tagLesbian SexWashing My Underwear

Washing My Underwear

byAnnette Taylor©

The story below is true it happened to me about 6 months ago, the names and location have not been changed.

Hi may name is Annette Taylor I'm a 36 year old brunette, divorced and live in the Northern suburbs of Sydney Australia. I'm a sales consultant for an international cosmetic company which takes me all over the state. As you can guess I don't have a lot of time to do housework so I employ a young girl to come in once a week to do the cleaning, washing & ironing. Her name is Chantelle Williams and she's a 19-year-old brunette and has a very trim body. She took the job to help pay for her university studies.

It was Wednesday and I was to due to go up to the Central Coast to make some calls. As usual Chantelle turned up at 8.00am to start her cleaning, I said to her that I was going up the coast today and might be late home. I gave her the agreed $100.00 and told her to lock up when she left. The traffic was a nightmare I'd been going for 1/2 hour and was just about to enter the freeway when I heard on the radio that there had been a 8 car accident on the freeway and it would be closed for the next 2 hours. This was no good to me so I decided to turn around and go home to ring my customers and reschedule for another day. This also gave me some time to catch up on some paperwork that I had been neglecting.

I parked the car and went up to the front door to let myself in, I heard the radio was turned on and up a little louder than I would have liked. As I entered the house, I noticed the vacuum cleaner in the lounge and Chantelle no where to bee seen. I went to go find her to tell her I would be working from home today. As I approached my bedroom I saw Chantelle's reflection in the mirrored wardrobe, she was standing there caressing her body dressed in MY dark blue satin panties and matching bra. She obviously didn't here me come in as she was now starting to pull the front of MY panties up the crack her pussy and mumbling something, then she let go of them and slid her hand into MY panties and started to finger herself.

I could not believe what I was seeing, here was this beautiful young girl I pay $100.00 a week to come in and clean my house and now she was standing in my bedroom dressed in MY underwear masturbating her self. None the less, this site was turning me on and I started to feel a little wet patch forming in my panties. I decided to see how far this situation would go so I entered the bedroom.

Chantelle didn't see me come in as she had her eyes closed concentrating on getting off "Do you like to masturbate in other woman's underwear Chantelle" I said. Shocked by my voice she opened her eyes and pulled her hand out of MY soaking panties. You could see the tears start to well up in her eyes as she said "I'm sorry Mrs Taylor I'm sorry I'm sorry". " Is this what you do when you come here every week" I said "how would you like it if I put on your underwear and masturbated myself in them" while I was saying this I had picked up Chantelle's white cotton panties and sports bra and started to undress myself to put them on. By this time Chantelle was standing there watching me with tears running down her face and not realising she was slowly rubbing her pussy. I was now dancing in front of the mirror pulling her panties up the crack of my pussy doing what she had only minutes before when I said to her " I wondered why my panties felt a little stiff in the crouch now I know why, I thought it was because you used too much starch in the washing ". I was extremely turned on by now and decided to push ahead with situation in hand (no pun intended).

I walked up behind her and turned her to face the mirror. My underwear fitted her pretty good except her "c" cup tits had trouble filling my "d " cup bra but the panties were a perfect fit. I whispered in her ear " let's see how much starch we can put in these panties" as I slid my hand down her stomach and into her panties. "What do you think you're doing Mrs Taylor", "If you want to keep your job do as you are told" I said as I started to finger her pussy. She started to protest again but as I started to rub her clit her protest turned into moans of pleasure "No woman has ever done this to me before keep going keep going" she said. I myself had never done this to any woman before but I liked it and wanted more. I started to rub my aching clit on her ass cheeks as she leaned into me and started to pant hard. "Make me cum Mrs Taylor pleassse" she said. I said to her "After you cum darling I want you to wash my panties clean with your piss like I'm doing to yours right now". Her body stiffened a little in shock I don't think she believed me so she slid her hand around her back and up my thigh and realised that I actually was pissing in HER panties and it was running down my leg into my high heels.

This I think pushed her over the edge as her legs parted as wide as they would go. I had to push my leg between hers to keep her from falling on the floor, all the time pulling hard on her clit. Then she screamed "I'm cumming Mrs Taylor I'm cumming I'm cumming" And cum she did. I couldn't believe how much cum this girl had. She was rubbing her pussy up and down my thigh screaming in ecstasy. As her orgasm subsided my thigh started to fell all warm and wet when I realised she was pissing in MY panties as I told her to do earlier. I was still rubbing her clit at this stage so I slid my hand down to let her piss flow through my fingers. It was the most erotic thing that I (and I'm sure Chantelle) had ever done.

When Chantelle had finished she stood up and turned around to face me. She had this evil sexy look in her eyes now and leaned forward and gave me a huge tongue kiss and said, " Now let me help you starch MY panties", and she slid her soft little hand down the front of Her panties. I told her "let me finish washing them first and then you can dry and starch them with your mouth" as I let go the rest of my piss into her waiting hand.

We spent the rest of the day going through MY entire underwear, washing and starching as much as we could. Chantelle told me that she had been masturbating in MY panties since she started cleaning for me, as she didn't have any sexy one's of her own, and loved the feeling of the soft sexy material next to her skin. She said sometimes she would cum in MY panties and just put them back in the draw without washing them.

That was 6 months ago and Chantelle now comes twice a week, once on Wednesdays to clean the house & wash and starch my underwear and again on Saturdays so I can wash and starch hers. In the last month, we have started to recycle all the washing liquid if you get my drift. (PS I've also increased her weekly wage to $150.00 for all the good work that she does).

More to (cum) soon I hope.

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