tagLesbian SexWaxing with Fringes

Waxing with Fringes


It was early March and cold when I decided to make a trip to the strip mall and upgrade my cellular phone. After I completed that mission I dropped in at a coffee café for a body warmer. While waiting in line to place my order, I overheard one of the young ladies in front of me ask her friend if she had the wax job for the upcoming spring break. I heard her reply, "Yes and I no longer shave, I just get waxed."

I have always wanted to try that but do not like pain.

I walked to my car and while sipping coffee noticed in front of me Carol's Salon. On the window was painted the services offered and waxing was one.

I decided since it was a day with nothing else going on, I would check it out and could always say stop if the pain was intolerable.

I took a sip of coffee then headed to the salon. When I reached the receptionist I heard, "Hi, I'm Jennifer, how may I help you?"

"Hi I'm Amy. I never had a wax treatment and thought I might check it out."

"Ginger will be free in 10 minutes. Here is her picture. Alice, Betty and June are busy for another hour but here are their pictures. Choose one that you think you will be comfortable with."

I looked them over and Ginger looked my age of 27 with jet black curly hair, shoulder length and emerald green eyes with a great tan.

"I'll go with Ginger, Jennifer."

"Great, follow me Amy. Here is the menu with the prices. You can look it over and then discuss the options with Ginger when she makes her appearance. Here is the room. Make yourself comfortable, fill out the questionnaire, look over the menu and help yourself to the refreshments in the room; have fun."

I then asked if I could run to the car for my coffee and return and was told of course.

The room had a bench like from a church but much shorter in length and was lit with indirect lighting and smelled of herbal oils. The room had a red leather gynecologist exam table that included a doughnut type head rest for massages. I smiled to myself that it was a multifunction table. One side of the room had storage cabinets', table top height and an assortment of oils for massages and towels. There appeared on the top of the cabinet a small refrigerator but there was a caution sigh saying "HOT"

I filled out the questionnaire when I returned from fetching my coffee indicating that I never had hair removed by wax and was sensitive to pain. I had just answered all the other mundane questions when Ginger appeared in a red, mid-thigh length, silk robe and barefooted. She was tall with a nice figure indicating she worked at keeping her figure.

Ginger smiled and introduced herself with a handshake. I noticed her hands were nice and warm. She then said, "Your hands tell me you are a little nervous, are you?"

"Yes I am Ginger because I do not like pain but wonder if it will be mild so I can experience the waxing."

"Amy it will be the most pleasant of experiences for you. Let me look over your registration form for a minute and have you decided which of the offerings you desire to try?"

"They all look great Ginger and my interest has focused on the Brazilian bikini waxing since I have read so much about it."

"Great, what do you take for pain if you take something?"

"I use what ever happens to be around the apartment but mostly the kind for that time of month thing."

"Here, take this with your coffee Amy, just for insurance. It will take about 45 minutes to become effective. In the mean time undress and place your clothes there on the bench. Hop on the table then and cover yourself with the sheet and I will return in five minutes to help you relax Amy."

"I assume this is just a pain killer and nothing else."

"Yes, just a pain killer and a light dose at that."

Ginger left, I did as she had asked and was more tense knowing she was going to be placing her hands on my mound soon.

When she returned she smiled, dimmed the lights, took off her silk robe which revealed an awesome figure in her pink bikini, raised the lower part of the table so my legs were no longer hanging over the edge but horizontal and then said, "Let me hold your right hand Amy as I go under the sheet to check out the hair length. If it is too long I might have to trim it first."

I did as she had asked and inhaled as her warm hand felt the hairs.

I heard, "Amy I will have to trim it first. It is a little too long to begin the waxing. Do you want to use a blindfold to make it easier or close your eyes or are you okay as you are?"

"Ginger I will just close my eyes."

"I will use trimming shears Amy and I want to place your feet in stirrups to make it easier on both of us because I don't want to nick you with the trimmer."

"The trimmer has a light on it Amy so I can keep the room light dimmed for your comfort."

Ginger fixed my legs in the hanging straps, left the sheet in place and began the trimming. I kept my eyes closed all the time. When she had turned the trimmer off she took my left hand and said, "Wow you are tense yet. Roll onto your tummy and I will place a moist hot pack on your back to help relax you."

I did as she had asked and then felt this wet, heavy, blanket on my back, shoulders, and neck. She placed my arms underneath the wet blanket at my sides. My face was facing down at the floor through a hole in a doughnut type head rest. I began to melt like chocolate in a hot room. The feeling of relaxation that came over me was unbelievable from being under that warm wet blanket. I felt as if I was in trapped in a cocoon.

I felt some warm liquid being applied to my right leg starting at the ankle and moving up to where my thigh met the butt cheek. Ginger did the same with the left leg.

Ginger then began to massage my legs from the ankles, spreading the warm lotion all over them. I was wilting more and more. Soon she was on my calves. Knowing the lotion was at my butt cheeks and the directions that her hands were moving, I knew her hands would eventually reach them. This caused a stirring in my vagina.

When Ginger reached my knees, I felt some pressure on my mound. I was in a trance and did not comprehend the happening until I felt some vibrations at my mound. I wanted to say stop but was too weak from the massage and the overall warmth. The warmth, the hands, the vibrations on my mound coming from the table was building me to an orgasm as her hands were getting closer and closer to my vagina. I desired for her to insert her fingers into my hot and wet love canal when she reached the opening. God she had me turned on and too weak to beg for more or to yell stop.

When Ginger was midway up the thighs with her thumbs working the inside of them I heard, "Surrender to your desires Amy and enjoy the orgasm that is building. The room is sound proof so you can moan aloud if you so desire."

I was stunned to hear that comment even though true and too weak to do anything about it but enjoy the impending explosion in front of a total stranger. I had surrendered myself to a total stranger.

When Ginger's hands, particularly her thumbs where working the inside of my thighs the orgasm began in my toes and raced to my pussy as the vibrations on my mound had intensified immensely.

Ginger and I both heard my loud moan as my body convulsed under the wet blanket.

When I recovered Ginger's hands were massaging my butt globes with her thumbs near the vaginal opening.

I heard, "Amy, what are you wishing for now?"

"I wish you had a cock Ginger, I need to be filled with something to enjoy the next one better."

I was shocked to hear myself say that but it was what I was wanting.

I heard, "Amy, I can fix something up that might even be better than a real cock. Are you game?"

"Uh, huh"

I felt Ginger's hands leave me and heard some noises in the background and then felt something warm at the entrance of my vagina as it slowly entered with Ginger saying, "Relax Amy this is a mechanical dildo which has been known to send us to places we have never been. Once I have it in a little I will turn it on and you tell me when to increase the speed."

I felt the fake cock begin to do its thing. Between it and the vibrations on my mound coming from the pad I was on, it did not take long for me to begin to sail.

I was panting and asking for more speed when it abruptly stopped and something began to massage the opening going in circles. I felt Ginger make some adjustments and it began its in/out motion again. This time it was rubbing over my g-spot and when I uttered, "Oh my God," it stopped.

I muttered, "Oh no, please don't stop. Please take me over the top."

"I will turn it back on Amy if you will make me feel good at the same time."

"Anything Ginger, I will do anything you desire, just finish me, oh god."

I felt the dido go slow and then saw Ginger pull out a self from underneath my table. I could see she had the control for the dildo in her hand.

She placed herself on the shelf, lying on her back, her pussy lips glistening and filled with blood as the shelf began to rise, bringing her pussy closer and closer to my mouth. Her clitoris was rock hard protruding from its hiding place.

"Please Ginger do me faster."

The dildo sped up and the fem odors from her hot box were being inhaled by me as her pussy was within licking distance. It had been years since I ate another of my sex but I was so turned on I eagerly began to flick the hard knob of the stranger.

"Mmmmmm, Amy you are good at that."

Then the dildo sped up and my orgasm began to build in earnest as a result.

Ginger did not have any tan lines and just a landing strip of hair above her slit.

She started to hump, grabbed my head and held my face to her pussy as she orgasmed and gushed with me moaning my orgasm on her bud.

I was like a wet wash cloth after the orgasm, so limp with no strength in me.

Ginger removed herself from the shelf, and then removed the wet blanket and said, "Roll over hon onto your back and I will place one on your chest and stomach while I begin to remove the hair."

I was drifting off and on into slumber land as placed my legs back into the straps to expose my mound more and to give her easier access to the hair. Ginger then rubbed wax into the hair and then pulled it off after some time.

I came out of my slumber when I felt her tongue flicking my clitoris and let out with "Ohooooooooooo," at which time she inserted some fingers into me, causing me to say, "Oh my god yes, Ginger, Oh god yes."

I continued on with my journey to another orgasm induced by Ginger's wicked tongue. Her switching between flicking my hard button with her warm wet tongue, her fingers fucking me and occasionally her slow drags of her tongue across the nub took me to the edge and then pushed me over it. No female ever had done it to me before as Ginger did. Her making the slurping sounds, drinking my love nectar as I orgasmed just intensified the intensity of the orgasm. The relaxed state that I was in from the hot pack made a huge difference in my reaction to Ginger. The feeling of being trapped in a warm cocoon took all my will power from me and I became like putty to her manipulations both from fingers and tongue.

When I recovered my legs were out of the stirrups and covered as well with a wet hot pack. There was no way I had any strength to lift them up.

Ginger approached me and said, "Now that waxing was not that painful was it?"

"My god Ginger, I wish I had known."

"I hope you pick me for your next waxing or come in for a massage if you get stressed before the waxing session."

"Do you do this with all clients, Ginger?"

"No Amy, just those whose bodies turn me on. I love to make a beautiful person surrender to my manipulations and orgasm. It gives me a sense of power over them. And I love them making me feel good also. By the way Amy I am married and do love my husband's cock making me feel good but the dildo I used on you at the right angle can do wonders, don't you think?"

"God yes Ginger. It took all my strength from me and being in the cocoon enhanced it."

"When the owner taught me I was amazed at the enhanced intensity of the orgasm. I thought I was having good ones but wow."

"Here is a mirror. What do you think? Do you like what you see?"

"Wow yes, my guy will love it and maybe take longer to eat me. Thanks Ginger."

"If you want to get more intimate with me drop by. We have special rooms were we can really enjoy each other."

"My god Ginger my nipples are getting hard thinking about it."

"Good, mine are also. Do you have time today? Interested?"

"I'd love too and have the time but no energy. Can I drop by tomorrow and what do I say at the desk?"

"Call and make an appointment with me for two hours and just mention that you are interested in the special massage. When you arrive, just mention your name and you will get a smile from the receptionist who will lead you to our love making room."

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