tagInterracial LoveWeb Cam Affair Ch. 02

Web Cam Affair Ch. 02


Sleeping in a hotel bed was never the best situation for me and always found myself waking up often throughout the night. This was no different then any other except for the fact that I couldn't get the image of my wife Marisa having sex with my black co-worker Dwane. She enjoyed every moment of it and looked like she was in heaven the entire time. Rolling over I looked at the clock to see it was almost 2:30 in the morning. Yet I couldn't seem to get back to sleep. Switching the TV on I was unable to find anything worth watching or that would help me sleep again. While I was laying there some movement caught the corner of my eye. Turning to face the computer screen I could see Dwane sitting up on the couch. He looked around for a moment just before reaching down to rub his crotch. Even in the faint light coming from the kitchen I could see he had an erection again. Reaching into his underwear I watched as he began to play with himself as he looked across the room at a wedding photo of my wife.

"Shit, fuck this! Why the hell am I playing with myself when I got the real thing all to myself?" he said as he stood up. This peaked my interest as I grabbed the computer and watched as Dwane walked around to the bedrooms. I heard our bedroom door softly opening follow by the same gentle sound of it closing. I right away figured out where this might be going and wondering if my wife was going to agree to it in our bed and away from where I could see them. After he went into the bedroom it was very quiet for over five minutes. Then through the thin wall I could hear what sounded like faint moaning of Marisa's voice. Since our bed is literally right against the wall on the other side of the couch it was easy to hear sounds, just not clear ones. Was able to make out what sounded like Dwane's voice asking my wife a question and like her answer was too muffled to understand.

It was quiet again for another minute or so when I could again hear faint moaning from my wife. It was almost constant leading me to believe they were doing something sexual. Wasn't sure what until the moaning got louder at the same time I could hear the bed's headboard banging against the wall in a rhythmic manner. I had no doubt by that point knowing that they were having sex again this time in our bed. Marisa was moaning loudly in pleasure so much so that it sounded as if she wasn't in another room. On top of the moaning and headboard banging I was now able to hear our bed spring creaking. What is the most amazing part of that is our bed is newer and doesn't make noise unless you're jumping on the thing. He was fucking my wife so hard by that time that he was actually causing the bed to make noise too.

Around ten minutes from when the moaning began it ended with the sound of Dwane yelling out before everything went silent. The quiet was broken when the bedroom door opened followed by that of the bathroom door closing. A second set of foot steps came out of the bedroom and into my view in the living room. It was my wife Marisa. She was walking strangely with one hand covering her crotch. Was confused at first until I saw her grab a box of tissues we had sitting on the side coffee table. Pulling a few out she bunched them together. Propping one leg up on the couch and looking down she took the ball of tissues and began to wipe her pussy with them. That's when I realized she was likely cleaning herself up after Dwane had deposited another load of his semen into her. I don't think she even considered I would be awake since she paid no attention to the computer at all. Once Dwane came out of the bathroom she went in herself to finish up. When she got out he called her back into the living room.

"Thanks again Marisa" he said before giving my wife a kiss. "No offense but you've got one nice little pussy. Your husband's a lucky man." Smiling Marisa thanked him before going back to bed as Dwane settled back onto the couch for the night. I never once thought she would have sex with him a second time much less in our bed and where I couldn't see them. Felt different then the last time they did because it was out of sight. Not that I was really pissed off as much as I was shocked by it. Laying back down I did my best to get some sleep and eventually dozed off again for several hours.

Around a little before nine in the morning I was woken up by my computer. Unsure what it was at first I at up to see my wife sitting in front of the screen sending me an instant message. Pulling the computer to my lap she asked me how I was doing. Telling her I was fine she said she was sorry about going all the way last night. That her desire and lust got the better of her along with drinking which loosened her up too much and asked me if we were going to be okay. I explained that I wasn't really mad at her, was just surprised and shocked. I never considered it would get near that far. I knew she had a real big fantasy about being with a black guy yet never figured it would actually happen for real. I explained that we would be fine though. That made her happy. I asked her how she slept which she said fine except for Dwane who woke her up around 2:30 in the morning. I asked her where he was now, she said in the shower. I then said that I was awake when they had sex the second time in the bedroom. She asked if I was pissed about that? I told her no I wasn't.

She said she was sorry anyway since it wasn't something that was planned. Telling me she was sound asleep when he snuck into the bedroom and crawled into bed with her. She woke up to him behind her fondling her breasts. In her half awake state she explained she thought it was me at first until she turned to look and saw Dwane behind her. She was shocked and was about to jump out of bed but he had a tight grip. That's when he began kissing her neck again and finding ways to make her more relaxed, and turned on. As she laid there on her side she could feel he was totally naked behind her. His hard black dick pressing against her butt. Marisa explained that she knew this was even worse then the last time with me watching. Not only because I wasn't able to see what was going on but it was happening in our bed. She was trying her best to fight her urges of wanting it even though she really did. Feeling like she not only wanted it, she almost needed it. To feel his hard black dick inside of her again.

She said he started rubbing her pussy. By then she gave up resisting. He kept it up until she was wet which didn't take too long. After taking his fingers away she felt something much bigger looking for access. Could feel the soft, spongy head of his cock rubbing her pussy getting the tip wet. Once he was lined up he wasted no time pushing he big dick into her. In that position though he couldn't as deep, wanting to put it all into her again. So he pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees. He got behind her, grabbed her waist, and slammed into her; burying himself fully into her body. She told me that he was soon fucking her hard and even got her to orgasm around him without having to rub her clit. Which is something that has never happened. She said he came soon after she did, pushing his dick all the way into her from behind as he did. Holding her tightly against him he told her he wanted to make sure he would get every last drop of cum as deep as he could inside her body. She explained that he didn't cum as much as the first time but it was still a lot. She also told me he mentioned last night she was the first married woman he has ever had sex with that he knows of and that he thought it was making it hotter then normal because of that.

At that moment the shower turned off and we had to start a new conversation so Dwane wouldn't read what was said before. As he walked out of the bathroom and into the living room he headed right over to my wife asking her what she was up to. Marisa explained that she was talking to me through the computer while I was free. Dwane was in nothing but a towel standing to the side of my wife. He was too close to see his face but everything from his upper thighs to his chest was in view.

"Really?" he asked. "You're talking to your husband?" When Marisa said yes she was. "This can be fun" he told her as he bent down looking at the screen. I could now see an almost evil grin on his face. Asking my wife if she had breakfast yet she told him she hadn't.

"Good then you won't be too full to eat a black sausage" he told her. Marisa looked up and gave him a strange look. "Now breakfast they say is the most important meal of the day so I think it's time you had something to eat" he said as he undid the towel around his waist. Dropping it to the floor he moved so he was standing against Marisa's right arm. His dick was semi soft as he grabbed it with his right hand.

My wife looked unsure what to do. I could tell in her eyes though she wanted to as she peered into the camera at me. Without saying a word I knew she was asking for permission by the expression she gave me. Trying to act like I wasn't watching I wrote her telling Marisa it was fine and to do it while pretending to be talking about another subject. Though Dwane may not have known my wife fully knew what was being said. Witting a quick thank you back to me with a smile and wink.

"Open your mouth girl, breakfast is served" he said. His left hand moved up grabbing my wife's red hair, turning so she faced him and pushed her head towards his dick. I watched as her face moved closer to his massive black cock until the tip was touching her mouth. Dwane began rubbing the head of his dick on my wife's lips. Without saying anything her eyes looked up at him as her tongue darted out, liking it. She then began running the very tip of her tongue around the head before opening her mouth letting him slide it in.

"That's right baby. Suck that big black dick like a good little white girl. Want you to keep talking to your husband while you do this. Fucking turn on with my dick in your mouth as he's talking to you on the computer. Is almost as hot as last night when he was on the phone. Just suck it when you're waiting for him to get back to you, write him, then get back to sucking it again."

She did as she said as we both tried to act like I could see what was going on. I tried to waste some time between responses so I could watch. As he requested when she was waiting for me she either had he tongue running up and down his dick or her pink lips wrapped around it, sucking it in and out of her mouth. Could tell that he lips were stretched as far as they could get around that monster black dick. Had me thinking about what her pussy looked around that massive thing. They kept this up for a few minutes until Dwane pulled her head away. Asking Marisa if her pussy was wet she told him it was.

"Good, then tell your husband you have to run to the bathroom and will be right back" he ordered. "It's not fair that you're mouth should get it all when that white pussy is hungry for some black sausage too. Besides didn't you ever learn it's not polite to talk with your mouth full." Doing as he said he then had my wife stand up. Taking her hand he walked her back over to the couch and sat down. His big black dick was still rock hard and pointing straight up towards the ceiling.

"I've already fucked you on you back and like a dog. Now Marisa it's your turn to get a workout. You're going to get on top of me now and ride me baby. You're husband will wait for you until we're finished" he told her. I wasn't sure what to say about this but Marisa didn't even question it as she climbed on the couch, straddling him.

"Take this fucking thing off. I want to play with you big tits" he said talking about her night gown. Marisa pulled it up and over her head leaving her like him, nude. I watched as my wife positioned herself above him while using one hand to line his dick up with her pussy. Though I could only see her from behind it was more then enough to see it all. Once she was ready Marisa started to slide down onto his dick, a little as a time. This time around I actually had a view of his black dick disappearing into her body.

"Damn Marisa I can't believe how fucking tight your little pussy is. This is the third time now and it's still as tight as the first" Dwane grunted. I knew what helped was my wife did kegel exercises so she could stay tight. Plus, as she again pointed out he was really big. Gradually she worked it in until she was literally impaled on the thing. Rocking back and forth as Dwane okayed with and sucked on her breasts. Marisa was moaning.

"Ride me baby!" he ordered. Doing as he asked she began to slowly slide up and down on his dick. I watched as his massive black cock disappeared again and again into my wife. She would alternate between fast and slow. At times pulling it nearly all of the way out and staying there teasing him before sinking the entire thing back into her. She was soon moaning loudly as she rode his dick and told him she was actually close to cumming. Asking him to rub her clit as she rocked on his dick. Doing as she asked in no time at all she screamed out in pleasure, cumming around his dick. Once she caught her breath after coming down she went back to riding Dwane.

"That's it baby. Slide that white pussy down on my big black pole! Going to stretch that little hole open. Feels good doesn't it girl?" he asked.

Marisa - "Fuck yes! Feels so fucking good!"

"Can't believe how fucking nice your little pink pussy feels around my dick! Ain't never felt something this good before" he told her as she continued siding up and down on it. Marisa was moaning loudly as she was now riding him hard and fast. From behind I could still see his black dick quickly going in and out of my wife's body.

Dwane - "Already going to make me cum Marisa. Do you want me to me to cum in you again?"

Marisa - "Yes! ... cum for me!"

Dwane - "Tell me you want it in you! Tell me like a good married white slut!"

Marisa - "Please cum inside of me ... cum as deep as you can in me!"

Dwane - "Fuck ... keep it up ... yeah ... tell me again ... tell me where you want me to cum"

Marisa - "Deep in my pussy"

Dwane - "Oh shit ... fuck ... going to cum again deep in that married white cunt! ... ahhhhh!"

He let out another deep moan, pulling my wife all the way down onto his dick until he was fully into her. Holding her waist tightly as he also pushed up into her. Watching his body react I knew he was once again shoot his hot semen deep up in my wife's body. He didn't let go for a second until he was fully unloaded into her. Explaining he was starting to get soft Marisa moved up sliding his dick out of her. His cock flopped down onto the couch between his thighs as she went off to clean up. Reaching for the remote he just sat there naked watching TV. Couldn't help but notice his flaccid cock limp on our couch yet still fucking huge!

When Marisa came back into the room she was wearing a robe. Dwane asked why she put clothes on that's when she explained that I told her I was coming home early and was expected by this afternoon. Dwane looked upset telling her he was sorry to hear that since he was looking forward to spending another day with her alone. Getting up he left the room for some time before returning fully dressed.

"I guess I had better run so he won't catch me here. I hope we can do this again soon; real soon" he told her. Bending down Dwane gave my wife a kiss before saying goodbye. As he was heading out the door he turned around thanking Marisa for the best weekend he has had in a long time. Closing the door behind him Marisa walked back over to the camera. Telling me to come home she reached over turning it off. Without wasting a second I packed up and checked out of the hotel. Was home in less then thirty minutes from when Dwane had left. I barely got through the door when my wife jumped me, dragging me to our bed and was soon riding my very hard dick. The whole time going into detail how it felt and asking me how it looked until I came in her. It was some of the hottest sex we ever had.

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