tagLoving WivesWanna Get a Pizza...and Fuck? Ch. 03

Wanna Get a Pizza...and Fuck? Ch. 03


"Well, after 14 years, we finally actually got a pizza!" Dawn said, laughing out loud even as she said it.

We had now moved out to the kitchen area and were munching on the reasonably good pizza we had ordered from a local "late night" pizza place.

Some 14 years ago, my ex-wife had asked me if I wanted to "get a pizza and fuck", but we never actually got that pizza.

None of us had bothered to put any clothing on, and looking at the two women naked, sitting side-by-side eating pizza was still a little surreal. Their bodies were outstanding, my wife's sexy body, bald pussy, and large tits contrasted by my ex-wife's smaller frame, but with a bigger ass, and her large, pink nipples, was enough to make my cock twitch a little, even though I had just cum twice in the last 2 hours.

The little blue pill my wife slipped me in the lobby probably had more to do with that than anything.

"Well, like I said after round 1, it was worth the wait," I said, as I took another bite, "you two really surprised the hell outta me!"

Jenny looked at Dawn and said, "Well, he had been telling me for years about your last night in that hotel room, among other things," she said with a grin. "And I thought it was about time to finally make this happen. Believe me though, when I was on the way to your house two days ago it was the furthest thing from my mind."

"But the things he said, and the images of you two fucking were just overwhelming, so I thought I would take a chance and see if we could make this happen. He would tell me every time that it was just a fantasy, that it was not something he really wanted to happen, but I had a feeling he wouldn't protest too much if it became a reality!"

I leaned in and gave Jennifer a kiss, looking at her as I did, trying to convey how much I appreciated what she had done. Up to this point, we had done a few MFF threesomes but this one was the best, the very best one, and it went so far against typical social convention. A fact that made it even hotter, if that was at all possible.

"I love you honey, thank you so much," I said, trying to convey my level of gratitude. "This has been one hell of a night! I am gonna take a quick shower now, if you two will excuse me."

I stood up and turned to head to the large bathroom, but Jenny grabbed my arm and pulled me back towards the room.

"Not so fast mister, we are just as "dirty" as you are," she said, emphasizing the word dirty.

"I think we will join you. Dawn, do you want to take a shower with us?"

"Why not, it is certainly the tamest thing we have done together tonight!"

I stood up to head towards the bathroom. I had checked it out earlier, and the shower was not huge, but it was certainly big enough for the three of us. It was a walk-in with 2 shower heads, one on each wall and a small bench in the corner.

Shortly after I started the water, the girls walked in. They were now holding hands and seemed to be getting pretty cozy. I watched as they walked slowly, hand in hand, towards the open shower door. I noticed a small smirk on Jenny's face, but quickly dismissed it as just a random musing of the events of the evening.

"The water is warm and ready," I said as I grabbed some towels and set them on the counter near the exit of the shower.

I stalled a moment so I could watch their hot, round asses move in unison and make their way into the waiting warm shower. Though I had just finished fucking both of them about an hour ago, my cock started springing to life, just a little. I stood there watching as Jenny opened the shower door and put her arm around Dawn's waist to gently pull her into the water with her. I stood there silently as they lightly touched each other's backs. I then followed them in and moved towards the shower head on the left side of a shower.

They entered the shower stream to the right. Jenny instantly grabbed the soap and started soaping her luscious body. She slowly arched her head back into the stream of warm water and began to soap up her large, round tits.

She then reached out as if to hand the soap to Dawn, who reached out her hand as well. At the last minute, Jenny moved towards her and reached out and started soaping up Dawn's stomach area. Their bodies were now touching and Jenny's hands were moving around a bit more now. She brought her hands up Dawn's torso and started soaping up her large nipples.

My ex-wife let out a small moan as Jenny moved her hands over her torso. Her nipples were now standing at full attention. Jenny leaned down to take one in her mouth. I watched as Jenny moved from one nipple to the other, sucking each one feverishly. I had thought I was going to take a shower and head to bed, but I started to figure out that my wife wasn't quite ready for the night to be over.

Judging by my ex-wife's reaction, she wasn't done either. She reached out and grabbed the soap from Jenny and moved her hands to her own pussy. She started slowly rubbing the soap over her outer lips as my wife continued sucking her hard nipples.

I stood on the other side of the shower, idly playing with my cock, which was already semi-hard again. Thanks to the pizza, the Red Bull in the jagerbombs earlier, and the "little blue helper" that Jenny had given me, I was beginning to think I could actually go again pretty soon.

Jenny now moved her hand between Dawn's legs and started rubbing her pussy slowly. Dawn reciprocated and moved her hand between Jenny's legs as well. Any illusions about the three of us just showering together were slowly disappearing at this point, and there was absolutely no way I could be any happier about that fact.

"Oh, fuck...YES!" Jenny exclaimed as Dawn pushed two fingers into her warm, waiting hole for the second time in just a few short hours.

" I am so fucking wet from watching you two fuck, I need to cum again so bad!"

I took this as my cue and moved in behind my wife and reached around to grab one of her stiff nipples. Jenny removed her hand from Dawn's pussy and put both hands up on the shower wall to support herself.

Dawn sat down on the bench that was just to her left. She pulled Jenny a few inches towards the corner so she could continue fingering her pussy. Meanwhile, I continued to play with her hard nipples, and started to grind my now hardening cock into the cheeks of her ass.

She began to moan as Dawn stuck a third finger into her pussy. I backed up just a little and moved my hand down towards my wife's ass. I slowly circled her anus with my index finger and she arched back towards it, as if to beg me to stick it in, but I wanted to tease her a bit more.

"Do you like her fingers in your pussy baby?" I whispered, as I continued my teasing of her backdoor.

She grunted her approval and tried once again to move her perfect ass towards my finger. This time I decided to give her a little bit, just a taste of what's to come. I slowly inserted my middle finger to the first knuckle.

"Come on you two, I NEED to cum, stop teasing me and FUCK ME!"

I looked up at Dawn and asked, "How many fingers do you have in her right now?"


"Well get another one in there, she can handle it."

My ex-wife did as she was told, inserting another finger into Jenny's smoldering pussy. I also decided I had teased her enough and slid my middle finger into her ass all the way to the hilt.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" is all that came from my wife's mouth as the sensations in both holes began to set in.

She then moved her left foot up onto the bench that Dawn was sitting on to allow easier access to her ass and pussy, which my ex and I were both tending to.

There she stood, slightly hunched over, leaning against the shower wall, with 4 fingers in her pussy. I slowly slid a second finger into her ass, and she was starting to moan like a woman possessed. She has always been a sexual dynamo, but this was a whole new level.

I honestly thought I had seen her more turned on than ever just a few short hours before while Dawn was finger-fucking her in the bed, but this was another new level of arousal. She was now alternately panting and moaning as Dawn continually fingered her pussy, and I was doing the same to her tight ass.

I looked at my ex-wife and said, " Dawn, trust me on this one. Fold your thumb into your palm and stick your whole fist in her, she can take it."

She looked at me as if I was joking, but I quickly nodded and took the thumb on my free hand and folded it in, showing her what I meant.

Just moments ago I was able to feel Dawn's fingers in my wife's pussy through the thin wall between it and her tight asshole. I felt them pull out for just a moment, and then felt something completely different. My wife simultaneously let out a primal scream, the likes of which I had never heard.

"Yes, yes, YES!" she screamed as my ex-wife's whole fist found it's way deep into her pussy. I resumed my exploration of her tight ass with my own fingers, and we began to fuck both of my wife's hot holes in unison.

I reached around with my free hand to pinch one of her hard nipples. I know from experience that she needs to have her nipples pulled and pinched to really, truly, have "the big one".

Nearly the second I touched her left nipple she began to buck her hips wildly, and attempted to lower herself even more, as if to try and drive Dawn's hand even further into her wet pussy. I looked at my ex and nodded as if to say "here it comes".

We continued our ministrations of both of her holes as she moved closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly, without warning, I felt her sphincter tighten and her legs started to shake. Her eyes were closed and she was grinding her pussy against Dawn's wrist, which was all that was showing from her pussy. I started to quicken the pace of my fingers as I moved them in and out of my wife's ass.

Then, without warning, her orgasm started. Se reached down and pushed Dawn's fist out of her pussy, and let out a huge stream of pussy juice. Even with the shower running there was no doubt in my mind she was squirting. I quickly confirmed that as I removed my fingers from her tight ass, and moved myself around front to see for myself.

She was squirting everywhere, a large stream shot out and hit my hand as I moved in to rub her engorged clit.

'Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!" she screamed as my fingers touched her swollen nub.

She bucked her hips again and shot another stream of cum out and leaned forward to brace herself on Dawn's shoulders. I moved my hand back to her nipples and gave one last squeeze as she rode out an earth-shattering orgasm.

She fell to her knees, weak from the sensation that had just swept through her body. I looked at Dawn, who was obviously in an extreme state of arousal herself. I hadn't noticed before, mainly because I was behind my wife and did not have a clear view, but Dawn had three of her own fingers in her pussy, and was frantically trying to reach her own orgasm.

"FUCK ME PLEASE!" she yelled out, not at either one of us specifically.

Jenny was still on her knees on the shower floor trying to recover from the massive orgasm she just had. I, meanwhile, was at a point where I was done with the water and wanted to get out of the shower and move this back to the bedroom. My cock was now fully hard and I was dying to fuck them both again, but shower sex was never one of my favorite things.

I reached over to the knobs controlling the water directly above Dawn's head and shut them off. She looked up at me instantly, wondering why I hadn't simply helped her cum, as she had asked.

"Come on, I want to fuck you again, actually I need to fuck both of you, but I want to do it in the bed, " I said firmly, looking over my shoulder towards the bathroom door.

Dawn looked positively frustrated as I reached for her hand and helped her to stand up. I handed her a towel and motioned for her to step out. I then helped Jenny up from her knees and retrieved a towel for her as well. I then moved to the other side of the shower, quickly letting the water run over me, and reached down to rinse off my very erect cock.

I quickly rinsed any remaining soap off of me, and shut off the water. The two girls had moved towards the door, and were making their way out of the bathroom, towards the bedroom. I grabbed a towel for myself and headed out immediately behind them.

Jenny turned towards me, "Mike, will you please grab us something to drink? No more alcohol though please, just grab a few cokes or something."

"Sure," I said, and turned to head to the kitchen.

"Will you grab me one too?" Dawn asked.

"Of course, you two go get in the bed and I'll be right there"

I reached the kitchen and opened the fridge, my swollen cock leading the way. I wanted to get the drinks as quickly as possible so there was no chance of them "losing the mood". I grabbed a couple bottles of soda, then turned and headed towards the bedroom for the second time tonight.

I walked in, and instantly realized my worries were unfounded. Jenny had grabbed her overnight bag from the corner and had gotten out a large, purple vibrator, which I know is her personal favorite. She then turned to move towards Dawn, who was lying on the bed, with her legs spread, waiting to be satisfied. She was once again rubbing her pussy and had a look of desperation on her face. She was still clearly very frustrated and wanting to get fucked, and soon.

Jenny reached for the bottle of Coke and took a long sip. She then offered up the bottle to Dawn, who quickly refused, clearly too horny to be concerned about anything but getting something stuffed into her waiting pussy. I opened the bottle and took a long swig myself, debating my next move.

As horny as she was, I decided that it was my turn to get in on some of the action as well. As Jenny moved towards her on her left side, vibrator in hand, I moved to Dawn's right and placed my hand firmly on the back of her head and pulled it towards my throbbing cock. As I looked down at her, she had a look of surprise, but that look quickly turned back to lust as she grabbed the thick shaft and wrapped her lips around it, taking it in as far as she could.

At nearly exactly the same time I was stuffing my dick in her mouth, my wife shoved all 8 inches of the vibrator into Dawn's dripping pussy.

"That's right, suck my man's dick while I fuck you! Do you love it? Come on tell me, do you love it?"

Dawn's mouth was stuffed to the brim with my cock, so all she could do was let out a vague, muffled "yes", and nod her head a few times.

I watched as Jenny got up on all fours to get a really good angle, and jam that large, plastic cock into her. She then turned on the vibrator and returned it to the depths of Dawn's aching cunt. This was perhaps the hottest of all the things I had done, ever. Believe me, there have been some hot, crazy things that have gone on in our sex life, but this one was at the top of the charts.

I was fucking my ex-wife's mouth, while my wife Jennifer fucked her with a huge plastic cock. This was incredible! This was everything I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams, and here I was living it out, right here in this hotel suite. We continued fucking her mouth and pussy for several minutes, and I even reached down and spread her pink pussy lips nice and wide as Jenny slid the rubber cock in and out of her hot, pink hole.

As great as it was, I decided to turn it up a notch.

"Jenny, stick a finger in her ass, she loves it," I said, urging my wife to help me "airlock" the horny little slut we had spread out on the hotel bed.

She did as she was told and Dawn quickly responded by bucking her hips and letting out a series of profanity-laden screams.

"Oh yeah, fuck my little pussy and ass, come on you two, fuck me," she urged. "I want it, I want it so fucking bad, come on, treat me like a fucking slut, like a fucking whore, I don't fucking care, just FUCK ME!"

She had removed my cock from her mouth when Jenny stuck the finger in her ass, I went to move back towards her and stuff my cock back in, but instead I looked over at Jenny. She was sitting up on the bed and had her left hand down between Dawn's legs fingering her tight ass, and had given the vibe to Dawn, who was now furiously jamming it into her own pussy. She then moved her legs back and got on all fours and took Dawn's nipple in her mouth.

In our previous threesomes, Jenny always went for the girl's nipples. She has confessed to me that sucking a girl's nipples is one of her favorite things, other than getting fucked by a hard cock, of course.

After watching Jenny get on all fours, I quickly took action. I moved in behind her and grabbed her hips and stuck my cock against her puckered little asshole.

"WAIT!" she cried out, "I brought the lube, it is in the bag, please grab it"

I jumped off the bed and went to the corner and grabbed the tube from her bag. I quickly moved back to my previous spot and put a generous amount in my hand and started stroking it onto my shaft. I then repositioned it at her back door and pushed forward. I already had two fingers in her ass in the shower, so she was somewhat ready, but my fingers and my cock are definitely two different things.

"Go slow!" she cried, but it was too late.

I lunged forward and watched in amazement as my whole cock disappeared into her ass. It felt nothing short of amazing! After I got it all the way in, I let it rest there a moment before pulling back slightly and then pushing it slowly back in. We have had plenty of anal sex over the years so she adapted to it quickly. She quickly started moving forward herself and ramming her ass back towards me, as if she was trying to get my throbbing cock deeper into her.

"Come on you dirty fucker, give it to me!" she urged, "you have wanted this for so long, now here it is, so you better fuck us both good!"

With those words of encouragement, I figured it was alright to double my pace, and I started fucking her ass with increased speed and vigor. I looked on in disbelief at the scene playing out before me. My ex-wife was fucking herself with a huge vibrator, while my wife jammed a second finger into her ass, bringing on yet another primal scream.

I looked down at my cock sawing in and out of my wife's tight little ass, but I quickly looked back at the other scene before me as I heard Dawn scream out, "Oh fuck, I am gonna cum! Please don't stop, don't stop...FUUUUCCCKKKK!"

She let out one last scream and started thrashing all over the bed as Jenny did her best to keep her Dawn's tit in her mouth and her fingers in her ass, but to no avail.

Dawn was cumming as hard as a woman can possibly cum, and pushed both my wife's fingers from her ass and the large vibrator from her pussy.

She reached down and give her clit a quick stroke as she was in the deepest throes of her orgasm, sending herself even further over the edge.

She finished cumming, gradually winding down, and laid back on the bed. She then pushed her legs together as if to try to calm the fire burning between her legs. The look of orgasmic bliss on her face was unmistakable. She was truly enjoying herself, and was loving us penetrating both of her holes.

So I looked back down at my cock buried in my wife's tight ass, this time uninterrupted. I renewed my pace as I started withdrawing my cock until I could see the entire head, and boldly jamming it back into her ass all the way to my balls. I watched my own cock intently for several minutes as I fucked her from behind, repeatedly slamming my dick into her as she cried out in ecstasy.

"Fuck my ass, fuck it you dirty motherfucker! Show her what she gave up, show her how good you fuck, show her......"

The last word tailed off as she lost herself in the rhythmic fucking I was giving her. She rocked her ass back to meet my cock with each thrust. She was on fire and I knew she was just on the edge.

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