We Must Continue


Samus ruffled the feathers on the head of the juvenile Dachora. It responded with an enthusiastic warble as it leaned its crown into the hunter's hand. Samus had just released it, along with the other animals she found at Biologics Research Station, in a federation owned wildlife preserve on a planet a few systems away. Even though she had just blew the X-Parasite infested station, along with SR-388, into trillions of pieces spread across space she didn't want to risk the possibility of space fairing X hosts finding them. As she watched the creatures disperse into the bushes and trees she felt an immense weight lift off her shoulders. Samus was confident that they would be safe here.

As the hunter rose back into her new gunship via the grav-lift, thoughts of doubt began to creep into her mind. She wondered if the federation would come after these creatures hoping to find a trace of the chaotic X parasites that they had intended to capture and study. Furthermore she wondered if the horrid abominations had somehow survived the destruction of the planet SR-388. Normally she wouldn't even consider anything avoiding vaporization in the explosion of a planet, but her encounter with them and her observation of their extraordinary resilience and adaptive abilities made her think they may be capable of anything.

Samus did her best to dismiss such thoughts from her mind, after the lies and conspiracies she had discovered on Biologics Research she had decided to keep more than half an eye on the federation big wigs from now on. She knew that if the parasites survived somehow, even as covertly as they liked to conduct their business, the federation would be the first to make some kind of scene. Samus walked toward the control console and sat in the chair bolted into the floor in front of it. As she fired up her new gunships' VTOL sequence she received a message from Federation Command.

"Samus Aran, you have committed an act of treason by destroying the BSL outpost and planet SR-388 without authorization. Your contract with the Galactic Federation has been terminated and you are ordered to attend a court hearing to discuss the terms of your retirement as a registered bounty hunter. Failure to comply with this order will result in a warrant for your arrest being issued and the permanent confiscation of your gunship and armaments." Although disappointed by this decision by the federation she was not surprised in the least. No doubt they would completely deny the existence of the X-parasite, the Metroid hatchery on the outpost, and the operation performed on Samus that saved her life. She felt that ignoring this order was the best course of action.

"It is likely that the Federation will pursue you in order to cover up the truth of what happened above SR-388, Samus. Attempts to evade them long enough may cause them to alter their intentions from capturing you to simply eliminating you." Said the Adam Malkovich AI as Samus deleted the message.

"Less likely then you think, Adam." Replied Samus.

"How do you mean?" Inquired Adam.

"There are lots of dangers in the galaxy, most of which the federation can't be ready for. That's when they'll call on me again, to pull their fat and happy asses out of trouble."

"I see, so you are saying that the federation regards you as an asset of protection too valuable to discard. So you believe the federation will not attempt to apprehend you?"

"Apprehend me? They ought to pay me just to keep a lid on what I've learned, not to mention saving the whole galaxy from a parasitic monstrosity."

"It is unlikely they see the situation in the same light. However, it is an astute deduction that they will not pursue you out of the fear that they will have no one to protect them should another incident, similar to the one you observed, takes place."

"Right, now take us out of orbit and to the nearest refit station... make sure its not owned by the Federation."

"Samus, did you not just state that it is improbable that the Federation will attempt to apprehend you?"

"I'm not worried about that, I just don't feel like ponying up the credits to those jackasses right now. It'll probably be a while before I feel like doing business with them again"

"Understood. Plotting course to refit station 83087 in orbit of Talon V." The name of that planet brought back memories of the Chozo settlements she found there, along with the space pirate platoons and the contamination of Phazon that the planet once had. She had considered letting the Ettecoons and Dachoras live there, but the possibility of residual radiation from the Phazon worried her. She was hesitant enough leaving them on a federation controlled planet, but at least the purpose of this place was simply preservation of wildlife.

After Adam had confirmed the activation of autopilot systems navigating the gunship to the refit station, she stood from her control console and moved to the rear section of the cabin. Samus recalled her old gunship, she winced when she thought of how narrowly she escaped destruction when it hurtled into an asteroid while she was unconscious from X infection. This new gunship was a bit more advanced than her old one, but lacked the presence of Chozo based tech. All of it was the latest of the federations advancements in space travel and defense. It was obvious that little thought was put into the possibility of the ship's pilot and occupants making extended stays in it. There wasn't much in terms of accommodations for a bed or shower. Provisions storage wasn't nearly as large as she liked it either. Samus knew she had some work ahead of her if this place was going to be her new home.

Nevertheless, the hunter felt quite a lot of relief knowing her work was done. For now at least. She closed the hatch to the control room behind her and took a deep breath. She could detect a light aroma of the creatures that took berth in the ship while she was in the BSL outpost. It gave her a comforting feeling that reminded her of her former home planet Zebes. She reminisced about her childhood spent training among the Chozo, and lamented its destruction at the hands of Mother Brain and her space pirates.

Dismissing unpleasant thoughts from her head once more, Samus felt she was quite deserving of a hot shower. She depressed the symbol on her Zero Suit located just above her right breast, causing the back of the suit to split and loosen. She stepped her naked body out of it and left it laying on the floor behind her. Samus made a short survey of her body, taking inventory of the injuries she suffered combating the X parasites. Stepping into the alcove where the shower was installed, she pulled shut the clear curved Plexiglas door and traced her finger over a temperature indicator built into it. A steady stream of steaming hot water then began to pour from the shower heads in the ceiling and walls.

The feeling of the piping hot water striking her body in every direction at once felt incredible. Like every bit of tension she had built up from the mission before just melted off her body along with the blood and sweat she had shed. Samus always made a point of keeping herself in top physical condition, her pain tolerance was abnormally high but this had an added effect of making pleasurable experiences seem amplified as well. Even before she had started her life as a bounty hunter, the Chozo made sure she had fine tuned her body and athletic ability the best she could. She shuddered and sighed in contentment as the water collected and dripped off her body, leaving behind bits of tingling relief.

Despite her amazing strength, it was well hidden by a body of unparalleled beauty. Her soft, supple skin was pale as porcelain from being inside her power suit too long. She couldn't remember the last time she was actually touched by real sunlight. Her blond locks of hair reached down past her shoulder blades, it felt so good to get the weight of sweat out of it and undo the various knots her hair had developed from being compressed in her helmet. Her breasts were perfectly shaped for her body size and were as soft as the pillows she slept on. As the water rolled off of them her nipples started to harden in response to the stimulation she was receiving. Samus's hips were almost as wide as her shoulders, perfectly cresting with the rest of her sumptuous curves. She had often received teasing comments from comrades that she ought to become a mother, the baby would get to develop in a luxurious mansion of a womb. Accompanying those wide hips was an ass that stuck out almost as far as her chest. Her legs were the only part of her body that she could not hide her musculature, they were so well defined and sculpted due to her incredible ability to jump to enormous heights in a single bound.

The feeling of the water teasing her sensitive skin almost completely dulled the pain of the multiple cuts, bruises and abrasions that littered the otherwise perfection that her body represented. Aside from the more recent set of injuries, she also had quite a few noticeable scars from the operation to remove her power suit from her body when the X had infected her. Normally, Samus can materialize and dematerialize the suit at will, but she needed to be awake to do it. During her infection, Samus's consciousness was locked away by the trauma she had suffered from the parasite. She didn't dream at all during the operation, she was just bombarded with the feeling of her mind being invaded, searched, copied, and then starting to be eaten away. Then she felt a strong sense of resolve and, strangely enough, hunger as the parasite seemed to dissolve away. When she woke up she felt oddly satisfied, like she had eaten a full course meal.

Samus made a note to herself that she needed to pick up soap while she was getting the ship refitted, all she was cleaning herself with right now was hot water. Also some cosmetic gel to heal her scars away would be useful too. The hunter also thought about what else she could do to help get her mind off all of the federations bullshit and the dread of the X parasites resurfacing. Maybe the refit station had a social club she could visit, meet someone, have a nice time with. Her interactions with others are rarely more than what is required to complete her mission, but the idea of actually having a relationship with someone peaked her interest.

"Goddammit, I just need to get laid" She said to herself. She had only had sex one other time in her life, and that was a fleeting urge. Now Samus really felt she needed to let lose for a while, maybe let someone else take control, if only for a night. She once considered her old CO, Adam as a possible companion. She even attempted a pass for him earlier in her life, but the only thing he'd return was a cold shoulder and the phrase "Any objections, Lady?"

"Ugh, why couldn't you take a hint, Adam?" She asked herself as she tossed and scrubbed her hair as the hot water ran through it. Thats not to say Samus didn't enjoy her own experiences once in a while. While on missions, if she felt the need, her power suit would gladly accommodate her. The middle of a dangerous infiltration of a space pirate base seemed like a bad place to masturbate, but the heat of battle and anticipation often lit a fire inside her. She would find a secluded spot, somewhere she was certain no one would find her, and activate a special operational mode that she programmed herself. The armor would lock up and keep her still in whatever position she was in at the time. The energy in her suit would be set to a minimum signature to lower her chances of detection. It would then send small electrical shocks to key points in her body that created exquisite sensations and releases of tension. The inside of the suit's cod piece would then start to slowly invert and slide a metallic phallus inside her vagina. That phallus could be textured and shaped as Samus liked, even heated or send shocks through her like the rest of her suit did. When the suit detected her coming climax, it would pump a heated stream of liquid protein nutrients, like the ones she consumed while on missions, inside her to stimulate her further.

The hunter felt a bit depressed when she realized that she lost her old suit to the SA-X and would need to reprogram her new suit to perform the same special function. It took a lot of work and was well worth the results. Even still, a metallic phallus and a series of electrical shocks never seemed to be as good as another person's hands. She recalled her one-time lover, a young man on an exploration mission to planet Zebes. Until then Samus couldn't remember laying eyes on another human being. The way the Chozo treated her was with honor, respect, care and devotion, but the way the explorer had treated her was affectionate, passionate, and loving. It was unlike anything else she had experienced. The day after Samus had made love for the first time, her mate had left Zebes. She remembers displacing her sadness and anger onto her caretakers for a brief period of time.

It was as if the water running down her body brought with it layers of memories and feelings. This always happened after a major mission. When Samus destroyed Zebes, she spent half of the next day weeping for her lost former home. She hoped she would never have to destroy part of her history again but the Chozo often explained that impermanence was part of the nature of the universe and that no civilization is able to leave a permanent mark. Peoples who believe they can are destined to destroying themselves. Reminding herself of this made her feel a little better, but she always felt that such an outlook on life was rather grim.

Samus reached forward and deactivated the shower heads. The steam in the shower was now thick enough to cut with a knife. She breathed it in and felt her lungs stretch from the heat. She reached her arms out to either side and angled them slightly upward, turning her head and letting out a soft groan as she stretched. She was anticipating a good long period of sleep to follow her soothing shower. She opened the glass door and the steam rolled out into the room. She was about to step out to retrieve her Zero suit, when she realized that it was missing. She thought that maybe the ship had some kind of automated clean up system, but that thought was quickly dismissed when she felt a sudden cold breeze. She watched as the steam was sucked out of the shower and toward a single point. Samus had no time to react after observing this phenomenon when a shot of icy cold energy struck her right arm. She found her right elbow frozen stuck to the shower wall behind her, not a second passed before she found her right leg stuck at her knee, then her left leg. A needle of panic penetrated her body as she found herself pinned to the wall with ice. Samus then recalled the pattern of the shot, and the sound it made as it was fired. It was Chozo tech.

Dread and panic overtook her mind when she realized that an SA-X had boarded the ship, she could barely make out its visage through the steam that was starting to dissipate. It started to approach Samus slowly, the first thing emerging from the steam was her metallic green, arm-mounted blaster primed to fire a charged shot of cryo-plasma. Samus attempted to struggle for freedom, but it felt as if the ice pinning her body was sapping her strength. She then remembered that the Metroid vaccine entailed Metroid DNA being spliced into her own genetic structure. She was vulnerable to their weakness of extremely low temperatures. The figure emerged further from the steam, she could see the blaster attached to a suit of much smoother design than her old power suit. She recognized it as the suit she wore during her last mission, and its color suggested it was the version she acquired after the core X of the SA-X had been absorbed into her suit.

Samus kept still, certain that her fate had been sealed. The SA-X grabbed hold of Samus's left arm, placed it against the wall and fired a shot, point blank, pinning it to the wall with a chilling block of ice. Samus was now stuck frozen against the wall unable to move completely naked in a slightly spread-eagle position. The parasite clad in Samus's suit then placed its hand on her neck, gripping tightly and cutting off her air. In her weakened state she was barely able to draw breath at all, like this she knew it would only be a few seconds before she passed out. Just before all went black, however, the SA-X released her grip. Samus laboriously sucked in as much air as she could before her damaged neck caused her to cough.

The SA-X took a step back and placed it's hand on her helmet. The vents on the helmet let out a soft hiss as it depressurised. It lifted the helmet off itself and dropped it to the floor. Samus watched as the SA-X's head vaguely took a human form, narrowing the finer details down until it virtually mirrored Samus's features. Everything was copied all the way to her fine golden locks of hair and pale, silky skin. The only clear difference was the SA-X's eyes; they had no iris or pupil. They were simply off-white orbs resting in it's skull, giving it a dreadful and menacing stare that set Samus's hair on end.

The parasitic duplicate moved closer to Samus, close enough to feel its breath over her body. It looked at her with an expressionless face and dead eyes. Samus continued to struggle against her icy bonds, however futile it was she still tried. When the last of her strength left her she stood firm in front of the parasite. "Well, whats it gonna be, bitch?" The SA-X responded by moving its face closer to hers and planting its lips onto Samus'. It also proceeded to snake and glide its hand all over her waist and ass, squeezing and caressing in many of her sensitive spots. Samus was absolutely dumbfounded as to why this abomination had started making out with her, she did her best to push out the feelings of arousal she was being bombarded with but with SA-X touching her all over and locking mouths and tongues with her made it difficult. She at first felt a bit relieved that the parasite had other plans for her instead of killing her, but she also dreaded what it may have planned for her instead.

The creature lifted off Samus's lips, ropes of saliva trailing off and briefly bridging the gap between their mouths. Her lips then pecked and nipped at some of the softer bits of her neck and collarbone, causing Samus to let out soft gasps of pleasure. The SA-X somehow knew where all of Samus's most sensitive spots were. It had copied the hunter even better than she suspected. Finally its mouth planted itself on her large breast, the cold of the ice beam shots binding her to the wall had caused her nipples to harden and now the SA-X licking and sucking at them was only keeping them that way. Samus began to let out soft coos and moans at the feeling of her breasts being teased and sucked.

This constant barrage of touches, kisses, licks and suckles was causing that familiar fire to light inside Samus's belly. She began to involuntarily respond to the SA-X's stimuli; her skin started to shudder as waves of pleasure washed over her, she would lift and rotate her shoulders so that her breasts lifted and met the parasite's hungry mouth, moisture began to collect between her legs so much that droplets of her arousal ran down her sculpted thighs. The creature seemed to detect these responses and stimulated each area accordingly; running her free hand over her skin and gripping her full, firm ass and legs, she gently brought her teeth down onto her nipple as she suckled, she lifted her knee and placed it between her legs, pressing it against Samus's vagina, rubbing and slipping it against her moist sex, bouncing it slowly.

After a few minutes of this treatment it was becoming more than Samus could contain, she finally let out unbridled moans of pleasure and approval. This abomination of a parasite was making the hunter feel so incredibly good, so much better than her suit could ever do for her. In her mind she was no longer questioning why the parasite was doing this, she just begged the SA-X to fuck her. Almost in response to her thought, the creature released her breast from its mouth with a satisfyingly wet pop. It took a step back from the hunter and spread its feet apart slightly, Samus watched as the parasite placed its hand on its hip, a section of the suit opened between the SA-X's legs and something extended out. At first it was jelly-like and only vaguely phallic, but sure enough it began to refine itself into a fully formed erect penis.

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