tagLoving WivesWar of the Carrols

War of the Carrols


I'm the luckiest man alive. Yes sir! I've been married to Pamela for ten years, live in Homestead, Florida, and earn my living as a fishing guide, based in Key Largo. The reason that we live in Homestead is that Pam wants to stay in civilization, within driving distance of Miami, with its shows, shopping and her job at Tuthil & Tuthil Engineers. Pam pisses and moans that I should get a real job making much more money. I have told her a hundred times, "Hey, gal, I make enough to put a roof over your head, and I'm doing it getting paid for what I love to do."

She mumbles and goes about her business. Her mom and dad, along with her much younger sister live just ten miles away, so she goes over there often. From time to time her mother has suggested that, "If you really care for my daughter, you would earn more money."

Her father loves to fish, so he says little, and joins me fishing quite often. Her sister? Think great big ole southern titties. If the stars were to line up just right, I would like to run my Johnson into her.

Kids? We don't have any yet. Pam says that she wants to wait a little longer. That's the bad part. The good part is her pussy has never been stretched, so it is tight like a college girl's. I'll say one thing for Pam, if she sees me with my Johnson at full salute, she rolls onto her back and she opens her legs wide for my carrier landing. There is more than one meaning to the term, "Tail Hook."

Looking back, you could say that I was living life - Fat, Dumb and Happy. So it was a shock to me when that Saturday came. I was drinking coffee, and reading the paper. She was dressed to go out. She sat across from me. "Jack, I have something to tell you."


"Jack, I am not happy. Our life will never get better. I want to travel, see the world. I have my bags in the car. I'm leaving today. We are going to live apart for three months, and then I'm getting a divorce."

I was speechless. Just sat there with my mouth open. Finally I said, "I can't afford the house and car payments on my salary alone. You know that."

"I will make the payments on my car. You sell the house. We will divide the equity, which should amount to thirty-three thousand dollars."

When I heard that she had checked on the value of the house, I knew that my goose was cooked.

She added, "Call me on my cell phone at night. Do not phone me at work. Goodbye, Jack."

"Wait, Pam, where will you live?"

"At an apartment near my work in Kendall." She left.

I watched my life drive up the street. I may be just a country boy, but I'm not stupid. The moment that I heard that she was getting an apartment in Kendall, instead of living at home, I knew that somebody was going to help her pay the rent. And the only reason that a somebody would do that was he was getting some prime grade pussy. Knowing Pam, I knew that for her to change horses in the middle of the stream would happen only if the somebody had been in the saddle long enough so that she was sure in her mind that he would marry her and support her in the fashion she felt she deserved.

Suspects? One comes to mind right away. Johnnie Tuthil, the son of old man, Sam Tuthil, is thirty-nine, and has been divorced for eight months. One of my golfing buddies knows the Tuthils. He told me that both father and son have been seen at the club with women who work for the firm. Never gave it much thought, since I thought that Pam would be too smart for something like that. There is an old saying, "When a man marries his mistress, there is a job vacancy."

However, if there is enough money involved, most women will open their legs, whether they will admit it or not.

So what to do? First things first. An hour later, the home was listed. It was sold the next day. I moved to Key Largo. Got a small, very old trailer at a campground. Don't laugh; I had to get real very quickly. Had clients for the next four days. Fishing was good, so the clients had a great time.

I have a college buddy, Ryan Robear, who is a Captain for the Homestead police department. He listened carefully to my tale of woe.

"Jack, if I put in jail every guy we pick up with a woman other than his wife, there would be very few men walking the streets. That goes for presidents like Kennedy and Clinton all the way down to the bellhops at the Radisson. In your case, I agree with you. Some prick has set the hook in Pam, and has reeled her in. You probably won't get Pam back. And if you could, would you want her?"

"Good question. Folks in glass houses should not throw stones. I've strayed a couple times, so I want to see how this plays out before I make up my mind. If you were me, what would you do, Ryan?"

"Jack, let me fill you in on my thinking. For starters, what is happening to you happened to me a year ago. I just remarried. But at the time, I wanted to kill the son-of-a-bitch. Another cop, who shall remain nameless, got me aside and told me, Ryan, don't get mad, get even...

I ask, how?

Will you know, Jack, that cops play for keeps, so I knew what my friend had in mind when he said, Your wife's lover should have a run of very bad luck, as should your wife."

"Oh, shit, I like where this is going."

"Jack, done right, you should have an ironclad alibi when anything goes down. For now, do nothing, and I mean nothing; don't call her or her folks, don't take any calls from she or her family, and stay down in Key Largo for the next sixty days. Then come see me. I'll make some contacts with my sources. I'll send you a letter. It will have no identification, so don't toss it.

Three weeks later, a letter came. It read:

Subject has been seen with John Henry Tuthil, dob 02/06/1968 (Photo enclosed) on numerous occasions, including at her apartment, in his car, at the Oceans Lounge, and in his forty foot cruiser, "Being Knotty." Tuthil drives a blue BMW with plate, JHT 5365. Subject now has a green BMW with plate JHT 5366. Subject and JT do a lot of drinking. Both could be subject to DUI, when the time is right. There is another woman, Sharon Butterfield, dob 6/18/1978 (Photo enclosed) who once worked for the firm that is visited by JT. (Busy Boy!) JT paid taxes last year on $328,096.09. The cars, Cessna jet, and the cruiser are in the name of the company, so are perks, as is subject, so it seems. Enclosed is a picture of Wendy Ann Tuthil, dob 12/22/1970. JT's Ex. (Wow)

From subjects cell phone, it is known that she has tried to phone the reader at least forty-six times. Would speculate that subject is curious as can be as to why reader has not gone to see mom and dad, or her, pleading for her to come back.

Subject's younger sister (She will never sink) has tried to phone reader eighteen times using her cell phone. Wonder what she has been told by subject?

On the fifth, make a show of being around Key Largo, and then come to see me at home at eleven am.


On the fifth, after a long talk with Ryan, It was decided that I would start off creating minor disruptions in the lives of JT and Pam.

My first prank was to wait for "Being Knotty" to depart with my loving wife and John for an evening cruise on the inland waterway. Using a jack, John's car was raised so that I could place wooden blocks under his drive wheel shafts so that his tires were just a fraction of an inch off the road, which he would never see in the dark. I was later told that they were stranded for over two hours on the pier before a tow truck came to tow the BMW.

A few days later, cotton balls soaked with pure essence of skunk were placed into the air intakes of Pam and John's cars.

Twenty pizzas were ordered to be delivered to Mrs. Pamela Carrol at work. By using the phone in Tuthil's parking garage, the Papa John's dispatcher showed Tuthil caller identification.

An ad was placed in the Miami paper that read: Moving soon. The following animals and birds will be given away. Two American Eagles, Two Grey Wolves, One Mountain Lion, Several Leatherback turtles. Come to 23 Tuthil Lane between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm. Ask for John Tuthil.

A patrolman watching the place reported that over fifty people showed up. But the real show occurred when the Kendall Animal Control officers showed up with warrants to search both the Tuthil offices and John Tuthil's home. The animals I had listed are all protected, and it is illegal to own them.

Ryan, who had a source in Tuthil's, phoned to say that in three weeks they planned a fourth of July company picnic at Sam Tuthil's estate that would include all of their major clients. Since I knew that no one was at their place during the day, I went there every day that I was not fishing. I would spread fifty pounds of birdseed around and then blow a whistle. The plan was for me to drive up to the home and blow my whistle the day of the picnic. Ryan called after the picnic to report that a couple hundred pigeons and seagulls arrived and pooped on the trays of food as well as the guests.

Using scuba gear, I went under "Being Knotty" and removed the cotter pins from each propeller. Then I backed the nut holding the props until they were almost off. I knew that Johnnie liked to take clients and hired girls offshore for fun and games. When I heard that he was under way a day later, I phoned Sea Tow and reported that I was a different cruiser that needed help. So when Johnnie's boat became prop less there was no one to respond. I heard that the Gulfstream carried them up the coast twenty miles before help arrived. Shit happens!

Down in Key Largo, I went into the campground grocery for some beans, hot dogs, bread and milk. I asked Mrs. Berger for five dollars of easy picks for Saturday's lottery. She did not hear me, I guess, since she handed me twenty dollars worth. Since she is a nice old lady, I didn't say anything. Sunday morning I checked my numbers. Holy jumped up shit, I had all six numbers. I looked at the ticket. It was worth sixty-four million dollars. I was shaking. Wouldn't you be too?

The following Monday, I phoned my mom and dad to get their social security numbers. I also phoned my sister, and brother, along with uncle Fred. Altogether, I allocated twenty million of the annuity to them all, so I was left with forty-four million, which being paid off at twenty-five thousand per million for thirty years means that I will have a yearly income of one million, one hundred thousand, or six hundred and sixty thousand dollars a year after taxes.

It was a long drive to the lottery office. Soon I had my first check in my hand. The next day I went to see Ryan. He just shook his head as he heard about my luck. Finally he said, "Well, that sure does beat hell, Jack. The rules of the game just changed, didn't they?"

Laughing I said, "Yeah, they do."

I had visited Wendy Tuthil. She deserved the "Wow" comment by Ryan. In person she was a double "Wow." The conversation was very revealing, if short. It seems that Johnnie told her that he wanted children. Since none came, Wendy went to see John's doctor, who told her, "Mrs. Tuthil, this is all very confusing. John had a vasectomy five years ago, just before he married you." No wonder that she divorced the ass.

I knew. I just knew that Pamela had no idea that he was fixed. In fact, since I had heard that they planned on marrying while in Vegas, in a couple months, that Pam probably had gone off the pill.

Pamela and Johnnie went to the "High Hat Lounge" at least once every two weeks. It is a nice watering hole, with a good dance band, if you liked slow stuff, with some disco thrown in. Ryan knew the bartender there. Ryan asked me for my coat. He left his office. When he came back, he said. "Jack there is something in your pocket. After you get home read the instructions and go have a good time."

Later I found out that I was in possession of fifty ecstasy doses. Two weeks later, I went big time, with a cast of five guys and five women. That night cost me three thousand dollars, and it was worth every cent.

With two doses in both Pam and Johnnie boy, a couple, both show people, who were gorgeous, joined them on the dance floor.

Johnnie could not take his eyes off Linda, as he knew her. Bill, the other guy, was soon whispering sweet nothings in Pam's ear. Pam and Johnnie were given another dose, plus Viagra. They were asked to join Linda and Pam upstairs. By the time they got to the third floor, both Pam and Johnnie were horny, smiling zombies.

Johnnie was taken into one room. Inside there were four more women, who while undressing him stroked his cock. When ready, John, who now was sitting between four naked, lovely women, was slapped hard on the ass. For just a moment, his eyes went wide open, as the camera flashed. It was the first of several great shots, what with his cock stiff and a goofy lustful look on his face.

Pam was naked in the next room, with four naked men sitting with her, each with a hard cock. One had a finger in her. Two others had a tit in his palm. The last guy's cock was near her lips. She too was slapped in the ass. More great shots. The guys went to the next room to get John. While they were there, I used a food injector to shoot some of my cum into sleeping Pam's hot pussy. If I were right about her being off the pill, she would get pregnant. Since she had not seen me for three months, she would point the finger at John. I wonder if he will tell her that he thinks that he is shooting blanks? John and his clothes were placed on the bed. We left. Would love to have been a fly-on-the-wall when they woke up in the wee small hours.

I cooled it down in sunny Key Largo for the next two weeks. Then I phoned Pam's sister, Karen. "Long time no see, stranger." was her greeting to me.

"Would you like to meet me for dinner?" I asked.

"Would love to. Jack, I don't know what all Pam has done to you. But I would love to see you. I'll meet you someplace. Mom would have a hissy-fit if she knew that I was going to see you."

"How about the "Crazy Whale" at seven?"

"Sounds good to me."

I closed my cell phone and looked skyward. The stars were lining up just right. I had not had any pussy for waaay too long. Like her sister, Karen was a looker, for those that tore their eyes off her larger than life tits. I was taking a sip of my drink when I spotted her. I spit it out, and coughed. Holy jumped up shit, what was that girl wearing? It looked like a bikini top with tight slacks. She was twenty-two coming across as J-Lo. Every man who wasn't queer had his eyes feasting on her tits as she sauntered across the room.

"Jack," she said as she gave me a hug, pressing her tits against my chest. Every man in the room knew that I was a villain, and wished that he were mashed against her body.

While we were eating Karen asked, "So, do you miss Pam?"

I smiled.

"You don't do you, Jack?"

"I don't want to hurt your feeling, Karen."

"Hey, Jack, I know my sister better than you do. She has pissed off a lot of people with that attitude of hers. Why did you two stay together for as long as you did?"

I laughed again. "She was very good in bed."

"I'm told that is a family trait."

I stopped laughing and looked into Karen's eyes. "I would love to check that out for myself."

She reached for my hand. "You are always so good natured, fun to be around. I've wanted to jump in the sack with you for years. One time that you slept at the house, I got up and went to the room you were in to see if Pam was in there or in the other bedroom because the bed is so small. She was with you."

"Finish your drink, Karen."

The "Crazy Whale" was near a "Howard Johnson." Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carrol checked in at just after eight-thirty pm. They checked out at just after ten am the next morning. Karen was undressed before I was. I had a hard time looking at her face. I know it pisses a woman off who has big tits if you stare at them as though she isn't there. I can tell you that while kissing her, my hand was roaming across Europe and on its way to China. Damn, she was driving me crazy with the feather light touch of her hand slowly gripping and moving up and down my cock. She may have been only twenty-two, but someone had taught this girl what to do to a man to drive him nuts.

Speaking of nuts, mine were screaming at my Johnson. "Hey shithead, find yourself a warm, moist, hole and do your thing, so we can shake and dance."

He did, they did, and I was in heaven. If I thought that Pamela was tight, I was in for a great surprise. I didn't know that a woman could be as tight as Karen. And my friends, she was a moving target. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that the woman was trying to rip my cock and balls off. What really was exciting was that she was having so much fun, giggling, moaning, asking me for the impossible; "faster, deeper, hold it, hold it. Now, Jack, come in me baby. Oh, God, that was good. I can't wait for you to get hard again. I am going to give you the fuck of your life, Jack. I love to do the reverse cowgirl."

We had only just begun. Just before we left the hotel I got serious. "Karen, don't read too much into our little tryst last night. It was great fun, but don't for a second think of me as husband material. I am fifteen years older than you, and I am still married to your sister. You asked last night if I missed her. To be honest, yes, I do, but the ball is in her court, at least for now."

"Oh, Jack. Last night was just fun and games for me too. Not to say that I would not like to try it a few more times. Just give me a call."

When I got back to my little trailer, I opened a beer, put the feet up, and thought that life was good again. Pussy does that to a guy.

A couple days later, I was ready to go back to the war of the Carrols. As I opened the door to leave, I found Pam's dad, Alan Dupont standing there. "Can I have a talk with you, Jack?"

"Sure Alan, I have no quarrel with you. Come in."

Alan sat down. "You have every right to be very angry with your wife, Jack. But the real villain is not Pam; it is your mother-in-law, Marie. For you information, the line that she has pounded at you and Pam, she has used on me for years. "If you love me, you would make more money," Alan spat out sarcastically.

Then he looked at me for several moments. "I have heard from Marie that John Tuthil and Pamela have had a run of bad luck. I would consider it a favor, when you pray to your God, that you ask for some of that luck for Marie. Just about anything that a man could dream up would be fine with me."

I smiled.

He stood up, shook my hand and said, "When the dust settles, I would like to go fishing with you, Jack."

"Be a while, Alan, but we will get around to it.

I knew that Pam's mother played in a women's twilight league on Tuesday afternoon at four. It cost me five hundred dollars, but she was given ecstasy and delivered to one of the guest rooms at the club, where five college guys that I had drive down from Tampa waited for her. I sat in the shadows of a closet while the guys had a good time screwing her. They used her in every position that you can imagine, with me taking great photos. My favorite was she on her back with a guy under her with his cock in her butt. Another is standing with his cock pounding in and out of her pussy, while a third has his cock in her mouth. I took stills and video with cameras of professional quality. You can see the hair on her lips, and count pussy hairs.

If you think that she was forced, think again. She loved every minute of it, and it showed. It blew me away when after the guys had showered her and got her dressed that she gave each one of them a kiss and thanked them for such a good time. Karen had said that being good in bed was a family trait. Like Karen, Mrs. has huge tits, which were fun to watch swinging and swaying, as well as flopping all over her chest.

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