tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 25

Wanda's Story Ch. 25


It was late August, and Wanda Catron was ready to return to school for her second attempt at her senior year, Her first attempt, the previous year, had been aborted by death and personal disaster.

But Wanda had changed over the summer. She had met someone online, and had accepted her Collar. She was now the online slave of Donna Mettert, who was known as Alluringsweetlady to most, and Mistress Sweet to Wanda.

They had met the previous April, and been Collared a month now. Donna was encouraging Wanda to go to school and finish her education, and Wanda wanted to finish now. She had a goal in mind, both short-term and long-term. However, tomorrow's goals were secrets, at least to Donna.

Donna was the mall manager at the Northwest Arkansas Mall in Fayetteville, Ark. She was a tough but fair manager, especially since she had been mute since the age of four. But the mall was one of the best-run in America, earning honors year after year.

Wanda told Donna online one night that she was ready to return to school, but needed a week to take care of some personal business. Donna said she understood and hoped that Wanda would keep in touch with her during the week she would be gone. Wanda smiled inwardly, and publicly promised that she would indeed keep in touch.

The next morning, Wanda went to the Salt Lake City airport. Her flight took her to Atlanta, and from there on another connecting flight to Bentonville, Arkansas, landing at 3:30, nearly nine hours after she had taken off. A trip to the Hertz rental counter got her into a Mustang, and after a search on the map, Wanda was heading south towards Fayetteville.

An hour later, Wanda was sitting in the Northwest Arkansas Mall, staring at the entrance to the mall offices. Suddenly, all her muscles were jelly. She stared at the door, working hard to will her body to move.

A person walking by caught Wanda's eye. Short, about 5-3, with stringy blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. A flower patten dress draped over her body, which would normally seem too small to Wanda. Now, however, the dress was perfect, as was the woman wearing it. Wanda had seen her Mistress, Donna Mettert, for the first time.

Donna walked into the office doors, and caused Wanda's muscles to start responding again. She stood up and walked through the office doors. She saw a door close at the end of the hall and assumed it was Donna's. But her way was blocked by a large counter and an equally large secretary.

"May I help you?" the enormous woman said.

"Yes," Wanda replied. "I'd like to speak with Donna Mettert."

"I don't think you can, Miss. She's a busy woman."

"She'll see me. Tell her Wanda's here."

"Wait here." The woman nearly filled the entire hallway as she waddled to the door that had closed. She entered (how, Wanda didn't know), then came out a minute later. Again she slowly waddled back to her desk.

The fat woman turned right, and SHE was there, her beloved Donna, walking behind Blubbo the secretary. Her eyes looked at Wanda a second, then they lit up like a Christmas tree. A big smile flashed on her face, and she almost leapt over the counter and into Wanda's arms. Wanda caught the exuberant Donna and the women kissed as Blubbo tried not to look.

Donna led Wanda past Blubbo and into her office. There Donna took out a note pad and scribbled quickly. When she handed it to Wanda, the note said "What are you doing here?"

"I came to be with you, Mistress," Wanda said. "I need you so much, and I love you. However, I'll leave if you ask me to."

Donna scribbled quickly. When the pad returned, it said "Stay. Let me make arrangements."

Donna picked up what looked like a phone, only much larger, and placed it in something that looked like a computer keyboard. She typed, and then she heard a voice on speaker box. Curious, Wanda came around the corner of the desk. Quickly Wanda scribbled "TTY phone", then typed more.

The voice came back. "Yes, Donna, I can watch your baby for a few days. What's going on?"

Donna typed and Wanda watched over her shoulder. "Something's come up, and I'm going out of town for a few days. You sure you're all right? Anything I can get for you?" Donna scribbled for Wanda's benefit, "My mom."

"No honey," her mother said. "Just be safe. Your baby will be all right. you take care of the little one you're carrying, too."

"I will, Ma," Donna typed back. She hung up the phone, then paged for Blubbo. When she waddled in, their hands flew as they spoke in American Sign Language. Wanda had started studying ASL when she learned about Donna's disability, but she quickly got lost trying to follow Blubbo and Donna's conversation.

When Blubbo squeezed out of Donna's office, Donna straightened some files, putting things on her desk in order, and signaled Wanda to follow her. They left the office and headed to the private parking area for mall employees. Wanda saw they were going to Donna's car and tapped her Mistress on the shoulder. When Donna turned, she said "I have a car here."

Donna had brought her pen and paper. She wrote fast, then showed Wanda. It said "Leave it. You won't need it for what we'll be doing tonight."

Wanda got into Donna's car. It was an older model Chevy, with a baby seat in the back seat. Donna drove out of the enclosure, and drove out of town for a bit. She headed northeast and ended up at Rogers, Ark. There, she drove until she saw a cheap motel and started pulling in.

"No, Mistress," Wanda said. "Not here. Choose the best hotel in town. I can afford to splurge on you."

Donna looked at Wanda, but drove on. She found a very elegant hotel and pulled in. Wanda used her platinum credit card to pay for the room, and included a nice meal to be delivered by room service.

Together the women rode the elevator to their floor, and Wanda led her Mistress into the room and closed the door. Once they were alone, Wanda dropped to her knees before her Mistress. Donna smiled and pulled Wanda up. Together they kissed, long and hard. Wanda's hands roamed over Donna's small body, and then settled on her hips. She pulled Donna tight against her own body, then felt Donna undoing her blouse.

Before they could go much farther, though, there was a knock at the door. Wanda reluctantly pulled away from Donna and got the door. It was room service, with the meal of pork ribs, mashed potatoes, corn and white wine. Wanda signed the ticket, giving a nice tip, then locked the door behind the boy as he left.

When she turned around, her eyes grew huge. Donna had removed her dress and bra, and was sliding her panties down her body. She stepped out of the bunched panties and motioned for Wanda to approach. Wanda did, shedding clothes as she walked. Her blouse fell, then her bra, freeing her wondrous 38c breasts. Donna licked her lips in anticipation. Wanda loosed her jeans, and seemed to step out of them as she walked. Finally, one step from Donna, the 22-year-old grabbed the waistband of her thong and pulled. It tore off her hips, leaving Wanda as naked as Donna.

She fell onto the bed, embracing Donna as she did. The two women wiggled together, kissing and letting their bodies rub at each other. The sexual tension in the room was mounting, but they refused to break their kisses. Donna ended up on top, rubbing her small breasts against Wanda's larger ones.

Donna broke the kiss first, then slid up Wanda's body. The submissive thought her Mistress was going to feed her pussy to Wanda, and licked her lips in anticipation. But Donna stopped a little short of Wanda's mouth. Instead, she squatted down and drove her pussy onto one of Wanda's breasts, sucking it into her pussy.

Wanda watched in lust as Donna fucked her breast. The bump that was the baby Donna carried was visible to Wanda, and knowing that her Mistress was pregnant only fueled Wanda's lust. Donna slid one hand backwards as she fucked on Wanda's tit, and started rubbing Wanda's pussy. Wanda spread her legs and allowed Donna full access.

Donna couldn't speak, but she could grunt and groan. Those guttural sounds were increasing exponentially as the 31-year-old closed in on orgasm. Wanda squeezed her breast slightly, and more of it slid into Donna's body. The woman grunted and came, flooding the nipple with cum, and letting it flow down Wanda's body.

Wanda shifted, rolling Donna off her and on to her back. Wanda scrambled down and drove her tongue deep inside Donna's pussy, licking the last of the cum out of her mistress, and also bringing fresh waves of pre-orgasmic juices out of the depths of Donna's body. Finally, Donna grunted hard and came, shooting cum all over Wanda's face. Wanda smiled and licked harder, forcing Donna to squirm and cum again.

Wanda would have gone on, but she felt Donna's hands on her head, lifting her out of the pussy. Wanda looked at Donna, cum congealing on her face. Donna signaled Wanda to come higher, and when Wanda did, Donna kissed and licked the cum from Wanda's face. Then Donna pointed to herself, crossed her arms, and pointed at Wanda. Wanda knew what she had said. Wanda repeated the gesture, pointing at herself to mean "I", crossing her hands over her heart to mean "Love", pointing at Donna to mean "You", then pointed up with her right hand and rotated it clockwise, to signify "Always."

Donna's eyes brightened, seeing Wanda sign back at her. She motioned with her right hand pointing into her mouth, then made a "Y" and dropped it down quickly, signaling "Eat now."

Wanda nodded, then put her hands together with her thumbs up. She wiggled the thumbs up and down, signaling "Sweetheart" to Donna. Donna smiled and kissed Wanda, then led her to the table the waiter had left. Though the food was a little cold, it hit the spot, filling both women's needs for sustenance.

Then they went back to the bed. This time Wanda got on her hands and knees, and Donna, kneeling off the bed for better access, licked at her submissive's pussy. No one had done that for a year, and Wanda quickly came, then came again and again. When Donna lifted out of Wanda's pussy, she rubbed her left hand over her right palm. Wanda knew that meant "Nice."

"Thank you, Mistress," Wanda said. "I have really needed your touch, not just online, but in person."

Wanda pulled Donna on to the bed, and spent some time sucking her Mistress' nipples. They were especially sensitive because of the pregnancy, and Donna came twice while Wanda sucked. Then Donna shoved her fist into Wanda's pussy, fucking the girl with her entire hand while Wanda urged her to strike inside her harder and harder. Wanda's orgasms were growing in intensity as the couple got rougher and rougher.

After removing her hand, Donna proceeded to spank Wanda's ass, keeping the rhythm until Wanda came. Then Donna rolled around, and the women shoved their pussies against each other, grinding and cumming together. Both women had multiple orgasms, and slept that night sated and happy in each other's arms.

When Wanda awoke the next morning, it was with Donna between her legs, licking her pussy. She was already flowing, and so Wanda let herself go. She relaxed and allowed Donna's tongue to go wherever it wanted in Wanda's body.

Donna's tongue was the longest Wanda had ever felt. Donna had spread Wanda's pussy open, and the long tongue was licking deeper than Wanda had ever remembered being probed. Suddenly the tongue snaked a certain way, and it licked Wanda's G-Spot. No one had done that before. Wanda erupted, crying out in lust as she came hard. She flowed over Donna's tongue, wetting her already wet pussy with fresh juices.

Donna then rolled Wanda on hands and knees. She took that marvelous tongue and slowly pushed against Wanda's ass. The tongue slid into Wanda's ass hole, driving the girl to a fresh round of orgasms. Others had licked her anal bud, but no tongue had ever entered that place. Wanda exulted in its feel, as a fresh orgasm swept over her. Wanda muffled her cries of joy in the pillow as the tongue moved back into Wanda's pussy.

Donna's tongue moved back and forth, ass to pussy. Wanda had too many orgasms to count. When Donna finally moved her mouth and playfully spanked Wanda's ass to show she was done, Wanda collapsed on the bed, spent.

Slowly her senses returned. Donna was now in the bathroom, drawing the water for a bath. Wanda entered the bathroom and smiled, seeing the bubbles flowing in the water. Donna patted the bubbles, then waved Wanda over. Wanda assumed she was to wash her Mistress, but looked shocked when Donna signaled that the bath was for Wanda. Wanda slipped hesitantly into the tub, and sank into the luxurious water until just her head showed.

Donna grabbed a loofa and scrubbed Wanda's body. Wanda had given many baths, but never had she been the first to be scrubbed. She was always washed by Anne as an afterthought, or wanda cleansed herself after doing Anne. To have her new Mistress doing the cleaning of Wanda's body first was a new experience.

Donna scrubbed softly, knowing most of what was on Wanda's body was sweat. She felt all over wanda's body as she cleaned her, marveling at the beautiful breasts on the girl, the flat stomach, the smooth ass, the comfortable thighs and shapely legs. Her lips sought out Wanda's, and the women kissed deeply as Donna finished scrubbing Wanda.

When she was finished, Donna signaled Wanda to get out of the tub. Donna wrapped a large towel around Wanda's body, drying her. Wanda assumed she would now give Donna her bath, but Donna put her hand towards her mouth, signaling a desire to eat. Wanda went to the phone and called room service. She ordered a breakfast of omelets, toast, orange juice and coffee. When she finished, she hurried back into the bathroom, only to find Donna already done with her bath.

Wanda helped dry Donna off, then the women kissed and cuddled in their towels until the food arrived. After tipping the waiter, Wanda served Donna, then got another surprise when Donna indicated that Wanda sit in the chair opposite her. It seemed to Wanda that Donna was treating her not as a slave, but as an equal. Wanda liked that feeling.

After breakfast, they dressed and went back towards Fayetteville to get Wanda's car. This time they left Donna's car in the secured parking area for mall personnel and drove around in Wanda's rented Mustang. They returned to Rogers and bought changes of clothing for Donna at the local Wal-Mart. The couple went to the movies, finding ways to while away their time together without speaking.

When they were walking around town, shopping or sightseeing, Wanda worked with Donna on her meager ASL skills. Wanda was a quick learner, and by the end of the day knew three times as much sign language as she did that morning.

That night, back in their hotel, Wanda was able to bring out the collection of toys she had brought with her for their pleasure. Donna's eyes went right to the double-headed dildo, so they both climbed on the 18-inch log and rode it together, rubbing pussies as they fucked the toy. Each woman had two orgasms together on the toy before Wanda showed the toy's versatility by bending it almost in half and fucking Donna like a man with the two-headed toy, giving the 31-year-old two more orgasms to Wanda's one.

Donna took the two-headed toy out of their pussies and spread Wanda's legs wide, thrusting into Wanda's pussy a small vibrator that had an incredible speed inside the pussy. Donna turned it on high, thrusting it in and out of Wanda while the young girl screamed in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm took hold of Wanda's body. Donna added her mouth to Wanda's clit for a couple orgasms, then thrust her tongue into Wanda's ass for the last two orgasms that night.

Again they slept arm-in-arm. Again Wanda woke to find Donna licking her pussy. Again she greeted the sunrise with a series of orgasms. Wanda knew by now that she was at home in Donna's arms.


The week wore on. The women toured most of northwest Arkansas. They traveled to Bonnybrooke Farms, outside Eureka Springs, Ark, northeast of Rogers. There they rented the Morning Glory cottage and spent three of the most romantic days and nights of Wanda's life. They made love everywhere ... in the glass shower, outside under the stars at the foot of the mountain, in the jacuzzi.

The most sensuous lovemaking experience was when Donna placed Wanda in the porch swing and tied her legs high on the swing chains. Then, with Wanda's pussy fully exposed, Donna started the swing moving. At first, it was Donna's tongue that Wanda's pussy swung back and forth on to. Wanda loved the feeling of that, as Donna's tongue penetrated, then left her body as the swing went on its backwards arc.

After a while, Donna caught Wanda's swing and sucked and licked deeply, causing Wanda to cum hard, an orgasm Wanda truly needed. Then Donna pulled out the slim vibrator and started wanda swinging again. This time, it was the vibrator entering Wanda's body. At first, Donna used it like a dildo, fucking Wanda over and over. But then Donna started playing with the five speeds on the vib, and it seemed that every time the vib entered Wanda, it was on a different speed.

Wanda held off as long as she could, but finally, with one loud scream, she came. This was one of Wanda's squirting orgasms, and her juices shot out of her body and onto Donna in arcs of clear liquid. Donna threw back her head and laughed, although no sound came from Donna's permanently-silent throat. Then Donna stopped the swinging and kissed wanda deeply, showing her with motions what she couldn't say with words.

One afternoon, they finally had a long serious "talk." Wanda spoke while Donna wrote furiously, the discussion well beyond Wanda's still-growing sign language capacity.

"Why did you come here?" Donna started the discussion with a question that had been gnawing at her for a few days.

"Because I love you, and i wanted you," Wanda answered. "Besides, you were almost too good to be real over the internet, and i had to make sure. You know I've had two bad experiences. I didn't want this to be the third."

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"I didn't know how you would react, Mistress," Wanda replied.

"What do you mean?"

"You could have begged off, or worse, told me not to come out. I have needed another woman's touch a year now. Online is nice, but not anywhere near as satisfying as in person."

"I'm glad you came, but you should have let me know, so I could make plans," Donna said.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," Wanda said.

"Wanda, my darling?"

"Yes, Mistress?"

Donna's throat could form grunts and groans. Now she struggled to form words for one of the few times in life. "I ov u." As she said it, she signed "I love you" to let Wanda understand what she was saying.

Wanda broke into tears. That Donna had wanted to say the words was too much for the girl. she had needed to hear that. Finally she looked at Donna. Tears still in her eyes, Wanda said "I love you, too." She signed those words, even though Donna's hearing was normal. She meant what she said, and wanted Donna to know she meant it.

They spent the last night in bed gently making love. They used fingers, hands, tongues, breasts, any part of their body to give the other joy. They slept when tired, but always woke up a couple hours later for another round of lovemaking. When they checked out of the hotel, the staff had to discard the sheets, they were so cum-stained.

Together they drove back to Fayetteville. They parked in the personnel garage next to Donna's car, and made their way up to her office. They held hands as they walked through the mall, and Wanda threw a wide smile at Blubbo the secretary as they passed her to enter Donna's office.

One there, Donna smiled and patted the desk. Wanda obligingly laid across it as Donna wrote "I always wanted to fuck on my desk." Then Donna stripped Wanda's panties off and plastered her head between Wanda's legs, lifting her skirt enough to gain full access. She licked and licked until Wanda came, somehow holding off her screams.

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