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Warm Apple Pie


It was just nearing the end of summer and the hot monotony of the days were simply oppressive. Day after of day of dragging into work, trekking across the parking lot as I dripped with sweat had beaten me down. Sure the mornings weren't as hot as the afternoons, but the still air was so damp it was like swimming through pie filling.

Finally reaching the entrance to the office building, I flashed my ID badge at the card reader and then felt the cold icing of air conditioning coat my body. Shivering, I moved through the frigid lobby and headed to the elevators. The quick vertical rise up to the twelfth floor gave me a few moments to get used to the chill so when I stepped into the elevator lobby I was almost ready to skate into my cubicle.

Before starting work each day I made it a habit to check out the vending machines in the lunch area, so instead of slipping over to my desk, I wandered down the long tiled hallway and turned the corner into the lunchroom. Nonchalantly glancing at the vending machine, I quickly surveyed the top three rows of snack items, but didn't see anything worth investing the three quarters in my pocket.

It was only after I faced the disappointment at the vending machine that I realized I was not alone. I slowly turned around and noticed Betty Smith sitting quietly at a table. Betty was a chubby, but very attractive woman who exhibited one of the most stunning cleavages I had ever seen. Today, after the initial fright at seeing her when I thought I was alone, my gaze quickly slid past her face and went immediately to her chest.

In those milliseconds as my eyes focused on her cleavage and then spotted the broken crumb of an apple pie I felt my cock snap to attention. Before I could say, "Good morning," or "Hello," I found myself speechless as my whole world centered upon the sugar coated crumb resting on the ample soft curve of her breasts.

After a few moments I regained a bit of composure and glanced upward where I saw that she held the remainder of the apple pie in her chubby little fingers. Amazingly she had only taken a single bite out of the pie and now held it so I could see the juicy opening in the pastry. All I could do was unzip my zipper, take the four bounding steps it took to get close to her and thrust my hips forward.

She had heated the pie in the microwave so the moist softness inside felt warm on the sensitive skin of my cock as I slipped it into the crusty vagina. The first thrust only went in a bit, but as I moved forward I could see the head of my cock break out the back side of the pie as I plunged deep into the opening.

Betty didn't let me down, licking the gooey pie filling from my cock as it slowly slipped back into the appley cunt. I continued thrusting and withdrawing feeling the sticky warmth ooze over me and the quick, wet darting of her tongue. The sensation on my cock tingled through my body when suddenly I felt her greasy fingers gently squeezing my balls.

At just the moment she squeezed them tight she whispered, "Come on, give me filling."

I couldn't hold off any longer and arched my back. Feeling the pleasure shoot through the length of my cock, I watched as my hot, white filling splashed on her lips and into her mouth. She quickly slid the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked hard as I spurted several more times.

After her lips gently eased off of me I relaxed and sat down into a nearby chair, but quickly found Betty wasn't finished. She dropped down onto her knees and carefully ate the pie crust and gooey filling from around my cock, making sure she lapped up all of my cum along with the sweet pie.

When she finished cleaning me up I simply had to ask her the question, now that my immediate needs were satisfied, that began nagging me. I carefully zipped up my zipper, gently took her hands in mine, gazed deeply into her cleavage and asked, "Betty, where did you get the pie?"

She might have smiled, I couldn't know, I was still staring at her cleavage when she replied, "In the machine."

Glancing up at her face and then over to the vending machine I said, "But I looked in the machine, there were no pies!"

"You have to start paying better attention to your surroundings. Look down on the bottom row."

Sure enough, there along with the petrified chewing gum, crappy generic peanuts and ancient candy bars was a row of fresh fried apple pies. I'd been so intent upon the items in the top rows I completely missed the treasure hidden at the bottom.

I immediately stood up, walked over to the machine, slid my three quarters into the slot and entered the number 166. Feeling myself begin to tremble I watched the pie slide forward and then quickly fall into the machine. Pushing open the door, I reached in, grabbed the pie and happily swirled around.

Betty was leaning back in her chair, her legs were open and her skirt was hiked up so I could just see the first hint of her panties. She waited patiently for me as I took a good long look, speaking only after my eyes worked their way up from her panties, up to her cleavage and then up to her face. When I finally gazed at her beautiful smile she asked, "And just what were you going to do with that pie?"

"I thought I'd eat it."

Tugging her skirt up a bit higher she replied, "I hoped you were going to say that."

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