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Watching My Wife Get Fucked


My wife, Brandie, and I, have been into the HOT Wife lifestyle for close to 20 years. For the larger portion of that time we have also been members of a swingers club. Over the years, that club has moved around to 3 or 4 different buildings.

One of the things I like most about the HOT Wife lifestyle, is I like to "watch". Until we started sharing my wife with other men, I didn't know just how thrilling it would be to actually watch her having sex with another man. I found out that I have quite a strong voyeur streak in me that I didn't know was there. This story is going to tell you about one of my most enjoyable voyeuristic experiences in one of the older buildings the club was in.

In this building, there was a room that was a short staircase, up off the main dance floor. It wasn't really as high as being on a second floor, but it was above the main dance floor and seating area. At the top of the stairs, as you entered this room, you were facing the back wall. This room was half-moon shaped, so the back wall was curved and there was a long upholstered couch that ran all the way along that back wall. Sitting side by side, it could probably accommodate about 20 people.

Immediately to the left of the stairwell, (in fact you had to make a U-turn to the left to enter it), was a room with a door on it and the door had a small window in it. Only one couple at a time was allowed in that room and 2 or 3 people could crowd around the little window and watch what the couple inside was doing. One night, my 40ish year old wife was in that room with a 20 year old young stud that she was quite infatuated with, and had sex with many times, over about a year and a half time period; and one of my wife's girlfriends, and I, watched through that window as they had sex in that room. But that's not what this story is about.

To the immediate right of the stairwell, was a short wall, in fact it only came up to about waist high, and this wall ran off from the doorway at the top of the stairs, towards the far right wall, where the curved wall along the back turns towards the front of this room. Like everything in this room, this short wall was curved and split this room into two equals parts. The short wall stopped a few feet from the far wall, so that people could walk around the end of it into the area in front of this short wall. That area, in front of that short wall, was a "couples only" area. It had several couches and love seats along the front side of the short wall and some near the front wall, which was only a wall halfway up, then the upper portion of that front wall was glass, so that you could see out, and down, onto the main dance floor and seating area. This "couples only" area could accommodate maybe 10 or 15 couples. The couples would sometimes just sit and make out while they watched the action down below, but most often they would be having sex. Of course there was always a large crowd of people watching from along the short wall. The atmosphere in this entire room was quite and respectful of the couples engaged in whatever they were doing in the "couples only" area, and people spoke in hushed voices so as not to break the mood of what the couples were doing. You could still hear the music coming through the glass and up the stairs from the dance floor below and there was a constant murmur of people talking quietly to each other. This was a pretty cool place! A voyeur's delight!

I'm going to tell you about one particular time we went in to this room, but it's pretty typical of what happened almost every time we went up there.

This night, my wife was wearing a short white nightie. It only had thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders, so her upper chest and shoulders were bare, the top of it ran across her chest just above her nipples. The bottom of it was just below her ass cheeks, and the entire nightgown was made of lace, so that it was pretty opaque and didn't hide much. She was wearing a pair of very shear, black, thigh high stockings that stopped below the bottom of her gown, about mid-thigh, and a pair of sexy black satin pumps with straps around her ankles. She also had a heavy gold anklet around her right ankle that glistened whenever it caught a ray of light and brought your attention to the rose tattoo on the outside of her right ankle, as if you needed an excuse to be looking at my wife's sexy feet and legs! That's it, no bra, no panties.

By the time of the evening when my wife and I would go up to this room, she would already be pretty well buzzed with booze, (that's a good thing, it makes her less inhibited and "easier"), and both of us would have a drink in our hands. We would typically wiggle ourselves a space at the short wall and stand side by side watching the action of the couples on the other side. The top of the little short wall had a flat top and was great for setting a drink on. While we stood there watching, I would usually run my hand down onto my wife's bare ass and stand there rubbing it with the tail of her nightie held up by my wrist. The men sitting on the bench, along the curved wall behind us, would have a perfect view of me rubbing my wife's bare ass and it turned me on to know they were watching!

As we stood there watching the couples and I was rubbing her ass, we would talk about what the couples were doing. My wife always liked the ones where the guy was eating the woman's pussy. Brandie, like many women I suppose, loves to have her pussy eaten! In fact, if she can get the right guy to do it, she'll lay there and let you eat her for an hour, or more, and she'll have dozens of orgasms, from little ones to huge ones while you do it! So watching some of the other women getting their pussy licked, always turned my wife on, while she was thinking about having a tongue in her own snatch.

Often while we stood there watching, the man on the other side of my wife would strike up a conversation with her. In this setting, and especially if the guy didn't see us come into the room together, he might not realize that the guy on the other side of her, (me), was her husband. That was OK by me. This particular time was no different. The guy on the other side of my wife started talking to her. Because they were whispering back and forth, I couldn't hear what they were saying. I usually couldn't. But my wife would always tell me later that the guy was asking her if she liked what she was seeing and what she liked best, etc.

Sometimes, when we went into this room, I would just take a seat on the bench along the back wall and let my wife stand at the short wall by herself. That way I could watch as some guy would start talking to her and inevitably start rubbing her bare ass like I was right now. That was always fun to watch!

But this night, I was standing there rubbing my wife's ass when the guy on the other side of her struck up a conversation with her. Before I knew it, his hand was on my wife's ass, WITH MINE! I thought that was pretty bold, but then again, he might not have even known my hand was there until he felt it when he slid his hand onto her ass and our hands bumped each other. The other guy pulled his hand away and looked around my wife and told me, "Oh, sorry man."

I said, "Oh, quite alright. Go ahead.", and I kind of threw both my hands up in the air to sort of say, "Go ahead, her ass is all your's."

Then I picked up my drink and walked back to the curved couch and sat down to watch my wife with this other guy. Whether he knew Brandie was my wife, or not, I don't know. He may have just thought that I was trying to pick her up and that he had won out, I don't know. But, once I was on the couch behind them, he had turned to face my wife so that he was pressed right up against her, and his hand was all over Brandie's ass. As he rubbed my wife's ass, I saw them whispering back and forth and then I saw this guy kiss Brandie's neck and press his lips right against her ear as he whispered to her. She later told me that he was telling her what a nice ass she had.

I sat on that couch, slowly sipping my drink and watching my wife with this other man. At first, they were just standing there watching across the wall while he kept his hand constantly on her ass and kept rubbing and squeezing it. Every once in a while, he would lean over and whisper into Brandie's ear and she would answer him. She later told me it was the standard, "What do you like? Do you like what they are doing?", type of conversation. This went on for several minutes.

Then I saw the guy kiss my wife on the mouth and I could see that she wasn't resisting, in fact, it was quite plain to see, even in the dim light of the room, that she was swapping tongue with the guy and enjoying it very much. Then I saw the guy's hand slide around from my wife's ass and go between her legs. My wife turned toward him so that he had better "access" and I saw her do everything, (spreading her legs, moving just right, etc.), to help him get his hand onto her pussy and his fingers into her cunt! They stood there for not more than a minute, kissing, while he fingered her pussy, when I saw my wife take him by the hand and lead him toward the end of the wall and around into the couples area. I knew that her pussy must be on fire and she needed some cock to put it out!

I jumped up and went to the wall, wiggling into the spot they just vacated, so that I could see. I saw my wife lead the guy to a love seat, right in front of me, on the other side of the wall. The guy sat down on the seat and my wife got on her knees, straddle of his lap, and they began making out. They were right in front of me. In fact if this guy were to move his head to the side, I could have leaned over and kissed my wife, but that wasn't allowed, "couples only", and there was a room monitor there to make sure everyone followed the rules.

The guy pulled my wife's nightie up and was rubbing his hands all up and down her legs, thighs, and ass. I have no doubt that he enjoyed the feel of those high quality stockings that Brandie was wearing. I watched as the guy worked one hand around to my wife's crotch and she helped him out by raising up off his lap a bit and he started fingering her pussy again. I could plainly hear my wife moan and groan with pleasure, as his fingers started working on her slit and over her clit! It only took a few minutes of this action for my wife to work up to a small orgasm and I saw her holding onto his shoulders, rise up off his lap a bit and stiffen up, (she momentarily looked me right in the eye), then she closed her eyes, bit her lip, and moaned her way through a small orgasm that I knew had to be getting this guy's hand soaked, maybe even his pants!

After Brandie finished her orgasm, she sat back down on the guy's lap, grabbed him on both sides of his head, and gave him a big wet, sloppy kiss that said, "Thanks!".

Then my wife slid back off his lap and stood on the floor. She bent over and undid his pants, (which did have a wet spot on them where my wife had been sitting), and as he raised his butt up off the love seat, she slid his pants down around his ankles. The guy's already rock hard cock, sprang out and stood straight up. It wasn't overly large, (sorry to those of you always looking for those huge cock stories), but it was nicely sized and not too small. My wife then got on her knees and took his cock into her hand. She began stroking it up and down and looking at it, she seemed to be admiring, what I knew she was about to put in her mouth! I watched my wife stick her tongue out and begin to lick this other man's cock, up and down. As she ran her tongue up the side of his cock on that first stroke, she looked right up into my eyes and I smiled to let her know that I was enjoying the show!

Truth is, my own cock was hard as a rock, and in this room, it wasn't uncommon for men to openly stroke themselves while they watched some of the action. So I unzipped my fly and let my cock spring out into my hand and I gently stroked it so as not to make myself cum, but to enjoy the feelings while I watched the show! (There were paper towel rolls sitting around at various places in this room for those who went all the way to jacking off.)

I watched my wife take this other man's cock into her mouth and begin, what I knew, was a world class blow job! My wife is absolutely the best cocksucker who's mouth I have ever had my cock in and I have had many a man tell me the same thing over the years, although some of them had to do it where their wives couldn't hear them!

Standing right behind and over the guy, I could hear him moaning with delight as my wife sucked him. I even heard him say to a man who was sitting on a seat next to him, getting the same treatment from another woman, that he hoped that woman was as good as this one sucking him! I almost lost my load when I heard him giving my wife's talented mouth that compliment! I stuffed my hard cock back into my pants and decided not to risk cumming before the show was over!

I think that most men find cumming from a blow job to be a little more difficult than from other forms of stimulation. But, Brandie is so damn good at sucking cock that she can usually make a man cum, at her will, and she knows when she is going to make you cum, maybe even before you know it! She told me later that she could tell this guy wasn't going to last long, so she only sucked him for a couple of minutes.

Then she got up off her knees and sliding back over his lap, I watched my wife take this guy's cock, that was glistening wet from her saliva, into her hand and she guided it to her wet, waiting fuck hole. The guy grabbed my wife's nightie hem and pulled it up so that he could watch his cock slide into her pussy. I was glad he did that, because it gave me a great view of his cock head sliding between my wife's cleanly shaved pussy lips, and then I watched his cock disappear up her cunt, as she lowered herself down on his lap.

When Brandie was all the way settled down onto the guy's lap, with his cock as far up inside her as it would go, she grabbed him by the head again and sank her tongue deep into his mouth as if to say, "Thank you for the cock up my cunt!"

Then she leaned back, grabbed his shoulders and began the up and down motion of fucking herself on this man's cock, a man that she had only met 10-15 minutes before and didn't even know his name! That kind of "sluttish" action from my wife really turns me on! Because when she's doing something like this, I know that her cunt must literally be on fire, and she needs cock, she doesn't care who's cock, (to a certain point), but she needs cock to put that fire out! I love to watch her when she's this hot and horny!

As my wife started fucking this guy, he pulled the front of her nightie down and exposed my wife's gorgeous 38C tits. He started playing with her nipples and occasionally sucking one of them into his mouth. Brandie's nipples are very sensitive and I swear they are directly connected to her clit, because it seems that the sensations from her nipples go directly to her clit and can sometimes make her cum, very quickly! She loves to have her nipples gently pinched, squeezed, and twisted, it really adds to her sexual excitement and really turns her on. This occasion was no different. My wife was building to a climax quickly and I watched her alternate from fucking herself up and down on this man's cock, to sometimes stopping and just sitting there with his throbbing member shoved up inside of her while he and she sat there making out and he continued working on her tits.

I knew that my wife could probably have cum a lot sooner than she did, and that she could have finished this guy off faster than she did, but I also knew that she was trying to extend the session and enjoy her own sexual gratification as much as she wanted to. My wife played with this guy, alternately fucking him and making out with him, for 10-15 more minutes. Finally the feelings of her fucking herself on this guy's cock and him playing with her nipples, had the desired effect, and Brandie built up to a large orgasm. I saw her slam herself down onto that guy's cock as hard as she could, she wiggled her ass around and I knew she was clamping her cunt muscles on his cock tight! I had been the recipient of this treatment many a time! Then she held herself there as she moaned and groaned loudly and she even called out in a louder than a whisper voice, (but I don't think anyone in the room cared!), "Oh GOD! I'm cummmmming! Oh GOD that feels so fucking goooood!"

As I watched my wife having sex with this other man, and now exploding in what I knew, for her, was a large orgasm, I thought about why I enjoy watching my wife having sex with other men!

I love the fact that I can see all of her, from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet and everything in between. When we are pressed together having sex, ourselves, I can't "see" everything, I can only see limited parts of her and I have to feel everything else. I love being able to see how she reacts to being hot, horny, and getting sexually satisfied. The way her body moves. The way she moves her hands, legs, and feet. The way her face makes all those different expressions as she opens and closes her eyes, bites her lips, purses her lips, the way she breathes, opens and closes her mouth. The way she interacts with the other man, the way she touches him, kisses him, and reacts to his caresses. The way she perspires and her tits heave up and down, the way her nipples harden, her pussy lips get a deeper color, and her juices flow out of her! I love watching her every single physical reaction, it tells me she is getting totally sexually satisfied!

I also love the feelings, emotionally and physically, that this display in front of me sends through my own body! Emotionally, I am proud that my wife is so damn sexy and that other men desire her so much. I enjoy watching her getting sexually satisfied and knowing that she is feeling so good. I know that I can make her feel that way, but sometimes I feel that she needs more than I'm able to give her, and this is one way that I can, give her, more sexual gratification. She gets this kinky sex and more from me when that's done!

Physically, while I watch my wife having sex with other men, I get super turned on and my heightened state of sexual excitement lasts much longer than it does when she and I are having sex. When we are pressed together and I'm concentrating on making it good for her, I'm sometimes so engrossed in doing it "for her", that I forget about myself; and my own physical reactions aren't as intense while I'm working at it, for her. It isn't until she's been satisfied and she turns her attentions to me, that I become super sexually charged and ready to explode, which doesn't usually take long! So, when I get to watch her with another man for a few minutes, maybe an hour or more, (and there have been times I have watched her with another man for well over an hour), my sexual excitement is at it's very peak the entire time and I'm constantly on the verge of exploding in orgasm! I am truly on the verge of orgasm the entire time. My breathing is quicker, my heart is racing, the hormones are charging about through my veins, and my cock stays hard from start to finish!

For years before we ever did it, I always thought I would like to have the experience of sharing my wife with other men. Being able to "see" every tiny physical reaction she has, as she is getting sexually satisfied, and feeling all the emotions and physical reactions within my own body, is a thrill that I never dreamed would be so intense, until I actually experienced it!

I knew that the guy my wife was fucking had to really be enjoying what she was doing to him! My wife's cunt was no doubt squeezing his cock and the flood of her juices, warm and wet, running out of her and soaking this guy's balls and lap, had to be a great feeling for him! And apparently it was, because just as Brandie finished her orgasm and started to fuck herself on his cock again, he shoved his pelvis upwards, lifting her up so that her knees were off the seat, and impaling her on his cock as deep as he could get it into her. Then he held there as he grunted and moaned and shot his load deep into my wife's pussy!

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