Watching My Mom


Since the cottage didn't have a television, Mom and I spent the later part of the evening after diner sitting couch, either reading or sometimes playing cards. That night wasn't any different. Mom was busy reading a magazine, while I pretended to read a book. Then I finally got up the nerve to ask the question.

".. Mom?" I said.

"Uh huh.." she replied.

"I was just wondering. Do you think .." I paused.

"Do I think; what?" she asked.

Mom looked up from her magazine and must have noticed that my face was turning a bright color of red as could feel myself blushing. My heart started pounding as I struggled to get the words out.

"What is it?" she asked again.

"I was just wondering. Do you think I could see ... your ass?" I said sheepishly.

Mom's brow furrowed. She stared at me almost with an air of disbelief. Just as I was expecting her to berate me for being so lewd, she stood up from the couch with her back towards and slid her hands under the elastic waistband of her shorts readying herself to pull them off. She paused looking back at me.

"Now I'm only going to do this once and you have to promise me that you're going to stop spying on me." she said.

I was shocked. I was speechless. I nodded my head in affirmation as I couldn't refuse now, despite her conditions.

Mom slid her shorts slowly down her ass, but stopped before pulling so that her pussy was not exposed from the rear. She turned slightly.

"There it is..." she said.

As she was turning I could see that around the front on lowered shorts that a line pussy hairs were puffing from under her waistband.

"Could you.. uh.. take them all off?" I asked.

"OK." she shrugged.

She then finished the job pulling them down and stepping out of them. Backing towards me she stuck her ass out and began wiggling it at me and I could now make out the hairy patch between her legs that was her pussy.

"How's that?" she said.

"Uh ...nice" I said.

Just I noticed that Mom's eyes had wandered down to my cock. I looked down and saw that, without even realizing it, I had begun to fondle my hard cock through my pajama bottoms. I didn't stop though. The idea that Mom was watching me masturbate was a huge turn-on, so I took it even further and pulled off my pajama bottoms releasing my stiff cock to the open air. Then I reached over to side table and picked up Mom's bottle of moisturizer. I squeezed a big blob out and with my cock now lubricated I began to very slowly jack it off. When I turned my attention back to Mom, who I know noticed had also turned red.

"Mom .. I can see your pussy?" I asked

With little hesitation, Mom complying to my request, turned around and sat back down on the couch. She faced me with her legs spread open, one of which was dangling over the back of the couch. I sat and stared engrossed at the site of her now totally exposed pussy. I could now clearly make out her large pink labia lips and even the nub of her clitoris. I saw her hand then reach down and she began to slowly finger her pussy with her middle finger. I watched as she slowly make small circles around her clit and then to my surprise she inserted her finger, pushing up to her knuckle. I had to release my hand from my cock so that I wouldn't come. Then I watched as Mom withdrew her finger, which along with her pussy, was now wet.

Then to my complete surprise, Mom leaned over and grabbed my cock in her hand and began to jack me off, all the while she continued to finger herself with her other hand. Mom was obviously an expert and within a few moments I released a massive load in sheer ecstasy...

And with that ended the lust filled adventures with my Mom. Keeping my promise, I never again spied on my Mom and to this day, neither her nor I ever mentioned the incident we experienced in that cottage ever again.

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