tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 19

Wanda's Story Ch. 19


The basketball season was drawing to a close. Boise State had a losing record for the third season in a row, and the coach, Deidre Desyre, was worrying about her job. Near the end of the season she had started putting her younger players in extensively. As a result, Astrid Martin had seen her minutes played increase from 20 minutes a game to almost 30. She also increased her scoring average to 11.5 a game, and even had 6 assists a game as the primary ball handler.

No one rooted harder for the better play of Astrid than her room mate and lover, Wanda Catron. Wanda was a fixture at center court at each home game, and made many appearances at road games as well. Astrid didn't know how Wanda got to the road games. Wanda had not told her roomie about the $11 million she won in a lawsuit against a porn company.

Astrid's confidence was also lifted by occasional talks with coach DeeDee, as everyone called her. DeeDee and Astrid had become occasional lovers, a technique DeeDee used to improve players she felt needed that special lift.

Despite the losing record, Boise State had one last chance. The Conference Playoff tournament was coming up in Reno, Nevada. Though the tournament was set for late February, during the school session, Wanda worked it out with her professors to travel to the games. And to be near Astrid.

Astrid and Wanda had not been able to spend as much time together as either one wanted. During basketball season, the players were all housed in the campus athletic dorms. Astrid and Wanda were able to slip away together during home games, and occasional lunch hour rendezvous. Astrid also wasn't getting much in the way of sexual pleasure from Coach DeeDee. As a result, she was a sexual wreck.

The team arrived in Reno on a Tuesday. Their first game was set for Thursday. After practice Tuesday, Astrid went up to Coach DeeDee with an unusual request.

"Coach," the 6-4 freshman guard started, "my roommate from school would like to take the entire team to dinner tomorrow night, her treat."

The coach pondered that a few minutes. Coach DeeDee didn't want to violate NCAA rules in any way. But having a dinner paid for by a student seemed to be acceptable, as far as she could remember. The coach approved and told the rest of the team.

Dinner was memorable. The women were given a buffet consisting of roast beef, pork, potatoes, salad and a cake. Each basketball player and coach ate as much as she wanted. They made it a point to thank Wanda Catron. Wanda tried to spend all night with Astrid, but Coach DeeDee kept pulling Astrid away for pregame discussions.

When dinner was over, Wanda invited any of the team members up to her suite on the top floor of the hotel. When they got there, they broke into smaller packs, talking in a group. Wanda finally found an opportunity to steer Astrid away to a corner, and asked her if she could stay.

"I'd love to, but there's a bed check tonight," Astrid said.

"Then how about I come over to your room?" Wanda said, half-teasing.

"11 pm, room 2102," was the reply. Then Astrid softly kissed her roommate and hurried back into the main room. Wanda smiled, then followed her lover. A minute later, the door behind Wanda opened, and Coach DeeDee emerged, smiling and nodding.


Wanda watched the second hand of her Rolex watch sweep around the dial again. Quarter till 11. Wanda checked her bag again. She had brought a strap-on, a vibrator and some lotion. She had wanted Astrid, and needed her loving.

As the minute hand climbed to five minutes till the hour, Wanda left the suite. She took the elevator down to the 20th floor, then took the stairs up to 21. Astrid's room was the first one next to the stairs. Wanda softly knocked. Astrid let her in, closed and locked the door and pulled Wanda into a deep needy kiss. Wanda tipped her head up and responded, kissing the woman she had come to love.

Minutes later they were naked together and in bed. Wanda was giving Astrid a massage, rubbing the lotion into her lover's 38c breasts. They were a bit sore from the straps Astrid put them in during games and practices, and Wanda was working to make them sensitive also, but in a different way.

Her hands moved over Astrid's abdomen, then drifted lower. Astrid spread her legs, allowing Wanda to gently graze her fingers over the sensitive pussy lips. Astrid moaned happily. She also needed Wanda's pleasures.

Suddenly a knock came on the door, and Coach DeeDee's voice was heard. "Open up, Martin! Bed check."

Astrid pushed Wanda away, then called out "I'm in bed, Coach."

"I said open up, so open up or you're benched!"

Astrid climbed out of bed. Wanda slid on the floor between the bed and the wall, hoping the Coach didn't look too much in the room. When the door opened, Coach DeeDee entered quickly, then closed the door behind her. Astrid noted that the Coach locked the door.

"Wanda, where are you?" DeeDee called. "I know you're here."

Reluctantly, Wanda rose. She had had no time to put on a robe, like Astrid, so Coach DeeDee saw the 19-year-old in all her naked glory.

DeeDee walked over to Wanda. She looked her over, then smiled. "Hoping to seduce my star player?" she asked.

"well, coach, um ..." Wanda started to reply.

"Mind in I join you?"

Wanda's jaw dropped. Then DeeDee pulled off the sweat suit she had been wearing. Underneath she was naked. Her breasts sagged a little from age, but the 36c breasts boasted large areolas and stiff nipples. The pussy, though hairy, was undoubtedly wet.

Astrid smiled, then spoke. "Don't I get a say in this?" she said.

"No," both Wanda and DeeDee said, then both pulled Astrid's robe off her and pushed her onto the bed. Astrid's legs were spread wide, and both women started in on the basketball player's pussy.

Astrid was in heaven. The very familiar feel of Wanda's tongue licked and licked. Then the softer tongue of DeeDee replaced Wanda's, licking in a different way. When Wanda returned to Astrid's pussy, she suddenly started moaning herself. Obviously DeeDee was tasting Wanda's pussy now.

Wanda, the middle of this basketball sandwich, felt her orgasm growing. She worked hard to get Astrid into the same state. She wanted to show DeeDee how Astrid came when she and Wanda made love. DeeDee was trying to show Wanda how well she could lick pussy as well, and doing a very good job of it.

All too soon, Astrid screamed and came. That orgasm triggered Wanda's, as the 19-year-old was overcome by DeeDee's talented tongue. Both women cried together, thrashing and cumming together.

DeeDee then climbed on the bed and attacked Astrid's pussy. Wanda opened her bag and put on the strap-on, then spread DeeDee's legs. The dildo at the end of the strap drove into DeeDee's body, and the coach started crying out into Astrid's pussy.

Stroke after stroke, Wanda drove into DeeDee. Quickly the coach built up emotionally. The cock entering DeeDee as she crouched doggy-style for the cock and licking Astrid's pussy was hitting all of DeeDee's buttons. Though the coach usually stayed away from men during the season, she decided that this alternative was acceptable, and having decided that, rode the toy for all she could.

Soon DeeDee screamed in joy. Wanda pulled the cock out and put her mouth over DeeDee's pussy. Streams of female juices squirted from DeeDee's pussy, flooding Wanda's face. The orgasm made Astrid's cum too, and the double moans of women in the throes of sexual ecstasy once again filled the room.

Both women then turned on Wanda. DeeDee pulled the strap-on off her, and put it on her own body. Astrid sat on Wanda's face, feeding pussy to the girl as deeDee fucked her missionary-style. DeeDee and Astrid's lips locked in a passionate kiss, and soon the room was filled with the throes of orgasm again, this time Wanda and Astrid.

Finally, exhausted, the three women cuddled together and slept until the room service wake-up call at 7 am.


Boise State had finished sixth in the Western Athletic Conference that year, and played third-seeded North Texas in the first round game. North Texas was a tall team, but Coach DeeDee decided to use the youthful legs of her mostly-freshman lineup to run the opposition to the ground.

Several times during the game, North Texas seemed ready to explode and blow Boise State away. But each time, the young Mustangs ran past North Texas, closing the scoring gap while the older players seemed to try and catch their breath.

With two minutes to to in the game, North Texas led, 64-61. Coach DeeDee looked at Astrid during a timeout and said. "Astrid, it's time to show everyone how well you can play. The next two minutes are yours. Shoot if you want. Pass if you want. But you're in charge. I know you can beat this team. Now go do it!"

The girl smiled, then looked up at Wanda, sitting in the stands close to the Boise bench and blew her a quick kiss. When play resumed, Astrid was afire. She shot a 22-foot jumper to tie the score. She then stole the inbounds pass and scored a laying to give Boise the lead. A blocked shot at the other end led Astrid to pass to an open teammate for a third score. Then, after North Texas missed a three-point attempt, Astrid took the outlet pass in full stride and scored an easy layin again.

30 seconds had wound off the clock, and Boise had gone from 3 points down to six points up. North Texas took a time out, but it didn't help. Astrid stole the inbounds pass and hit a 24-foot jumper for a nine-point lead. From there, it was a game of foul and score. North Texas kept fouling any Boise player with the ball. The team made its free throws, while North Texas, thoroughly frustrated, missed their shot attempts until late. Boise won easily, 77-69.

The girls whooped it up at midcourt. The underdog Boise team was moving to the semifinals. While they jubilated at midcourt, Coach DeeDee said quietly to Astrid, "11:30 pm, your room. Have Wanda there."

After a quick shower, the team went out for dinner, finding a local all-you-can-eat restaurant. Astrid and Wanda sat together, dining and talking about the game. As the team loaded back into the bus for the ride back to the motel, Astrid pulled Wanda aside and told her about the comment from Coach DeeDee. Wanda, who had planned to go to bed early, instead took a quick nap and was in Astrid's room at the required time.

Again the door was knocked on, and Coach DeeDee called out "Bed check. Open up, Martin!" This time Astrid opened the door quickly, and locked it after DeeDee entered. Both women looked at the older woman, wondering what was going on.

"I have a confession," DeeDee said. "I'm a very superstitious woman. When something happens, followed by my team winning, I try and make sure that something happens again. Last night, we made love together, then we won the ball game. So, to keep my superstitious streak going, we have to make love again, if you're willing."

Wanda answered by closing the ground between her and DeeDee. The 5-6 woman pulled DeeDee's head down and kissed the 6-1 coach hard. Her hands roamed over DeeDee's body, feeling the nipples responding through the sweats the older woman wore.

Astrid joined Wanda. Together they stripped DeeDee and lay her on the bed. Then the girls stripped each other slowly. As each teen lost an article of clothing, the other teen's mouth was on that spot, kissing and licking it. Soon both teens were naked and wet from the licking. DeeDee was wet, too, but hers was centrally located between her legs.

Both teens dropped to their knees and started licking the coach's pussy. DeeDee threw her head back and moaned. She felt the twin tongues piercing her body, penetrating into her pussy and dragging even more wetness, more excitement, from her body. She fought her growing ecstasy for a minute, then released and came, showering both girls with her cum.

Wanda had thought DeeDee wanted more loving when she had been told by Astrid about the order, so Wanda came prepared. She reached into a bag at the side of the bed and pulled out a slim jim vibrator. She slid the small tool into DeeDee's pussy, getting it wet. Then she rolled the coach onto her side, and slowly inserted the slim jim into the woman's ass. As she did, DeeDee moaned. When Wanda turned the vibrator on to low, the coach's moans became groans. Astrid added her fingers into DeeDee's pussy and found the G-Spot, just as Wanda turned the vib on High. Coach DeeDee's groans turned into a body that shook and spasmed and came hard, flooding Astrid's fingers with cum, and filling Wanda's mouth, which had attached to DeeDee's, with a long hard scream.

Then the women shifted. Both Wanda and DeeDee worked on Astrid. DeeDee put on a strap-on and fucked her star player, while Wanda's pussy lowered onto Astrid's mouth. As the 18-year-old licked Wanda's pussy, though, she imagined that the cock ramming into her body belonged to Roger Catron, Wanda's brother. Astrid had spent many lonely nights since Christmas masturbating while thinking of Roger. She had never made love to the boy, never even seen him naked, but she wanted to. Now, being fucked by her coach, she thought of the boy and came. She would have cried out Roger's name, but wanda's pussy on her face blocked all her sounds.

The urgent moans coming from Astrid caused wanda to cum also, flooding her girlfriend with orgasmic juices. She loved Astrid, and felt that Astrid loved her, too. Wanda didn't know about her roommate's fascination wit her brother.


The semifinal game was against the second-ranked team in the conference, Long Beach State. The 49ers had been to the NCAA Tournament before, and expected to go again. Whey also expected to steamroller past Boise.

But the best plans of basketball players often go awry when faced with an opponent that has no fear of losing. This was the Boise basketball team. They had surprised themselves by beating North Texas. They didn't expect to beat Long Beach, but they would try.

And try hard they did. The scrappy Mustang girls stayed right with the veteran team from California. They couldn't outrun this team, but the 49ers made enough mental mistakes so that, with 10 seconds left in the game, the score was tied. Long Beach had called a time out and was setting up for its final play. Coach DeeDee thought she knew what they would run, and started setting her defense.

All night long, the main scoring option for Long Beach had been what was called the Pick And Roll. The 5-11 guard for Long Beach would lead her defender into a screen set by the 6-10 center. When the center's defender started covering the guard, she would pass to the center, who could shoot over the now-shorter defender.

"Astrid," deeDee said, "I have a plan. Remember the problem you had with Angela, in practice before the season started?"

Astrid blushed deep red. She remembered all right. Getting past that problem had caused Astrid and DeeDee to become lovers, and eventually forced Angela off the team. "Yes, Coach," Astrid replied.

"When they Pick And roll, you'll end up on the Center. Use that move Angela was using on the center as the ball is passed. She'll miss and we should get the ball back. Just make sure the ref doesn't see you."

The teams retook the floor. The inbounds pass did go to the point guard, who drove to her right. Astrid remained right on her, until the body of the center loomed right in her way. Astrid stopped, and took a defensive position against the center. As expected, the guard shot a pass at the center.

Astrid, now guarding the tall woman, had one hand on her ass, which was allowable under the rules. Seeing the ref was not looking at her, Astrid timed her hand movement with the release of the ball. She slid her hand down the center's ass and cupped her pussy. She wiggled her fingers, then got a shock in return. There was a small cock between her legs! The center was a hermaphrodite! Astrid squeezed quickly.

The center jumped, losing all focus on the game. The ball sailed past her, but the center didn't care. She threw an elbow backwards, catching Astrid on the nose. The 18-year-old staggered, then fell like a rock. She heard the whistle blow, and play stopped.

The ref had called a flagrant foul on the center, which meant free throws for Astrid and her team also got the ball. From her position on the floor, Astrid could see there was only two seconds left in the game. Then the trainer was at her side, dabbing her nose with a towel. Astrid was amazed to see the towel come back red with her blood.

Slowly Astrid regained her feet. She walked to the free-throw line at the opposite end of the court. As calmly as she could, considering the blood still trickling from her nose, and the pain that had started emanating from her face, the 18-year-old shot and sank her first free throw, giving Boise a one-point lead. Long Beach called time out to plan strategy, and Boise went into its own huddle.

"Just hit this shot, Astrid, and we'll worry about the last two seconds later," deeDee said.

"Coach, I'm sure that, if I miss, we'll get the rebound," Astrid said confidently. "I have something to say about that center over there that will shock her team." Astrid told the team what she found between the center's legs. Her team laughed, but was now prepared.

Astrid went out for the second shot. she saw it was going a little off to the left, so she shouted as loud as she could, "LB CENTER HAS A COCK!"

The Long Beach girls stopped in shock. The center turned her head towards Astrid, fury in her eyes. The ball bounced off the rim towards the center. But with her attention now on Astrid, the ball hit her on the head. Astrid's teammate Jezelle got the ball as the gun sounded, winning the game for Boise.

The girls celebrated at the free throw line. The Long beach center glowered at Astrid and said "I'll see you next year."

"No you won't," Astrid taunted. "I never go to watch the men's games."

The center charged at Astrid. The refs stepped in and threw her out of the gym. The center was suspended for five game because of her efforts to get at Astrid. But none of that mattered. Boise was in the WAC Championship game!


After the game, Wanda and Astrid, along with the team, went back to the restaurant they ate at the night before. The two girls sat at a booth in the back, talking and laughing about the find Astrid had made in the girl's shorts. They ate slowly, savoring the meal and each other's company.

After dinner, Wanda took Astrid and the team to the movies. The team chose a current romance picture. While most of the women sat and watched the movie, Wanda and Astrid sat and kissed, reveling in their public display of affection.

As they kissed, Astrid's mind slid back to the night when she and Roger went to the movies. The unexpected meeting with a hermaphrodite caused Astrid to again think of Roger, and the cock she felt. She decided she wanted to do more than feel it through his trousers next time.

After the movie, Coach DeeDee reminded Astrid and Wanda that she would be doing the nightly bed check at 11 pm, then she winked at the two of them.

When the now-familiar knock at the door came, and DeeDee's voice cried out "Bed check, Martin. Open up!", both women were ready for her. Astrid opened the door and let the coach in. Wanda was already naked and writhing on the bed. DeeDee stripped out of her sweats and started in on Wanda's pussy, tasting her juices quickly. Astrid, meanwhile, shucked the robe, revealing that it was her turn to wear the strap-on.

DeeDee feasted on Wanda's pussy for a while, forcing two orgasms from the 19-year-old. Then Astrid rolled Wanda on her side, letting DeeDee continue to feast, but from a different angle. Meanwhile, Astrid had lubed the strap-on, and slowly inserted it into Wanda's ass. The teen screamed in pleasure and orgasmed immediately. When Astrid began pumping, Wanda forgot all about her training and started cumming continuously, nearly drowning DeeDee.

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