tagInterracial LoveWeb Cam Affair Ch. 03

Web Cam Affair Ch. 03


When I got to work Monday morning I was waiting to clock in when Dwane walked in the door. The second he saw me standing there he got a big ass grin on his face. I knew exactly what he was thinking the moment he saw me. That he has fucked my wife while I was gone. Something he has been wanting to do for a while now. He had no idea I knew what they had done or that I had actually watched them do it. He was thinking that he had one up on me with his "secret" and somehow beat me in some contest which helped to give him the big ego I could see in his face. Was kind of entertaining.

"Yo man!" Dwane said as he slapped me in the back. "How was your weekend man?" I told him it was fine. Relaxing and an uneventful trip away from home. I than asked him the same question. "My weekend? Shit man it was great! I'm not sure about you man but I got laid; more than once. Was this hot ass married chick. Her husband was gone so we hooked up and had one hell of a good time. She is so fucking hot and dying to do it again. She was screaming in pleasure for my big black snake." He had a big shit eating grin on his face the whole time surely thinking 'yeah I fucked your wife, she loved it, and you have no idea' as he talked to me. "So, how's your wife?" he then added as if he didn't know.

"She's doing fine, thanks for asking" I replied. "I'll let her know you asked about her." Dwane just smirked back at me as he still thought I had no idea about what happened. As the day progressed I more than once noticed Dwane looking at me with an attitude of superiority. The 'yeah I'm better than you' or 'I beat you' type of expression. More so since we're almost always competing at work to see who can get the most done during the day and he must have felt that he beat me in a contest for sex with my wife because in his head I didn't know anything about it. I could only laugh inside knowing the truth about it all.

When I got home late that night I told Marisa about my day about how Dwane acted. She smiled and laughed about it herself. She told me she wasn't going to lie. That it did feel really good and was hot to finally live out her biggest fantasy of being with a black guy. I asked her if it's something she would ever do again or just a one time thing? She only smiled without saying a word. I took that as a yes that she would. Part of me really thought she enjoyed it a lot more than she was letting onto me. I had little doubt that she really wanted to feel his over sized black penis in her again. As slightly nervous as that made me after seeing his large size and the high level of pleasure he gave her I am not surprised she would feel way a little.

The next day at work was the same as usual. Another long day full of hard work. Dwane was being his normal self trying to beat me for who could do the most for the day. Wednesdays were always a little more peaceful for me in that way because Dwane was off on Wednesdays. I worked straight Monday to Thursday while he worked Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. As I clocked in and began to work the first hour was as normal as it gets. A few minutes after the first hour in I got a text message on my cell phone. Pulling it out of my pocket I saw it was from my wife. Clicking to open it I began to read what she sent me.

'Hey honey, I just got a call from Dwane. He is coming over to our place and said he is on his way right now. I wasn't sure what to do. I told him it might not be a good idea but he kept pushing the issue until he said he was coming over. What should I do?' - Marisa

'I wasn't expecting that to be honest. What do you want to do?' - Me

'I'm not sure' - Marisa

'Do you want him to come over?' - Me

'It's really not right since you won't be watching' - Marisa

'But do you want him to come over' - Me

'Yes, I hate to say it but I kind of do. I know it's not right since you won't be watching but I can set the video camera up in the bedroom so you can watch it later tonight if that sounds good to you?' - Marisa

There, she admitted that she really did want to have sex with Dwane again. She just wanted me to agree to let her. It hadn't ever been my idea for the two of them to have sex. I was just going to watch as they made out and felt each other up a bit because I liked being a voyeur and she had a big fantasy about being with a black guy. She's the one who made the choice to have sex with him this past weekend on her own. Granted it was kind of hot to watch but I never thought it would go that far when we came up with the idea originally. Now she wanted me to agree for her to do it again and I wasn't sure what to say or do. Part of me was a bit excited at the thought, another was nervous that this would become a regular thing. In the end I told her to go forward with her plan to set up the camera because I knew there was a really good chance she already had her mind made up on what she wanted to do.

For the rest of the day all I could think about was to wonder what my wife and Dwane were doing. About an hour later I got an text from Dwane of all people asking me how work was going? Than adding that he was having a good time and was happy he had the day off. Not having heard anything for a couple of hours I texted my wife to see what she was doing.

"Busy, can't talk right now, call you back in a few minutes, Marisa" was the response I got. Thought it was odd since that's not like her. More so to put her name at the end of a message. I asked her what was going on. "On the phone, Marisa" was the reply. I wasn't sure what to make of it so I just went back to work. I didn't hear another word until about an hour later. She said she was sorry for not being able to talk more earlier and that Dwane was gone. That she had a video for me to watch when I got home that she uploaded onto the computer from the camera. I knew exactly what the video was going to be about. I ended up as usual having to do over time work and got out late.

After work I drove home thinking the about what I was going to see once I got home. Opening the door I found our place mostly dark but for a small table light on. A note was on the coat closest from Marisa explaining that she waited up but got too tired and went to bed. Then it directed me as to "where on the computer I could find the videos she loaded." Wait a moment I thought. Videos! As in more than one. I checked on Marisa and she was sound asleep in bed. Getting something to drink I sat down in front of the computer and opened the first file.

The video began with Marisa setting up the camera working to get a good angle so she could get a full view of our bed from the side. No sooner than she finished there was a knock on the door. "Well I guess it's show time! Good thing I shaved my pussy this morning" she said to the camera. Blowing a kiss at it and smiling she left and I could hear Dwane's voice in the other room talking to her. Than things went quiet for a few minutes. Soon I could hear them moving towards the bedroom as they came into view kissing each other. Dwane pulled back, pushed the hair away and began to kiss and suck on her neck.

"Not so hard. I don't want you to leave a hickey for John to see" she whimpered. Dwane followed up by reaching between them to play with her breasts over her shirt. She almost purred when he did this. She then pushed him back, grabbed the hem of her shirt, and pulled it up and over her head exposing her lace bra covered breasts. Dwane now cupped both of her breasts and kissed all over her cleavage as she smiled.

"I love your big pale white tits!" he groaned. "Just as much as I love your little white puss. And speaking of ..." He stood up and lifted Marisa onto the bed. She scooted back into the middle as he climbed up onto the bed, kicking off his shoes as he pushed her down onto her back. Quickly reaching down he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Marisa lifted her hips as Dwane pulled them down and off her legs. Moving back up he did the same with her panties. Leaving with only her bra and a pair of ankle high socks on. Marisa moved up higher onto the bed and made herself comfortable as Dwane pushed her legs apart moving between them on his belly until his face was above her crotch. Looking up at her he leaned in and proceeded to go down on her. She instantly reacted moaning as he licked, sucked, rubbed, and fingered her pussy. She began to get louder and louder in her sounds of pleasure as he continued to give her oral sex.

"Yes ... so close" she moaned. It was only three minutes in and she was almost there already. Have no idea what he was doing but he was doing it well. Seconds later she screamed out. Her face went flush as she orgasmed from what Dwane was doing. But he didn't stop but continued as she came. I watched as like one wave after another a second, third, and a fourth orgasm hit her. With each one she screamed louder as her hands gripped the sheets tightly. "Stop! No more! Too much!" she begged him. Dwane lifted his head from her crotch with a big grin on his face.

"Feel good Marisa?" he asked. My wife could only nod and grunt as she laid there, her face flushed, eyes closed, chest heaving, and can see her legs slightly shaking. Dwane sat up and pulled his shirt off and undid his pants as he moved back off the edge of the bed. Standing up just long enough to push both his pants and boxers down and step out of them before climbing back onto the bed. I watched his very thick and long black cock to spring out as his clothes hit the floor. The camera was close enough and clear enough to even see the veins pulsing with blood under it's dark black skin. I was still so amazed at the size of the thing. My wife confirmed what I thought. He is around 8 1/4 inches long and just shy of five inches around. A big difference compared to mine at just under 5 3/4 inches long and barely 3 1/2 inches around. He beats me in all around size and from what I remember from last time he can fit that entire monster inside of Marisa too. And that's exactly what he had in mind at that moment. As he moved back onto the bed he grabbed my wife's legs and began to both life them up and spread them open at the same time. At that point she opened her eyes looking down at him with a smile as he sat up on his knees, her pale white legs up against his dark chest, one resting along each of his shoulders. One of his hands around her thigh, the other around his large black cock as he ran it up and down her pussy lining it up for entry. He didn't waste a second as I saw his ass tighten up as he pushed forward as Marisa let out a loud gasp at the same time. Without a doubt he had the large dark head of his penis in her now and started to slowly work in the rest.

"Fuck Marisa you're still so fucking tight!" Dwane groaned. "Not that I'm complaining because I love your tight little white pussy. Feels so fucking good around my black dick. Bet John's got a tiny little cock doesn't he?"

"Compared to you he does" she replied. "You're a lot bigger than he is and he tells me I'm tight around him so I know I must be for you. Though probably feels more so since you're so much larger."

"Well, lets give you what that white boy can't" Dwane told her. Marisa asked him what he meant. "A big black cock!" was his response. She laughed then told him to give it all to her. "Every last inch baby. Fill your little pussy up and give you more pleasure than he ever could." With that I watched as his large black dick disappeared from view as he worked more of it into my wife. "There we go ... all in" he with almost a sigh of relief. I could see he wasn't lying as there was no gap between them; their pelvis' touching.

"Yeah, believe me I could tell" Marisa said with a smile. "And no I'm not complaining about it either." I still couldn't believe he could fit that entire black monster inside of my wife. Dwane took a moment to adjust himself and position her legs against his chest so they'd both be comfortable. Though how my wife was comfortable with that monster black snake inside of her I'll never know. Dwane now began to slowly move himself in and out of her. As he gradually picked up both speed and power Marisa moaned louder and more often. I could see the extreme pleasure in her face.

"YES! FUCK ME!" she moaned loudly. "Hard and deep ... give it to me!" He did as she asked. Leaning in he placed his hands on the bed along both sides of Marisa and pushed up legs back until she was almost in the shape of a V and started pounding her hard and fast as she moaned and screamed in approval. He was slamming so hard at times I had no trouble hearing the sound of flesh slapping. She gripped into his arms tightly and her breasts looked like they were barely able to stay inside of her bra. Not only her toes but both feet were curled in pleasure as this large black man pounded into her. Though I can't deny the sight of her pale white legs pressed against his dark chest. And because of it I already had an erection. But I also felt a little odd because unlike last time I could see a much higher level of pleasure and lust in my wife's face as Dwane plowed into her. About two odd minutes later Dwane slowed down again. My wife asked if he was okay?

"Yeah baby I'm fine. If I keep this up I'm going to cum too soon" Dwane explained to her. He than sat back up and pushed Marisa's legs off his chest and bending down until he was hovering over her. Once in his new position he went back to thrusting himself in and out of her body with a steady pace. Switching now and then to hard and fast or slow and steady. Marisa never once complained but was almost continuously moaning.

"God it feels so good!" she moaned to him. "So fucking good! So deep! So full!" Dwane grinned and picked up his pace again. Drilling my wife hard and deep.

"Feels better than John's little white dick doesn't it?" he asked.

"Yes ... it does. So much better. Fuck me Dwane! Fuck me with your wonder big black cock!" Marisa said as she wrapped her pale white legs around his back. Dwane obliged as he began to plow into her again making her scream out on pleasure.

"Take it! Take that black dick like a good married white slut! Fuck your little white pussy feels so fucking good Marisa!" He said as he pounded her hard and fast. She only let out and endless series of moans as he fucked her. Several times she tried to say something but nothing came out right as she was unable to speak properly but simply moaned or screamed in pleasure. After several minutes of this I could see Dwane was getting close as he began to grunt and groan. Marisa saw the same and knew what was coming.

"That's it baby ... cum! I want you to cum in me! Cum deep in my white pussy!" she ordered him. Dwane got even more excited by that asking her to tell him again where she wanted it. "I want you to cum deep inside of my married white pussy. Cum for me! Cum in me!" That did it. He groaned loudly as he gave her one heavy thrust and arched his back and let out a long deep groaning sound. Marisa tightened her legs around his lower back pulling him into her at the same time and holding him there. In a split second I could see his butt cheeks tighten and release over and over again and figured at that moment he was cumming inside of my wife.

"Yes baby" she said smiling and confirming what I already realized. "Shoot all of your hot black seed deep inside of my pussy. Give it all to me." And that he did. Grunting and groaning as he kept putting pressure down onto her with short thrusts but never once putting any of himself out of her but trying his best to keep it all in. Maybe ten or fifteen seconds later his whole body relaxed again as Dwane took a deep breath. "Fell better?" she asked him.

"Oh hell yeah! More then you know Marisa" Dwane told her as he caught his breath. My wife pulled her legs off his back as she relaxed under him. "Your pussy felt so good I was fighting not to blow my load earlier than I did. Guess I better pull out now since I'm getting soft in you." With that he slowly pulled his penis out of her. As he got up is hung down between his legs and was about two thirds the size it was when he put it in her. Even soft it was still huge and bigger than mine. Marisa quickly sat up and grabbed a handful of tissues from the box beside the bed to clean herself off with then headed off to the bathroom to finish the job. As she left Dwane flopped down onto the bed, on my side of all places. Never thought I'd see a naked black man laying down in our bed much less after watching him have sex with my wife. When Marisa returned she walked over to her clothing on the floor and pulled back on her panties and shirt before laying down on the bed as well.

"Mind if I take a shower?" Dwane asked. "I worked up a bit of a sweat." She told him not at all, directing him to where it was located. Marisa just laid on the bed until Dwane came back into the room with only his boxers on. Jumping on the bed beside Marisa he grabbed the TV remote and turned on the TV making himself comfortable. I ended up fast forwarding through what was about two hours of them watching TV, talking, getting up to get something to eat or drink, and never once did I catch my wife ask him about leaving. I wasn't sure where this was going until Dwane turned on his side and without so much as a word started fondling Marisa's breasts over her shirt. My wife only laughed as he pulled his hand away and moved it up under her shirt and started playing with them again. I could already see the bulge forming in his boxers as he kissed her neck while fondling. After about a minute of this she pushed him away and sat up.

"What's wrong Marisa?" he asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Nothing is wrong. It's only fair though that I return the favor you did to me earlier" she told him. He asked her what she meant. "Just lay down and let me show you" she told him. Dwane did as she said while Marisa grabbed a hair tie putting her long red hair up as she moved until she was halfway down the bed. Reaching into the fly of his boxers she pulled out his semi hard penis and immediately leaned down slowly licking the entire length from the base of the shaft to it's head. Circling her tongue around the head and tip she sunk her mouth down onto it as Dwane let out a soft groan. I saw his cock literally get hard while it was in her mouth. Pulling it out she started stroking the now rock hard penis. "Now that's what I wanted to see" she said with a moan. Running her tongue all over it before taking it back into her mouth.

"Yeah that's it girl" Dwane said as he reached down grabbing the back of her head with one hand. "Suck it! Suck that big black cock like a good white girl!" Marisa moaned around his dick as he said that. As she bobbed her head up and down on him she also had her left hand around the shaft moving it up and down in circles in time with her mouth. I could see her wedding ring shine in the light of the room as her pale white fingers were wrapped around his dark cock. Her pale pink lips stretched to their limits around his massive black member. Doing her best to please him she altered her pace and movements, taking her mouth off now and then to lick it. A few times she pulled herself off to catch her breath only to have Dwane tighten his grip on her head, pushing her mouth back down onto it.

"Shit that feels so fucking good Marisa. Do you suck your husband's dick like this?" he asked. She looked up and him and nodded. "Lucky man. Though I'm not doubt more of a mouth full for you than he is. Are you going to give him a big kiss on the lips when he gets home after sucking my black dick?" She didn't answer. That's when I realized something I should have before. Dwane wanted to have sex with my wife not just because he had a sexual desire to but it was also a control and power thing for him. He wanted to sexually control my wife while feeling he had power over me that I didn't know about. Like the way he's always trying to beat me at work. This was his way of beating me sexually with my wife. To feel he did a better job and can please her more than I can and in that way thinks he's won against me again. Than I heard he cell phone on the night table beep. She asked him to see what it was before putting his penis back into her mouth. Dwane reached over grabbing the phone and began reading the text I sent to her. Then he started pushing buttons. Marisa pulled her mouth off asking him what he was doing.

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