tagMatureWas it a Dream?

Was it a Dream?


It all started one day while she was on her computer. The kids talked her into getting a MySpace webpage. This way she could talk to all her kids and her son in law while he was in Iraq. She put in her yearbook staff picture. One day she got a message from a younger guy who said she was smoking hot and delicious for an older woman. She at first didn't know how to take the older woman comment but she quickly realized that he was 11 years younger. She found out that he was a neighborhood boy from when she and her husband lived in a small area of town. He said he always thought she was hot and now even more so. Lynnesa honestly did not know what to think. Her husband had been deployed only a few weeks and she was feeling the pressure of missing him and the wonderful things they did together. She just wrote the guy back and thanked him for the compliments.

It was several days before he wrote back. David was thinking each time he got online and saw her picture that he had to have a chance with her. He began to think of a plan to get together with her even if just for a nice conversation. He wrote her back asking her if she would ever consider getting together or talking on the phone. He said he really wanted a chance to chat with her. He hit the send button only hoping for that chance.

She woke up one morning and decided to check her MySpace and sure enough, he had replied. She first thought that she should just say that she was a married woman and she would not be chatting. However, she remembered how hot it made her husband and perhaps if her husband new she was just chatting with a younger guy, it would turn him on. Little did she know, she was the one getting turned on. Could she actually tell her husband? Yes, they share everything and besides, its not like she was going to actually do anything, or at least not that she was aware of yet!

Lynnesa surprised herself by replying to David that it would have to be a weekend when her kids were busy and she would be alone for awhile. She clicked Send. Within a few moments, she received a reply and he asked if perhaps that Saturday would be good. Now she had to figure out an excuse to get out of this situation she was finding herself in. But then again she had not done anything wrong and couldn't get into trouble because she was not doing anything. She told David she was going to Lancaster and perhaps he could come up there. Again, with in a few moments she received a reply and he said Ok. He gave her a time and they were to meet at the mall parking lot near JC Penny's. He also asked if she would wear something sexy. She was excited by his request and thought he sounded like her husband and his tastes. But, she was very nervous and cautious. She knew her husband would get very aroused and excited knowing she would go and talk to a young stud.

The day finally arrived for her to meet David. She took a shower and washed up her large breasts for an extra long time and rubbed and squeezed them because she knew her husband always liked her to do that. Her large nipples were extremely hard and sensitive. She trimmed her bush on her pussy into a nice long strip but yet still allowed some hair to be long on the strip because she loved rubbing her fingers through her own pussy. She loved the feeling when her husband stuck his hands inside her panties while they make out in the car or behind some trees. She got out of the shower with a burning feeling between her legs and she couldn't resist running her fingers between her pussy lips and rubbing her clit. She had to taste it as well. Then she came back to reality and proceeded to get dressed. The kids were gone and she took her time getting ready. She had a very sexy bra that was soft, thin, and increased her 36dd boobs as they flowed over the top of her bra. She knows her husband loved to see her dress sexy like this and this put a smile on her face knowing he would like what she is seeing in her mirror. She chose a brown and tan silky top that had a draw string around her mid section that enhanced her boobs. Her husband loved this top. In fact, he took a few photos on his cell phone, as well as a request for him to send a few photos of her in this top.

Lynnesa was nervous and there was no doubting that. However, she did not want to out right cheat on her husband. She knew he had wanted her to one day find a stud and give him a blow job at least. She just didn't want any pressure from him. If she was to do something like that, she would do it on her own timing. But, because she hadn't had any cock in her hands and her mouth, she would have to watch herself. Then she started to think, this is crazy. Why am I doing this? But it was time to leave. She got in her car, put her dark lipstick on and drove off. Although she should not have been thinking about it, she actually had a feeling she was getting wet in her panties.

She was to meet David around 7:30 and it was about 7:00 when she started driving. As she was driving, her mind wondered back to the day when her husband's best buddy came to the house and tried to get her to show him her ass in her jean shorts. His buddy had come to the house many times but she had not felt and sexual tension until this particular day. She did tell his buddy that she was embarrassed from his request, but hot. He kept rubbing and moving his cock inside his army uniform and that drove her nuts watching. They went downstairs and she eventually let him stroke his hard cock letting her see it sticking straight up in the air. She actually let him talk her into sucking his stiff cock. He pulled her up and leaned her over the TV stand and pulled her pants down around her ankles while feeling her large boobs up and he entered her in one fast smooth motion making her week in the knees. There was no doubt that this was something you would see in the movies but she was actually getting fucked with animal instincts in her own home. He fucked her for about 15 minutes and pulled out and came all over her TV. She went down and rubbed her boobs all over his cum which had turned him on so much.

The time went very fast while driving and she found herself in Lancaster after coming out of her day dream of that extremely hot day. She was very hot now. She hoped she would cool down before getting there. She pulled into the parking lot and there was that green truck. She drove up beside his truck and they rolled down the windows and he asked her if she would like to sit in the truck and talk. She was not about to tell him that she loved a good truck fuck. Lynnesa said she would for a short while. When she got out of her car, he watched every step and his eyes about bugged out of his head. He saw her large tits and felt his cock go stiff. She opened the truck door and hopped up into his truck thus making them bounce in front of his eyes. David was getting extremely horny now. "So, what would you like to talk about?" she asked as she rotated to her left allowing her 36dds to flex outward. He could even see the gap in her shirt and see the flesh of her heavy tits. He would not be able to stare at her for long.

Lynnesa's smiled and asks if the cat had got his tongue because he hadn't spoken yet. He cleared his throat and said "I hope I don't say something that may offend you."

She replied, "I am sure you will be just fine."

He then smiled and said, "You are even more beautiful then I remember you in South Perry and your photo. What a lucky husband you have."

She replied, "Thank you, but why would you say that?"

Dave said, "What do you mean, why would I say that? You are fucking gorgeous and so fucking hot. Oops, I am sorry for dropping the F bomb."

She then replied before thinking, "I Love the F word." They both stared into each others eyes, and then they smiled. Lynnesa said, "I didn't mean to blurt that out like that."

David said that it was quite alright. He started off by telling her about himself. How he first came to meet her husband and then her. He said, "I am embarrassed to say this..." but then he changed his mind: "I better not."

She said, "No, go ahead and say it."

David thought about it and said he remembered playing football one spring day and he looked at her house and saw her rolling one of her children in a stroller. He paused and then said, "I remember seeing you in a purple shirt and was you were really busty."

She remembered that day exactly. She had something like a double G boobs. They were just extremely large and her husband loved them. She immediately blushed and said "You saw me?"

He said "Oh yes."

She said, "My husband loved me in that shirt." She giggled because she was getting excited. Then she said "Well, I don't have those now."

He said "Oh yes you do."

She said, "No, I have smaller ones since then but they are pretty big according to my husband."

David said,"Oh yes I believe it!" and he looked down right at her tits.

She grinned and asked if he liked them.

David said, "Of what I am seeing right now, they are absolutely incredible. I only hope I get to see you again like this. Your shirt has me so excited that I feel like I am noticeably making a scene."

She asked, "A scene?"

He replied, "Yes because of my problem."

She asked him, "Does that excite you?"

He said "I am so excited right now that I couldn't walk if you asked me too." She was turned slightly left so she bent over a bit just enough to show him more cleavage. He said, "Girl, you are gonna make this thing go off."

She replied, "That would be terrible huh..."

He said, "I would not want to waste it."

She fired back, "Well where would you want to put it?"

He said, "I could think of many places."

Lynnesa said, "I bet you could. I bet you would make a mess."

He said, "Yes, I make a huge mess when I shoot." He then asked her, "Where would you like it?"

Before she realized what she replied with, she said "Between my tits or on my face."

He said, "I sure wish you would say to do it, because I would right here."

She said, "Oh, that would be really hot."

He said, "Lynnesa, bend over again and show me your cleavage." She did so and he unbuttoned his jeans and she watched him do it. He was rubbing his cock through his underwear and she could see his swollen shaft and it was fucking huge. Then he reached out and gently ran his finger to her cleavage and then lifted a heavy boob. She moaned. He looked around the parking lot. It was dark out and he saw no one so he pulled his cock out. He said, "Come down and get a closer look." She was hypnotized but she did lean over freely. She got so close that he lifted her tits again with one hand while rubbing and stroking his cock with the other. She leaned over more and he put a hand behind her head and she knew that he wanted her to put her mouth on his cock. She kept going down until she was rubbing his cock shaft on her face. She couldn't help but to notice how thick it was. She stared at it and he kept feeling her tits. He was trying to pump his hips into her face. She opened her mouth and started licking the shaft and put her tongue into the slit. She looked up at him while running her tongue all over his cock.

Her eyes were only half-way open before she was in heat and her pussy was on fire. She knew her pussy was soaked. She loved her boobs getting felt up while she was licking this hard cock. This was adding to the heat in her pussy. She kept licking all over this fuck stick and she couldn't get enough. She looked up at him again and with their eyes meeting, she took his cock head into her lips. He then started rubbing her nipples and pulling them. She was past the point of return. She felt his fingers unzip her jeans but she didn't stop him. She even lifted her ass up to help him get his fingers into her panties. She new that she was soaked. He went straight for her clit. Within 30 seconds, her head was leaning back in his truck and she was moaning while holding his hand trying to shove it further into her pussy. He pulled his hand out and she took it and licked her cum juices off. He leaned her back and went to her tits. He licked her cleavage as well as fingered her pussy some more. He went to her neck next and started licking and sucking her ears. He then surprised her by French kissing her. She was completely gone. She looked around. No cars and pitch black outside. She felt him climb on top of her. She opened her legs as wide as they would go. She even reached down and felt his large cock touch her pussy. He didn't go in; he just flexed his tight ass allowing the shaft to slide on her clit between her cunt lips. He went from her neck to her mouth to her tits.

He whispered "Tell me you want me; Tell me you want me to fuck you."

She whispered back, "I am not protected."

He said "I will pull out and feed you my cum." She just moaned and he took that as a yes. He leaned back and told Lynnesa to watch his cock penetrate her. First, she got just the head of his dick. It was on fire, so hot inside her slit. His cock as 8 ½ to 9 inches long. He rotated his hips just like in the movie her husband and her had watched about the brother and sister.

She reached around and held his ass and screamed, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME NOW, you son of a bitch. Fuck the shit out of me and let me eat your cum." He only slid in about another inch and continued to look at her in heat. He knew that he would be fucking this hot bitch often. She was feeling the fucking veins on his cock as he slid inch after inch. Hey eyes were closed until she felt him bottom out. She had never felt a cock that large inside her except for Stryker. Her toy. She felt him moving in and out real slow. Her eyes opened and looked down as he descended on her neck and he sucked and licked her skin. He went down to her large boobs next and started to suck her large full tits. His tongue was swirling around her nipples and then he would almost bite them and suck them really hard pulling the whole tit out. He then straightened up and pulled out slowly.

She tried to stop him but he said, "Patience baby." He went from her neck to her tits to her belly. He looked up at her and proceeded to extend his tongue onto her clit. She was soaked and he told her she was so juicy. So sweet. Her legs were spread oh so wide, waiting for more of his tongue to be inside her. She started to flex and pivot her hips into his mouth like her husband always encouraged her to do. This turned her on knowing he would really be turned on by what she was doing with this young stud. She felt that familiar feeling approaching. His hands were squeezing her tits while his tongue was performing miracles.

All of a sudden, she released and screamed, "I'm Cumming! I'm fucking Cumming!" This turned him on more then ever. His pace increased. She couldn't take any more of that. She whispered, "Come up here and fuck me." He rose quickly and told her to guide him into her pussy. She reached down for his large cock and rubbed it around her clit and her cunt lips. Then she pulled on his shaft indicating that he should pump her. He fucked her again real slow. This went on for about 10 minutes, while they kissed deeply, licked each other's necks and tits. He then pulled out again. He told her to ride him. She looked around and did not see anyone. So she straddled his legs and slowly went down on his large cock. She leaned forward and told him to lick her nipples. Then she said, "SUCK MY FUCKING TITS dammit!"

That caused her to ride him like a bull in heat. Up and down she went sucking his tongue and putting hers into his mouth for him to suck as well. He squeezed her tits with one hand and stuck a finger up her ass. She asked, "You want to fuck me in my ass?" He saw that it turned her on. He was getting ready to cum. He told her he couldn't hold on much longer. She starting fucking him with all she had. She said "NOW!" She pulled off his large dick and placed her ruby red lips over his cock and started drinking his young sperm. It was like candy. She could not get enough. So young and that turned her on so much. She loved the taste of cum. She ate it all and looked up at him wiping more from his cock. She started sucking the head of his cock and he couldn't take that. She new that her husband and her fuck buddy loved it but couldn't take much either.

She was careful not to get any cum in her pussy even though she wanted it. As she was about to put her panties on, she looked out the window and a young woman had been watching them and was fingering her pussy and squeezing her rather large tits in the open. Her eyes were glazed over and Lynnesa saw that the girl was on fire as well. David told Lynn to watch the woman and for Lynnesa to squeeze her own tits. She did as she was told. "Now hold them up for her," he instructed. The window started to go down and that scared the shit out of Lynnesa. David told the girl to get out of her car and to cum closer. She walked to Lynnesa's door.

"Hold your tits up, Lynnesa, for her to see." He again said, "Hold your tits up now!" She held them up for the sexy young woman to see. The girl reached in and squeezed them. Lynnesa's eyes were closed but she felt David reaching over feeling her tits with the girl. She was on fire again. David started rubbing her thighs as well as kissing her neck, all the while this young hot bitch felt her tits up. She felt David's fingers pumping away in her pussy from behind. Then she felt hot lips sucking her tits. She knew what was going on but with David's fingers going inside her pussy, she couldn't stop. She felt the fingers move away from her pussy but soon felt his large cock enter her from behind. She was hanging out of the window now. David fucked her really hard, and the young woman sucked her tits. She started cumming from the attention she was getting. Her eyes were closed with all the sensations happening. She was so fucking hot. Damn she loved to fuck and to cum. She loved to suck a man's cock and couldn't get enough.

Just as she was about to ask David to fuck her in the ass, she heard her name again. "Lynn, Lynn." She opened her eyes and realized it was her son telling her that her alarm was going off and to wake up. She was on the couch recliner in the family room and she realized she just had her first hot dream. Or did she?

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