I was so very pleased when my college friend Amy called to say she and her husband would be in town. Although we've kept in touch, more or less, I hadn't actually seen Amy since graduation almost five years ago. I had never met John.

"Are you sure it's not an imposition?" she asked on the phone. "I know you don't have much space."

"Not at all! I'd love to see you," I replied.

"That's great," she said with her usual enthusiasm, "and Beth, I've got some special news to share with you... but it can wait until we are there!"

Amy always enjoyed a mystery. I pressed her about this news of hers just enough to let her know I was interested, but not so much as to make her feel guilty for not telling me right away. It was just like we were roommates again.

It was true that I didn't have much space. I lived in a small one bedroom apartment on the third floor of a creaky old building on the outskirts of downtown. It was convenient to work, but the rent was high in that area, and I couldn't afford much. Yet I had a fold out couch I got from my parents, and enough space for my friends to crash for a couple of nights. It was probably just as well that I was between boyfriends though. My apartment would be crowded enough with three of us.

The day my friends arrived was probably the hottest day of the summer. Although I usually make due with a couple of window fans, that morning I regretted not getting the air conditioner I had been thinking about. Yet the heat didn't do anything to dampen Amy's natural enthusiasm. As soon as she walked in the door she bubbled with energy.

"Oh, wow! Your place is so cute!"

"Thanks," I said hugging her.

She then introduced me to John. He was much more reserved than her but was still open and friendly. "I'm pleased to finally met you," he said with a confident voice as he shook my hand.

"The same here," I replied.

"And guess what?" Amy put both hands on her belly and smiled broadly. That's when I noticed that she had a bulge.

"No way!" I exclaimed.

"Yep!" She giggled and nodded.

"When are you due?"

"Late October, actually," she replied, "so not tonight."

John laughed. "Yeah, let's hope not tonight, eh?"

"Put your things there by that door," I said as I took Amy by the arm and headed toward the kitchen. "Would you two like something to drink?"

"Sure," Amy said, "but not alcoholic,"

"Come on," I replied. "It's two in the afternoon. I would *never* expect you to drink anything alcoholic at two in the afternoon!" We both laughed.

We spent the rest of the day sitting around my tiny living room and catching up. John didn't say much and seemed content to just let Amy and I reminisce about old times. He was one of those people with very intense eyes. When he looked at me he seemed to look into me, as if he was trying to see my very soul. I was a little uncomfortable with it at first, but he also had a friendly, easy going manner that made him seem safe.

"What do you think of John," Amy asked me quietly when he stepped into the bathroom for a moment.

"I think he's great," I said with a smile. "You did well."

"Yeah, I'm lucky," she said.

"He's got a great body too," I added grinning.

"He does," Amy said, "but, hey, you aren't supposed to notice that!"

We went out for dinner since I wasn't about to cook anything in that heat. It was very nice to go to an air conditioned restaurant. I had thought to pay for my guests, but the prices at the place we choose made me nervous. Thankfully John suggested right away that we split the check.

While walking back to the bus stop after dinner, Amy was ahead and John walked with me.

"I'm surprised you don't have a boyfriend," he said.

"I did, but... we broke up." I felt strangely giggly and embarrassed.

"That was his loss, I think. You are very nice, very smart, and very beautiful."

"Oh, well..." I mumbled. I didn't know what to say. "Now John, if I didn't know you were happily married I'd say you were flirting with me." He laughed.

Once back at my apartment our conversation continued into the night. Yet it wasn't long before Amy was falling asleep on John's shoulder. I thought about kidding her about becoming an old lady, but decided against it. In many ways I envied her.

It was only 11:00 when I helped them open their bed and we all got ready for the night. I checked the locks on the door, turned on the night lights, and bid them a good night.

"Let me know if you need anything," I said. "Really, you can wake me up if you have to."

"Oh don't worry about us," Amy replied.

"We'll be fine," said John. "Have a good night."

I retired to my bedroom and closed the door. I slipped out of my clothes and pulled on my nightshirt and a fresh pair of panties. It was, alas stifling hot. I tried pointing the window fan at the bed, but I was not very successful. Finally I opened the door a bit to at least let some air circulate. Climbing into bed, I switched on the reading light clamped to the headboard and opened my latest trash novel.

It was after midnight when I finally closed my book and turned off the light. I settled down to sleep but the heat kept me awake. I threw off the covers and tried to relax but I couldn't get comfortable. Instead I found myself thinking about one of the love scenes in the book I was reading. I thought about the passion -- heat of a different kind -- between new lovers. How long had it been for me again?

Soon I slid my hand under my nightshirt and fondled my breasts, brushing my fingertips over my hardening nipples. I glanced toward the door wishing my guests were not there. With a sigh I stopped my touching and rolled onto my side, trying once again to fall asleep. Alas, the fire between my legs had ignited and would not be ignored. Soon I had my hand pressed against the crotch of my panties, rubbing slowly. I lifted one knee and pulled my panties aside so I could run a finger around my moist opening. Nervously I glanced toward the door again, but everything appeared safe.

To be extra sure I climbed out of bed and peeked down the hall toward the darkened living room. I heard John snoring lightly, but otherwise there was no sign of life. I knew I should close the door, but I couldn't stand the thought of the heat so I left it ajar. Returning to my bed I quickly slipped out of my nightshirt and panties, tossing them haphazardly on the floor. I lay on top of the sheets nude, trying to stay at least a little cool.

I touched my belly, rubbing my fingers over my body in slow, sensuous circles. I cupped my breasts with both hands, massaging and stroking them. I gently dragged my nails over my nipples, focusing first on one, then the other, then both at once. It felt wonderful and I bit my lip slightly to keep from whimpering.

I bent my knees, raising them up and opening myself to an imagined lover. With one hand on my breast, I moved the other between my legs. My fingers found their way through the tangle of my pussy hair to the wet folds of my slit. I thrust my hips upward and begin to stroke my clit steadily. I imagined a new lover entering me... taking me... fucking me. For several wonderful minutes I masturbate like that; my legs gradually spreading wider and wider as I got more aroused until my feet were off the bed and my knees were almost to my breasts. I felt totally sexual, like a bitch in heat. I wanted to moan but I didn't dare. The only sound was my ragged panting and the liquid noise of my very excited pussy.

I felt myself getting close to orgasm, but I wanted to draw it out. I opened my eyes and rolled to one side, letting one knee rest against the sheets while keeping the other raised. I put my hand back between my legs to continued what I was doing, but then I glanced toward the door and, to my shock, I saw John standing in the hallway watching me. He was wearing only boxers and nothing else. I froze and John disappeared. I wasn't sure what to do and for a long moment I didn't move at all. My heart pounded in my chest, not only because of my arousal but also because my best friend's husband just caught me masturbating. How long had he been watching?

I looked toward the door but there was only darkness visible through the narrow opening. Tentatively I began to stroke myself again and delightful sensations started to wash over me. I closed my eyes. Maybe John went away. Maybe I imagined seeing him. Maybe I was too horny to care.

Soon I was close to orgasm again and I slowed down a little to tease myself. I opened my eyes and John was there again... watching me. Instead of shock, I felt glad. Our eyes meet and this time he did not back away. I stroked myself steadily while he looked at me intently. I saw his eyes move down my body and rest between my legs. I hoped he wanted to fuck me, and that idea turned me on even more.

I paused and then reached over and turned on the light above the bed. It seemed very bright, and it made me feel completely exposed and vulnerable. I sat up on the edge of the bed, facing John, with my legs spread comfortably. I looked right at him and continued to masturbate. With one hand I stroked my breasts and pulled on my nipples. With the other I rubbed my pussy. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn't care. I was too aroused. All I wanted was to let John see me.

John took his cock out of his boxers and started to touch himself. He was extremely, wonderfully hard. His cock pointed almost straight up in a graceful arc. He wrapped his hand around his thick shaft and pumped himself with long, steady strokes. I watched in fascination the way the muscles in his arms and shoulders flexed as he moved. I couldn't help but wonder what he and Amy looked like when they made love. I'm sure they were beautiful together.

I leaned back and lifted my feet to the edge of the bed. I spread my legs obscenely, showing John my pussy in the soft light. I wanted to excite him. I wanted to turn him on. I wanted him to think about my pussy the next time he fucked his wife. John stroked his cock rapidly now, his gazed fixed on my wet cunt. I was intensely horny. I had been close to orgasm for a while and finally I couldn't resist it any longer. I yelped in pleasure as I begin to cum, closing my eyes as I rode the waves of ecstasy. When it was finally over I found John smiling wickedly at me. He gave me a knowing nod.

Afterward I sat up again on the edge of the bed while John stroked himself rapidly. He was totally intent on what he was doing, wanting to get himself off. His rigid erection glistened with wetness. I continued to rub my clit, now slowly and gently, enjoying the aftershocks. After a minute my sensitivity was gone. I leaned against my pillows, stretched out my legs and began to stroke myself rapidly as well. It only took seconds for me to cum again and, as usual, it was much stronger than the first one.

"Unnnggghhh..." I groaned, rather louder than I should. Yet I couldn't help making sound, it felt so wonderful. My body spasmed in profound pleasure and I could feel my breasts shake. "Oh God," I moaned softly in the middle of my orgasm.

"Fuck..." John gasped. He groaned and then thrust his hips powerfully forward. A glob of semen shot from his cock in a high arc, splattering on the rug only a short distance from me. He grunted as his cock squirted again and again, his hips jerking slightly with each shot. His eyes were only partly open, and on his face was a dazed expression of rapture. When he was finally done, he had cum running over his hand and dripping from his fingers.

His display was terribly exciting and I stroked my clit rapidly as I watched it. John continued to pull on his cock, squeezing out the last of his cum. My eyes were drawn to the puddles of cum on the rug in front of him and then to the drop of cum that dripped unexpectedly from his knuckles. It was too much for me.

"Unnnggghhh!!!" I groaned as another orgasm took me. It was the best one yet and the ecstasy was almost more than I could bear. "Ohhh Gawwwd!!!" I cried out helplessly. When it was over I rolled onto my back, spread my legs, and continued to masturbate steadily. In seconds I came yet again, not as strongly, but still very nicely.

Finally I felt relaxed, content, and drained. I didn't dare to move, or speak, or even look. After a minute or two, or maybe more, I glanced toward the door. John was not there. I feel disappointed, but I know in my heart that it was best that way. I pulled a sheet lightly over me and sleep finally took me.

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