tagIncest/TabooWatching Mom Watching Me

Watching Mom Watching Me


I like the shape of breasts, and the dark nipples with their pointed tips. I want to see them whenever I can - pictures, videos, and real life of course. The best way to see them is when the woman reveals them subtly. Like when my mother wears her robe loosely, and leans to reach for something, while I sneak a peek into the mysterious world of her sexuality. She doesn't acknowledge what she's giving me, but I'm sure she knows it, perhaps on a level that she'd never admit to anyone. Women don't like to be thought of as sluts, but they also want to be sexy. And the conflict of this is resolved through innocent displays of their bodies when they know there's no threat, when they can be a little devilish and know that they'll get away with it.

So when I walked into the unlocked bathroom, the realization that it was occupied by my mother was a shock. The nice surprise was that she was lying naked in the steamy tub, and the bath water was not filled with suds the way that we commonly see in movies. Instead, most of what she could consider private was exposed to my view, her glistening breasts, the mounds shaded pink from the heated water, and the enlarged pink nipples, bloated to full size from being soaked. And, further down, I was able to enjoy a view of her nicely shaped belly, and thighs, and the groomed brown pubic hair alongside her puffed out vagina. It was a first for me, seeing her vagina, and she didn't move her hands too quickly to cover it as she asked who was there. Her position in the tub faced away from me, she couldn't see me at all. As a matter of fact, all I could see of her head were a few wisps of her dark hair against her right shoulder, the rest of it was blocked from my view by the bathtub wall. It was a perfect place to be, from my perspective.

"Sorry mom, didn't know you were in here." I tried to say it nonchalantly, even though I was a horny young 19 year old.

"That's ok dear." Yes, I thought to myself, she isn't going to scold me and pull the authority role. Even though she had both hands placed lightly over her crotch, she continued to lay in the tub with her breasts in full view. "It's my fault, my bathtub's broken, and I should have told you I would be in here." I prayed she wouldn't ask me to leave, so I tried to think quickly.

"I was just going to brush my teeth. I'll go back to my room and then you can call me when you come out"

"Sure," she said. "But as long as you stay by the sink, you might as well brush now. I mean you've already seen me, and it's not like you're going to stare at your own mother, are you?"

Stare? As in what I was doing at that moment? "Of course not mom. I'm an adult now, I'm ok with this." I was only wearing flannel boxers, and if my mom leaned out she would see that my cock was pitching quite a tent in there. But I felt pretty sure she wasn't about to look at me eye to eye. I turned on the faucet to keep things going, and took out my brush and put paste on it, just in case she decided to check on me. As I brushed I kept my gaze sideways toward the tub. And my mother resumed her bathing, taking both hands off her vagina, grabbing a bar of soap and sponge. She lifted her left thigh and wiped it up and down with the soapy sponge. I watched as the newly formed bubbles trickled down into the soft hair of her crotch. I could now see a gap between the layers of her vaginal lips, caused by her new position. I pushed my penis to the side to keep it from emerging between the snaps of my boxers, and I left my hand on it to feel the throbbing while I watched my mother's glistening nudity.

I felt it was near the limit of her not being comfortable. "I'm done now mom. Thanks for not kicking me out."

"No problem dear. I'm glad you weren't offended. You've matured quite a bit since the days I used to beg you to brush your teeth and take a bath." This little snippet of conversation was actually detaining me, allowing me to continue my sweetly sinful enjoyment. My mom ran the sponge up her thigh and into her vagina, circling the inside layers to clean them.

"I was a kid mom. Things are different now."

"Yes, you're in a man's body now," she said. "But you'll always be my boy. And it's even better now, because we can also relate on an adult level. I get the best of both worlds." I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but I liked the sound of it.

"Mom, I was afraid you'd be mad at me for disturbing your bath. I'm not offended at all by accidentally seeing you. I'm actually amazed at how nice your body looks." I cringed in hope that my words wouldn't make her scream back at me. To my surprise, there was a brief moment of silence, and I felt like my face was starting to flush.

"Wait son, before you leave I want to show you something." She stood up and stepped out of the tub facing me. I tried to remain calm, tried to have nerves of steel, but I could feel myself trembling. "It's merely a human body. Nothing to be ashamed of, especially between a mother and her grown up son." She took her bath towel and wrapped it around her waist, leaving her dripping breasts fully exposed. "But you need to learn this completely. You're able to look at my body and remain calm, but are you able to accept things in reverse?"

"I'm not sure what you mean," I said nervously even though I hoped the meaning would lead to something more, something to keep us from ending the moment. "What's the reverse?"

"Watching is a nice way to learn about love, and pleasure," she said. "And it's a way to have fun without taking advantage of the other person. Now, why don't you take your shower while I'm in here so that I can have a chance to check out how my boy looks in his adult body?"

I couldn't believe my ears. My mom was expressing a desire to see me nude, and there wasn't much left to reveal, except the part I'd always wanted to show her, especially in the enlarged hardened state it was in.

"I'll brush my hair while I watch you. It's no big deal." My mom took her hair brush and rested her butt on the sink, smiling at me while I tried not to be so obviously preoccupied with the up and down motions of her breasts. She cupped her hand under her right breast, holding it up closer to my view, causing the nipple to spread wider. "You see, I don't mind showing myself to you. Aren't you a little proud of how your mom looks?" She unsnapped the top of my boxers and the top of my dick jutted straight out, pointing directly at her. The boxers fell straight to the floor.

"Oh my," she said, "that's a nice one. Some lucky girl would love to play with that. Turn around like a good young man and let me see your butt." Of course I complied and felt a little embarrassed feeling my dick waver in the air as I moved in a circle.

"Now before you take your shower, stand a little closer to me. If you jerk yourself off you'll get a good night's rest. You can shoot it right here," she said as she leaned forward slightly, her breasts swaying like lovely round targets. "I like the way warm sperm feels on me, and I bet yours is nice and slippery. And tonight I'll have the memory of your hard dick while I use the vibrator."

"Mom, you're great," I said. "I'm not embarrassed about my body or yours." I stroked slowly at first and noticed that the head of my dick had turned purple, and then I quickly pumped hard as my semen burst out and I watched each pulse land onto my mother's naked chest. She smoothed the first shot over her left nipple as more sperm continued to flow from me. I felt like it was being drawn from the deepest part of my groin and my orgasm lasted longer than usual. I had performed for her. Just as she asked I had masturbated while she watched, and it was nice that she allowed her beautiful breasts to be on display for me, and it was good to see a smile on her pretty face as I unloaded on her moist flesh.

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