tagNovels and NovellasWarming the IcePrincess Pt. 02

Warming the IcePrincess Pt. 02


Authors note: I strongly urge you to read the preceding chapters. With the context they provide, this chapter and those that follow will be much more enjoyable for you. Without knowing the characters and from whence they sprang the story may not make much sense. Many of the chapters contain highly erotic scenes of adults having intimate sexual relations. If you are somehow offended by this or are under 18, please stop reading here. To all the rest I wish you the very best and Thank you for reading.


Part 2

Chapter 5

Feel the burn


I awoke a little after 7:00 am with Claire leaning over me, dressed for work and lightly kissing my ear. I groaned and rolled away from her asking, "What time is it?"

When she told me, I asked immediately in a petulant tone, "Why didn't you wake me sooner, now we'll both be late for work."

Answering my complaint dismissively she said, "Because you're taking the day off, there's nothing there that requires your immediate attention today."

I barked incredulously at her, "Well, what about that damned audit I never finished?"

Her amused tone caught me off guard when she answered, "Don't worry about it baby, It's been handled," then added, "the only reason I'm going in today is to see that Adams is taken care of and then I can join you back here and maybe we'll go do a little shopping."

I asked again suspiciously, "Claire, who took care of the audit?"

She evaded any specific explanations and said, "Oh some people I know. They're really quite good and have a reputation for being thorough. Don't about it worry babe."

Still uneasy about playing hooky I asked again, "You're sure?"

The confidence returned to her voice and smiled saying, "Absolutely, Now go back to sleep you still look a little tired."

It was my turn to smile and as I slumped back against the downy pillow.

I cracked one eye open after her parting kiss to watch her scrumptious ass moving through the doorway out of sight. I smiled remembering exactly how delicious her ass was last night when it was chocolate frosted and straddling my face. Mmmmmm. Chocolate frosting and girl cum right from the source, what a flavor sensation that was. I closed my eyes and smiled with the happy memory replaying in my mind as I slipped easily into a few extra hours of shuteye.

At nine thirty, I woke with a desperate need that wouldn't be ignored. Finished with that, I decided to get started on the dirty little job I had to do. I've never been a regulation "Suzy-Homemaker type" but when I saw what awaited me in the kitchen I decided a professional maid service would have been a wonderful thing, regardless of the cost. The place was a disaster! Cake crumbs and chocolate frosting were everywhere. On the table, most of the chairs, the floor, there was a chocolate handprint on the cupboard doors, and even a streak of chocolate almost six feet up on the wall. (How that happened I couldn't imagine, oh yeah... ah...never mind.) While my coffee brewed, I went in search of cleaning supplies. Still lying where I'd dumped it near the door was my duffle bag. I remembered the box hidden inside and decided that I could do a bit of laundry while I cleaned the kitchen. I found both her cleaning supplies and the washer cleverly tucked inside the same snug closet. Setting the washer on gentle, I loaded in the shirt, socks, and skirt, and headed back to the kitchen to have a sip of coffee before starting on that chore. As I breezed through the living room, I flipped on the wide screen T.V. for some background noise to listen to as I worked.

Taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, I listened to a teaser for the midday news (which of course comes on at eleven, go figure.) The smooth talking announcer told of a breaking news story about a scandal hitting the financial sector. It involved a local firm, Continental Casualty and Insurance Incorporated "We'll have all the details for you at eleven" the disembodied voice said while I damn near choked to death on hot coffee. I rushed to the phone frantically dialing Claire's cell. When I was shunted directly into her voice mail after redialing I had to give up on that. She was either too busy to answer or had it turned off. So, despite my burning curiosity I'd just have to wait for her to come home.

When I felt the kitchen was clean enough I was sweating like a pig. I stopped by the laundry flipping the clean garments into the dryer as I made my way to the shower. While I indulged in the delightful spray, I remembered the strange telephone conversation I overheard Claire making yesterday. I couldn't help wondering if it was somehow related to the news on TV. For some reason my overactive imagination went into overdrive. I started wondering if Claire was somehow involved. Wait a minute, what about the audit I couldn't balance. Holy shit! Now I started to worry that I was somehow in trouble too. I decided to settle down until I had some real information, and let the soothing spray jets work their magic to calm my nerves. Worrying about it at this point was just a foolish waste of time. Besides everyone knew how the newsies fucked up almost every story they reported. Hell it might even be a different company entirely. Those clowns hardly ever gave you the whole story and usually managed to screw up damn near everything.

After I dried my hair and body I went to the dryer to collect my outfit and wasting no time I started putting my things on. I was combing my hair to put in the second of my pigtails when I heard the news begin and since I could hear it clearly where I was, I felt no great urgency to rush and get myself in front of the T. V. The anchor started with the usual banalities before digging right in to the breaking news story. As I listened to the story with half an ear, I found out that it was indeed C.C. & I. that was involved in the scandal. When the news anchor said that the Feds had arrested Chief Financial Officer Clifton L. Adams, and he was being charged with embezzling over $55 million over four years I almost shit! I couldn't believe it! Next they played a press announcement from some company official named Katharine Stilwell but the voice I heard in the bathroom sounded an awful lot like my Claire.

She said, "This case has been a long and difficult one but working in cooperation with federal authorities we were able to uncover and document the fraud perpetrated By Mr. Adams. Many of those involved do not yet know the vital role that they played in this investigation. We do plan to address that situation in the very near future now that the investigation has been concluded and an arrest has been made." I nearly broke my damn neck trying to get into the living room. By the time I did the video on the screen was footage of Adams holding his hands up the hide his face as he was lead away in handcuffs. As the video played, the velvet-throated anchorman explained that Adams faced up to 212 years in prison if he was convicted on all counts. I was totally stunned I always knew something was crooked about that bastard, streamlined system my ass! "You conniving shit-fuck," I said aloud to the T.V., "it serves you right." Deciding that I had enough of the news, I shut the T.V. off before heading back to the bathroom, to finish my transformation into a naughty schoolgirl.

Checking myself in the mirror, I thought damn, for an old lady of thirty-one I could still pull off the schoolgirl routine. The pigtails were perfect the ribbons high set with evenly tied bows. I straightened the short necktie and could clearly see my pointed nipples through the thin white shirt. (No bra required for this outfit thank you very much.) The socks fit snuggly along the contours of my muscular calves. After a little attention with some leather cleaner and a good brushing the saddle shoes looked perfect. However, best of all was the short pleated skirt it washed up beautifully. Thank goodness, I remembered to pull it out of the dryer before the wool could start shrinking. It looked fabulous even damp and I suspected I wouldn't be wearing it long enough for that to be a problem. As I stood there it smiling at my reflection I decided that I could probably walk into any convent school in town and bang every nun in the place. I swirled the skirt around before lifting it to peek underneath and oops, I seem to have forgotten my panties.

It was almost 1:00 and Claire wasn't home yet so I decided to entertain myself by exploring the smokin' audio system I saw yesterday while she was busy in the kitchen. Every component in the rack was top of the line. I scanned the room for speakers but could only detect a subwoofer discretely tucked under a table. All the rest were cleverly deployed to remain out of sight. I pressed the power switch and the lights and displays came alive. I scoped out the FM tuner but found nothing to my liking on the air. So I shifted my attention to the 60-disc CD changer half-expecting to find Rachmaninoff, Chopin or Mozart but surprise, surprise, it was fully loaded with an awesome array of classic rock. I scrolled down Claire's library list impressed, The Stones, Springsteen, a couple of Clapton discs, Cream, Boston, Styx, U2, Utopia, Van Halen, and of course, the Beatles were well represented. I finally found one to suit my mood, punched up Chicago's Greatest Hits, and pressed play. The volume was already well up when the drums, bass, horns, and guitar began. By the third measure I had figured out which was the volume knob and gave it a savage twist cranking this baby up.

The sound pounded through my body and the whole room I responded to it instinctively, shaking everything I had in time with the music. When Terry Kath started signing in his soulful gritty voice, I was belting it out right along with him.

Children play in the park they don't know,

I'm alone in the dark even though,

Time and time again, I see your face smiling inside,

I'm so happy, that you love me,

Life is lovely, when you're near me,

Tell you will stay, make me smile,

My body moved of its own volition now beyond any conscious controls, seized by the power of the music throbbing through me. Singing along was almost therapeutic giving vent to a host of emotions that welled up from inside me.

Living life is just a game, so they say,

All the games we used to play, went away,

We may now enjoy the dreams we shared so long ago,

Oh my darling, got to have you,

Feel the magic, when I hold you,

Cry sweet tears of joy, Kiss the sky

I was so into the spell of the music dancing and singing just didn't seem enough. I started playing an energetic mix of air guitar, air drums, and even a wicked trombone that couldn't be seen, switching between them as the music moved me. Chills raced up my spine as I thought about the songs lyrics. The second verse especially could have been written about Claire and me. When the final verse erupted, I sang with gusto and a tear moistening the corner of my eye.

Now I need you, more than ever,

No more crying, we're together,

Tell me you will stay,

Make me smile,

The final strains of horn, drum, and brass, died away plunging the room into an eerie silence but only for a second as very loud deliberate clapping echoed inside the room. Before the next track could start, I spun around self-consciously and found Claire was the one applauding. It was very, very loud in the quiet room and I suddenly felt intimidated by her sudden appearance and unhappy expression.

I rushed to the stereo quickly shutting it off and muttered a contrite, "Sorry."

She folded her arms and said in an exasperated tone, "Well now, that was quite a performance you put on there young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?"

A huge smile flashed across my face but just as quickly, I schooled my expression casting my eyes downward. I could immediately tell she really dug my outfit. Her scowl and the white blouse covered by a rather plain dark cardigan and grey skirt, in my mind transformed her into the sexiest schoolmarm I could ever have dreamed up. Not knowing how far she might want to push things had me so fucking excited I almost peed.

I answered after a lengthy hesitation I told her, "I'm sorry I didn't think I was hurting anything."

The anger coming through in her tone was harsh but very controlled, "You didn't think abusing my audio equipment and dancing around like a trollop would hurt anything?"

It was so hard not to giggle but I managed to squeak out a scared sounding, "No mam."

Pointing to a spot on the floor in front of her, she ordered, "Come here this instant young lady."

I went to that spot head down stopping in front of her, saying nothing.

She asked me around a sigh of long-suffering, "How can I leave you here alone and expect that you won't act the fool when I'm not here watching over you?"

"I don't know," was my meek reply.

"You do realize you will have to be punished for this young lady," she pronounced.

I almost giggled again but said, "Please no mam it won't happen again, I promise."

"Ha," she quipped, "you promise," and she roughly grabbed my arm dragging me into the kitchen.

She grabbed my arm roughly and dragged me into the kitchen and scolded, "You promised to clean this kitchen and look," her finger pointed at the edge of the table where I had missed a streak of dry cracked chocolate frosting that still clung to it.

She ordered, "Clean it now and when you are finished, you will be punished."

I turned to get a rag to clean up the smudge but she stopped me instantly, "And where do you think you are going?"

"To get a rag mam," I answered in my best little girl voice.

With her hands on her hips she leaned in only inches from my face and said sternly, "Oh no, we don't let dirty tramps alone with rags so they can rub their pussies with them. You can just use your filthy mouth to clean it, and when you've finished you will bend over that table and wait for me there," she commanded.

Trying not to grin I returned to the chocolate stain and knelt to begin doing as she instructed. I could hear her angry breathing directly behind me as she stood watching in silence before leaving the room. This was turning out so wild I reached down and touched my pussy for a just second and it was soaked, my god I was totally jazzed.

My nipples were rock hard against the cool tabletop as I lay there waiting. The thin material of my shirt did nothing to prevent them from chilling completely. They ached with every slight movement as I lay against the hard polished surface trying not to put any pressure on them. I was bent over the table for what seemed forever before I heard her reenter the room. Her heels clicking against the tile floor in the silent room behind me sounded thunderous as she approached. I could hear her moving around behind me and when she finally stepped near, I could already feel my juices trickling down the inside of my thigh. She began setting a few things on the table where I could see them though I still didn't get one glimpse of her. A long handled wooden spoon was the first item to find a place inches from my wide-open eyes. A long slender rattan cane followed and my mouth formed a silent "oh." The last to find its place was a worn leather razor strop almost three inches wide and my knees nearly buckled just from the sight of it.

Her voice brought me out of my vaporous fog as I stared at the instruments wondering if I could take them all, "I really don't have time for this Jane."

After a few long seconds pause, she bent to look me in the eye before continuing, "However, what you must understand is that to forgo your punishment now would be negligent on my part and would just make it all the more difficult next time."

I nodded wordlessly against the hard surface my eyes locked on hers almost gasping at the wicked gleam I saw there.

"Good." She said with finality stepping out of my view with her heels clicking sharply.

When her hand first pressed down on my lower back my nerves came alive dancing and tingling up and down my lower body. I could feel my pussy muscles twitching deep inside in anticipation. The trickle of my juices I felt before was now threatening to become a flood. Cool air started pressing in on my ass telling me I would not have much longer to wait as my skirt was being slowly raised.

"Oh...And what is this I see Miss De Marco, No panties?" Claire asked her voice rising to an incredulous tone.

I smiled naughtily without uttering a syllable.

When her hand brushed across my bare skin and I nearly came from the slight contact.

When she announced she'd decided for me and I was almost giddy just waiting for her to start, "We will begin with some simple counting Miss De Marco, do you think you handle that Hmmm?"

I answered for the first time my voice shaking, "Yes mam."

"Good," she said smugly, "see that you do it properly."

Her hand withdrew from my ass as she continued, "I was thinking twenty might be a nice number to begin with but in light of your missing panties and your recent birthday I think perhaps thirty-one would be more appropriate."

I groaned inwardly thinking thirty-one would indeed be a nice number, for starters.

I could almost feel the smile on her face through the air currents in the room when she said, "Do not lose count Miss De Marco; you know what happens then, Yes?"


I answered, "Yes mam back to the beginning, One."

Before I could even finish my recitation of the rules, my ass exploded with heat under another powerful blow.


"Two," I barked as the nerves suddenly jumped to life tingling through my whole body.


"Three," the heat radiating from ass was starting to creep towards my dripping slit.


"Four," I grunted as her hand began sliding lightly across my ass cheeks between blows.




"Six," I was really getting into it now my hips began swaying involuntarily.


"Seven," I said my voice thinning with each new blow.


"Seven," I repeated and when the eighth, ninth, and tenth blows rained down in quick succession they jarred through to my pussy nudging me over the top, just a little. A clenching mini orgasm throbbed through me and soon had the juices running down my inner thighs almost to the tops of my knee socks. My ass was now burning but regardless of how badly I wanted to massage the warm pink glow I knew was there, I kept my hands tightly balled and tucked under my body while my gasps resounded through the kitchen. The sound of Claire's heels told me she was coming nearer again, I remained silent and quivering in anticipation for her to retake the initiative, and she by god did.

Leaning in very closely, whispering just behind my ear as she harshly gripped my throbbing ass cheeks she asked me, "One should be reasonably able to expect that a trained professional accountant should be able to count past seven, isn't that correct Miss De Marco?"

I couldn't suppress my grin and answered sheepishly, "Yes mam."

I saw a hint of the devil flicker in her eyes when she caught my smile and said, "Well, well now I think I understand the problem here."

"Perhaps you just aren't taking this seriously enough young lady," and I watched as the thin cane start to move as Claire declared, "perhaps this will help you."

Lifting it by the handle she let the tip drag across the tabletop inches from my face and the sound as it slid out of sight had my heart hammering to the same beat as my dribbling pussy. Shhhick!!!! She drew it across the glossy oak tabletop and then gave it a few experimental swipes through the air swoosh...swish...shwick. Oh God, the sound alone almost had me cumming.

Claire lightly touched it down on my glowing left ass cheek and said to me, "You needn't count them any longer Jane, but you can rest assured that I will not loose my place."

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