tagIncest/TabooWatching Parents Fuck Ch. 02

Watching Parents Fuck Ch. 02


After that fuck session they both lay down and slept. I watched them sleep as the daylight slowly crept in. It must have been 5.00 AM and I couldn't sleep. What I had witnessed was still rushing through my head and I felt like I needed to piss. I got up and went to the bathroom. I took my semi erect prick and began urinating, as I looked around my eyes fell on a pair of panties, my mom's. I found my dick hardening as I recalled the vision of dad sucking at mom's cunt and the urge came over me again. I finished pissing and took her panties in my hand and sniffed it. The aroma of a woman in heat was intense. I closed my eyes and smelt it deeply and almost felt her cunt around my nose. I licked at it and tasted her mildly salty womanhood. By now my cock was fully erect and I wanted to jerk off right there. When suddenly I had an idea.

I decided that I would masturbate looking at my mom. I came out of the bathroom and came to the balcony from where I could get the full glimpse of her. It was beginning to get brighter and I had very little time before the whole village woke up. I stood there and looked at my mom. There she was, freshly fucked twice by my dad, once in her cunt and once in her ass. She was lying on her back with one knee folded up. Her saree was above her knee and from the balcony I got a fairly clear view of her hairy cunt and her ass slit. I dropped my pajamas, took my throbbing erection in my fist and began beating it. I was already lubricating and was sliding the skin up and down while wetting my mouth with my saliva. Focusing my eyes on her furry mound I continued my wanking. My mind was flooded by the images of the night and was eager to cum. As I continued to masturbate, I slowly found myself approaching my sleeping mom.

I took a look at my dad who slept with his face away from me and my mom who was deeply asleep exposing her juicy cunt to the universe. I then lay down with my face next to her feet from where I could get a full view of her gateway. I saw her gorgeous plump cunt surrounded by gray pubic hair. Her clit was sneaking at me while I lustily looked and continued to jerk off. Then suddenly I got the urge to smell her cunt. I did not stop myself, I just propped myself on my elbows and shoved my head into her open saree and smelt her heavenly pussy. I just stopped myself from licking her. I withdrew my face from her saree, stood up and spewed my cum over her clothes. After taking a last, close look at her cunt again I put my dick back into my pajamas and went to sleep.

I must have slept for a few minutes when I was awakened by the morning village sounds. The cowherds were already guiding their cattle to graze and the milkman was doing his rounds on his motorcycle. I opened my groggy eyes to find my parents missing from the room. Their mattresses were folded neatly and put in their daytime place. I heard some sounds from the kitchen and turned my head towards it.

Dad was sitting at the dining table with his cup of chai while mom was at the stove boiling milk a couple of feet away. They were talking in hushed voices and dad frequently fondled mom's ass as they spoke. He finished drinking his tea, took a look at me, figured that I was still asleep and got up with his empty cup. He kept it on the kitchen platform next to the stove and hugged mom from behind. She took a quick look at where I was sleeping. Dad said something and she relaxed. He rubbed her back with his left hand and slipped his hand inside her saree. As he fondled her ass, he began licking her shoulders. She turned towards him and they hugged like honeymooners deeply in love. She then pushed him a little and walked away to the sink with his teacup. She washed the cup and put it on the shelf. My dad took his place at the dining table again. That's it I thought and was about to get up when suddenly my mom came towards him and lifted her saree showing him her lovely cunt.

Oh my god! Do they ever stop? Dad bent his head towards her cunt and nuzzled his nose against it. She held his head close to her. He began rubbing his face in her crotch and went on his knees on the ground. She held her saree up for him. He put both his hands on her buttocks and continued to rub his face on her bushy cunt while massaging her ass from behind. In the dim kitchen light they looked so vulgar and so wonderful. He then got up, undid the hooks of her blouse, released her breasts and started sucking them. Intermittently he slid his hands in her saree to fondle her ass. I let out a short moan and suddenly they stopped. Mom nonchalantly turned towards the platform while dad stood still. She said something and he came over to me and asked. "Are you awake? Come and have tea" From the corner of my eye I watched my mom hooking back her blouse and felt guilty for interfering with their morning session. I sat up and said "good morning baba, good morning aai" and head straight for the bathroom. There I took my dick in my hand, picked up the panties again with the other hand and put it to my nose. As the aroma reached my brain my shaft dripped cum on the bathroom floor.

Now, my desire for a fuck was unstoppable. I wanted to the warmth of a wet cunt to engulf my dick. At the same time, I also wanted to continue watching my parents fuck. Was there a way I could do both?

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