tagIncest/TabooWe Love Mother

We Love Mother


A short incest piece for the Summer Loving contest. There's no build-up to this one; they're into it (no pun) from the start.

I hope you enjoy the piece regardless of its brevity.

GA -- Benissa, Spain -- 24th August 2013.


What a sight she was, tall and lovely, naked except for the shoes and sunglasses. My mother, long black hair pinned up, huge sunglasses, her jet-black pubic bush razored to a precise strip as she skirted the edge of the pool, moving carefully on those precipitous heels.

We both looked up at the same time, the peck of mum's shoes on the tiles bringing our heads up simultaneously. Dad had been reading while I'd been thinking about nothing at all, just laid out on the sun lounger enjoying the sun on my skin.

"Hello, boys," said my mother, posing for effect, fists on her hips. She turned the lenses of her sunglasses towards me, the fly's eyes huge as she added directly, "Do you like the shoes, Simon?"

The question was rhetorical. She knew I loved her that way, really appreciated the cock-stirring picture of eroticism my own mother presented. Nude, she was beautiful, but the heels added extra zing. I thought she was glorious!

"Bloody hell, Karen," my father blurted, eyes on stalks. "You don't waste any time, eh? The lad's hardly unpacked."

My mother faced my father and shrugged, breasts jiggling with the movement.

"Why wait, Carl? Simon's here, you're here." Mum paused and gestured along the front of her body. " ... I'm here," she breathed.

My mother stepped towards the foot of my father's sunbed and pointed to his legs. "Spread 'em," she said. "And you..." the sunglasses regarded me again "...you know what to do."

With a grin plastered to his face my father placed the book under the sunbed and moved his legs so the soles of both feet were on the tiles on either side.

My mother carefully, graceful as a dancer, knelt on my father's chair, her knees and ankles together. She rested her weight on her arms, fingers curled around the frame of the lounger as she leaned forward, the peach of her derrière rising.

I paused, soaking up the image of my mother's profile: the sweeping curve of her back to those round buttocks, her arms tensed with the effort of maintaining her balance, big breasts dangling.

She threw a glance my way, her expression still hidden behind the enormous shades.

"Come on, Simon," mum purred. She swayed her hips, rocking side-to-side in invitation. "Get behind me. Give your mother's pussy a lick."

My father winked at me. "Good to have you here for the summer, son," he said. He held his erect cock upright. "I know your mum's missed you." He winked again and then groaned when, ducking her head, my mother, hands off dad's dick since she had to keep a grip on the creaking aluminium frame, took the cock-head between her painted lips.

I watched them for a few seconds, mesmerised by the sight of my beautiful mother's cheeks drawing in, the concavity caused by her sucking on my father's root.

My dad gasped and sighed, his face a slack-jawed mask of idiocy as he watched his wife hoover at his erection.

A few seconds of this before: "Simon," my mother snapped at me. "Please. Behind me." She risked upsetting the fragile balance by releasing her grip with one hand to wave in the general direction of her upraised hips. "Come on. Don't stand there gawping. I'm hot for your tongue. Lick me, darling. Taste mummy's pussy and then give me the benefit of your lovely cock."

Who was I to deny my mother her pleasure?

Unable to resist cranking my hard-on, I moved behind my mother and squatted. "You just get more and more beautiful," I mumbled.

"Thank you, you lovely boy," my mother purred. "That's so nice of you to say. Now, kiss me there. Lick me, darling."

She gommed my father's cock-head while I continued to gaze for a little longer, the mollusc of her plump labia majora peeping from between her thighs.

"I've missed you so much," I breathed"

I used my thumbs to splay my mother's flesh, her buttocks parting to reveal the dark roundel of her sphincter, the meaty flaps of her inner lips tacky and reluctant, gluey with her desire.

Mum's sex pouted at me, her cerise core pink and molten, and for a beat or two I took that wonderful sight in. Then, with my mother exposed to me in such an unguarded way, I leaned in and dabbed tip of my tongue at the taboo smudge of her sphincter.

Her voice came back to me, thick and curdled with lust as she chuckled: "You dirty bugger. Carl," she added. "He's licking my arse."

I heard my father's low chuckle. "Good lad."

My mother's hips shook as she tried -- a half-hearted attempt at best -- to dislodge me.

Of course she capitulated and purred, "That feels lovely, darling, and I adore feeling you squirming back there, I do, I really do, but I'd prefer it of you paid attention to my clit. Lick my clitty and use your fingers inside me. Get me all worked up before we fuck. I want lots of lovely orgasms today. A celebration of your homecoming."

Again, what else could a dutiful son do? I had to comply?

I did as my mother asked and sucked at her clitoris. Holding her open I wriggled my tongue as deep as I could manage into the sluice of her sex. I could taste her desire, her body oiling as it prepared for the incestuous coupling of mother and son.

While I lapped away, curling my fingers inside my mother, I heard my father muttering about how good she was at sucking cock. I pulled away for a moment, easing the burning in my thighs by standing upright so I could witness my mother's face distorted around the considerable girth of her husband's erection.

During that lull I saw my father lift mum's head from his lap, remove the sunglasses from her face and then stare into her eyes as he whispered, "I love you, Karen."

"I love you, too," my mother returned with a croak. "I love what we do. Together, as a family, I love it, Carl. Seducing Simon was worth it."

Dad slid my mother's shades under his seat before my parents kissed. He reached up with both hands and laid his palms against his wife's cheeks, the kiss lengthening, their tongues slowly entwining.

I stared at them, a blade of jealousy stabbing beneath my ribs before I suppressed the corrosive emotion -- It wasn't fair to resent my father's love for his wife; I would have my moment kissing my mother in the same manner, the same expression of love in our eyes as we stared at each other.

Squatting again I splayed my mother's flesh and slurped at her crease from clitoris to anus, eliciting such a long, low moan from her -- a clear signal of appreciation.

Then I concentrated all I had on, if not getting her to orgasm, at least taking her most of the way there. I sucked and licked and fingered, using every technique learned at her instruction in the two years we'd been lovers.

The sun lounger rattled, screeking across a few tiles while the three of us, my father, my mother and I, gasped and grunted and sighed, each of us absorbed by what we hoped was just the beginning of a long summer of incestuous loving.

The villa was perfect: the pool, the privacy, the weather -- all of it conducive to nude living and casual fucking. I looked forward to days of doing nothing, the rigours of university forgotten for a few months while I lazed in the sun and drank wine with my mother. The alcohol -- as well as the sun and the availability of hard cock -- made her randy, and often, pleasantly squiffy on red wine, we'd share languid kisses, my hands on her body while she fisted my length and we inevitably ended up joined together.

My mother is an enthusiastic lover, very vocal and, when lost in the throes, capable of the most surprising outpouring of potty-mouthed exhortations.

I hadn't been at her for long before she moaned and then snarled, "Lick my cunt. My clit, suck my clit ... I'm close ... Oh, fuck ... I'm so fucking close..."

She babbled and groaned and gasped, whining and squealing on and on before, with a huge, guttural grunt she blurted out she was coming and ordered me in no uncertain terms to fuck her.

My cock slid inside my mother in one easy glide. She was so wet, so hot down there, so tight, her insides clenching with her orgasm.

I'd been dreaming about being with my mother for weeks, literally counting down the days before I could return to Cyprus and the villa my parents now lived in. Skype sessions were one thing, and as enjoyable as it was sharing time with her on screen, nothing could compare to the reality of feeling her body accommodate my cock. I can't count the number of times I've lain in my bed and worked myself into a spurting climax, semen pouring out of me while I fantasised about mum, my mind full of her ripe, voluptuous body, her skin tanned a soft caramel.

And now there she was, hot and wet, insides clamped around my girth while I held her hips and thrust.

I loved that view, my mother's flesh rippling under the impact.

I watched my cock slide in and out of her, labia clinging to the shaft while the gloopy residue of her lust creamed at our conjunction.

The sounds she made were incredible, soft groans, harsh hisses of breath drawn in past clenched teeth, her muttered oaths.

Our bodies thwacked together, a meaty slap-slap-slap while I savoured the sensation of my mother's skin under my palms, her breasts weighty in my hands when I crouched low over her back to cup those swaying orbs.

"Mum..." I grunted, my hips jerking. "I'm--"

"Do it," my mother interrupted. "Flood me with your seed, darling. Give me all your cum."

The surge pulled at me from the core. Semen pumped out of me to fill my mother, the sensation so exquisite, coupled with the knowledge it was my own mother accepting my ejaculate with such a vocal expression of delight only heightening my pleasure.

Before my cock had ceased its pulsing, with jizm dribbling out of me, my mother twisted around and pushed me away from her.

I staggered backwards and slumped onto a sun lounger.

"Carl," my mother squealed. "Lift up your cock. For fuck's sake, lift it up so I can get on it!"

My father, blinking up at mum, held his erection upright.

"Fucking hell, Karen," he muttered as a dollop of my spunk plopped onto his pubic hair. "Simon's just come in you."

"Shut up and just let me fuck," my mother growled in response. "I'm so bloody horny. I just have to have another cock inside me."

The canvas protested under dad's arse, wrenching and squeaking when my mother, with a low groan, head lolling and with her mouth agape, sank onto my his erection.

"Yes," mum groaned. "Oh, fuck, yes." Her hips rotated as she screwed herself down onto dad's dick.

I could see gloop sliding down the exposed shaft, cum displaced by my father's girth when, placing her hands on dad's shoulders, mum lifted her buttocks from his thighs. With that vision imprinted on my memory my mother sank back down, a sob of pleasure bursting from her throat. It was then I heard a loud, rasping fart of displaced goo while my jizm squelched between my parents' bodies.

"Listen to that!" mum cried as the rise and fall of her hips grew ever more energetic, frantic even. "Simon's spunk inside me. Fuck it into me, Carl. Oh, I'm so bloody happy to have you two here."

I swallowed heavily and looked on while my mum and dad rutted like beasts. This was no tender example of love-making, merely a display of lust. This show was a feral and visceral display of two people succumbing to their base desires, a quest for fulfilment.

Dad had my mother's breasts in his hand, sucking at the thick, elongated teats, making wet smacking sounds as he moved back and forth from nipple to nipple. Mum's arse shivered, her hair falling loose, head lolling forward while she grunted and groaned and squealed.

I rose to my feet and moved to the pair, both of them mindless of my presence until I reached out and stroked mum's hair.

"Simon," my mother gurgled. She surveyed me with lust-glazed eyes. "Kiss me, darling. Kiss me on the mouth." Her hand reached for me, fingers grasping. "I'm going to come on your father's cock. Kiss me while I do, my lovely son."

My mother grunted and sighed into my mouth while we kissed with me crouching over her. We parted when mum began to spasm, a low groan rippling out of her while she held onto me, arms encircling my waist, her cheek pressed against my beating heart. Mum's eyes were closed tight as she came, mewls of delight forcing air across my chest in little puffs.

"Karen!" dad bellowed. "Shit ... Karen, I can't hold it in."

I tilted my mother's face with a finger beneath her chin. Her eyes snapped open and I stared into my mother's eyes as she came, my father's semen pumping into her. She returned my gaze, her expression loving while she screwed her hips and milked dad's seed.

"Oh fuck," mumbled mum. Her face went slack for a few seconds before she spoke to my father. "Oh dear ... Oh fuck ... How lovely to feel you squirting inside me, Carl."

My mother sighed and then grinned at me before yanking my face to hers to kiss me with savage ardour. We stayed that way for several seconds, locked together, my hands moving over her body.

Eventually, with a gasp, my mother pulled away. She stared into my eyes again. "I love you," mum murmured at me. "I love fucking you. It's gorgeous making love with my son."

We kissed again while dad's orgasm finally cooled, him moaning and muttering to himself, hands full of mum's hips and buttocks.

Semen dribbled from my mother's body when, albeit a little knock-kneed and shaky, she rose up from my father, drops of gloop landing with heavy, viscous plops on his thighs and the canvas bed upon which he lay.

"Dear God," mum gasped, chest heaving as she stared at the mess. "How much stuff did you two give me?"

I cranked at my cock, erection undiminished.

"There's more," I growled. I grabbed mum's forearm and virtually flung her towards the bed I'd occupied earlier. "Get on," I ordered her. "Lie down and open your legs."

Mum's heels clattered on the tiles as she almost stumbled under the vehemence of my shove. She seemed poised on the edge of a rebuke when, eyes widening, the realisation of what was about to occur hit her. "Simon..." she gasped, with her fingers at her mouth. "I don't--"

"There," I insisted, pointing to the lounger. "On your back. Open your legs. Let me see you before I put it in and stir it all up."

Even as the protest formed on her lips she was clambering onto the bed.

"This is so dirty," mum gasped. Her legs widened with indecent haste, eager for my cock once more. "I don't believe I'm letting you do this."

"You do," I countered, matching her lewd grin with my own. "You know exactly what you're doing, Mum. And you love it."

"I love you," my mother breathed into my ear when I covered her. My cock squelched into the mix of viscous ejaculate. "Oh, Simon, my lovely son. Love me, darling. Get up on your arms so I can watch your face as we make love. That's it. Look at me ... Watch me while I watch you and we do it together. You're beautiful, Simon. I adore how you make me feel."

I saw my mother glance down at my glistening cock sliding in and out of her body. She looked back up to me, eyes gleaming while she chewed her bottom lip.

"Seeing you inside me, looking at you and your dad leaking out of me ... Simon, oh, Simon!" my mother yelped. "We're together again. Me and you. Mother and son. Oh, I'm going to get there again."

I pounded into my mother's body while she, with her legs widespread at the limit of a contortionist's physical capability, rubbed at her clit, goading herself towards a climax.

I heard my father chuckle and, wincing with pleasure at being inside my own mother, turned to face him.

"That's it, Son," he grinned as he sat on the edge of his lounger. "Give the old girl what she needs." He cocked a hand to one ear. "Ah," dad added. "I think that's our Robert arriving."

In the distance, from the front of the villa, I heard a car door slam.

"Robert's home as well?" my mother sighed, squirming beneath me. "All my boys together," she added.

Mum's eyes rolled, her face split by a wide grin while we continued to move together.

I slowed my pace and smiled at her. "Dad, my brother, and me," I said.

"What a summer. All my lovely men home at the same time," mum gurgled.

And then, when my brother appeared, his face registering surprise at the scene that greeted his homecoming, my mother began to buck beneath me, urging me to squirt her with another load before she could celebrate her eldest son's return.

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