Watching Tania

byEnglish Bob©

It had been a fantasy of mine for months – years really – and finally, it looked like it was actually going to happen. In fact I thought that Tania, my young wife of only six months, would be up for it right away; we had enjoyed a healthy and most varied sex life right from the first time we met, but it still took quite a lot of fast talking and persuading – not to mention a whole bottle of red wine – before she actually agreed.

But now we were all set up. I had purchased a web camera and hooked it up to our new computer. The lighting in the spare bedroom was set just right and Tania had bought a bright, multi-coloured top and a pair of pale pink shorts just for the occasion. Everything was finally right, everything was finally ready. I was about to share my beautiful and sexy wife with the world!

To start with, Tania simply sat next to me in front of the monitor as we trawled the World Wide Web looking for a suitable chat room that would support a web camera. I knew from experience that most of these rooms were habitually inhabited by sex hungry men that would virtually beg for the merest glimpse of Tania’s breasts, let alone any more. As far as I was concerned, and, I think, Tania too by then, the more and varied the audience we managed to attract, the more turned on we would get.

The first room we decided to populate was a bit of a let down. There were plenty of guys around but none seemed to have a cam to share with us (Tania had said that it would be more fun if there were a reciprocal guy or even a couple so that we could see how aroused we got our audience). As soon as the men realised that there was a woman in the room they were all screaming for her to get naked – and they weren’t being too polite about it either! The next two rooms were much the same and I could sense that Tania was becoming a little disheartened. Concerned that she would back out at the last moment, so to speak, I encouraged her to start on a second bottle of wine and quickly put my mind to finding a more suitable room.

The fourth room we found seemed a little quieter and was clearly more targeted towards couples. We watched a slightly older couple touching each other for a few minutes and then a younger black guy masturbating by himself. Both Tania and myself were intrigued by the size of the black guy’s cock which seemed to be at least twelve inches in length and very thick around.

“Wow!” Tania exclaimed. “That’s a hell of a dick!”

I looked at her and nodded my agreement. Tania’s eyes were wide open as she gawped at the screen and it was clear that she was becoming quite aroused by the sight. I smiled to myself, this was exactly the kind of reaction that I was hoping for.

“Perhaps you should show him a little something to help him along?” I asked casually.

Tania looked directly into my eyes and grinned. I knew she was going to go along with my fantasy now. She sauntered a little drunkenly over to the sofa that we had set up in front of the camera and sat. She looked down at the carpet demurely with her hands in her lap and waited. Quickly I typed a message to the black guy who was still slowly stroking his huge, swollen appendage.

The reply to my message was almost instantaneous and was exactly what I had been expecting: of course he wanted to see my wife on camera. He said that he loved white women and indicated that seeing her would get him off in the extremely near future!

With slightly shaking hands I switched our camera on. A second cam window popped up on the screen and I could see both Tania and the black guy side by side. I nodded to Tania, indicating that she was now being broadcast to the world and then clicked the button on the computer which also sent both video feeds to the large screen TV that we had in the room so that Tania could see as well.

“God! That’s a nice looking cock!” Tania said a little breathlessly as she watched the screen.

“He said he’s getting ready to cum,” I replied, “you going to show him a little something to help him get off?”

Again, Tania looked down demurely and I had a moments panic when i thought that she might refuse. But when she looked back up again there was a wicked glint in her eye.

“I’m going to do it!”

My mouth hung open and I saw the black guy’s penis swell even larger as Tania gripped the hem of her blouse and pulled it up over the swell of her breasts. She had deliberately not worn a bra and I guessed that panties had probably gone the same way.

“Play with them, baby!” I said hurriedly. I could feel my own erection pressing urgently against my pants and wanted to keep her going.

Tania’s fingers began to circle her already hardened nipples as she teased them up into tight little points. The black guy was stroking faster and faster now – obviously enjoying my wife’s display of nudity as much as I was. And as much as everyone else was too, I noticed. Word in the chat room had clearly spread very quickly and I could see from the counter that now nearly every person in the room was watching Tania. So many messages were popping up all over my screen with words of encouragement, praise and just straight offers of sex that I was so busy closing them down and trying to answer as many as possible that I almost missed the black guys cock exploding in a torrent of sperm.

“Oh my God!” Tania exclaimed as she gripped her breasts a little more tightly. “He’s cumming!”

I turned and watched the larger screen as the milky-white fluid continued to pump from the tip of the large black penis. His pendulous balls seemed to shudder as they emptied and when he was finally spent, I think that Tania and I were nearly as breathless as him.

The black man’s camera eventually went dead as he switched it off (I guess the visual equivalent of rolling over, farting and falling asleep!). I wondered if, at that point, Tania would reckon her work complete and want to finish, but I was wrong there. My wife showed no intention of moving from the sofa and was still idly toying with her hard, naked nipples.

“Let’s find another!” She said quickly. “That guy really turned me on!”

Messages were still littering the screen and I tried to read each one quickly before closing them down or replying. Most – quite naturally – were from men, but after a few moments I saw a message box from someone with the nickname “Lucky Lady”.

I was immediately intrigued. Neither I – nor Tania, I think – had envisaged a “one to one” camera session with another woman. “Your wife is beautiful.” The message read. “Perhaps we could both be lucky ladies tonight?”

Immediately I sent back a message thanking Lucky Lady for her compliment and wondering (optimistically, I thought) if she would enjoy chatting with us while she watched my wife and whether or not she also possessed a camera. Her speedy reply surprised me. It transpired that not only did she have a web camera, but that her husband was operating it and using their computer in just the same way as I was!

Initially I thought that this must be too good to be true. She must be a fake – or worse a web-hooker; baiting us and then demanding money to go any further. But there was something in her tone that led me to think that she might just be on the level. At least it was worth a try, I thought.

“There seems to be a couple keen to chat to us, darling.” I said to Tania. “Not sure if they are for real but would you like to go ahead?”

Tania’s nipples were now red and swollen with all the attention she had been giving them.

“Hell yes!” She almost gasped. “Is she on the camera or him?”

“No idea. Would you like me to find out first?”

“Don’t bother! I don’t really care at this stage!”

I smiled and clicked on to Lucky Lady’s camera. At first I could hardly believe my eyes, but as the video feed came into focus, I felt the hardness beneath my jeans surge into a solid, full-blown, raging erection that just wouldn’t lie down.

“Oh, wow!” Tania breathed, clearly agreeing with my assessment of Luck Lady. “She looks so fucking sexy!”

This was, in my opinion, understating it. Lucky Lady was blonde and I would have guessed in her early forties. The camera had picked her up in front of the bedroom mirror putting the finishing touches to her make-up. She wore a thin white top that clung to her ample breasts, white stiletto shoes and white stockings that were held in place by a frilly suspender belt. White, lace panties added the finishing touch to what was an extremely erotic ensemble.

“My wife is called Sophie and I’m Alan.” The message flashed across the screen and annoyingly obliterated a little of the view I and Tania had of Sophie’s legs. I sent back a reply stating that they were talking to Tania and Mike and that we were very pleased to meet them.

“Tania looks very sexy with her tits out like that!” Alan said. “Don’t worry, Sophie will be getting hers out pretty soon as well I expect!”

“God, I hope so,” I replied, “looks from here like Sophie has a great body.”

For a few minutes, Alan and I chatted back and forth while Sophie finished preparing herself. It transpired that, although Tania and I were first-time broadcasters, Alan and Sophie had done this many times before and used one of their “shows” as a prelude to a good old-fashioned sex session.

“How many people are watching your camera?” Alan asked

I hadn’t checked recently and when I looked was surprised to see that the number was above thirty. I messaged Alan and told him.

“Right now we have sixty-three on ours! Hold on, I’ll tell a few of our regular audience to open up your cam as well.”

I looked down at the counter as it started to rise dramatically. Thirty-five….forty…..fifty….fifty-five…it just kept rising until it seemed to reach a peak at sixty-two.

“If you are anything like me,” Alan said, “the more guys and girls that are watching means the more turned on you get!”

I agreed with him and smiled over at Tania who was following our typed conversation with interest

“Looks like you’ve found a friend there.” She stated with a grin. “Must be more men out there that like to show off their wives than I thought!”

But despite her acting so nonchalantly, I knew that Tania was as excited by what was happening as I was. We both knew that Alan and Sophie were practiced at this but still we didn’t really know what to expect.

As if reading our minds, Alan suddenly messaged me back.

“I think Sophie is finally ready now.” He said. “So why don’t you just get Tania to follow her lead and I reckon we’ll give all these folks a great show!”

Tania nodded her agreement to me and we both looked up at the screen. Sophie was moving toward a bed in the middle of the room now and was gyrating her body as if to music. She twisted herself this way and that, displaying her semi-clothed curves and long tapering legs until she finally sprawled herself on top of the bedspread and looked sexily into the camera. Very slowly she began to peel the lace panties over her hips. She was careful not to give the camera – and thus her audience – too many glimpses of her vagina, but from the odd glance that I got, I could see that she was neatly shaved down there, just like Tania.

Sophie’s top was next and as she leered lustfully into the camera she hoisted the hem up above her tits and gave us all a fantastic view of her large, rounded breasts.

“You like that view?” Alan asked.

It was a good job that we were typing because I was almost speechless with lust. I nodded uselessly, forgetting for a moment that he couldn’t see me.

But he could see Tania of course. And so could the….wow!….eighty-five other people that were watching.

“That looks like a challenge!” Tania suddenly said as she wriggled on the sofa. “Time to get naked, I think!”

My gaze was split between the TV screen and my real-life wife as I watched her hoist up her legs and pull the shorts down over her bare feet and toss them to one side.

With her shorts now discarded on the floor, Tania, with a flourish, pulled her top over her head and then sat back on the sofa completely naked. Her knees were still pressed tightly together to preserve a little more mystery but a wicked grin was pasted on her face and seemed to split her complexion from ear to ear.

“Very tasty!” came the inevitable message from Alan. I had turned off all the other private messages that had been showering my computer so that we could talk uninterrupted.

“Love to see her pretty little cunt!” he continued.

“Tell him Sophie should go first!” Tania gasped from the sofa. “I know I’m not a lesbian but if I ever wanted to see between a girls’ legs it’s now!”

Quickly I related the message to Alan and waited patiently while watching the screen for Sophie’s camera. Again she smiled wickedly into the lens and licked her lips. I pressed my hand down onto the crotch of my jeans in a vain attempt to adjust my throbbing erection into a more comfortable position but didn’t take my eyes from the screen.

Slowly, Sophie lay back on the bed and spread her long, sexy legs. I heard Tania gasp next to me, both watching the other woman as she let her hand wander down between her thighs and start to play with her pussy. Her other hand slipped under her thin top and pinched each nipple in turn.

By this time, Tania and I were more than a little excited as we watched the older woman on the screen slowly stoke her clitoris as she moved closer and closer towards climax. Sophie’s eyes were tight shut and her fingers were moving faster and faster. I could see her legs quivering as she plunged her fingers into her own body and her mouth was opening and closing as she uttered her silent words of lust.

“She’s nearly there!” Alan messaged. I could almost see the excitement in his words. “She’ll have a surprise for you in a few minutes. She loves to finish herself off properly!”

“Oh, God, Mike!” Tania cried from the sofa, “I don’t know how much longer I can stand this! Sophie’s driving me nuts!”

“Me too.” I replied. “My cock is so hard, I think it’s going to explode!”

“When it’s my turn,” Tania continued, “let’s masturbate together, okay?”

This I had already planned on, but I hadn’t planned on seeing what Sophie was now about to do.

As I watched the screen, the blonde woman pulled herself up onto her spread knees, picked up a clear plastic dildo that was sitting on the bed-side table and then almost ripped her top off. Sophie’s large pendulous breasts seemed to almost burst out from the ruined top and she fingered the nipples lustfully.

The dildo was clasped tightly in Sophie’s right hand. Her head fell backwards as she penetrated herself and I watched her heavy breasts rise and fall rapidly as she began to climax. Her whole body trembled. Her legs lost their strength and within a few short seconds her voluptuous body fell backwards onto the bed in an exhausted but satisfied tangle of arms, legs, breasts and pussy.

“Wow!” Alan said over the message box. “I think I came nearly as hard as Sophie did! I hope we’re all going to get to see Tania cum too?”

“I don’t think there’s anything in this life could stop her!” I replied as Tania slithered off the sofa and squatted on the floor a little closer to the camera. She leaned back against the soft upholstery to give me (and, I’m sure, our growing audience) a better look at her spread, and by now, very moist pussy.

“Wow, nice body!” Alan said. “Tania’s getting me hard again!”

“I’m jerking off now.” I replied as I followed Tania’s suggestion and finally released my aching and swollen cock from the confines of my jeans.

Tania and I had often indulged in mutual masturbation and both love it. We will often sit at either end of the bed and bring ourselves off while watching the other but this was the first time we knew that we had an audience – or at least Tania did!

As I rubbed and stroked my erect cock I watched Tania’s fingers playing inside her splayed, wet pussy. I could hear her noises as she slowly moved the digits in and out and was therefore most perturbed when she suddenly stopped.

“What…?” I complained.

“I also have a surprise!” My wife replied with a flashed grin.

As I watched, my stiff penis standing up and poking through the top of my fist, Tania delved into her purse and suddenly withdrew a bright pink vibrator. She held it up to her lips and licked the tip seductively.

“I bought this specially for this evening.” She purred. “Hope you like it!”

Again I was speechless and felt my cock twitch anxiously in my hand.

“You’ll have to be quick!” I gasped. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold onto my cum!”

Tania smiled at me and almost leaped back up onto the sofa. She lifted one leg high into the air, displaying her dripping pussy and sexy bare feet to the world. The still air of the room was suddenly filled with a low humming sound as she switched the mechanical cock on and the noise increased in pitch as she turned it up to its highest setting.

“Mmmmm…” She cooed, “This is going to be so good!”

My mind was racing and my loins aching for release as I watched my sweet wife slide the plastic appendage between the pouting lips of her pussy and then deep inside her.

Tania gasped – as did I – when the buzzing vibrator buried completely in her pussy. Her eyes closed spontaneously and her painted lips parted as she moaned deeply.

“Fuck, that’s so fucking hot!” I cried as I pulled hard on my rod. “Fuck yourself, baby. Fuck that vib deep in your wet cunt!”

I don’t suppose that Tania had any intention of doing otherwise at that point but it seemed to turn her - and me - on as I said it. Her hand pushed the plastic device in and out of her soaked snatch increasing the speed and varying the angle of entry so that she maintained the maximum amount of pressure on her swollen (and highly visible) clitoris. Her moans of pleasure had become gasps of lust as she neared her orgasm and as I watched her pretty toes curl and her back arch deeply in inevitable anticipation, I felt the semen start to rush from my balls.

As we had hoped, we both climaxed simultaneously. Both of us were unaware of the messages being flashed up by our excited audience as we were completely lost in our own private (but not too private) world of masturbatory lust.

Tania and I never came across Alan and his sexy wife Sophie again since that evening – and it has not been for the want of trying! They had logged off by the time either my wife or I were recovered enough to look back at the computer screen and as much as we tried to message them it was clear that they were gone for good. In the weeks that followed, we looked for them almost every night – and always the night ending without being able to contact them.

Tania gives a great show on our web camera almost every evening now and sometimes I will even join her in front of the cam to get my cock sucked or to fuck her pussy – last week she was even horny enough to insist that I stick my cock in her ass while we were on camera – trust me we got a lot of spectators for that one!

But I often wonder what became of our friends Alan and Sophie. Were more people watching Sophie that night or was everyone watching Tania?

The End

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