It's him!

No, it can't be!

What were the odds of walking into a nightclub in London and seeing the guy she had been chatting to on MySpace? Astronomical!

Lexy stared at the guy standing at the bar with a glass of red wine in his hand. It had to be Wayne—she'd gazed at his picture often enough to recognize him, but he was even more impressive in the flesh.

Why didn't I dress to impress tonight? she asked herself crossly.

Sod's Law she hadn't made an effort for the first time in a long time. Her friends had dragged her kicking and screaming along to The B-List, a new West End nightclub. Earlier in the day she'd had her legs waxed, then gone for her weekly pedicure and manicure before going to the sauna for a quick steam. She had taken a nap before having a nice long bath hoping that either would make her more enthusiastic but when she'd finally gotten out of the scented bubbles she'd still felt no desire for a night out. She'd dressed to suit her mood: long-sleeved red silk shirt and loose-fitting black trousers, hoping that the guys would leave her alone for a change. She'd even put her hair up into a French roll instead of letting it flow down her back and caress the top of her pert backside.


She didn't realize that she was staring at him until he smiled across at her. She smiled hesitantly in response thinking that he could be smiling at someone behind her. Surely, he couldn't be impressed with her school-teacher-on-a-night-out ensemble!

Picking up his drink, he started heading in her direction.

He couldn't be coming over to her!

"Hi, beautiful," he said in a velvet deep voice as soon as he got close enough to be heard over the music.

Beautiful? Perhaps he needs glasses, she thought, trying hard not to laugh.

"Hi, sexy," she responded.

He laughed and moved closer. "Why aren't you dancing?"

Her friends were all on the dance floor shaking their asses but she couldn't be bothered. "I don't feel like dancing."

"What do you feel like doing then?"

"Truthfully, I feel like doing you."

"Pardon?" he asked, looking as though he thought he'd misheard her.

She leaned over and whispered into his ear, "I feel like doing you. Let's get out of here."

She grabbed his arm and headed for the exit.

"Wait!" He downed his wine and placed the empty glass on a table before leading her out of the club.

As soon as they got outside she turned and kissed him. He wrapped his muscular arms around her and deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth and rubbing it against hers tantalizingly. When he finally pulled back they were both breathing hard.

"Let's go to my place," she suggested, pressing herself against him. "It's only two corners away."

Wayne had given up one-night stands years ago but he hadn't felt this horny since he was a teenager. It was crazy!

"Lead the way."

They hurried to her two-bedroom flat, almost running in their eagerness. And as soon as they entered the flat he kicked the door closed, lifted her into his arms and strode over to her sofa. They fell onto it together, kissing and ripping each other's clothes off.

"I have to take off my boots," she laughed, pushing against his broad chest.

"Let me." He sat up, lifted her right leg onto his shoulder and slowly unzipped her knee-high fuck-me boot as he kissed the inside of her thigh. He gave her left leg the same treatment before trailing his lips upwards, kissing and nibbling until he got to her upper thigh.

"No, you don't," she protested, laughing.

She sat up, pushed him back against the sofa and turned around. He put his lips on her pussy almost at the same time as she wrapped hers around his hard cock. She was already slick with her own juices. He ran his tongue expertly over her clit and she groaned and took his throbbing length deeper into her mouth.

Within minutes she gripped his head between her legs and came all over his tongue.

Wayne's cock was so hard, his balls hurt. He lifted her bodily and positioned her dripping entrance against the head of his thick cock. For a moment it seemed as if he wouldn't get inside her, but she rotated her hips and slowly sank onto him until he was buried deep. She leaned forward and offered him a hard nipple as she started to ride him. He pulled it into his mouth and sucked on it firmly.

"Yes, fuck me, babes," she moaned, lying against him and wrapping her arms tenderly around his shaved head.

Her pussy was incredibly tight. Wayne desperately tried to hold back his climax but her sweet pussy was seriously threatening his control.

"Cum for me now, babes," she begged as she increased the speed of her hips. "We've got all night. Let's get the first one out of the way."

Wayne gave in, thrusting hard against her as the first spurt of his cum shot up inside her.

"Yes, give it all to me. I want every last drop," she demanded as she continued to rotate her hips enticingly as his cock jerked inside her. Finally he thrust upwards one last time and relaxed against the sofa, his cock almost instantly hardening at the thought of fucking her again.

"That was just the beginning," she whispered. "We'll have a shower together and then we'll really make love. This time it's going to be slow and tender. I'm going to really deep-throat your cock, suck on your balls and swallow every last drop of your cum."

"I'm going to eat your pussy like it's never been eaten," he promised. "You'll scream so loudly your neighbours will hear you. Then I'm going to rim your sweet asshole, get it nice and wet before I stick my cock inside it."

"I've never been ass-fucked before, but I'll try it if you promise to be gentle."

"I'm a gentleman, sweets." He laughed and kissed her softly.

She got off the sofa, walked over to the front door and turned up the dimmer switch. He shaded his eyes with his hand as bright light suddenly flooded the room. After a few moments, he moved his hand and opened his eyes tentatively.

She stood before him—milk chocolate perfection, her dark skin glowing, her full breasts firm, nipples still pouting from his lips. She reached up and pulled her hair free and hundreds of thin, neat dreads tumbled around her head before falling sexily to her waist. She opened her legs about a foot apart and struck a sexy pose.

His cock hardened even more at the sight of her. Her legs were incredibly long, toned...and familiar?

"Lexy?" he asked in stunned disbelief, his blue eyes wide with shock.

"Hi, Wayne," she purred.


© 2007 Lexy Harper

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