tagGroup SexWanda's Story Ch. 13

Wanda's Story Ch. 13


Wanda Catron's pussy was still shivering as she drove out of Provo, Utah that August morning. She was leaving her hometown for the first time, traveling to Boise, Idaho to go to school there. She planned to be a teacher, like her Mistress, Anne Franklin.

Wanda and Anne had lived together for nearly a year now. Anne had Collared Wanda in December, making her a slave for life. A month previously, Wanda had been the recipient of almost $11 million dollars as a result of a settlement against a porn video that had featured Wanda without proper permission.

Now, the millions tucked away in the bank, Wanda drove her brand-new Mustang Convertible up the highway. She slipped past Salt Lake City, then Logan, Utah. Passing Logan made her thing of her friend Amber Anderson, and her former boyfriend Erich Buchanon. Erich had been drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, as expected. On the first day of practice, however, Erich broke a leg and was not expected to play this year, and there were only limited hopes of him ever playing professional football. Serves him right for dumping Amber, Wanda thought.

On into Idaho she drove. Her Mustang was a new car, replacing the one she had wrecked a few months before. As soon as that wreck came into her mind, however, she shuffled it away. Thinking of the wreck might also get her thinking of what followed after that. Wanda tried not to think on the rape she had endured.

Instead she let her mind slip to the previous weekend and the orgy Anne had thrown in her honor. A weekend orgy at Sundance Ski Resort had finally broken Wanda's depression. As she thought of all the sex she had that weekend, Wanda's hand slid between her thighs. She hiked her skirt a little and, as she drove down the road at 70 MPH, started playing with herself.

There was the bed orgy, where seven women and she made love together in front of the rest of the partygoers. There was the strip club orgy on the makeshift dance floor. And the women; so many women, all wanting Wanda. She fingered herself more. She got a good buzz from her pussy, but didn't really want to test herself by orgasming at this speed.

Suddenly a large horn tooted close by. Snapping out of her reverie immediately, she saw to her right a truck driver, keeping pace with her Mustang. His eyes weren't on the road, they were on Wanda. The teen wondered how long he had been there.

She looked up at the truck driver, then realized her hand was still between her legs. As she hastily yanked her hand away, the driver stuck his tongue out and pretended to lick. Wanda knew what he wanted. What Wanda gave him, however, was road dust. A quick step on the accelerator pedal and the 19-year-old was zooming down the Interstate at 100 MPH, far outdistancing the truck driver.

Near 5 pm, Wanda reached Boise. A quiet town nestled in the mountains, Boise was the capital of Idaho. Although there was business in the city year-round, a special life buzzed through the town as a new school year started. Wanda could feel the buzz as she arrived in town.

Wanda rented a hotel room for the night. The dorms would be opening the next day, and Wanda planned to get there early, excited to start her new life. After settling into her room, she showered then, still naked, called her Mistress.

The phone rang several times before Wanda gave up. She wondered where Anne could be, then remembered it was Friday night and they would be at the strip club. Instead, she called her mother, Lorraine Catron. When she answered the phone, though, her Mom sounded weird, like she was out of breath.

"Hello?" came Lorraine's voice, with a couple of huffing breaths besides.

"Mom? It's Wanda. How are you? Are you OK?"

"Yes, dear, I'm wonderful." Then Wanda heard her mom say through what sounded like a muffled phone "It's my daughter. Stop that!"

"Mom, I'm in Boise. I just got in a few minutes ago." A muffled squeak from the other end of the phone startled Wanda. "Mom! Are you all right? What's going on?"

Lorraine said "You stop that, you!" to someone else then came back to the phone. "No, love, everything's fine. In fact, it's wonderful. I'm glad you're in Boise and safe. Call when you get into your dorm room."

Again Lorraine's voice faded from the receiver and Wanda heard what sounded like a moan of pleasure. The moaning got to be constant. Wanda called in vain for her mother, then hung up the phone, wondering what was going on.

* * * * *

The phone clicked dead, but Lorraine Catron was in no position to hear. Her legs were splayed wide apart, and her new lover, J.L. Spillington, was driving a strap-on dildo in and out of Lorraine's pussy. The moans were of ecstasy. Lorraine and J.L., whom Lorraine called Lou, had hooked up the previous weekend at the birthday orgy. This was their first time going out alone. They had been kissing, and planned to go out to dinner, but Lou had dropped her dress just as Lorraine got on the phone, revealing the strap-on she had worn instead of underwear. The mid-forties lawyer had teased the late-30s mother while she talked with Wanda by lifting Lorraine's dress and licking her pussy, then had driven her strap-on deep inside Lorraine.

The phone forgotten, Lorraine wrapped her legs and arms around lou, holding her tight. "Lou, yes, yes," she cried. Her nails dug into the other woman's back. Her hips rose and fell in time with Lou's thrusts. Lorraine had never thought she would be in a relationship with another woman, but now, as this other woman fucked her on her own couch, Lorraine thought she could never let this woman get away.

Lou lowered her head and sucked one of Lorraine's nipples into her mouth. After a quick sucking, she stretched flat against Lorraine, whispering sweet words into Lorraine's ear as she nibbled the earlobe. "You feel my love, Lorraine," she said. "You know you want to cum. Cum for me, my precious. Cum for me."

Lorraine needed no further urging. A deep shudder filled Lorraine and she came, digging her nails deeply into Lou's back as she did so. No one had fucked her like this, man or woman, in a couple of years, and despite all the orgasms the weekend before, this orgasm seemed like the first one ever for Lorraine. Her head turned and her mouth searched for Lou's. They kissed hard as Lorraine came again, right on the heels of the first orgasm. A quick double orgasm had never happened to Lorraine before, though she had been able to have sever orgasms a night.

As the orgasms subsided and Lorraine's shaking slowed, the two women cuddled together. They heard the doorknob jiggling, and both women quickly lowered their dresses before Lorraine's other two children entered the house. Roger Catron was 17 and a senior at Independence High in Provo. His younger sister, Wendy, was a 15, a sophomore, and developing nicely. She looked like she could be Wanda's twin sister except her breasts hadn't grown as large as Wanda's 38c.

Lorraine introduced the children to her friend J.L. She told them she was the lawyer that had helped Wanda get her millions from the porn company. She then told the kids to fend for themselves, because she and J.L. were going to dinner together. The kids shrugged and plopped down in front of the TV as the two older women left for dinner.

They went to an old-fashioned diner for dinner. Each woman ate sparingly, their eyes and minds more on each other than their food. Lou slipped a foot out of her shoe and slid the sole of the bare foot up Lorraine's leg. Lorraine responded with a sigh and a spreading of her legs under the table. Lou slid the foot higher until her big toe was teasing the strip of panties covering lorraine's labia. Lou could tell the cotton was wet, and she smiled.

After dinner the two went to the movies. But not any movie. They drove for a while to a Salt Lake City theater that still showed porn movies. There they settled into one of the back rows and soon were making out like teenagers. Their hands could not keep outside each other's dresses, and slowly, gently, they fingered each other to an orgasm in the theater.

Lorraine had made love in a movie theater before, as she remembered fucking her former husband in the back row of a theater while they were dating. This time, however, the couple drew a crowd.

Most of the other patrons in the theater were men. They had noticed the two women enter the theater and sit near the back. As a few of them turned to look at the women from time to time, they could see what they were doing. Finally one man, drunk enough to have courage, rose and found a new seat, on the same row as Lorraine and Lou. As they fingered themselves, he pulled out his cock and started beating it.

After they were done with each other, they noticed the man watching them and masturbating. Lorraine and Lou whispered together, then giggled. They had made a plan.

The women stood up and, as one, shed their dresses. Lorraine also dropped her bra and panties, making herself as nude as Lou was. They beckoned the man in their row, and when he approached, they dropped to their knees and double-sucked his cock.

The man was a loud moaner, and as he came he moaned in joy. Lou had his cock in her mouth when he came. The other patrons turned and saw the sex in the back row. Many of them hurried over to see if they could join in.

Lou took the man's sperm in her mouth, then smiled and kissed Lorraine. As the men watched, sperm slid from Lou's mouth to Lorraine's, then back again. Finally, both women spit it out and smiled at the men.

"Here are the rules," Lou said. "No vaginal penetration with your cocks, unless you happen to have a condom with you." The groans from the men told that none of them did. "You may lick us, and we will suck you and jack you off. One orgasm per man. Agreed?"

The men quickly agreed, and the orgy was on. During their quick whisper, Lou had revealed that she had been with men before, and wanted to play like this. What Lorraine didn't know was that this was a test to see if Lorraine would remain with her after getting her fill of a man's cock.

The women were surrounded. Each one had two cocks in their hands and one in their mouth. A couple of the braver men got onto the floor and started licking the women's pussies. Others beat off, keeping their cocks hard from the sights and sounds of the sexual pleasures coming from the movie speakers and the people in the back row.

Lorraine and Lou were soon covered in cum. Men came on their hands, in their mouths, on their breasts. As each man came, another took his place. There must have been close to 40 men in the theater that night, and almost all of them got some sexual satisfaction from the women.

The cocks were never-ending, and all shapes, sizes and colors. The largest cock belonged to a short man who came up at the very end. The man, barely 5-6, had a 14-inch monster in his pants. Both women gasped, then worked together to please this cock. Their mouths sucked a side of the cock, up and down. Four hands captured the cock and stroked while mouths alternated sucking the mushroom-shaped head and a bit of the shaft.

Then the man smiled and produced a condom. The women, trapped by their earlier words, sheathed the cock, and Lou strattled his legs and lowered herself onto that monster. She slid to the end of the rubber, then started squeezing his cock. Lorraine got down on her knees and sucked at his balls. The few men who had remained to watch the orgy stared in fascination as the two women shrieked with joy as they made love to this cock.

After a couple of minutes, Lou got up and let Lorraine ride the monster. She sat facing the man and lowered herself down. Her pussy opened wider than it ever had before, taking the cock very deep. As she bounced on the man's lap, he sucked her cum-stained breasts. Lou kissed Lorraine, driving her closer to orgasm. Suddenly Lorraine's body stiffened, she moaned into Lou's mouth, and came hard, flooding the condon-covered cock with her cum.

Lorraine lifted off and Lou returned onto the cock. She was close to orgasm herself, and wanted this monster to unleash while she came. She rolled herself and the man over, letting him get on top and drive into her. He set a fast pace, knowing he was ready to cum. He murmured his intent to cum just as Lou felt her own orgasm erupting. Together, the man and Lou came, holding tight to each other to keep from falling on the floor. The tip of the condom filled as Lou's pussy juices flowed around it.

Satisfied, the man pulled out, showing that the condom had not broken and leaked. The other men around them applauded. A few tried to get their numbers. Lorraine refused, but Lou willing gave out a number. Then both women dressed and hurried out of the theater.

Too sticky to drive all the way home, they checked into a motel room to shower. As they stripped, Lorraine asked about the number Lou had given out.

"That wasn't a number you've given me," she said. "What was that number?"

Lorraine broke into a hearty laugh. Between giggles, she said "That is a pre-recorded message line. The message says 'Hi. If you've been given this number then forget about the person that gave it to you. He or she doesn't give a fuck about you and never wants to see you again.'

"Now you know why you didn't get that number. I want to see you again, and again, and again, and again."

The women showered together, cleaning each other's bodies of the sticky dried semen. Then they dropped to the floor and, with the water running over them, made love, using their fingers to pleasure each other to orgasm. They then retired to the bed, where they spent the next three hours making love together. Lorraine wore a strap-on for the first time in her life, driving it into Lou's pussy. Then Lou flipped over, and Lorraine slid the strap into her ass, giving the lawyer a deep satisfying orgasm.

After the session, they slept, waking with the morning light to make love again. Then they drove to Lou's home in Provo and made love again. They spent most of that Saturday in bed together, cementing their relationship with their love.

* * * * *

While Lorraine and Lou were together, Wanda was busy moving. She hadn't brought much with her, but she had to carry two suitcases and her computer to the second-floor room she was assigned.

As she set up the computer, her new roommate entered. She was tall, 6-3 or 6-4, with short brown hair, glasses, and freckles. Wanda's gaze lowered, and saw small breasts, not much butt, and a couple of tattoos on her arm. She was wearing a basketball jersey with "Jordan" on the back, and faded, torn Levi's. On her feet were sandals that looked very worn. She introduced herself as Astrid Martin, from Casper, Wyoming.

Wanda introduced herself, then watched in horror as Astrid tripped over her own suitcase. the suitcase was a messily packed as Astrid looked. Clothes hung from the seal, and when the suitcase fell, its overworked latch sprung open and clothes fell everywhere. Astrid casually picked herself off the floor like she fell every day, and Wanda helped her clean up her clothes.

After the clothes were unpacked, the women piled into Wanda's Mustang and drove to the local Wal-Mart. Wanda still had her discount card, because she was still on leave from the company. They bought a couple of lamps, a small burner for cooking, a few pots and pans, some food and a small refrigerator to store their perishables in. Wanda picked up the tab, without telling Astrid how rich she was. That was to be her secret.

Moved in fully now, the women learned about each other. Wanda did not divulge her lesbian nature, nor did she mention she was a slave. When Astrid asked about her Collar, Wanda said it was a good-luck choker that she never took off.

Astrid, despite her clumsiness, had been the best high school basketball player in Wyoming last year. She was on a basketball scholarship, which meant she would not be in the dorm much during the season. She was single and had rarely dated (no surprise, Wanda thought). The only surprise was when Astrid stripped for bed. When she removed her basketball jersey, Wanda saw she was wearing a restricting bra. When Astrid took it off, large breasts fell free, breasts as large as Wanda's.

"I wish I didn't have to wear this bra," Astrid said, sensing Wanda's eyes and unspoken questions. "But I need to when I play ball to keep from bouncing all over the place. And I wear it when I'm not playing to keep my breasts from hurting when I play."

Astrid fell asleep quickly. Wanda, on the other hand, lay awake. She missed her Mistress, missed her orders, missed her loving touch. She even missed the dungeon and the playtime. Slowly her hands slid under the covers and between her legs. Fingers found familiar spots and rubbed them to full awareness. Desire swelled in wanda's body, replacing the loneliness of minutes before. She came, trying her best to keep quiet while cumming. She mentally called her Mistress' name as she came, giving her orgasm to her.

The next day, Wanda and Astrid took the new student tour of the Boise State campus. Their dorms were on the southern end of the campus, a campus that encompassed 168 acres and was bordered on the north by the Boise River. They had fields for farming majors. There was livestock, cows and horses and sheep and pigs, for animal husbandry majors. There was a wonderful astronomy department with monthly shows about the heavens, free to students. There were two libraries, stocked with many modern books as well as musty old college tomes. And there was, on the east end of campus, a large football field with an amazing bright blue field.

Wanda had been to football games before, and seen some on TV. She had never seen a blue field before. The guide told them that Boise State had the only blue field in the country, and they were proud of their stadium. They also showed the group the basketball arena, called the Pavilion, located across the parking lot from the football field. Astrid's eyes grew as she stood on center court and imagined playing before 12,000 fans night in and night out.

The tour over, Wanda hurried back to the dorm and tried calling Anne. Again, there was no answer, as there had not been all weekend. when she called home, Roger answered.

"Mom's not been home all weekend," he said. "I think she's found a man!"

Wanda spent the rest of the day in her dorm, occasionally trying (and failing) to call Anne.

* * * * *

Classes started on Tuesday. Wanda, after having been away from schooling for a year, took a little bit to get back into the daily grind of classroom work. Also she found college to be a challenge.

Her first semester was basic courses aimed towards graduation. She had Math 101, Science 101, English 101, History 101 and Teaching Elementary School PE 101. The 15 units seemed to be a lot, but with no Mistress to care for, no job to take time away from studying, and no desire for a dating life, Wanda could throw herself into her schoolwork.

A week into the fall semester, the school sororities had a "Rush Week." Each house supported by the campus had an information table in the central quad area. After eating lunch one day, Astrid convinced Wanda to go with her to look at the info on the tables.

They wandered table to table, getting information on Greek life and each sorority's special interests. Partway through the tour, Astrid whispered to Wanda "The only thing I knew about Greeks before now was that they named anal sex after them." Wanda, who was drinking a soda at the time, did a perfect spit-take, flustered that her roommate would say something like that. As far as Wanda could tell, Astrid was a nun ... until now.

The girls discussed the pros and cons of sorority life back in their dorm room that evening. They both agreed to apply with the Delta Beta Nu sorority and see if they would be accepted. Then, after trying (again unsuccessfully) to reach Anne by phone, Wanda went to bed while Astrid did more schoolwork.

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