tagMatureWedding Ch. 02

Wedding Ch. 02


I arrived as told, exactly one hour later to her room upstairs in the hotel where the wedding took place. She arrived at the door, dressed as she was before, and I immediately noticed the smell from the room as I entered, filled with candles and a sweet, tangy smell of some incense. The room was quite sensual, and she pulled me inside and closed the door behind me.

"So glad you agreed to come. I think there is some special chemistry with us. I trust my senses about when we first saw each other at the wedding."

I entered, and we embraced and pulled each other close, and kissed, lightly At first, probing and feeling each others lips, trying to gauge our passion, feeling for our level of arousal with each other in the interim hour, sharing our senses with each other.

"I want to experience extra senses with you. I think you will see how much this can arouse and elevate your-our mutual satisfaction."

"What do you mean by 'extra senses??"

"You shall see. First shall we bathe?"

Again, this really wasn't a question, but a statement, not one I was going to deny either.

She led me to the bathroom, and here too, I saw she had place a few candles, and again, there was the pungent smell of musk and sandalwood, with something else I couldn't place. But the combination was quite powerful to my sense of smell.

"First, let me undress you. Just relax, and let me do this part."

Somehow, my voice was lost again. Actually, I am not sure it ever came back after the spell she weaved on me downstairs.

She started to loosen my tie, and I reached my hands up to touch her arms, and caress her shoulders. She firmly took my hands, and placed them back by my side. I got the point, and let her resume. My tie undone, she then slowly took my coat off, and one by one, started to unbutton my shirt. I felt her fingers caress my skin, using her soft fingertips on each inch of my skin that became exposed. I felt her hands in the hair on my chest, and then a faint lingering on my nipples, that hardened quickly in her gentle touch. She pulled my shirt out of my pants. She caressed my hands and held them as she did earlier, and felt the bones and veins on the backs of my hands, and then unbuttons the buttons there. She eased the shirt from my shoulders, and it fell to the floor.

Then she turned me around and pressed her chest to my back and I could feel her breasts, covered by the thin material of her blouse pressed against my back. Her hands ran up and down my chest and stomach, again pausing at my nipples, this time pinching them slightly before running her hands to my stomach. Just as I thought she was going to finally place her hands on my cock, again-or still-hard from before, I was holding my breath, anticipating her touch lower, and she returned her soft, small hands to my chest and shoulders. This time, she pulled and squeezed my nipples, and rolled them in her thumb and fingers. I moaned deep in my throat as I felt her mouth on the back of my neck, and her tongue licking me there, sending goose bumps down my arms.

"Does this feel good? Is this how you like to hold your lover when you undress her? It's nice, isn't it? Do you like my hands on your nipples?"

The sound of her voice, and the touch of her hands was so electric, that I could do nothing but just nod my head and push back against her, signaling my approval. I wanted to find my voice to tell her how insane she was making me, so quickly. She somehow was able to read my mind and find the right buttons to push, arousing me so easily.

Her hands reached down and started to unbuckle my belt, and I was longing to feel her hands on my cock. I was so hard and aching with need to have the feeling of her hands on me, skin on skin. She then undid my pants, and pulled them down from my hips, and down to my ankles. Her fingers slid under the waistband of my underwear, and she pulled them free from my cock, still without touching me, without giving me that contact I so needed. Still standing behind me, she ran her hands up and down my legs and ass, painfully avoiding my cock.

"Do you want my hands on your cock? Is that what you are thinking?"

I just held my breath, willing her hands there.

"Yes," I whispered. "Please."

"Like this?" She said into my ear, letting her tongue slide behind my ear and into it, leaving cool traces where the moisture remained. Her hands went to my cock and wrapped around it, and just held me there, feeling it spasm and twitch in her grasp. She started to stroke me up and down, pressing her breasts to my back, and cupping my balls in one hand, teasing and caressing.

I just groaned again, trying not to lose control too easily.

"See, if we hadn't found some release earlier, you wouldn't be able to control yourself, would you?. I feel your arousal though. You are so hard and so excited, I can feel your energy through your cock into my hands."

She released me for a moment and stepped in front of me, kneeling in front of me to remove my socks and shoes, and pull my pants and underwear from my feet. She remained on her knees, enjoying the sight of my body, so aroused and excited by her, and ran her hands up the backs of my legs to my ass, and pulled me closer to her. I don't think I was breathing as my cock got closer and closer to her mouth, and she looked straight up at me, and opened her red lips as I drew nearer. Her tongue parted her lips and she licked the head of my cock, taking the drops that emerged from the tip, and then opened her mouth to engulf me. She held my cock in her mouth and sucked so deliciously and smoothly. I groaned at the sensation of her wet mouth on me, and then just as abruptly, she stood, and holding my cock in her hand, kissed me again, sliding her tongue into my mouth, and said, "Just a taste of what's to come. Now me. Undress me. Slowly. Enjoy it."

She stood back, and we both stood there for a moment, taking in the contrast of her being fully clothed against my nakedness, emphasized by my erect cock pointing up at the ceiling, hard and red with need.

I approached her, and softly caressed her shoulders and arms, taking in the smoothness of her skin, a sensation that matched the flawless, olive color. I pulled the blouse from her skirt, and felt the skin at her sides and stomach. I stopped just below the swell of her breasts and started to caress her breasts on the outside of her blouse. Her nipples were hard and I could feel them easily through the material, pressing into my palms. I held the weight of her breasts in my hands, and let my thumbs caress circles around her nipples. I leaned forward and kissed her neck and collar bone, biting and nibbling up to her ears and face. I covered her eyes with my lips and felt her eye lashes, and I lifted the edge of her blouse up and over her breasts, then pulled the blouse off, and let it fall onto the pile of clothes gathering in the corner.

I stood back for a moment and admired her breasts, with were large and full, and topped with hard, tall nipples. Her hair fell over one shoulder and partly over one breast. I pulled her hair free, and let my hand softly caress the breast now completely free. I ran my fingers around the sides to her ribs, and to the soft curve on the underside. She closed her eyes, and took in a deep breath, pushing her chest further towards my touch. I used my finger tips to trace circles, large at first, and getting smaller and closer to her firm nipples. I flicked at them, and one at a time, pinched them softly in my fingers.

I reached one hand behind her, and caresses her muscular back and felt for the button and zipper of her dress. It easily came apart and I let the dress fall in a pool to the floor, leaving her standing there in her wet, silky panties and boots. I knelt down in front of her, and caressed her legs, and ass, and then unzipped her boots, and pulled them from her feet. I pulled he r to me, and kissed her stomach and then her panty-covered pussy, inhaling deeply of her scent, adding to the pungent aroma already in the room. I reached my fingers inside the leg holes and pulled them from her hips and then kissed my way back up to her mouth, pausing to taste her nipples, one at a time, until we were finally naked, pressed firmly together, my cock finding the nice, warm flesh of her stomach.

She pulled away and started the shower, and we looked at each other with growing passion as the water warmed, and then in just a moment, we stepped together into the shower, and let the water flow over us, cleansing our skin. The water was hot and felt good with her warm smooth skin. She took some soap, which was definitely not hotel soap, and held it to me, and told me to take my time and was her clean.

I lathered my hands well and started to work the suds into her shoulders, arms and back, and especially her breasts, which felt extra good, with the soapiness adding to their sensual fullness. I soaped her legs and ass, picking up one leg at a time, and washing it from her foot to her crotch, and between each toe very carefully. She stood there with her eyes closed and a sweet smile on her face, all the while saying, "Yes, that's nice. Your hands feel so nice."

Once she was all soapy and covered with white lather, she guided my hand to her ass, and faced away from me, and said, "Clean here too. One never knows if we might enjoy playing here." I took her hint and let one soapy finger circle around the opening to her ass, and then pressed it inside, letting it go in slowly, easily, until it was completely buried inside her ass. I felt her muscles squeeze my finger there, and just held it there for a moment. I slid it in and out a couple time, and was met with her moans of pleasure. I used my other hand to hold her breast and played with her nipple, which remained quite hard under my fingers and their pulling and pinching.

"Now your turn." She turned slightly so my finger slid from the tightness of her ass, and with her soapy body, she used it as a cloth and pressed her stomach and front to my front and rubbed up and down, side to side, coating me with her soap and rubbing my cock with her soapy stomach that was so delightful. Her breasts rubbed into my skin and her hands pulled me tightly against her. Without leaving contact with her body on mine, she slid around sideways and then so her breasts were rubbing my back. Her hands took the soap and lathered up so I could see and then went to my cock, stroking firmly and with just the right amount of pressure. She used both hands, up and down, one at a time, and then, both hands rubbing down, and under my balls and down my legs, all the while, pressing her breasts in to my back and legs. She then positioned herself to my side, and let one hand go to my ass and press her soapy finger against my ass.

"Just relax, and let me press into you, into your body." She continued one hand steadily stroking my cock and her other hand pressed one slippery finger into my ass. I spread my legs slightly and let her finger enter me, and my muscle contracted involuntarily at the unfamiliar intrusion. I felt her finger slide in deeply and caress me on the inside, while stroking my cock with a rhythm and steadiness that was soon going to make me come again.

Before I got too aroused, she took her hands from me, and we both washed off, stepping from the shower, and dried each other off with the soft cotton towels.

She led me to the bed and sat me on the edge, and pulled my hands to her breasts. I massaged and kneaded their soft flesh, and I pulled at her nipples. She closed her eyes and swayed her hips, standing straddling my legs with hers. I could sense her arousal too and her aroma was intoxicating. She stood closer and held her breasts to my face and I pulled her close and sucked firmly on one nipple presented to me, and held the other one, pinching it and rolling it in my fingers. My other hand pulled her ass to me and caressed the backs of her legs and up to her ass. I slid my hand to her inner thighs, and felt her push her pelvis closer and closer to me. I switched breasts and sucked hungrily at the other one as her hands pulled my head to her and ran through my hair.

"Put your fingers inside me now," she said throatily.

I slid my finger to her dripping slit, and felt the heat and wetness and let it run up and down her opening. I easily slid one finger into her, one inch at a time, and let it twirl around, feeling the inner flesh, wet and hot. I felt her all around the inside and tried to find any special pleasure points in her inner sex. She moaned deeply as I pressed against a part on the front, and behind her pubic bone, and she said, "Yes, baby, that's a nice spot. Remember that for later. Put another finger inside me."

I complied, and slid two fingers into her pussy, and let the move around her, savoring the feeling of her dripping channel. I continued to suck and lick and bite her nipples, never feeling like I could get enough of her flesh into my mouth. "Another finger, put another finger into me, deeper," she breathed softly, with urgency.

Again, I did as she wanted and felt three fingers fill her hole. I held her close and pushed her back to me, caressing and feeling the soft skin of her back.

She took a deep breath in and pulled away from me, letting my fingers slide from their wet place with an audible squish. She pulled my hand, wet with her juices to her mouth and licked them, one at a time, so my fingers could feel her tongue and lips. I watched her hungrily, as she sucked my fingers like I longed for her to do to my cock, and as these thoughts went through my mind, she leaned forward and kissed me deeply again, so I could taste her juices from her lips, and I felt her lips open, and I slid my tongue into her waiting mouth, and she sucked and bit at my tongue with a passion that send shivers to my spine.

"That was lovely, and now, a sampling of what kinds of pleasures await your senses. Just lie back and open your eyes and your mind."

I leaned back to my elbows and watched her sexy body slide down mine so she was kneeling on the floor between my legs. She kissed my thighs and held my legs apart so she could kiss my balls and inner thighs. My cock twitched in anticipation and I felt her hands slide up and down my chest and stomach, reaching one hand to my nipple and pinch it firmly, while the other hand caressed my shaft, and found the sensitive groove on the underside of the head. She circles her finger deftly around the head of my cock and kissed her way up the shaft of my cock from the base to the tip, and keeping one hand on my nipple and her eyes locked on mine, slid her mouth down my cock, taking it deeply into her mouth. I groaned deeply and my cock twitched in her mouth. She held me deeply there and I felt her tongue run light circles around and around the head, flicking at the hole and at the groove. I watched as her lips encircled near the base of my shaft and her fingers and hand held my balls, feeling them rise up, with impending release. Her mouth rose up and down, sucking and pulling at me, using her hand to caress me and stroke my cock.

I felt moments away from coming in her mouth, and I know she could sense my arousal. She pulled her mouth from my cock, and held my cock tightly, holding off my climax. "Not just yet. Again, patience. Let your arousal build. It will make the final moment so much more intense. Trust me."

She pushed my head to lie down, and she slid up my body, until her pussy was poised just over my cock. We both looked down at my cock at the opening, and she reached one hand down to hold my shaft, and she rubbed her wet slit up and down my cock, letting her lips part, and coat the undersurface of my cock with her juices. She slid up and down, creating the most pleasurable friction of our sexual centers, and we looked at each other, sensing the glaze of passion in our eyes.

"How is that? Do you want to be inside my, inside my wet pussy? Like this?"

As she said that, she guided my cock into her, and slid down me, riding on top of me, and with one deep stroke, I was buried deeply in her. We both let out moans of pleasure as I felt her engulf me with her hot pussy, and we just sat there, neither moving, neither breathing, just getting accustomed to the sensation of our joining.

She ground her pussy deeply around and around, pushing her clit onto my pubic bone and closed her eyes with the sensation of our screwing. Then as quickly as she took me in her, she rose up slowly, and said, "Enough of that. For now. There will be more of that later. I promise. Now I want your mouth on me. I want you to lick me and taste the juices flowing from me." She rolled off me, and on her back higher on the bed. She pulled my head to her as she did and pulled me to her stomach, holding my head there, wrapping her legs around my chest. Her hands softly guided my head to her pussy, and when there, she let out a soft moan of pleasure as I licked her inner thigh muscles and tasted the juices there.

I licked her wet slit with broad strokes of my tongue, and deeply inhaled her sexual aroma and her taste. Her pussy was so wet and so sweet, I spent moments just enjoying her juices. She held her pussy lips open for me and guided my head with gentle pressure of her hands so I was licking her clit First I licked around it with slow, gentle circles, and then with light, flicking motion, trying to get a sense of what she liked most. "Yes, baby, just like that. Right there...yes.there...oh, that's nice...feels so good.." I slid two fingers easily into her wet pussy as I licked and licked at her clit. I looked up at her and saw her hands busy pulling on her nipples and looking down at me with hungry, sexy eyes. "Yes, baby, keep doing it just like that...a little harder...yeah, right there." I twirled my fingers in her, and pressed them up against the front where she liked it most. My actions were met with a deep intake of her breath and I felt her stomach tighten. Her pussy was absolutely flooding my hand and I slid one finger to the outer rim of her ass, and pressed it inside, feeling her muscles relax.

"Oh yeah.oh..ahhhh..I'm coming..yes...oh god....ahhhhhhh" she wailed with such intensity, that I knew she was over the edge. I felt her pussy and ass clench up with a release of passion and intensity I didn't think possible. She came and came and came, longer than I ever felt a woman come before, and I held my mouth to her, tasting and drinking her juices, flowing and flowing from her core. She squeezed my head tightly with her legs and pressed my head hard on to her, that I was almost suffocated by the intensity of her orgasm, and I was so turned on my her coming, it was absolutely incredible.

"Oh baby, that was wonderful. You did that so well. I haven't come like that in a long, long time," she finally said, after long minutes of feeling her climax wane, and her breathing return to normal. I left my fingers deeply in her pussy, and felt her gradually loosen her grip on me, and I kissed my was up her stomach and she pulled my head to her and licked her juices off my face, lips and chin. We kissed passionately, and I lay on top of her, feeling her curves and warmth beneath my body.

"That will be rewarded greatly, my dear. Let me show you how much I appreciated that wonderful treat." She ran her fingernails up and down my back and rolled us over, so she was laying on top of me. She kissed her way to my neck and nibbled my neck and down to my chest. She pressed my cock between our bodies as she took my nipple into her mouth and licked and sucked one while toying and pinching the other one. I looked down at her and met her gaze as she smiled, with playful sexiness in her eyes, as she sucked and licked my nipples, one at a time, gauging my level of excitement, trying to feel how I liked to be touched.

She kissed her way down to my stomach and let her tongue lick and trace circles to my cock and she then took it in her mouth, leaving her hands to play with my nipples, still pinching them and rolling them in her fingers. My cock jumped as her mouth closed around the head, and sucked the tip deeply. Her mouth sank down further and further, and I let out a long, low moan as her lips came to rest at the base of my shaft and I felt her nose at my stomach. She held me like that for a few moments, and let her lips rise up, leaving my cock glistening with her saliva. One hand slid to hold my balls and caress the area between my ass and balls. Her mouth kept sliding up and down, and her finger probed my ass. I saw her look up at me, and held my gaze, clouded with passion, as she dipped her finger to her wet pussy, and then probed more deeply and firmly to my asshole.

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