tagLoving WivesWatching My Wife Ch. 02

Watching My Wife Ch. 02

byWoody Woodwood©

We spoke to Steve to confirm that we would be coming back to the studio for the promotional shoot, and agreed that we would again make it a weekend, so that it didn't take up his studio time during the week. It also meant that I could go along with Anna and hopefully watch her getting a little more attention from Steve's crew.

He told us that he would need to shoot a range of material, covering all aspects, clothed through to nude, and suggested that Anna should bring a business suit, a full set of matching underwear, including suspender belt, and stockings, a bikini and a babydoll.

We arrived at the studio at 10am as agreed, to be greeted by Steve, Carl and John who were there too.

Steve asked to see the clothing we had brought with us, and then sent her away with Carl and John to have her hair and make-up done.

Steve asked if I wanted to watch as Anna was prepared for the shoot, and I tried to stay calm and collected as I said yes. Steve switched the CCTV on so that I had full view of the changing room, and I watched as Anna, Carl and John entered the room. The room was rigged with four cameras so I could see from all angles at the same time, and listen in too. Carl suggested that Anna strip off before he started on her make-up. She was a little surprised at this request and asked why this was necessary, Carl explained that as they would be shooting full nude shots, she would need a base foundation all over before she got dressed in her lingerie.

Anna accepted this, and started to strip out of her clothes, Carl and John didn't take much notice of my beautiful wife stripping off in front of them, and they merely continued getting everything ready. Once she was nude, Anna sat in the chair while John touched up her hair, and Carl got started on the foundation, starting on her arms and shoulders.

Once John had finished with her hair, he started to help Carl with the foundation, starting with her feet, and working up her legs. By this time Carl had completed her arms and shoulders, and suggested it would be easier to do the rest if Anna stood up. She just stood there with her legs apart as John knelt in front of her working up her legs with the foundation cream. His face was just at pussy height, and he must have had a wonderful close up view of Anna's pussy. Meanwhile Carl was working down her back and sides.

Then, almost in unison, I saw Carl's hand slip under her arms working foundation into her stomach, while John's hands moved round to cup her buttocks and gently massage in the foundation.

As Carl's hands moved slowly upwards towards her breasts Steve interrupted my thought pattern by asking me if I was enjoying watching my wife being fondled by two men. What could I say, he was obviously aware that I was, so I admitted it. By now the screen showed Carl's hands gently massaging Anna's lovely little breasts, and by the look on her face she was enjoying it too. John hand got to grips with her bottom, and was now working on her lower stomach and inner thighs. The camera angle wasn't fantastic, but it would be reasonable to assume that as he applied the cream to her inner thigh he must have made contact with her pussy lips.

I couldn't say for certain, but I'm sure I saw her flinch just a little when he made contact with her clit.

Steve then asked the 64 million-dollar question – how far would I like to see my wife go? I thought about it for a while as we watched the two men put the finishing touches to her make up. Anna the started to dress for the first set of the shoot, putting on her stockings and suspenders, bra, knickers, blouse and skirt.

"As far as you can get her to go" I replied with a shaky voice "with one condition, I get to watch it all, and get a copy of absolutely every picture".

"Deal" said Steve.

Once Anna had finished dressing, we all decamped to the studio for the first set. This was to be a sensual striptease. Anna sat on the sofa, and followed Steve's instructions very carefully as he directed her to turn this way and that, lifting her leg to expose a little stocking top, before letting them drift apart to expose her skimpy knickers to the prying camera.

I have to say watching my wife as she slowly stripped to order in front of three other men was having the desired effect on me. By the time Steve had Anna unbutton her blouse to expose her pert little breasts encaptured in the see through bra, I had a raging hard on.

Anna slipped the blouse off, and leant forward over the sofa, wife the skirt pulled up to expose her knicker clad bottom. The Steve had her stand and slowly push the skirt down over her hips and let it fall to the floor. All the time he is shooting away with the camera capturing every second of her striptease, and every inch of her body.

He asked her to slip her hand inside her bra and cup her breast, and then slowly pull the cup aside to expose her nipple – it was very warm in the studio, so the fact that her nipple was rock hard showed that she was probably as turned on as I was. She reached behind her to unclasp the bra and slipped it down her arms, bringing both of her breasts into view, before peeling her knickers down to expose her beautiful pussy to us all.

So clad in just her stockings and suspenders, which I personally find the most erotic of sight, Steve had her pose for the camera in various positions, exposing her pussy fully to us and the camera. For the final sequence he had her face away from us with her legs apart, and slowly bend over until she was looking straight back at the camera through her legs – this position really opened up her pussy for us all to see.

Anna disappeared back into the dressing room to slip her bikini on, and returned a couple of minutes later ready for the next set.

Steve announced that this set would be a couple sunbathing – Anna was shaken. "I never expected to be with someone else," she said nervously. But Steve calmly explained that professional models would be expected to work with other models all the time, so he needed to promotional material showing this. He added that as this was just for promotional material the other person in the shoot would be Carl.

"That's not so bad then," said Anna "He's already seen me naked, and helped with the make-up so it won't be quite so strange". At that point Carl came out of the dressing room wearing just a pair of swim shorts, and he did have a very toned body on show.

So we moved to the second set, where there were two towels laid out on a bed of sand. "Lets start with the two of you laid on the towels" said Steve. He posed them in various positions, you know the type of thing you'd see in beachwear catalogues, before moving them closer together getting Anna to lay her head on Carl's chest. Then he had them cuddling and messing around, ending with Anna on her back and Carl sitting astride her

"Ok" said Steve, "lets have some topless shots now", so Anna knelt up and reached behind her to unfasten the top. "No" Steve said "Remember you're supposed to be a loving couple on the beach, Carl should do that." So Carl knelt up behind her and unfastened her bikini leaving it hanging loose over her breast, then he reached around her and cupping both breasts slowly pushed the bikini top up and over her head.

Steve than had them lay down on the sand again, but this time Carl was snuggled close up behind her, with his arm wrapped around her, cupping her left breast, leaving the right breast exposed.

"Let's add a little suntan lotion now," said Steve, throwing a bottle over for Carl to catch. "We'll have Anna putting it on Carl first". So Carl laid face down and Anna knelt beside him gently massaging the suntan lotion into his back and shoulders, as she moved slowly down his back Steve told her not to forget to rub the cream under the edges of his swim suit. She worked her way down his back, and legs before Carl turned over to lie on his back. You could see clearly that he had enjoyed Anna's touch, as the bulge in his swimsuit had become far more pronounced.

Anna started at his feet, and slowly worked her way up his legs edging closer to his balls, and as she rubbed the cream into his inner thighs you could see his balls moving as her hand rubbed them up and down. She carefully pushed a little cream under the edge of his suit as she worked over his stomach and up towards his chest. "Lets have you sitting astride him while you lotion his chest" said Steve.

Anna complied with the request, sitting astride Carl, now the only thing between her pussy and his rock hard disk was two swimsuits. She must have been able to feel him rubbing up her pussy as she massaged his chest.

Once she had finished, Carl had her lay face down while he started to rub suntan lotion all over her arms and back. He didn't need asking to cream under her suit though, as he worked down her back he just slipped his hands under the bikini bottom, and massaged my wife's cute little arse. Then he worked his way down the back of her legs before turning her over.

Again he started at her feet, and worked his way up her legs, paying plenty of attention to the top of her thighs, and again you could see the material of her bikini moving under the pressure of his hands as he creamed the inside of her thighs.

Then he sat astride her, and squirted a line of lotion right across her breasts before gently massaging the cream over her lovely little tits, paying particular attention to her nipples. My raging hard on was fit to burst at this point. This was getting better by the minute as far as I was concerned. I really loved watching the guys applying the foundation, but this massage of her breasts was far more sexual and open than the quick touches earlier and at the first session.

Then he slid down her legs a bit, and slowly worked his hands down her stomach towards her bikini bottoms. When he reached them his he just carried on, pushing the bikini bottoms down a little with his hands until he was massaging the cream into the top of her pussy hair.

"Now, don't forget you're supposed to be a loving couple on the beach" said Steve, "So let's see a little messing around." I'm not sure that Anna understood what Steve meant, but Carl obviously did, because he just leant forward and softly kissed Anna smack on the lips. You could see she was a little surprised, but undeterred, Carl continued to lightly kiss her cheek before nibbling on her ear.

Now little did he know, but he had hit upon her weak spot – there was nothing that I knew that would turn her on more than having hr lobes kissed and nibbled. I saw her head just tilt back a little in that tell tale way, I knew she was now putty in his hands, and I think Carl knew that too. He stretched his legs back, so he was now laying on top of her, and she let her legs drift apart a little so he slipped down between them. His dick must have been rubbing up her pussy as he stretched forward squashing her breasts into his chest and continued to nibble her ear lobes.

Anna's arms came up around his back and reached down to his bottom, over his swimsuit, and gently pulling him in towards her obviously lost in the heat of passion.

Steve made a little gesture towards Carl, who slid his hand back down to Anna's breast, and lifting his chest just a little he started to gently tease her nipple with his fingers, while working back to her mouth with his lips. The he rolled them both over so that Anna was sat astride him, still with her bikini clad pussy directly over his now rock hard dick, and then he sat up, which put Anna's breast almost level with his face and in the one movement he had her breast in his mouth sucking away. Anna was siting there, with her head hanging back, her eyes closed, completely gone with the moment. I don't even think she was fully aware of where she was or the fact that she was being seduced on camera.

When he drew his mouth back off her breast I swear her nipple was longer and harder than I had ever seen it before. He flicked it with his tongue before switching to the other breast. While he was keeping my wife mesmerised with his breast sucking, his hands slid slowly down her back to her bottom, but this time he slid them inside her bikini bottoms so he was gripping her firm but tender cheeks and gently rocking her on the tip of his dick.

When he slipped his hands in the back of her bikini he left his thumbs outside – a strange thing I thought at the time, but then I realised that every time he rocked her gently forward he was easing his hands deeper into the bikini bottom, and with his thumbs hooked over the waistband her bottom was slowly being exposed.

Another gesture from Steve and Carl rolled over again, so they were laying face to face with Anna's now half uncovered bottom towards the camera, and his hands went right underneath her buttocks, exposing almost all of her bottom before he rolled her back onto hr back and lay alongside her. Now I could see that the slow and gentle pushing down of her bikini had uncovered about half of her pussy hair, and Carl's hand ran back up her body to her breast so he was sucking on one nipple while rolling the other between his fingers.

He then went back to nibbling her ear and gently massaging her breast. Again Anna's body tensed as she reacted to her ear being nibbled, and Carl read this sign so well. I watched as his hand left her breast and glided down to her half-mast bikini bottom and into the mass of her pubic hair. His hand slipped quietly out of view, but again the thumb was hooked over the waistband. His fingers must have been touched her pussy lips as her legs twitched the way a woman's legs do when a new man finds her honey pot for the first time.

Her legs drifted apart and his hand slipped between them, pushing the front of her bikini down as it went.

There was going to be no stopping her now, Anna was turned on and purring. I was rock hard and leaking pre cum like crazy.

Carl moved to kneel between her legs and pulled her up so she was kneeling in front of him. Her bikini was hardly covering anything by now, and he pulled her close kissing her and crushing her beasts into his chest again. His arms drifted slowly down her back until his hands were resting on her bikini, and then leaning back just a little he stared straight into her eyes as he eased her bikini bottom down to her knee's. Anna then stood up and let him pull them right down to the floor and over her feet.

This left Anna standing and Carl kneeling with his head at pussy height. He reached behind her and grabbing hold of her beautiful bottom gently pulled her pussy into his face, kissing and nibbling at her pussy lips.

I almost shot my load there and then. This was far more exciting than I ever imagined it could be. Sitting there in a photographic studio watching my now naked wife being licked and sucked by a virtual stranger, not only in front of me, but also in front of two other men and a camera. If you haven't tried it, you should.

Carl slowly stood up; kissing her stomach all the way up as he did so, and when he was standing he gently pushed her down. Anna responded by kissing his chest and stomach as she moved to kneel before him.

Once she was kneeling, his dick was level with her head, but still encased in his swimsuit. Anna gently kissed his dick through the suit before sliding her fingers into the edges of the suit and slowly pulling it down. Carl's dick was soon peaking out over the top of his suit, and Anna's mouth and tongue were straight on it licking and nibbling gently away as she slowly exposed him fully. She pulled his suit right down and off, and placing one hand around his rock hard shaft slowly pulled it down and into her waiting lips.

I had never seen my wife looking so turned on as she was right now. I had never seen my wife with another man's dick in her hand. I had never really imagined I ever would. I certainly hadn't imagined I would be so fascinated and so extraordinarily horny at the sight of it.

Carl's dick looked about average size, I wasn't about to measure it, but Anna had her lips wrapped around it and her hands were now firmly gripping his arse cheeks, holding him firm and steady as she started to give him a blow job.

Carl stood there with his eyes closed, and his hands in her hair, just enjoying it as Anna's head bobbed up and down his dick. After a couple of minutes of just basking in the pleasure of her sucking he slowly began to take control of the situation, tightening hi grip on her hair he started to thrust forward gently on her downward stroke, adding a little more thrust each time. His balls were slapping up her chin every time he sank his dick fully in her mouth. Her cheeks bulged from time to time when he thrust slightly sideways instead of straight into her mouth and throat.

He was beginning to fuck her face and Anna was enjoying it. Every few strokes he would pull his dick right back, almost popping out of her eager lips before plunging right back down until his balls rested on her chin and her lips were touching his stomach. His thrusting increased in pace, and I knew he was getting ready to fill her mouth his cum. Anna must have known as well, but she continued to grip his arse cheeks rocking her head back and forth in unison with his now frantic thrusting.

I couldn't take my eyes of the scene in front of me. There was my prim and proper wife, who a few weeks ago wouldn't have considered kissing another man eager sucking on the dick of someone he had only met twice, and with a photographer capturing the event forever. Carl's muscle began to tense as he approached the point of no return, and he thrust harder and harder into Anna's waiting mouth, then he pulled out completely and blew a massive dollop of creamy with cum all over her face and in her hair. Spurt after spurt of young mans cum hitting my smiling wife in the face. I can't say I'm an expert on men's cum, but it looked like one hell of a load to me. Once his last jet had arced over her face he slipped his still hard, but messy dick back between her lips.

His cum was dripping off Anna's face and slowly running down over her breasts and nipples.

"That's a wrap," said Steve calmly putting his camera down. "That was an amazing scene" he said "are you sure you haven't done this type of thing before?" he asked my wife. She let Carl's dick slip from between her lips, and just looked up at him sheepishly, with cum plastered in her hair, over her cheeks, and running down her breasts.

"Never" she replied "but it was fun".

"Well you'd better go get cleaned up" said Steve "and I think we'll stop there for now."

Anna seemed a little disappointed with the last sentence – I think she was ready for more if you know what I mean. But she and Carl headed of to the dressing rooms, while I went back into the office with Steve.

He asked me how I felt; now I'd watched my wife in action with another man, so I told him. Horny as hell. I had really enjoyed it, and it was evident that she had too. Then he asked if I still stood by what I had said earlier - "As far as you can get her to go" – so I asked him why.

"Well it's simple" he said "today we got her to give a young man a blow job and take a face full of cum without even breaking a sweat. If you still stand by your statement, bring her back next weekend and we'll get her laid properly"

"I'll see what I can do" I replied.

Anna joined us a couple of minutes later, as Steve was burning the CD of the shoot that he gave us.

"I've got to run these past some people but I'm confident that I can secure some paid work for you if you want it" he said to Anna "So you interested?" he asked.

Anna nodded her head and said we'd ring in the week to find out how things were. Then we left.

Once we were in the car on the way home Anna asked me how I felt about what had happened, and so I told her how turned on I had been watching her getting slowly seduced by Carl. She reached her hand across and unzipped my trousers, to release my still rampant dick before leaning across and slipping my dick in where Carl's had been a little earlier.

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