and groped his hard cock through his pants.

As we kissed both our bodies were trembling with our desire for each other. In my younger days that would have been a prelude to a wild passionate back seat car fuck. As it was I simply said.

"We need to go home now and find ourselves a bed. Now Ed, now please."

Fifteen minutes later we were naked in his bed. Ed on his back with me riding him. His cock head was deep inside of me touching my cervix. I was bent forward kissing him tongue to tongue and in between kisses saying 'Fuck me son. Fuck me good."

With that he rolled me over on to my back and began to do just that. At long last I was being fucked by a man. Better yet by a man who I had coveted for a long time.

My first orgasm came quickly. It was quickly followed by another. I was in an erotic daze. My body was responding to each thrust pulling away as he pulled way pushing toward him as he pushed toward me. Tears were flowing from my eyes. Inane words were spilling from my lips. My body was totally awake as I felt every stroke in every cell.

Finally his strokes speeded up into that pre-orgasm mode often called 'the short strokes'. My body was ready. Then my cunt was filled with liquid fire as my son's cum shot into it reaching places I had never felt filled before. That set my body into it's own orgasm in response. It had suffered many, many previous orgasms but none had excited it as much as this one had. No description could do it justice. I will not try.

After what seemed like hours of excitment but which at the same time seemed like only seconds our bodies stilled. Again Ed rolled us over. Now I was on top again but simply laying body against body fully relaxed.

Finally some words. Said I. "God. That was something."

"My words also. Why did I wait so long to come after you?" Said he.

This was followed by words of love between us intermixed with words of lust and promises of what we were going to do to the other's body for all of eternity.

Eventually I rolled off of him and fell asleep in his arms. I awoke the next morning in the middle of a large cold place created by leaking fluids generated by the past night's exercises. With my whole body still aglow I took dripping body to my morning shower.

I remembered that we were both almost late for work when I passed his room on my way to the kitchen. Minutes later with a mug of hot coffee fixed to his liking in my hand I carefully bent over him. I began to awaken him with my mouth. He came awake quickly and aroused. I quit what I was doing and handed him his coffee.

"Just a promise of things to come." I said. "But right now it's hurry up. We need to dress and get to the salt mines. Stop at Mc Donalds on the way. Thank you for last night."

With that I gave him a quick kiss and returned to my own room. A few minutes later he yelled in to me.

"Bye mom. Love you. Love your body too. See you later."

I spent the morning in a euphoric daze. About mid lunch I came out of it and began to think about and plan an encore. About two that afternoon Ed called to say that he was in Charleston and might be gone for the rest of the week.

The thought of several days without another warm body to make love with made me think again of my friend Ann who was just a phone call away. That evening we were together for the fist time in three years.

Neither of us had ever been with any female other than each other. We had not been together for about three years. Ann had been without a male almost as long as I had before the night before. Being still horny and Ann having been without for a while our love making was more intense then it had ever been. Afterward we lay side by side, our heated bodies touching at the asses, holding hands, recovering slowly, Ann asked.

"Wha... happened? I know why I was so hot. What's your excuse."

Ann and I both knew that the other would treat any secret as a sacred trust. So I decided to tell.

"Ann. May I tell you a secret? A deep dark secret."

"If you are speaking of that incident between you and your brother you told me that once. A very hot tale. I have fingered myself many times thinking of it."

"No. Not that. This might be worse. I had sex with Ed."

"Ed! Your son Ed? Wow. How was it? Can I have dibs? He is a sexy piece."

"Have you ever?" I asked. "I never have asked."

"I would have told you if it had come up but it didn't. My father and I had a fling. I've been dying for an excuse to tell about it."

Ann tells all.

I was twenty and horny. I was especially horny with desire for my dad. Long story short one night as I was going up to bed I propositioned him. He got all red and embarrassed and mumbled about how he couldn't do such a thing. Later that night I got in bed all naked and freshly showered prepared for another session with my newest toy. Ten minutes later he came into my room. Like me he was all naked and freshly showered. I took one look and said.

"Oh yes, daddy, yes, come over here, bring that beautiful cock to your horny daughter"

I was totally, totally horny at the sight of his dick, I couldn't wait to feel it inside me. From the hungry, horny look that came on to his face, he was feeling the same. So he came to me, slipped between my legs until the tip of his cock was brushing against the mouth of my pussy while I moaned in anticipation.

"Are you sure, absolutely sure?" he whispered into my ears.

"Oh yes, daddy, yes."

Hearing my last words he lunged forward, ramming his cock deep into my pussy. Then deeper, then even deeper still where there was just pure delight and pleasure.

"My God, I slid right in You really were ready to for me!" He gasped. "Oh daddy, daddy, you're so hard. Fuck me, please. Fuck me now!"

So he did, slowly at first but once he realized I was totally comfortable with it, he began to increase the pace. Almost immediately I started to explode, small orgasms at first, but each one building in intensity, as his cock stroke increased.

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