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Watching My Boyfriend Submit


Working with my boyfriend is not as bad as what people think. Most of my friends claim that they would get sick of seeing their other every day as Chris and I do. We both work in an office building with Chris being the assistant manager and myself the secretary.

"Hey Lily!" It was one of the other secretaries, Judy, who always had something to say.

"Judith! Hi. Whatever gossip you have can you hold for like 10 or 20 more minutes? I have way too much work to get done."

"No gossip. I just need you to run this to Mr. Barnam's office for me real quick. I was supposed to be at a meeting 15 minutes ago and I don't want to get into any more trouble."

With a sigh of frustration I replied, "Sure sure. Take care"

Judy handed me the papers and rushed off toward the conference rooms on the floor below. One of the perks of my secretary position is that I am on the managerial floor meaning it is just myself, Chris, and our boss despite all the extra cubicles for people to use.

I started walking briskly down the hall and I could hear Chris and Mr. Barnam talking about something serious. Chris's office is adjoined to Mr. Barnam's and is also the only way to get into Mr. Barnam's work station. By how loud the voices were, I could tell they were inside Mr. Barnam's office

I walked into Chris's office and noticed the door to the next room open slightly. I was just about to knock when I heard what they were saying. "Each screw up is going to cost you, Chris. This is my money you are losing and I can't tolerate it anymore."

I couldn't see Chris's face completely as he sat across the desk from Mr. Barnam but I could vaguely make out his reflection in the window. He had a concerned look on his face and started to fidget in his seat.

"Im sorry sir. Next quarter's numbers will look 10 times better. Just please no more making me pay for it"

No making him pay for it? Was he stealing Chris's money? Mr. Barnam got up from his desk and started to close the shades. The sun being blocked out made it easier to see Chris's face and he was looking scared.

"You'll pay for it until you quit with the screw ups. Now you know the drill, sign the papers here" he said as he slid a stack of papers across the desk. Chris slowly got up from the chair and bent over the desk to sign the papers. Thinking now would be a good time to bring the documents Judy needed delivered to Mr. Barnam; I started to bring my hand up to the door when Mr. Barnam got up from his seat and walked around toward Chris. What I saw made me stop my hand in mid air

Mr. Barnam was rock hard. His pants pushing out as much as possible as his dick pushed against them. Did he like making Chris feel bad?

He slid the chair aside with his foot and got behind Chris. Grabbing his waist, he started grinding against him and got real close to his ear. I could barely hear what he whispered but I know he said, "Each time you screw up, you get me all stressed and worked up. I relieve that stress by screwing you back." He slowly pushed Chris down further toward the desk. His reflection showed that he was terrified of what was about to come.

For some reason I couldn't bring myself to intervene. My stomach suddenly felt warm and my breathing slightly increased. Mr. Barnam stood at 6 foot 2 and was still muscular from his age of 34. He inherited his job from his dad which is why he is so young for being regional manager at his age. There have been time I imagined him taking me on my desk but today it seemed like Chris was going to live my dream.

Mr. Barnam started grinding up and down against Chris who was trying his best to get through the papers. He continually rubbed Chris's back and grabbed his ass. Mr. Barnam's face showing pure bliss as he humiliated Chris. My hand slowly started moving down my chest and under my skirts waistline. I never knew seeing man being taken by another man would be so erotic.

He finally gave Chris's ass a hard smack and muttered, "It's time to pay me back for your failure, Chris." He reached around and undid Chris's belt and slid them down to the floor as well as Chris's underwear. My boyfriend's ass was so smooth and firm from running track and swimming. Constantly needing to shave it made it a good tool to grab on when he fucked me. Mr. Barnam looked as if he agreed as well.

Mr. Barnam skipped removing his pants and simply undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. It stood at 8 or 9 inches and incredibly thick making Chris's look small at 6 inches and average thickness. He continued to toy with Chris by sliding his throbbing cock up and down between his ass cheeks. I glanced a look at Chris's reflection and saw that his face showed fear.

As well as a slight bit of pleasure each time Mr. Barnam's head brushed his ass hole

I rubbed my clit faster thinking to myself that I want to see my boss's dick disappear into my boyfriend's ass. I had no idea what got over me thinking that. My panties began to get wetter and wetter with anticipation as his head traveled up and down Chris's ass.

"I thought I have been a little too hard on you Chris. Reach in the top drawer and grab the tube. It will make your time a little easier." Chris did as he was told and brought out a tube of lube and handed it back to Mr. Barnam. "Nun uh uh. I want you to apply it." Chris obliged by opening the bottle and squirting some lube onto his hand. Mr. Barnam kept Chris in place making him reach behind him and stroking the awaiting cock. My boss's face was filled with joy as my boyfriend's greased up hand slid up and down my boss's dick.

My boss finally told him to stop and stood back behind Chris once again. I stopped rubbing my clit in anticipation of what was to come next. Finally after making Chris wait, my boss started to push his head into Chris's ass. I couldn't help it. I slid 2 fingers into my soaking pussy. I took another quick glance at Chris's reflection and saw that he was biting his lower lip in pleasure. Did he actually enjoy being taken? A low moan escaped his mouth as Mr. Barnam finally slid all the way in and was pressed against Chris's ass. Grinding back and forth, my boss grabbed Chris's ass and made him slowly moan like a woman. I started becoming hotter and hotter watching Mr. Barnam's dick slid out of Chris's ass then force back in.

His dick sliding in and out faster and faster made me finger myself to the speed Chris was being fucked. His moans becoming louder and louder as he grabbed ahold of the sides of the desk which was now moving back and forth from the force Chris was being fucked. I could tell Mr. Barnam was getting close. To humiliate him even more, he leaned back down to Chris's ear and asked, "What would your dear secretary girlfriend think if she saw me taking your sweet ass for me to use?"

I lost it. I let out a muffled moan that could still be heard as cum ran down my hand and got soaked up by my panties. I would have been discovered if Chris had not let out a louder moan as he shot a load all over the desk. The satisfied look in my boss's face showed that Chris was his toy to fuck when he wanted. He finally let out a grunt of dominance as he shot his load deep into Chris's stretched hole. The cum seeped out as Mr. Barnam slowly pulled out and it ran down Chris's balls. With one final smack on the ass, he told Chris to get back to work and next time Chris screwed up, he would make Chris suck him off 3 times each day for a week.

My humiliated boyfriend started to pull his pants up and I figured it was my time to leave. I rushed to the women's restroom and took off my soaked panties. I plunged 3 fingers into my juicy pussy as I imagined what would happen when I come home with a surprise from Chris in the nest few days......

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Do you think you could do it in the boyfriend's pov?

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