tagErotic CouplingsWe Stand On Guard

We Stand On Guard

byNo Panty Girl©

The year was 1964, the place Resolute Bay, N.W.T.

It was an R.C.A.F. radar station, part of the string that formed the Distant Early Warning line from Canada's coast to coast to monitor air traffic entering Canadian air space over the pole.

The radar screens were monitored at N.O.R.A.D.'s command post buried deep within a mountain in Colorado. In the event a "boogie" was detected on a southerly course interceptors would be scrambled to identify whether they were friendly or foe.

Fortunately all the intercepts so far had just been friendly aircraft that failed to file a flight plan or were off course.

Personnel at the station were minimal due to the isolation and harsh climate. Just a couple of radar techs and a couple of electrical techs to maintain the giant Buda diesel generators that supplied the base's electrical power.

A weekly skid run would land on the ice dropping off diesel fuel and other necessary supplies. If the weather was bad, which it often was, the base would draw on its built-in reserves until the clumsy C119 was able to make a drop.

The base had started as an "isolation" posting meaning guys were posted for six months at a time separated from their spouses.

As this encouraged fraternization with the local Eskimo women the defense department decided to try experimental postings of married personnel accompanied by their spouses.

Temporary married quarters were hastily erected and the plan put into effect.

The first two married radar techs were man and wife, Sgt. Bernie Tetrault and his lovely blonde wife L.A.C. Fern Tetrault.

The Tetrault's had only been married a few months before at their previous station in Bagotville, Quebec, home of an interceptor wing of F86 Sabers. Their six months in Resolute was to be sort of their honeymoon.

Cpl Bill Hume was transferred up with his half-hazard wife Joyce and L.A.C. Lloyd Shock with his beautiful wife Samantha.

Hume and Shock were to look after the stations two generating plants.

Bernie Tetrault and Bill Hume were about the same age, early forties career airmen. Hume's wife was also in her forties, a large-frame outspoken woman.

Fern Tetrault and Samantha Shock were both demure beauties in their mid-twenties. Whilst Fern was a flaxen hair petite woman Samantha was a more rounded auburn hair beauty. Most men would find either woman desirable.

As the new personnel settled into their routine they became quite friendly. Other than their routine task they had little to do but socialize with each other.

Television reception was poor, the CBC station from northern Alberta the only one coming in clear. Booze was their only distraction from their boring existence.

After a short getting to know each other period the new neighbors began bonding. They were all housed together in a large prefabricated building divided into individual apartments. All the living quarters shared common laundry facilities and a shower room. Steam heat, electricity and water were supplied from the nearby utilities building.

All the buildings in the complex were joined by enclosed passageways so the occupants did not have to go outside in severe weather conditions.

Life in the station was based on the "honor system", no locked doors anywhere.

Samantha Shock and Joyce Hume became the best of friends being the two "civvies" on the station. They could usually be found together in one or the others apartment.

The girls enjoyed the luxury of the hot shower room during the day when the guys were occupied with their tasks. Joyce and Sam would spend hours alternating from the showers to the attached sauna room in complete nudity, enjoying their solitude.

Joyce Hume was a full-figured woman but Sam found something attractive about her naked body. Was it her large breasts with their big pink nipples of the tangle of pubic hair covering her crotch? Sam was not sure but the attraction was there.

Joyce was definitely interested in her new neighbor's charms. Samantha had perfectly shaped breasts adorned by delicate pink teats that jutted out tempting to be sucked. She had a cleanly shaved pussy and a nicely rounded ass.

Joyce imagined that she and Lloyd spent much of their time fucking.

It started without warning, Joyce and Samantha were sitting in the sauna room exchanging tidbits of information when suddenly Joyce embraced Sam and kissed her on the lips.

It was a long, passionate kiss with Joyce's tongue forcing its way into the younger woman's mouth. Sam melted in her arms, her own tongue intertwining with her neighbors while their perspiring bare skin pressed together. Sam felt Joyce's hand go down to her naked pussy.

Sam's legs were slightly apart allowing her aggressive partner's fingers to penetrate her. Samantha did not resist.

It was the young wife's first lesbian experience. Once in college she had kissed on of her girlfriends on the lips but it was just fooling around, nothing like she was feeling now.

Samantha's right hand cupped Joyce's full breast and gently squeezed it, her thumb running across the erect nipple.

"Oh yes!" she moaned as Joyce's fingers found her clitoris.

The two women were fully involved in their love making when they heard someone enter the adjoining shower room.

Joyce rose and walked over to peer out the steamed-up pane of glass in the connecting door. Wiping away the collected condensation she saw the naked figure of her husband who had come to shower in his off duty time.

Joyce opened the door a few inches, "Why don't you come in here and join us?" she cooed.

Hume looked confused, "us"?

"I have a nice surprise for you in here." His wife promised.

Hume entered the sauna room following his wife.

There on the bench sat his buddy's naked wife. Upon seeing her nudity with all her charms exposed his cock immediately began to harden.

"Samantha and I were just getting to know each other." Joyce smiled.

Hume knew of his wife's bisexuality, they had participated in threesomes with other females in the past and Joyce had enjoyed eating pussy as much as she did sucking cocks.

Sam just sat there smiling a guilty smile, her legs still parted showing her neighbor here open slit.

Samantha was impressed with the size of Hume's erection as it was so long and so thick! Her husband had an ordinary six-inch cock but Hume's must have been about ten inches long and as thick around as her wrist. She wondered what it would feel like in her.

Hume walked over until he was only inches from Samantha.

"Feel this!" she said grabbing her husband's erection.

Samantha cautiously reached out and took his hard-on into her hand.

The redhead's touch sent a shiver through Hume's spine and his cock twitched in anticipation as Samantha gently began stroking it to familiarize herself with its size.

"Would you like to suck it?" Joyce asked.

Samantha was not usually into cocksucking, she had denied her husband's pleading many times to take him into her mouth. But this was no ordinary cock.

"Yes, I think I would." She accepted her friend's offer.

Samantha automatically took the cock into her mouth as his wife held it. As it passed over her lips Joyce released it giving it free reign in the young cocksucker's head.

Samantha's lips sealed around Hume's thick shaft and she drewn in a deep breath. Her cheeks sunk in as she formed a vacuum around the enormous cockhead in her mouth.

Hume gently cradled her mop of auburn hair in his hands as he guided his cock further into Samantha's mouth.

"Easy Bill, let her get use to its size." His wife chastised him.

It was only the third cock Samantha had ever had in her mouth, there had been her husband's and Billy Marsden's in his old Chevy back in her high school days. Hume's was by far the biggest.

The cock came alive in her mouth and it started to throb as it slides further in between her lips. Hume was now well into her, the smooth bulbous head of his dick neared the entrance to her throat.

"Tilt you head back." Joyce coached Sam.

Samantha did as suggested while Bill fed more cock into her head. Now the enormous invader was starting to enter her gullet.

Samantha gagged but forced more cock into her throat.

She felt the fuzz of Hume's pubic hair tickling her lips and she realized she had deep throated his entire ten inches.

"Good girl!" Joyce congratulated Sam's accomplishment.

Samantha enjoyed the huge cock in the mouth, the weight of it sliding across her tongue, the way its circumference stretched her lips wide open, she wondered how marvelous it would feel in her pussy.

She was surprised Joyce was so willing to share her husband's magnificent cock with her mouth but surely she would not allow her husband to fuck her, or would she?

Sam was occupied by the huge invader in her mouth and had not expected the gigantic spurts of cum as the rapidly flooded her mouth. String after huge string of Hume's thick sperm fired from his cockhead into her throat.

A slimy trail of gooey snot slid down her throat as gravity took it to her belly. Only a tiny drop escaped from the corner of her mouth and dribbled down the side of her chin.

"Nicely done!" Joyce exclaimed watching Sam's throat gulping down her husband's sperm.

Samantha wondered what the proper etiquette was when sucking another woman's husband's cock. Should she have offered to share his cum with Joyce? It was too late now, his puddle of spunk had settled in her stomach.

Samantha felt wicked for having sucked another man's cock and enjoying it!

"O.K., my girlfriend's sucked you off so get the hell out of here so we can carry on." Joyce berated her husband.

Begrudgingly Hume left the two women alone in the sauna room.

Joyce could taste her husband's cum in Samantha's mouth as they continued to kiss.

The young wife was putty in the older woman's hands. Having sucked off her husband while she watched convinced Joyce Samantha would do whatever she wished.

"Eat me!" Joyce barked.

"Excuse me?" the confused redhead replied.

"I want you to eat my cunt!" Joyce ordered.

Joyce sat on the cedar bench and Samantha sank obediently to her knees staring into Joyce's open pussy. She could see the moisture glistening between Joyce's plump labia.

Samantha could smell Joyce's scent as her face neared the juicy cunt inches from her mouth. Gingerly her tongue came out to enter the cunt before her.

Samantha had had her cunt eaten by her husband and had a good idea what was involved. She knew how good a tongue could feel exploring her womanhood. Boldly Sam thrust her tongue into Joyce's crotch.

Joyce's juices were tangy on the tip of Samantha's inquisitive tongue. The pungent taste caused Samantha's face to pucker as if she were tasting lemon juice.

The initial shock over she boldly plunged her tongue into Joyce's warm pocket.

Samantha's familiarity with the geography of her own vagina took her directly to Joyce's clitoris which was already erect in anticipation of Sam's tongue visiting.

Joyce emitted a soft moan as Sam's tongue wrapped around her engorged trigger.

Samantha manipulated the older woman's clit like she k new she herself would enjoy. It was her favorite part when Lloyd went down on her, his tongue treating her clit like a miniature punching bag.

As Joyce groaned in ecstasy Sam shifted the action to Joyce's G-spot just inside her fuck tunnel. This was enough to launch Joyce's orgasm.

Joyce's thighs clamped together, locking Samantha's face firmly between her legs as she started squirting cunt juice into Sam's mouth.

Samantha was shocked as the zesty liquid squirted into her mouth as she had never seen a woman squirt before.

It seemed like an eternity before Joyce's legs separated releasing Sam's face so she could breathe again.

Joyce looked down at Samantha's smiling face with her cum glistening around Sam's mouth.

"That was so good!" Joyce exclaimed.

"I enjoyed it too." Samantha smiled as she wiped her face with her towel.

Back in the radar equipment room Hume couldn't wait to tell the Tetrault's about his encounter with the girls in the sauna room.

Bernie chuckled upon hearing about Samantha Shock sucking his cock whilst his wife watched, Fern was curious.

Was it possible for a wife to enjoy watching another woman sucking her husband's cock the blonde hair beauty wondered? Would she be able to have sex with another woman's husband while she watched?

The possibilities weighed on Fern's mind as she went about her duties.

Fern Anne-Marie had never had a lesbian experience but the curiosity had always been in the back of her head.

She did find Samantha Shock attractive and on the few occasions they had shared to shower room she had studied the redhead's naked body.

Samantha's breasts were full, not small mounds like hers and her nipples were so inviting and her cleanly shaven vagina so tempting.

The more she thought about it the more determined she was to make it happen.

Fern thought if she could entice Lloyd Shock into a threesome with her and his wife it would be the ideal opportunity for her to explore her fantasy.

Fern picked a time when her husband and Hume were on duty and Shock enjoying some leisure time with Samantha.

Living in suck close quarters it was not difficult for Fern to keep track of her neighbors. She could hear the Shocks laughing through the thin interior walls dividing their apartments.

They sounded like they were in the mood for some fun so Fern decided to take the first step.

She sat naked in front of her dresser mirror carefully applying her face and brushing her golden tresses. She plaited her hair into two braids giving her that demure "schoolgirl" look.

She slipped on her pastel pink silk robe over her naked body and headed out the door.

Lloyd Shock answered the door and saw his neighbor standing there in a very short robe. Her bare legs were almost completely exposed suggesting she was naked beneath the thin robe.

"I just wondered if Sam wanted to join me in the sauna." Fern asked.

Lloyd swung the door open, "Come in."

Samantha came prancing out of their bedroom clad only in her panties and bra. Fern suspected she had interrupted something.

"Hi Fern, you're just in time!" Samantha bubbled.

"Just in time for what?" Fern questioned.

"Lloyd was wresting with me on the bed, now with the two of us we can beat him." Samantha giggled.

Fern was pleasantly surprised by the impromptu invitation to join the Shocks in their bedroom. Giggling she run to join Samantha at the doorway into their boudoir.

Lloyd could not resist the sight of two scantily clad beauties going into his bedroom and he was right on their tails through the door.

Samantha jumped onto the bed in a provocative pose. Fern followed her and as her robe flashed open Lloyd's suspicion that she was nude under the robe was confirmed. Lloyd had caught a glimpse of golden fleece as she carelessly joined his wife.

Lloyd was only wearing a pair of boxers and Fern could see the tent in his shorts, he was ready to play the game.

The bed protested as Lloyd jumped between the two women. Bedlam erupted as the two girls begin pummeling their foe.

Lloyd attempted to cover his head with his arms as their blows rained down on him. In her enthusiasm to overpower him Fern's robe had opened and Lloyd could see her perfect perky breasts with their little pink button nipples. His right hand reached out and covered one.

Fern stopped flailing Lloyd immediately as he took a hold of her exposed tit. Samantha paused also to watch her husband fondling the blonde's perky little boob.

Samantha could not resist, her hand went to Fern's pussy.

Sam's fingers found their way through Fern's golden curls and entered the warm moistness of her womanhood.

Fern melted as Samantha's fingers squirmed inside her pussy. Fern reached into Lloyd's shorts and her hand gripped his erection.

Lloyd's mouth had clamped onto Fern's nipple as her hand began to yank his cock to freedom.

Fern was mesmerized by the rock hard cock in her hand. Without hesitation her head lowered as her mouth swallowed its smooth mushroom head.

Samantha continued to tantalize Fern's clit as she sucked her husband's cock.

Fern's fantasy unfolded as the engorged cock throbbed in her mouth.

Fern's lips sealed around Lloyd's cock and she inhaled deeply. Her cheeks sunk in as her tongue began to explore the huge shaft filling her mouth. She swirled up and over the smooth head detecting the salty taste of precum along the way. Lloyd's hips jerked forward driving more of his member into his neighbor's hungry mouth. Fern did no back off but merely adjusted the position of her heads she allowed his cock to start to enter her throat.

Fern had a reputation for deepthroating big cocks since she was in her teens. In her freshman year of college she had deep throated Andy Rideau's eleven inches in a contest with Molly Johnson.

Shock was surprised when he felt his cock begin to slide down the petite blonde's throat. His wife had never been able to take all of his eight inch cock in her mouth. Gently he cradled her head in his hands and pushed the rest of his cock into her mouth.

Samantha was exploring her neighbor's cunt with her inquisitive fingers. Joyce had awakened a sleeping interest in other vaginas that had lived in the cute redhead's libido. Her fingers were busy manipulating Fern's erect clitoris as her husband's tongue begins rimming her tight anus.

"Oh my God!" Samantha gasped as Fern continued gobbling Lloyd's hard cock.

Lloyd did not know how much longer he could hold back, if his blonde neighbor kept caressing his cock with her tongue he was going to fill her mouth with his cum.

Samantha's fingers were driving Fern crazy while Lloyd's cock worked its way further into her throat. Lloyd's balls were bouncing off Fern's chin as he skull-fucked her pretty face.

Lloyd climaxed first, releasing his huge load directly into Fern's throat. Thick wads of his sticky goop were sliding down her gullet when his tongue finally penetrated Samantha's tight rear entrance.

Samantha's eyes popped open as her husband's tongue entered her poop chute. Her tongue replaced her fingers in Fern's cunt.

Lloyd could taste his wife's musk as his tongue penetrated her inner sanctum. It was the first time Sam had let him into her ass and he so wanted to ram his cock into it.

Samantha was occupied eating Fern's pussy with her ass in the air and the temptation was too much for Lloyd.

Sam continued sucking their blonde neighbor's cunt as Lloyd withdrew his tongue and replaced it with the head of his resurrected cock against Samantha's puckered brown starfish. Her anus was still wet with Lloyd's spit so it took little force for him to pop in. Once past the tight gate his cock slid easily into his wife's bowels. His full eight inches disappeared into Samantha's round ass.

Samantha gulped at the surprise of Lloyd's hard cock ramming into her ass, her sudden inhale sucked a large amount of Fern's tangy nectar into her mouth. The nubile redhead was getting giddy as Fern's pheromones flooded her body.

Fern was still recovering from a large dose of Lloyd's sperm reaching her belly and his wife trying to suck it out through her cunt. She didn't know how much more pleasure her body could withstand.

Bernie Tetrault was feeling left out, all of the others seemed to be hitting it off and he was jerking-off a lot knowing his cute young wife was getting banged by that bastard Shock with the good-looking redhead wife.

Bernie would have loved to dip his cock into Samantha's well in exchange but she showed no interest in him.

Joyce Hume on the other hand seemed as if she would take any cock she could get. That was the reason Bernie found himself knocking on the Hume's door.

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