tagLoving WivesWay Too Much Information Ch. 02

Way Too Much Information Ch. 02


Carol stood there knocking on the door of Jan's house until she opened it. "Holy shit, what the hell happened to you?" she screamed as Carol walked in.

"I've lost him for good," was all Carol could say.

"What the hell did he do to you?" Jan asked.

"He used me, like I used him for the last year. God, I never knew Steve had so much anger inside of him." Carol said as she started to cry.

Through her tears, Carol told Jan what she had told him and what had transpired that evening. "And everything he said was true, except the fact that I didn't love him; because I do with all my heart and soul."

Paul came in and asked Carol if she wanted him to talk to Steve. "Don't you think you've said enough? If you guys hadn't gone on and on teasing him, I don't think we'd be in this mess right now," Jan told him.

"What are you going to do?" Jan asked.

"I'm going to get my kids, and move back in with my parents, what else can I do? Steve hates me, and I don't blame him." she said with a whimper.

In an hour, Carol was all cried out, there was nothing left in her. Jan gave her a change of clothes, and helped her pack up her sleeping kids in the van. When she got to her parents, she put the kids back to bed and sat in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"That damn idiot doesn't know what he losing," her father shouted.

"Hold your voice down, you'll wake up the kids," her mother, Tammy replied.

"Get some sleep honey, it'll all look better in the morning," she told Carol; but it didn't.

I didn't sleep much that night. When I got up, Carol was gone. I began to feel angry, not only with her, but at myself also, for what I had said and done last night. My anger was still there, but it wasn't out of control, like it had been the previous night. I made himself some coffee, and cleaned up the kitchen from last night's nightmare and went back to bed, alone, for only the second time in over two years.

Carol's parents had let her sleep, but by noon the kids were jumping on her bed. "When are we going home mom? Where is dad?" they inquired.

"Kids, we're going to spend a little time with grandma and grandpa, kind of like a vacation," Carol told them.

"Is dad coming with us?" they asked.

"Honey, dad is out of town, but will be back soon," Carol replied. She knew that wasn't going to happen, but didn't have the heart to tell them the truth right now.

When she went down stairs, her mom told her she looked like hell. "Honey, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and I think there are still a few pieces of bacon left on the stove."

Her dad put his newspaper down, and started in on the both of them. "All right ladies, since you've decided to keep me out of the loop, what the hell is going on?"

Carol told her dad, what happened the night of the party, and only what Steve had said last night; not what he'd done. He said nothing until she was finished.

Looking at his wife he asked, "You knew about this and didn't tell me? What were you thinking woman?" he asked.

"We thought it would all blow over in a day or two, but now it's totally out of control." Tammy replied.

"Damm right it is," he shouted. "What kind of man wants to be with a women, who says he can't satisfy her? Then having him hear you tell everyone, that even when you were having sex, you were thinking about someone else. Shit, if I ever heard your mother say, what you did honey, I would have tossed her ass to the curb myself." That was something Carol didn't want to hear right now.

Her dad left the kitchen shaking his head, telling her he didn't have a clue how she was going to get herself out of this one. Her mom asked if she had any immediate plans on contacting him, and she looked down at the floor and said sadly, "no, not right now."

"I'll give him some time to cool down, but I do need to get some of mine and the kids stuff out of the house though." The following day, Carol and her parents pulled all of her and the kids clothing out of Steve's house, when he was at work.

I was thankful when Monday rolled around; at least I had work to take my mind off my troubles. I told Nancy and my boss that I didn't want to see or speak to Carol, because as of last weekend, we were separated and that I just needed to be left alone.

When I went home Monday night, I found everything gone. "I guess that answers the question of her wanting to get back together; it probably wouldn't have worked any way."

After that, I dove into my work, and training for the marathon. I started working twelve plus hours per day plus spending two hours a day running or cross training. This went on for a solid two months. Although I missed Carol terribly, I was nowhere ready to even talk to her right now.

Over the next three months, I did either a 5 or 10K every weekend and really developed into quite a runner. I took either first, or second every time I ran and even made the local paper three or four times; as the towns up and coming running star. Every once in a while I thought I had seen Carol, or one of my kids at the races, but after I finished they seemed to have disappeared. Yes, my kids. I still thought of them as mine, even though I wasn't their real father; I still loved and missed them.

But my feelings for Carol were a whole other story though. Every time I thought of her, I became angry all over again. The effect was I trained that much harder to relieve the pain. I still had feelings for her, but also hated her guts, for what she did to me.

One thing that did surprised me though; I hadn't been served yet with divorce papers. I had decided from the onset that if she wanted out that bad, she would have to divorce me. Because of her dad being a lawyer, I had expected to be served in about 2 to 3 weeks after Carol left. But nothing had arrived. Well, it was up to her. The house and everything else was mine before I married her. And since I hadn't formally adopted the kids yet, there would be no child support. So I was basically single, married in name only.

With my added notoriety, I got hit on all the time. At the gym girls would pass me their phone number and the women in my running club, were always asking me, if I wanted to come home for dinner, or they had a friend that I would really like. I always smiled, but told them thanks, but no thanks.

It was about four and a half months into our separation, when I saw Carol for the first time. I was having lunch with a customer, when she walked into the restaurant with a tall, good looking, black guy. She never saw me, and as I watched her, it looked like it was more than just a business lunch. As they laughed and ate, I got angry all over again. If I hadn't been with a good customer, I would have left. I guess she's moved on, and by the size of him; she was going to get her pussy finally filled up again.

I was on a long run one morning, when Mary came up behind me on her bike. "Hey good looking, long time no see," she told me. I didn't recognize her for a moment, and then pulled off my headset to hear what she was saying. "How you been?" she asked.

"Not bad, keeping myself pretty busy, how about you?" I said just making small talk.

"Dan keeps me hopping, and I decided to start working out, to lose a few pounds," she replied patting her stomach. "Seeing anyone new?" she asked.

"Mary," I snapped.

"Just wondering," she said.

"I see Carol's moved on though, her new beau looks big enough to curl both her toes and yours too, if you know what I mean," I said with a smirk.

Mary thought for a minute. "Where did you see her?" she asked.

"At the Holiday Inn by the airport. She came in with a black guy about 6'4" and they were all over each other," I replied. "If you see her, tell her no hard feelings, and I'm glad she found someone to fill her void." With that, I said my goodbyes and headed out through the park.

"Why in the hell didn't Carol tell her that she had found someone new? Boy, talk about fast work," Mary thought to herself.

Mary called Carol and told her to meet her at Tim's Lounge after work for a drink, so they could catch up. Mary then called the rest of the group and told them to meet her there also. As Carol walked in she saw the fearsome foursome, as she called them. She sat down and order a glass of wine.

"Can't stay long girls, the kids and I have movie night tonight," she told them.

Mary spoke up first. "Alright, who's the new man in your life?" she asked.

Carol looked puzzled and replied, "What new man?"

"I saw Steve yesterday, he told me that he saw you and a tall black man out for lunch and you guys were all over each other," Mary told her.

"That was Don, we went to school together and he played football with my ex-husband in high school. He just signed a new contract on a house, and my dad was just looking it over. We were just reminiscing about old times, that's all," she explained.

"Well, that's not how it looked to Steve," she replied. "He told me, he was happy you've moved on, and found someone who can curl your toes," Mary replied.

Carol told herself that she would never cry about it again, but the tears started to flow. "Now he thinks I've replaced him, I just can't win can I?" she sobbed.

"Have you called him lately?" Beth asked.

"I did for a while, but he never took any of my calls, so I just stopped calling," she told her friends.

"And neither of you have gone to a lawyer?" Tina asked.

"Well I haven't, but I'm not to sure about Steve though. He probably will now, that he thinks I'm seeing someone else. I thought I had an outside chance, but now it seems so hopeless." Carol sobbed.

Jan looked at everyone and then asked Carol, "Do you want him back?"

"In a heartbeat," she replied.

"I don't mean like before, I mean as a loving wife, partner and mother," she asked.

"But after all I said, and the big deal I made about his size, why would he want to come back?" Carol questioned Jan.

"Well I've got a plan that probably won't work, but at this point you have nothing to lose anyway. You may even like the results, with, or without Steve." Jan said with a laugh.

Jan called Steve two weeks later. "Steve, Jan here. I just thought you might want to know that Carol had surgery yesterday. No, she wouldn't tell me for what. All I know, she is that she is in a lot of pain when I talked to her this morning. Also, that guy you saw her with, was an old high school friend that her father was doing work for, not a boy friend. Just thought you'd like to know. She's at Hopkins Memorial, room 312 if you're interested. Take care of yourself." Now it was up to Steve, Jan thought.

I walked into room 312 with flowers. Carol was sleeping. She was hooked up to a lot of tubes and indicators. I sat in the chair, next to the bed, watching her sleep. Damn, I was still in love with her, no matter what she'd said and done. I wanted to grab her and kiss her, but knew she needed her sleep. After about two hours the nurse came in and asked me to leave for a moment, because she needed to change her dressings.

"I'll just be outside, let me know when you are done."

"Well, visiting hours are ending shortly, only family is allowed after that." she informed me.

"I'm her husband, does that count?"

Down the hall I could see Carol's mom walking towards me with the kids. The kids saw me and started running towards me, screaming and shouting. They were all over me within five seconds, laughing, kissing me and asking where I have I been, and am I coming home tonight. Before I could answer, Carol's mother was standing there in front of me.

"Hi Tammy, you're looking well."

"Cut the bullshit Steve, what are you intentions? You can't sit on the fence forever you know." Tammy always had a way with words. She never beat around the bush but went straight for the jugular; that's probably where Carol got it.

"Not sure at this moment, but when I figure it out, you'll be the first to know." The nurse came out and said I could go in now. "Kids, let me talk to mommy for a few minutes, and when I'm done, I'll take you out for ice cream; would you like that?" They were still jumping up and down as I went into the room.

She was awake as I sat in the chair next to her bed. "How you feeling?" I asked her as I held her hand.

"A little pain, but looking at you here makes it all worthwhile," she said with a smile while she squeezed his hand.

"I'm so sorry," I started to say as Carol put her fingers to my lips.

"There has been too much said, and unsaid, these past few months. All I want to do right now is look at you," she said with a smile.

"I love you," I told her.

"I know you do."

"You have a few munchkins outside, who would like to see you right now, if you're up to it?" She smiled and I opened the gates of hell.

They were all over her asking a million questions and saying how much they missed her and that did she know dad was back, and they were all going out for ice cream and too many other things to mention. I could see she was in pain, so I told the kids that we had to leave, but would be back tomorrow to see her. They both said "goodbye mommy," as I led them out into the hall.

"Tammy, just what the hell did Carol have done anyway?" I asked.

"Just something she should have done a long time ago. She should be out by Friday, but will not be able to do anything substantial for 6 to 8 weeks," she informed me.

"I'll drop the kids off in about two hours, if that's alright?" I asked.

"They're your kids Steve. Keep them as long as you want." She said with a smile, walking away.

Carol and the kids moved back in with me on Saturday. Tammy would come over during the day to help, because Carol was flat on her back, the first two weeks, and could only sit in a chair for three weeks after that.

We became a family again. Our friends apologized for being such assholes and were happy to see us back together again. We talked for hours on end now, as Carol tried to explain how it all started. I told her, I had let my male ego get in the way, but it hurt, and I still wasn't over it. The one thing that she wouldn't tell me was the reason for the surgery. I was at least thankful when she told me it wasn't life threatening, or anything like that.

Four weeks later Carol came in smiling ear to ear. "I got a clean bill of health from the doctor" she told me. "What's more, Saturday, you and I are leaving on a 7 day cruise compliments of your boss and my dad, so start packing," she said running into my arms kissing me. It had been too long since we had any real closeness. I was afraid of hugging her too hard, because of her pain, and sex right now, wasn't even on the table.

Their plane was leaving at 5:00 AM and we didn't finish packing until almost 2:00. Her parents picked us up at 3:30, drove us to the airport, wishing us well. "I hope everything works out for the two of you tonight," her mother told Carol. We both slept on the plane and after landing, getting on the ship and getting organized it was time for our 8:00 dinner.

We had a table for two, and unbeknown, to the two of us, everyone was told we were on our honeymoon. We got great service, and even the captain came over to wish us well. After dinner we hit the lounge, dancing the night away.

It was hard to put into words, the way I was feeling at this moment. I had the girl of my dreams, again in my arms, and when I looked in her eyes I saw nothing but love staring back at me. Gone was the anger and hurt of the past few months. All I wanted to do was get her back to our cabin and make love to her; but not like the last time we were together. One lap around the deck and we were heading towards our room.

With the balcony door open to the ocean, I kissed Carol, swaying to the music we could hear from the upper deck. "Get comfortable, and I'll be right back," she told me. I got undressed, climbed into the bed waiting for her. This will be the first time we'd be making love since getting back together. I turned on the sidelight watching as Carol came out wearing the sexiest nightgown I had ever laid eyes on.

"You are the hottest women I've ever seen."

Carol gave me a big smile and moved onto the bed next to me. We touched lips and could feel the electricity between the two of us building. Our lips brushed together as I licked the top, then the bottom one, to get them good and wet. Carol drove her tongue down my throat as we played tongue tag within my mouth.

Like most sexy outfits, it disappeared in a manner of minutes, but it had done what it was intended to do. I was hard as a rock. As Carol stroked me, it felt like I'd grown two inches since the last time we were together. Her long nipples became erect under my kisses. I made damn sure they were both satisfied before moving on.

"Oh God you feel so good," Carol told me as I moved my body above her. I was now moving from her breasts, to her neck, to her lips, and back again not wanting these feelings to end. As I moved down her stomach to her pussy Carol stopped me.

"Not yet hon, I want to taste you first," she said as she maneuvered me onto my back. Slowly she moved down and stopped between my legs.

She moved her hair over my dick and licked my navel, as I began to squirm beneath her lips. Her lips moved down to my cock as she licked it from the base to my now swollen, purple head. Grasping it, Carol engulfed it with one gulp, sucked it up and down a few times, before licking the under side, from my balls to its head.

Carol licked and sucked on the head, and then down the shaft until I told her she was going to get a surprise if she kept that up. She just smiled and continued deep throating me, all the while looking up at me. It had been way too long, and though try as I might, my cum erupted in her warm, velvet mouth. Carol never stopped, keeping it up until I was totally drained. She'd managed to swallow most of it, but a little dribbled out the corner of her mouth.

"You didn't have to do that."

"Yes I did." She said with a smile.

We came together, kissing and hugging as we rolled around on the bed laughing. It wasn't long before I was rock hard again. I went down on Carol, licking the outside of her cunt, before spreading her lips and feasting on her now wet pussy.

I knew from experience, what to do, to drive her wild, but this time I was going to push her over the edge. However, Carol had other ideas. She insisted on me holding her hands as I ate her. This put a crimp in my style, but I wasn't going to argue right now. I licked her cunt, until I could see a small stream of liquid flowing from her pussy; she was more than ready.
"I need you inside me now, before I go off." Carol cried out as she rolled me off of her. Laying me on my back she mounted me. She was sopping wet but as she lowered herself onto me, there was a problem. I was having a hard time getting inside her. Damn, she put me in her ass is all I could think.

"Hon, I want your pussy tonight, not your ass."

A small smile escaped her lips as she told me, "This IS my pussy sweet heart."

Now it dawned on me what the surgery was, why it had taken so long to heal, and why she wouldn't make love with me before tonight.

"Love me now, and we'll talk later." She whispered.

It was like screwing a sixteen, year old virgin. It took about ten minutes, even with lube, to get inside her. Even with taking it very easy and slow, Carol was screaming on top of me. I originally thought it was from pain, until she grabbed me and pulled me all the way in. "Oh my God, oh my God," she screamed as I started to pound her pussy as she met my every stroke.

I was in heaven, and was so glad Carol had given me a blowjob or I would have already blown my wad because she was so damn tight.

Carol had already climaxed three times before I even started to cum. I must have shot two loads into her pussy, changing positions several times, before rolling over on the bed next to her exhausted, but happy.

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