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We Become Swingers


I have always found it very erotic to see my wife riding a big cock up her pussy. I especially like to see a big, black cock pounding her tight, pussy while she moans and screams from the pleasure she is receiving from it.

But the first five years Amy was conservative when it comes to sex. Other than occasional oral, our sex life had been very routine and boring. Trying to spice things up a bit, I visited the local sex store during my lunch hour one day. I didn't know what I was looking for but guessed that I could find something that might work. I knew that I had found what I wanted when I came to the dildo section. There were dildos in every shape, color, and size that one could imagine. The one that interested me, though, was the biggest ones they had. it was a black jelly that was 13 inches long and 2.75 inches wide realistic cock. I made my purchase along with some lube and practically ran to my car so I could inspect my new toys.

In my car, I opened the packages and held the big cocks in my hands. I envisioned fucking Amy with it and instantly became hard. My lunch hour was almost over, so I placed it back in the bag and left. I couldn't stop thinking of ramming Amys pussy with the dildos on the way back and ended up having to sneak up the back stairs to my office due to the big spot of precum that had soaked into my pants. So that I could get some work done, I decided to go to the men's room to relieve myself and experienced one of the best orgasms I ever have from masturbating. Finally, the day ended and I headed home. On my way, I stopped and picked a 12 pack and some Margarita mix just in case I needed help convincing Amyi to try my toys.

Upon arriving home, I showed my purchase to Amy. As I expected, she responded by saying that they were disgusting and there was no way I was going stick them inside of her. I said OK and offered to cook her a nice dinner which she readily accepted. While I cooked, I cracked a beer and poured her a nice tall margarita. My plan was already working because she downed that and asked for another. By the time dinner was ready, she had drank 4 of them and was beginning to loosen up. Another 2 with dinner and she asked to watch a porn video like she always does when she has too much to drink. I have found these cheaper to buy than rent, so I always have some on hand.

I rummaged though my collection and found one where women with tight little pussies are getting reamed by guys with big dicks, many of them black. The guy in the first scene had at least a 10 inch black cock that he crammed into a beautiful, blonde pussy until his balls were resting against her ass. The blonde was begging him to fuck her harder, so he stood and picked her up with his cock still buried in her pussy and bounced her up and down on his cock causing her to have a continuous orgasm that made her cunt spew her girl cum everywhere. When he was finally ready to come, he laid her down and drenched her pussy and blonde pussy fur with his creamy white load, which the blonde rubbed in and pushed up her cunt with her fingers before licking them clean. Amy watched this scene very intently, almost in a daze. By the end of second scene she had pulled my cock out through the front of my boxers and was playing with it with one hand while the other was busy rubbing her pussy. My cock is a respectable 9 inches. She played with it for a while until she noticed some precum leaking from the tip and stopped. She usually runs to get a towel when this happens but this time she shocked me leaning over and taking my cock into her mouth to clean it off. I almost came right then but didn't want to lose my chance to use my new toys.

I pulled her head from my cock and laid her back on the floor stripping her as she laid down. I spread her legs wide and began eating her pussy as she continued to watch another woman get pounded by a big black dick on the TV. I continued this until she was moaning and thrusting her pussy up into my mouth. I could taste her juices flowing and knew that she was getting close so I stopped. She nearly begged me to keep going but I wanted to let her cool down for a while so I watched the next scene with her. This scene showed a women getting fucked by two men with pretty large cocks and ended with her taking a load from both guys at the same time, one in her pussy and the other in her mouth. She swallowed down the load in her mouth like it was candy.

This was the last scene so I turned the TV off and returned to eating Amys pussy but this time I grabbed the black jelly dildo and began to slowly insert into her pussy. When she realized what I was doing, she tried to stop me but I just kept pushing until about 6 inches was buried in her cunt. She was so wet that I didn't need to use any of the lube I bought. At this point she let out a long, low moan and slammed her pussy onto the dildo until I felt it hit bottom. Only about 2 inches of the dildo was still visible. The other 11 inches was inside her pussy and causing her to moan and thrash around like I had never seen before. She moved into a squatting position and thrust her pussy up and down so that the dildo came almost out before slamming back down onto it. Eventually, the head of the dildo popped through her cervix causing all 13 inches of the dildo to sink in. I let her fuck herself like this until I sensed she was about to come at which time I pulled the dildo out. She started yelling for me to fuck her with that big dick.

I told her that she was going to have to beg me for more and offer something in return. She said that if I fucked her with the dildo until she came, I could fuck her pussy afterward. But I could do that almost anytime because she is always horny despite her lack of interest for sexual exploration. Besides, her pussy would be too loose after fucking the dildo so I told her it wasn't enough. She smiled and told me to lie down which I did. Then she climbed on top of me and pleaded with me to fuck her hard. She groaned and began grinding her clit into my tongue as I began pumping the dildo in and out of her sopping hole. As she approached her orgasm she took my cock into her mouth and began to fuck it with her mouth. I was very close to coming from all of the excitement and told her so. This only made her take it deeper into her mouth until I could feel it hitting the back of her throat. The moaning from her throat made the sensations even more incredible and, for the first time ever, I began to blast my cum into her mouth. This triggered her orgasm and she bucked wildly while, for another first, she sprayed my face with her own girl cum. She must have swallowed all of my cum because it was gone when we finally separated to fall asleep.

The next day I mentioned to her that she must like the new toy but she would only admit that it was ok. I knew better though and my thoughts were confirmed a couple of days later when I secretly caught her using it on herself. She had another big orgasm after which I quietly crept away so she wouldn't see me.

This was the beginning of my wife becoming a big cock slut. Now My wife, has always been faithful over 5 years of marriage and I'm the only man she's had. She also knows that I'd like to watch her having sex with other men but has always refused to listen to my fantasies.

The summer of 1993 we met a really nice older black man who was holidaying on his own and we made friends with him. My wife looked great in a one-piece swimsuit and I'd noticed our young friend oggling her pert little bottom and her ample sized, mature breasts when we had been on the beach. Nothing wrong with that of course, it's human nature and I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that I sneaked a look at the bulge in his swimming trunks which men do by way of comparing themselves, and I have no doubt that my wife must also have had a covert look and would have to have been impressed by what she'd seen. I'd also be lying if I didn't admit that I was envious of his powerful body ..... his broad, muscular torso ... his smooth, hairless chest ... and his lovely, coffee-coloured complexion.

We shared a few days on the beach together and on the third evening, after our meal and a few drinks in the bar, we all ended up in our hotel room having a last glass of wine and a chat which was really affable, and having had a drink my wife harmlessly flirted a little with our young friend, which we all laughed about. At this point, I was sitting in a chair across from my wife and our new friend who were messing around on a small, double sofa so that they were forced close together by the smallness of the furniture and the bulkiness of our new friend who seemed to be twice the size of my wife who suddenly looked very pretty and vivacious to me.

Gradually, almost inevitably, the flirting became incrementally more and more overtly sexual and I suddenly found myself sitting bolt rigid in my chair as I saw his hand slip inside my wife's blouse, where a button had come loose, and cup one of her 42DD breasts .... my wife reacting immediately by issuing a short, "ohh!" before kissing him passionately on the mouth.

I felt as if I was removed from what was going on ..... as if watching a soft porn film ..... my wife's passionate kiss on his lips showing her welcoming acceptance of his hand fondling her soft breast and this clearly encouraging him to start to undo more buttons on her blouse until her upper clothing was gaping open so that he could enjoy the view of her fullsome breasts bulging over the top of her plain, white, well-filled bra as if wanting to be released from their captivity. They didn't have to wait long for their freedom either, as the older black man reached around her back, inside her blouse, and unhooked her bra strap before pulling her bra forwards at either side so that her large, soft, breasts dropped down and were on display for him .... her nipples being a little inverted, but nonetheless looking mouth-wateringly sexy.

I sat frozen watching the two of them together, my faithful, 21 year old. inexperienced wife and a older black buck, the two of them aware that I was watching them but saying nothing and assuming, correctly, that I was happy watching them doing what they were doing.

My heart pounded however when I saw my wife's hand move down and cup the impressive bulge in his pants and then, with his hand initially guiding hers, her trembling fingers unzipping his flies and slipping her hand inside as I heard her exclaim in a quiet, whispered voice "Oh my God, it feels huge!".

Knowing that I must now be consenting to their actions. started to undress my wife by removing her blouse and bra completely so that she was naked to the waist and her soft breasts were hanging down her chest, looking so sensual and arousing to me as well as the man. I could only admire her body from distance however, whereas the guy took the opportunity to cup and fondle her breasts at his leisure as my wife closed her eyes and offered occasional, soft murmurs of pleasure.

It didn't take any imagination for me to realise that she was enjoying showing her sexy, body to a older black man and realising that her body was sexually arousing him. It was also obvious that she was enjoying having her deliciously ripe, breasts handled by a hunky whose hands were easily twice the size of her own which she prized because it felt so good to her to have a man, for the first time in her experience, able to fit the fullness of her breasts into the palms of his hands as his fingers tenderly examined her soft, yielding flesh and explored her sensuous, contours.

Impessed by his lack of concern about my presence, I watched as this man confidence grew in leaps and bounds, standing and encouraging my wife to her feet and prompting her to unbuttoned his shirt and help him to remove it. Standing there close up against my half-naked wife, facing her and towering over her, the mans physique became apparent. He was over 6 feet and his broad, smooth, muscular frame made him look more like a professional sportman.

When my wife had removed his shirt, she smiled broadly by way of complimenting him on his physique and stretched up on toes and kissed his smooth, broad black chest before lifting her head, as he lowered his, and sharing a long, lingering, sexual kiss

as their tongues wrapped around one another in her mouth.

I find my wife's body very sexually arousing and so I watched excitedly as he reached his long arms around her waist and unzipped her skirt which dropped to the floor so that she was standing before in wearing only her plain, everyday panties. They continued to kiss passionately for a while as he cupped her tiny, pert little bottom with his huge black hands thru the plain, white cotton. Up to this point I'd felt excited but 'in contro'l, but that was now about to change because his hands moved up to the waistband of her panties on either side of her slender body and slipping his thumbs inside the waistband and using both his hands to ease her flimsy little panties down over her sexy, pale little bottom, and off, so that she was naked in front of him .... and that was when he spoke for the first time since their flirting had begun as he looked towards me and said ; "I want to fuck your gorgeous wife".

I swallowed loudly, unable to reply, the delay in any response from me ending with the black man adding ; " .... and you're going to watch me satisfying her".

Both my wife and I knew that *he* was now in control.

I was now becoming quite fearful of being humiliated in front of my wife and my fears rose as I watched my wife's hands shaking a little with excitement as she unbuttoned his already unzipped trousers so that they fell to the floor. I had seen them on the beach, but the mans thick, powerful thighs now drew the eye and I could sense wife's heart pounding as I saw her face as she looked down and watched as he lowered his underpants. As he did, I watched my wife's mouth fall open involuntarily as she stared in awe the huge uncut cock hanging down between his muscular, black legs. The silence was deafening for what seemed like an eternity before asked my wife ; "Am I big enough for you?".

An answer was not necessary, but my wife continued to stare at its size as she replied ; "Oh my God, oh my good Lord ..... it's so much bigger than my husband's". Her words wounded my feeling, but I knew she was only telling the truth. It's a over used phrase but he was genuinely "hung like a young horse" ... and he was going to make me watch him screwing my inexperienced wife with it!!!!.

I couldn't get out of my head the fact that my wife must be comparing his enormous, black uncut cock with my own. Even in showers at the gym I have rarely seen a man so well blessed and I knew for certain that my wife had never seen a big cock on a man. I could also see that his large penis was turning her on by the way her big nipples suddenly hardened at the end of her low breasts and it dawned on me for the first time that she wanted him to have her, and to have that big penis inside her.

The man was fully in control as he watched me with unstaring eyes which threatened action against any intervention on my part at this stage ... and as he stared at me he pressed my wife's shoulders downwards to encourage her to her knees where she seemed to need no further encouragement to start to gently put her tongue to work on his long, black foreskin which generously overhung the tip of his unbelievably thick cock.

My excitement was all the greater watching this, knowing that my wife had always loved to suck my cock, but here she was in front of me, kneeling in front of a naked black man and gradually taking more and more of his thick black cock into her mouth as it slowly but surely started to grow in size until his 12 inches of thick, veined cockshaft was being pleasured by her compliant mouth and tongue.

In watching intently all that was going on before me, I occassionaly noticed the clock on the bedside table, noting that both mouth and cock had enjoyed 34 minutes of mutual pleasure, during which time I watched enviously as my wife performed oral sex on a well-hung black man using a range of ways to pleasure him.

I've always explained the most sensitive parts of a man's sexual anatomy, so I suppose it was no surprise to watch her lingering on the especially sensitive parts of his long, thick weapon ..... her tongue repeatedly paying attention to his meatus (blowhole) as she wrapped her tiny hand as far around the thick shaft to wank him a little, and encourage pre-cum to ooze out onto her tongue so that she could savour the sweetness of his lubricating juice ..... pulling his long, baggy foreskin right back in order to use the tip of her tongue on his frenulus .... and running her tongue up and down the shaft along the line of the prominent veins which stood out from under his foreskin.

My wife and her suitor didn't even notice as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 9" erect cock, and started to masturbate as he finally helped my wife to her feet and showed her exactly where to kneel on the bed for him, close to the edge where my chair was positioned. As his hands slightly parted her legs, I was now close enough to smell the powerful aroma of my wife's vagina and I could tell that she was ready to be mounted.

This black man knew this too and, standing behind her, he positioned himself between her lower legs (which were sticking out a little way beyond the edge of the bed) and up against her sexy, little mature bottom ..... his torso positioned at the perfect height to penetrate her.

My eyes darted about the scene before me ..... his taut, powerful, muscular bum .... the thick, 9" inches of his erect phallus swaying a little as it readies itself, like a stallion on heat, to mount and fertilise a female of the species .... and the bush of pubic hair sprouting out from between my wife's legs under her bottom.

I swallowed again and again, almost unable to stop knowing what he was about to do with my wife. I had always imagined watching my wife having sex with another man, but this was real. She was about to let a oldes black man take her from behind .... in front of me ..... and not just a man ... a well-endowed black man!!!.

I was confused ..... I didn't want my wife from this point on comparing me unfavourably to a black stud who was physically more of a man that I would ever be and with a cock between his legs big enough to satisfy any woman in bed, especially an inexperience woman like my wife. Then again, I wanted to watch his thick shaft slipping in and out of her as she moans.

I bit my lip and accepted the inevitable as I watch the young lad take his engorged cock shaft in his right hand and positioned the head against my wife's labial folds ,

before positioning the head into her labial channel and stimulating her by rubbing the swollen head of his manhood up and down her slit. After a short while he let go of his shaft which remained in its position, and used his fingers to draw my wife's labial folds to either side, do so tightly, so that her tiny pink vaginal entrance was visible.

Moving his cockhead up against the entrance, the young black man turned his head towards me and looked me in the eye before saying ; "Watch my cock going into your wife's vagina. Watch it stretching her cunt".

Nothing further to say, the black man presses his torso forward and I watch as he penetrates her .... his cock head disappearing into her ..... his long, thick shaft invading her .... and as he does, my wife cries out with a series of low 'yowls' as she experiences having a black man cock inside her for the very first time.

And then he starts to fuck her .... my excitement now mounting as I savour the sight of my wife being taken from behind by a well-endowed, black man. The man's enviably sized 'woman-pleaser' pumping in and out of my wife's tight, wet cunt which slurps everytime he draws his meat out of her and before plunging it back inside her, making her gasp and pant as she experiences the sexual pleasure of having 12 inches of a man inside her.

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