tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWarehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 01

Warehouse 13; Stone Bonner Ch. 01


"Hah, look at this little guy! I think he likes you, Mykah." Pete held up the little stone figurine of a tribal man, hunched over and grabbing his oversized erection.

"Oh," exclaimed Mykah, staring rather blankly at the rough stone figurine.

"I think I'll keep him for the heck of it," said Pete, pocketing the figure. As soon as it was out of sight Mykah seemed to recover a bit. With cheeks slightly flushed, she stammered out a quick, breathless retort.

"Yeah, well...at least he knows what to do with it." Realizing what she had said, she pushed on quickly. "Well, it looks like this might be what's causing all the problems here."

She held up a dark, ancient plate, with hands protected by the very obvious purple neutralizing gloves. Pete and Mykah were in an old museum, disused and forgotten by the sleepy town it was in. Artie had sent them in to recover an artifact that was causing people in the town to literally eat themselves to death.

Pete dropped the plate into the containment bag. "Now fattyville will have to hit the gym."

"Hmmm," Mykah responded off-hand. Her mind was running away, thinking about Pete working out. She shook her head, as if to clear it. "Ew!"

"I know, right? Fatties--yegh! Let's get this blue plate special on back to Artie. Speaking of which, I'm hungry. I could eat. How about you?"

"You could eat me." Mykah's eyes went round as she realized what she had said. Luckily, her back was turned to Pete as they were making their way out. She quickly played it off without pausing.

"Hah, yeah! Well--wait, what?" Pete stammered, latching on to what was just said.

"Nothing, let's go!" Mykah could almost hear Pete's mind cooking up a snarky retort.

"Did you just say I could ea--"


"Alright," Pete opened the door for Mykah. "I'm thinking fish tacos sound A-mazing. Yep!" He grinned as she shot him an icy glare in passing.

They made their way back to the warehouse after a boring flight. Mykah had been struggling with her thoughts the whole way, which were becoming increasingly perverse. She had decided it was best not to say much, until she could get back to Lena's, draw a hot bath, and work out this tension. The thought kept making her wet, and she'd wondered if Pete had slipped her some type of lady Viagra, as a joke. That would be just like him to do that, she thought.

"Hey Artie, we brought you a collector's plate," Pete said jokingly, as they entered into the warehouse office. Artie was sitting at his desk, fiddling with the ancient looking computer. Claudia sat across the room, working on one of her machines.

"You know what to do," Artie stated in his normal, non-interested tone of voice, while pointing at the warehouse door behind him.

"Yes, massah!" Pete shambled toward the door.

"Oh, hold up, I have to grab something out there. I'll come with," said Claudia.

"Let's do it!" Pete said, opening up the door and following Claudia in.

Pete's comment stirred a storm of naughty mental images in Mykah's head, and she felt another urge to get home. It was getting worse. Lost in thought, she wondered if she'd even make it to the bath, possibly forcing her to bust out her plastic 'friend' as soon as she got in the room.

Artie looked up at her, as she was running all of this through her mind.

"Are you okay?"

"Hm? Oh...yeah, thanks. I just need to get home and take care of something."

"If you need any help, let me know. I can always give you a ride." Another storm of mental images nearly caused her to collapse. "I could use a blowjob."

Mykah stopped and gasped, shaking her head. "WHAT?!" she responded, eyes wide.

Artie had a momentary look of confusion on his face, as he looked up at her. "I said, you did a good job."

"Oh! Well, thanks." Mykah's eyes were far off as she was wrestling with her thoughts.

"I want to feel your breasts," Artie stated.

"Ex-excuse me?!"

"I'm saying that you look like you could use a rest. Be it far from me to tell you--"

"I think you're right." As soon as she could, she turned and practically ran out to the car, yelling, "Thanks, Artie!"

Artie sighed, shook his head and went back to his computer.


"She said what?" Claudia walked next to Pete, down the endless aisles of the warehouse.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking," Pete said. "Has she been acting weird at all, lately?"

"Um, no more than her usual, anal self."

"She is wound pretty tight. I think she just got me pretty good. I see she's playing dirty now. No more Mr. nice Pete. Oh, speaking of dirty, look what I found at the last place we were at."

Pete fished the stone figurine from his pocket, and held it out for Claudia to see. "I'm

calling him Bonner. Heh, get it? It's like boner--Claudia?"

Claudia was staring at the figurine, in a daze. "Sheesh, you and Mykah. It's like you've never seen a stone willy before."

"...It's...amazing!" Claudia exclaimed, snatching it up with a fascinated expression. "That's a big cock you have there, Bonner," she cooed.

Hearing claudia talk like that caused Pete's cock to stir and get hard. He was kind of ashamed of himself, but then he realized he wasn't just hard, he was the hardest he'd ever been. He felt like he was going to explode. He turned quickly, so Claudia couldn't see his bulge, and looked down to find his erection going down his leg a ways. He reached down to feel what was going on. His cock was just above normal

size, regularly, but it was already halfway down his thigh, in his pants.

Before he could react, Claudia peeked around him curiously, catching sight of what had his attention. Pete had grown lightheaded, swaying a bit. He had also noticed that he felt really hot, like someone had turned up the thermostat. That's funny, he thought, Artie wouldn't turn the heat on, he's too stingy to pay the extra expense to heat the warehouse above the climate controlled system.

"Oooh," Claudia fell to her knees in front of Pete, her mind instantly flooded with ideas of what was in Pete's slacks. Her pussy was on fire, and she was squirming just to touch it. She had always harbored a secret crush on Pete, and had had a few interesting fantasies about him, in the past. It seemed like all of those fantasies had just resurfaced, and magnified in intensity a hundred times over. There was a small part of her mind that was wondering what the hell was going on, but it was soon quashed by the massive state of arousal she was in. She wanted him. She needed him.

She smiled, not taking her eyes off of the monster in his pants. "Are they filming anaconda, part three in your pants?" She leaned forward, placing her hot mouth over the obvious outline of his cock head, straining against the fabric of his pants. She flicked her tongue, trying hard to taste it through the material, soaking it thoroughly. She started sucking lightly, causing Pete to jerk back to a slight awareness of what was happening.

"I uh...have to go, like now!" with a strangled noise, Pete turned and ran off, back to the office on his way out to Lena's to find out what was happening to the most important part of his body.

Claudia's mind was still racing with unsatisfied thoughts of what was hiding in those pants, and she couldn't help but reach down and rub herself lightly, through her jeans.

"Just you and me, Bonner." Claudia looked down at the stone figure in the palm of her hand. "Let's head up to the bathroom and rub one out." Claudia made her way back to the office. When she arrived, she absent mindedly put Bonner on a table, and went into the bathroom. Artie was still typing away at his computer, mumbling to himself. After a few minutes, he thought he heard a voice from the bathroom. He listened and didn't hear anything for a moment, and went back to typing, not one to eavesdrop on people in the bathroom.


That was definitely a moan, he thought. He'd have to casually suggest that Lena introduce more fiber into their food, at the bed and breakfast.


Artie looked up, an idea slowly firing to life behind his glasses. No, she couldn't possibly be doing tha--

"Uhnnn, fuck!"

Artie couldn't help it, he was fully hard, and slowly made his way to the bathroom. On the way, he absent-mindedly touched the little stone statue with a hand, just randomly, without realizing it.

Jeez, I'm a big pervert, he thought to himself, standing near the door. Images of Claudia spread open, furiously rubbing her clit came to mind, among dozens of other lewd thoughts. He noticed his cock was not only hard, it was painfully hard.

"What the hell?" He looked down to find the outline of his erection about three times the size it normally was. Artie, being the curious type, undid his pants in a rush to get to the bottom of this. He nearly fainted when the enormous flesh beast sprang free from the confines of his underwear.

It was huge, and thick all around. It had to have been over a foot long, and thicker than a maglite flashlight. His mouth dropped, and he had a comical look of confusion on his face.

As he stared, the door opened up and Claudia, flushed and breathless, with her shirt hanging open and her pants button undone, stopped cold. There was a moment of stunned silence, and then both Claudia and Artie looked down at Artie's fully erect cock, which pointed directly at Claudia's stomach.

"I-I-I-I can explain, uhhh..." Artie scratched his head and tried to pull his pants back up, as he shuffled back to his computer. The enormous blasted thing would not go back into his underwear.

"So, when did I start working at a sausage factory? Two in one day? What is a girl to do?" Claudia grinned wolfishly, but was still flushed and out of breath. Her attempts to get off in the bathroom only caused the need to be satisfied to increase. She had decided to go out and find some bumpkin South Dakota townie to fuck. This, however, was unexpected and irresistable.

She had another moment of inner conflict, as that part of her mind wanted to remind her that Artie was like a chubby father figure, and was rather gross to think of in this way. However, that small part of her mind was quashed rather quickly, as her mind and body reacted to the large member hanging before her.

"I, uh--I'm sorry, Claudia. Please forgive me. I'm was checking something, and then--"

"Whoa, Artie, it's cool. I understand. You were listening at the door like a dirty old perv, and I turned you on." Claudia smiled again, slowly walking up to Artie, who was still struggling to get his underwear over the monster.

"What? No, I-I--"

"What were you thinking about, you dirty old man? Was it how I was trying to get off in the bathroom?"

"You--wait now, I don't think that's--"

She leaned over Artie in his chair, wrapping a hand just barely around the middle of his shaft, feeling it throb and jump.

"Want to see what I was thinking about? When's the last time a hot little assistant grabbed you like this, huh?" She smiled again.

Her touch was like music to his body, and he couldn't fight the urges flooding through his mind. He caved in to his screaming desire.

"Get down on your knees, Claudia."

The command sent shivers down her spine, and her pussy tingled with excitment as she obeyed, kneeling between his legs.

"Now stroke it, you..." This kind of thing was new to Artie, and he struggled to come up with a dirty name to call her, in the heat of the moment. "...Cock tease."

Claudia felt the last bit of control she had break away, and she moaned and started to slowly stroke the thick pole in her hand, while she rubbed herself with her other hand. She started slowly, eyes glued to the enormous monster. She bit her lip as the fingers of her other hand danced over her sensitive clit.

She felt she was making better progress than her attempt in the bathroom, but wasn't quite feeling satisfied, yet. She saw that pre-cum had already started leaking from the tip, profusely, and had already run down to cover her hand, which was driving her crazy, and helping her now faster paced stroking. The sound it was making was dirty, and it excited her.

Artie was enjoying the sight of the young assistant, with her small hand wrapped around his new found behemoth. He knew she was rubbing herself furiously, and relished the look of wanton sexual desire on her face. He somehow knew that whatever he told her to do, she'd do it. He had a feeling that she was his to command in any way he wanted. Another idea came to light in his eyes.

"You love stroking that cock, don't you?"

"Yes, Artie." Her lips were parted as she was panting with the effort to jack him off, and Artie was mesmerized by those glossed lips, and soft pink tongue he was catching a peek of.

"Claudia, I want you to suck my cock."

"Fuck yes, Artie." Claudia leaned forward, her mouth opened wide to engulf the whole head. Those glossed lips stretched obscenely around the top of Artie's shaft, and he felt her tongue swirl around the tip of his dick. Claudia wasn't able to take much more than that, at first, but slowly made a little more progress. She would occasionally slide her lips down about six inches, before gagging and going back to sucking the tip. She had tears in her eyes from the effort, but she was lost in the act, and her face was flush.

Artie was enjoying the sound of her mouth slurping, as she sucked and licked. He was in heaven, feeling that hot mouth and throat. He was looking her in the eyes as she worked half of his cock with her mouth. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her down a little further, causing an instant gag, as she resurfaced for air.

He felt her reach up with her other hand, coated in her juices, and grip the base of his shaft, stroking in time with her mouth.

"Lick my balls, you dirty little whore"

"Mmm" Claudia moaned on his cock, sending a shiver through him as she pulled off and started licking his huge balls. she was licking around, barely able to take a

testicle in her mouth, because of the size.

After a bit, she went back to slurping and moaning loudly, with his cock firmly replanted in her mouth.

"You think you're so smart, don't you, brat?" Claudia nodded and moaned, looking up at him. "Well, I guess I'll have to put you in your place, you little

cock tease."

Artie could smell her pussy, as her hand was gripped at the base of his shaft. He thought it was that sweet smell that may have brought him off.

It started as a tingling in his feet and hands, and then he slowly started to feel a building up in his body. His shaft swelled up, causing Claudia's eyes to go wide as she felt the already huge cock swell to an alarming size. The build up raised to an amazing, explosive rush, tightening his chest and stomach as he groaned. It just hung there, causing him to teeter on the edge of orgasm, searing his mind in an overload of pleasure

Claudia, who had been lost in ecstasy, knew what was coming, and felt her own orgasm starting. It was going to be huge. Just as she was feeling it crest, causing her to whimper and grunt with Artie's cock in her mouth, she heard Artie scream and buck.

His cock jerked and she felt it shoot cum into the back of her throat. It was a stream that lasted a couple seconds straight, and the amount instantly filled her mouth and throat up, before she could swallow, causing it to squirt out of her nose. Her eyes were rolled up in her head as her orgasm rocked her body, and she was trying to swallow, but ended up being forced off of Artie's cock from the force of the second

stream of cum.

It splashed out of her mouth, and ran down her neck. The next long blast hosed her nose and cheeks, running down her open shirt, onto her bra. Artie kept spasming, enjoying hosing down the smartass little brat in front of him. He aimed his cock, so that her whole face and short hair were covered. He was nearly blacking out as the

seventh spurt continued to hose her down. It slowly faded, and Claudia slumped to the ground, out of breath, and drenched in hot cum. She was twitching and breathing heavily, her mouth full of jizz as she spasmed.

After a while, she felt like she was returning to her senses. Artie was looking down at her, as he too was just realizing what happpened. They looked at eachother for a moment, and both uttered comically, "Crap."

(continued in chapter 2)

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