tagErotic CouplingsWanna Bet? Ch. 07

Wanna Bet? Ch. 07


This week Derrick was feeling much more prepared, after all, last week he'd been through what he'd thought would be his biggest boundary pusher ever. He'd let Kerry take his anal cherry with a strap-on, this week he announced, "If I win, I want to take your ass, " and he leered at her.

She giggled at his mock threatening look and tossed her head, "And if I win, I want you to fuck me..." his face brightened up and she laughed again, "and then eat me out after you cum." Now he just looked conflicted and she started laughing again. Making a face at her, he examined his feelings about this... well either way he was going to get a lot of pleasure, but he wasn't sure about eating out a pussy full of cum. Even his cum. Maybe even especially his cum. Well, no... now that he thought about it he felt more comfortable eating his own that someone else's... the thoughts were just all going circular in his head.

Kerry watched him from the corner of her eye as she again wondered what it would be like to be taken in the ass. Having taken his anal cherry last week she was both excited and anxious at the thought of losing her own... still. She thought that her own challenge for this week was a good one, the expression on her face had said clearly enough that he didn't know what to think of it. Smiling, she leaned into him as they watched the football game, nestling her head on his shoulder. His fingers stroked little circles on her arm, giving her goosebumps.

"You know..." he started and then stopped.

"What?" she asked, tilting her head up to look at him, so that when he turned his face towards her they were only inches apart.

"We're going to end up naked at the end of this anyway... so we could just start now..." he looked at her anxiously, waiting to see what she thought.

Truth be told, it wasn't a bad idea. She was already horny, and the football game wasn't that exciting so far. Rather than answering him, she pulled his head down for a kiss. His lips were gentle at first and then they began to press harder on her, his body leaning into hers and pressing her down onto the couch. Sliding his hands up her shirt, he pulled it from her body as their lips parted and she pulled his off over his head; with his hands behind her back he fumbled with the clasp of her bra as their lips locked. Fingers massaged his back as he finally pulled the clasp apart and bared her breasts. With a slight moan he sat up a little and began to toy with the heavy globes, squeezing them with his hands.

In response, Kerry reached up and started rubbing his nipples, teasing the tiny nubs with her finger tips and even pinching them a little. His dick was jumping inside his pants as his hips pressed against hers, trying to dig its way through the clothe to her soft pussy. Breathing heavily he lowered his mouth to her bare breast, making little circles on her flesh with his tongue, starting from the outer curve of the globe and slowly working his way inwards. Gasping, she arched her back as his mouth teased her, pink nipples were already hard and aching as he got closer and closer to them. She longed for him to take one inside his mouth, to suck and bite on the sensitive buds... her fingers squeezed his nipples tightly, echoing her own desires.

When he reached her nipple, his tongue just gently flicked over it and she cried out with need, the desperate desire for firmer contact. Derrick smiled to feel her writhing underneath him, his nipples were burning and hot with the rough treatment her fingers were giving them... moving his mouth to the base of her neck he bit down gently and sucked, the way that she wanted him to suck on her nipples. They ached as his chest pressed against hers, the hickey he was giving her felt as though it was throbbing while he sucked her flesh into his mouth. Involuntarily her hips moved up against his, she could feel the wetness slick in her panties as she rubbed her crotch against his.

As she moaned, she turned her head to the side, allowing him even easier access to the side of her neck that he was sucking on. The new position allowed to her to look at the TV and she realized that she was watching the last minute of the game.

"Oh good," she panted a few seconds later, pulling him from her neck, "You lost, now fuck me!" And she pressed his head down to her chest where her nipples poked out, demanding attention and adoration. A wise man, Derrick obliged the implicit order, taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking it hard as he started to pull his pants from his body. Sighing in happiness as her aching nipple was finally being stimulated, Kerry could feel the wet slickness of her pussy getting even wetter as the pleasure rolled over her. Derrick pulled off her pants and panties and the cool air felt good against the hot wet flesh as she spread her legs and pulled him on top of her.

They kissed as his fingers pinched and pulled at her abandoned nipple, making her back arch up against him. Releasing the little bud, he twisted slightly to his side so that he could grip his dick in his hand and get it into position at her pussy; the mushroom of his dick found her to be incredibly wet and slick, making him slip pleasurably up and down between her lips. She moaned against his mouth as his penis brushed against her engorged clit, making her hips jump. Eagerly he lined up with her pussy hole, pressing in and feeling its tightness trying to crush the bulbous head of his dick. Moving her hips up and down, she facilitated his entry, trying to use her legs to pull him into her faster and harder... he made her wait with a smooth, slow but firm slide into the wet hole.

As his dick buried itself in her body she humped her hips up and down, rubbing her clit against his skin and making his dick twitch inside her body.

"Fuck me," she begged, running her hands through his hair, "Please, just fuck me hard..."

With a groan, Derrick obliged. He started pumping his hips with abandon, letting her take care of herself as he took pleasure in her body, enjoying the sheathe of her pussy and the way it encased his cock. Beneath him Kerry writhed and bucked, her legs spread wide - one of them thrown over the back of the sofa - as she rubbed against his moving body, greedily taking in every thrust to the maximum advantage of her lust.

After all the teasing he'd done to her it didn't take her very long to cum, she cried out in ecstacy, her arms and legs pulling her close into him. He hadn't intended to cum so quickly, he'd wanted to put off the second part of the bet, and he'd wanted to enjoy her body some more... but when she started yelling out his name and her body tensed up like that, gripping his dick so tight... all resolve went flying out the window. Burying his head into her hair he thrust hard and held himself in her pulsating pussy, feeling his dick throb as it spilled cum into her.

Kerry sighed in completion as she felt the last pulse of his dick, her body relaxing all around him. For a few moments they just lay there, she was happy to feel him shrinking inside of her, there was something incredibly intimate about it. But as he began to actually fall from her body she gently pushed him up.

"Next part," she said, her eyes glinting with mischief.

Derrick sighed and kissed her, caressing her lips with his own and delving his tongue into her mouth, although it was a bit of a delaying tactic she accepted the kiss and happily. Cupping her breasts in his hands he squeezed and kneaded them gently, slowly stoking the fires that had dwindled in her belly. As teasing hands manipulated her body she moaned, everything was still hyper-sensitive from her orgasm and so it felt ten times as stimulating as he thumbed her nipples. Taking his mouth from hers he leaned down and began to suck gently on her nipples, going back and forth and teasing them with his tongue and lips as he did so.

Biting her lip, Kerry could feel her pussy awakening again at his gentle ministrations, her nipples were aching and happy to be soothed by his tongue. When he felt her start to writhe underneath him he abandoned her breasts and began working his way down her smooth stomach, kissing and caressing. Reaching her mound, he spread her thighs even farther apart and started licking the insides of them, he could taste her juices but not his own yet. Slowly he worked his way inwards and upwards where he could see his cum leaking out of her pussy.

Deciding it was best to just dive in, he went straight for the hole with his mouth, sucking and licking... it didn't taste as bad as he'd thought it would. Mostly it tasted like her but with a slightly different texture, and not quite as sweet. Her hips bucked as he swirled his tongue along her slit, sucking and working her over. Pushing her legs up even more, he put them over his shoulders so that he could reach up and start playing with her tits as he ate her out, pinching her nipples while his mouth searched out her clit.

Thrashing as he cleaned her despoiled pussy, everything was so sensitive that she thought she was going to die of pleasure when he nibbled on the outer lips before moving his tongue into the sweet pinkness between. When he stuck his tongue in her hole it felt like a small cock and she clamped down, spilling more juices into his mouth. Reluctantly he swallowed them, and was glad that their juices were mixed, mostly it just tasted like sex. Not that he really knew what sex tasted like, but it tasted like what he thought sex should taste like.

Ignoring the ramblings of his mind he pressed his mouth further into her pussy and started sucking from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to her clit and then back. Getting a really wicked idea, from what she had done to him on their last bet as much as anything, he pressed her hips up a little more and this time when he traveled down her slit he kept going.

Kerry's hips jerked upwards as his tongue touched her anus, electrifying contact of pleasure nerves that made her buck in surprise and exciting pleasure.

"Oh God..." she moaned as his mouth followed her hips, pressing against the rosebud and licking and caressing... she'd done it to him last week to shock him, but she hadn't realized at all how good it felt. Braver than she had been, he stiffened his tongue into a little spear and pressed inwards, as her ass flexed he managed to push his way into her ass a little and smiled as she screamed with pleasure. His tongue wriggled as it raped her virgin ass, and she thrashed wildly, her body unused to this unexpected pleasure.

Sliding his fingers away from her nipple and down her stomach, he pinched her clit and twisted; Kerry came with a loud cry, her ass tightening on his tongue and squeezing it out. As she thrashed in orgasm he continued to lick her asshole until she finally sobbed and her body went limp with exhaustion.

Triumphantly he pulled himself up next to her and she looked at him tiredly.

"That was hot." he told her, and she nodded agreement before closing her eyes and nestling against his shoulder.

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