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We Were Just Playing


It wasn't as though we were really doing anything wrong. We were just playing around, but it was the sort of thing that could be awkward to explain. Let me tell you how it was.

My husband, George, and Sally's husband, Andrew, had gone to the football and Sally was spending the afternoon with me. We had done some baking and then we went in to watch a bit of telly.

Now, we're watching this movie and this lesbian scene popped up in the middle of the movie. I have no idea why, as it was totally irrelevant to the plot in my opinion, but I suppose it's the sort of thing that helps sell.

Sally and I thought the lesbian scene was a real hoot. We were deriding the girls, running down their figures and such, and Sally pointed out that both of us probably had better boobs than the girls in the movie.

So I said well let's compare.

I froze the movie at a point where you could see the girls boobs quite clearly and then we took off out tops and checked ourselves against the girls and, I kid you not, both of us had better boobs.

Sally and I are both still in out early twenties with no kids chewing on our breasts yet, and we've both got a fine pair if I do say so myself. We're still successfully fighting gravity and both of us could pass the pencil test.

So we're giggling and carrying on, and then Sally pulled down her slacks and panties, trying to compare her full figure to those of the girls in the movie. Naturally, I had to do the same. I mean, I couldn't let her outdo me, now could I?

Then one of us suggested that we try to copy the actual scene and see how feasible it was. We were both naked, so it wasn't that much of a step to touching each other. You might have gathered by this time that we both have good figures, and we were finding it interesting to look at another woman in a sexual way.

I would like to emphasise that we are not lesbians. We both enjoy sex with our respective husbands, and I have never touched a woman sexually before, and I'd be surprised to find that Sally had. Lesbian-wise we were both total innocents. Or maybe that should be total idiots.

So here we were, trying out this movie scene. It started off with a bit of kissing, and we had that down pat in no time at all. We both enjoy kissing, and kissing someone else is much the same, man or woman.

Next we had to fondle each other's breasts. Again, quite simple and probably easier for us than for a man. We know what pleases us when our breasts are fondled, and we just naturally did that to each other. Both of us had stiff nipples in nothing flat.

One big similarity between us and the actresses was that we were all clean shaven. I think most women are these days. It's so simple with modern razors. Can you imagine what it would be like trying to shave your own pussy with a cutthroat razor? I cringe at the very thought of it.

The reason I mentioned that is because in the next part of the scene the girls were running their hands over each other's pussies. Sally and I did this, and I found it rather strange. I enjoyed having Sally touch me like that, but I was a bit reluctant about touching her. It just didn't seem right, although Sally seemed to enjoy it.

Anyway, we were moving right along with the movie, and then came what I considered the point where I was going to call a halt. The actresses were giving each other oral, and I wasn't sure I was prepared to do that. I said as much to Sally.

Sally suggested that she was game to try it. Why didn't I just lie on the couch and she'd see if she could make me climax with a little bit of oral work. If I didn't like it we could stop. It sounded reasonable to me, so I said I'd give it a go.

So I'm lying on the couch and Sally bends over and starts licking and teasing my pussy. I'm breathing hard and getting excited, and I could tell Sally was exciting herself as well.

That's when I nearly dropped dead in shock.

Like idiots, we hadn't even thought to lock either the front or back door, so anyone could waltz right in. And Joe from next door did.

I heard a noise and looked up and there was Joe, staring at the pair of us. We were stark naked with Sally bent over licking my pussy and Joe was behind her so he would have had an excellent view of her pussy and what she was doing to mine.

I took a breath, meaning to scream or something, but Joe held up a warning finger and put his other finger to his lips while he glared at me. I promptly zipped it.

I was almost wetting myself in fright. What the hell was I going to do if he told George about this? And, I suddenly wondered, why does he want me to be quiet?

I found out soon enough. He unzipped his jeans and took out his cock, and, oh boy, did he have an erection. I always thought that George was quite large in that department, at least, that's what George has always assured me. Joe however was in a different class. Or maybe my eyes were exaggerating his size because of the predicament I was in.

Whatever, Joe was walking up behind Sally, his cock leading the way, and Sally didn't have the faintest idea he was there.

I watching with horrified fascination as Joe lined himself carefully up with Sally's pussy, which was sort of hanging out there while she bent over me. The first that Sally realised anything was wrong was when Joe's hands closed upon her hips and his cock when straight between her lips, ramming home with one big lunge.

Sally screamed. She was lucky she'd been excited with the playing around we had been doing, because it made her nice and wet and let Joe slide into place easily. She jerked half upright, but that was as far as she was going as Joe had her well and truly nailed.

Sally is going, "What the hell?" and Joe just says, "Hi, Sally. Fancy meeting you like this?"

I almost laughed at the expression on her face and, although I probably shouldn't, I couldn't resist reaching up and stroking her breasts.

Sally was yelling at Joe, asking what the hell he thought he was doing.

Joe just laughed at her, and started slowly pumping her.

"If you stop and consider it, Sally," he told her, "I'm sure you'll work out what I'm doing. And in case you're wondering, the answer is no, I'm not going to stop. You can consider this the price of my keeping quiet about your little lesbian scenario."

Sally wanted to know why her. Why couldn't he switch over and take me? Fortunately Joe pointed out that he was already doing quite nicely where he was, thank you very much, and gave her a couple of harder pokes to emphasise the fact.

Sally wasn't too enthused about having Joe taking her like that but she gave in gracefully at that point, and soon the pair of them were bopping away while I just watched it all. I couldn't even get up and get dressed as Sally was leaning over me. To top it off, Joe reached past Sally and started playing with my breasts while he was busy pumping her.

Sally was laughing at the look on my face when Joe started playing with my breasts, so I just naturally reached up and started playing with hers. So there we were, me playing with Sally's breasts while Joe played with mine, and at the same time, gave Sally a good work-out.

From the amount of squeaking and squawking Sally was doing by the time Joe was finished, I'd hazard a guess and say she climaxed. Joe certainly did. I could tell that by the way Sally was swearing at him.

When all the exercise was over, Joe zipped up and asked if he could borrow George's electric drill. His own had burnt out, so he'd come over to see if he could use George's.

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I foresee ...

... a return visit by Joe sometime when neither Sally nor George is there.

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