Wedding Night


Roger Holmes met Nancy Phelps at a seminar at college. At the intermission she had struck up a conversation with him and he was intrigued by her. Not only was she very attractive, but her mind impressed him as well. After intermission, they sat together and chit chatted through the rest of the seminar and at it's conclusion, they made arrangements to go out that Friday night.

That date led to another and soon, they became intimate. Roger was always fascinated with her body, she had shoulder length blonde hair, a very kissable neck, small, but very pert breasts and a nice flat stomach. Her pubic patch was very meticulously trimmed and formed a vee above her pussy and then there were her legs. He loved her legs, very muscular, but feminine also. They dated throughout college and just before graduation, they got engaged and made plans for an October wedding.

The months between graduation and the wedding were spent job hunting and planning the wedding. Her father gave them a week at a very secluded chalet in a ski resort in West Virginia for their honeymoon and his parents helped furnish their new apartment in town. The big day approached and the two were as in love as ever, and were inseparable, Roger had received a job with a big firm and Nancy had also gotten a job as a teacher. The big day finally arrived and Nancy was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen as she walked down the aisle.

The reception was super and they danced and had a great time. About 4, they got ready to leave for their honeymoon, the drive would take about 6 hours. Everyone wished them well as they left the reception and Nancy moved over close to him and they cuddled as he drove. He slid his free hand down and rubbed her pussy through her jeans and she reciprocated by stroking his cock through his. Their attentions soon got the better of them and Roger pulled off in a rest area and Nancy pulled his cock out and lowered her lips to it and slowly sucked it in.

He had chosen a spot away from all the other parked cars and felt safe as Nancy reached in and massaged his balls as she took his cock deeper and faster now. Soon, he grabbed her head and pushed her down on him as he shot his load into her warm, talented mouth. He stroked her hair as the last drops oozed from his cock. "Your turn now," he smiled at her.

"No, Roger, we'll have plenty of time once we get to the chalet, if we ever do," and she laughed. He kissed her and slipped his tongue in her mouth, he could taste the remnants of his salty cum, then he started the car and they were off. His mind wandered to the coming night and the thought of his new wife naked before him. Nancy had dozed off with her head against his shoulder, but she jumped as the car ran off on the shoulder. Roger corrected it and apologized for not paying more attention, and Nancy settled back to her nap.

'Man, it was dark,' he thought as he turned on the road to the chalet. He didn't see any other homes on the road and the driveway caught him by surprise as he braked to avoid missing it.

Nancy woke up again with a start, "Jesus roger, what's wrong with you?"

He aimed the car up the dirt road, "Sorry, baby, almost missed the turn," and he smiled at her. He pulled up front and looked around, it sure was secluded. He left the headlights on until he opened the front door and cut on some lights. Nancy stood on the front porch and he picked her up and carried her across the threshold as she cackled not believing it. He sat her down and told her he would get the bags and she said she needed to use the bathroom and set off upstairs to find it. Roger carried most of the luggage in on the first trip and went back and got the last of it.

As he entered the door, he felt a large smack to the back of his head and he went down, out cold. Nancy made her way back downstairs and was greeted by the pile of luggage by the front door and no Roger. "Roger?" she called out as she went through the rooms. As she entered the dining room, a hand clamped around her neck and another one over her mouth. She screamed, but it was barely audible. Her hands were pulled behind her back and tied as she pleaded with whomever it was not to hurt them. The hands turned her around now and a face came into view, a rough looking face in a gray uniform of some kind.

She was shoved into the living room and onto the sofa, "Try anything and I'll kill you bitch," the man spoke, "Sit there and be quiet."

She watched as he disappeared and soon returned dragging Roger under his arms. "Oh my God! You killed him!" she screamed.

He dropped Roger on the floor with a thud and backhanded her, "I said to be quiet cunt!" he barked at her. He stripped Roger down and put him in a dining room chair and tied him to it and then pulled her up and untied her hands and told her to strip."

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, she wasn't wearing a bra and the cold air caused her nipples to harden, she hoped he hadn't noticed. She stepped out of her shoes and socks and unfastened her jeans and pushed them down and stepped out of them as well and then she stopped. She stood there in only her blue panties, her part of something borrowed, something blue. He surveyed her body, "Panties too," he said.

She started to cry, "But why?"

He inched towards her, "You won't be in a hurry to escape if you're naked," he replied. She hooked her fingers under the waistband and pulled them down and stepped out of them, "Now, sit the fuck down!" he ordered and she slowly sat, the chair cold against her naked ass. He jerked her arms down and tied them to the back of the chair and then tied her ankles to the legs. Nancy heard a moan and saw Roger coming to.

Roger suddenly noticed his nakedness, "What the fuck!" and the man walked over to him, "Hi honey," he smiled and Roger was shocked, "Who the fuck are you?" The man looked at Roger and then back to Nancy, "I'm your welcoming comittee," and laughed. He strode over to Nancy and started teasing her nipples, she turned her head with disgust, "Nice little woman you got here man," and pinched her nipple and Nancy yelled out. "Stop it, you fuck!" Roger blurted out and he walked back to Roger and reached down and stroked his cock.

"I ain't had nothing but cock for the last eight years, so I'm torn between which one of you I want first," and grinned an evil grin. Nancy could make out the initials WVDOC on the back of his shirt and her mind reeled, he was an escaped prisoner! He leaned down and stroked Roger's cock and it involuntarily got hard, "You got a nice one bud, bet your ass is tight too!" and he laughed out loud as he jacked Roger off.

He spit on his hand to lubricate it and began jacking Roger off faster. Roger's mind reeled as this man continued jacking him off and soon, he couldn't help himself and the man could see it coming and lowered his head and closed his lips around Roger's spasming cock and caught his load. He swallowed it all down and licked his lips, "That was damn good boy," and looked at Nancy with some of Roger's cum on his chin and smiled. Roger found it hard to comprehend that he had just shot his load in a guy's mouth and it made him want to puke.

The man went over and pulled their luggage in and started going through it. He made cooing noises as he pulled out Nancy's sexy underthings and looked over and smiled at her. He looked at Roger's clothes and picked him out an outfit and then went over and picked up the pants he had taken off of Roger. He pulled out Roger's wallet and went through it, "Two grand,

you're loaded!," and then threw Roger's wallet on the table and added the car keys to it. He went through Nancy's purse and cleaned out her wallet as well. "You've got money, clothes and a car, so leave us here and go," Nancy told him. He turned and smiled at her, "I've also got lots of time and I don't know which one of you I want to fuck first!" and gave her an evil smile. "Don't you dare fucking touch me, you pervert!" Nancy screamed and he backhanded her again, then caressed her petite breasts and turned her head up to him. "You're a feisty little cunt, ain't you?" and turned and went into the kitchen. He returned with a couple of clothespins, snapping them at her face as she drew back and then he clamped his hand on her tit and attached a clothespin to her nipple. S

he screamed as it bit down on her tender nipple and he laughed, "I know how to take care of feisty cunts," he said as he did the same with the other nipple. Nancy stared down at the clothespins jutting out from her nipples and the tears started to run down her cheeks. "That's better," he said and then flicked his finger against the clothespins and she winced at the pain. he pushed his hand over her manicured pubic hair and slipped a finger inside of her, feeling the smoothness of her vagina. "Last one of these I had, I had to take too," he remarked as he thumbed her clit and her pussy started getting moist.

He removed his fingers and sat down and just looked at them, "If you all cooperate, you just might live," he said matter of factly, "Either way, I'm gonna have you both as much as I want and any way that I want." He watched the horror in their faces, "I've already killed four people and I won't get out any sooner if I let you live. I'm in for four life terms." He untied Roger and tied his hands behind his back, "Better use the john friend," and led him to the bathroom. Roger was still woozy from the rap on the head and unsteady too as he led him in the bathroom.

"Go on, piss," he said and reached around and held Roger's dick over the toilet. Roger hadn't gone for quite some time and soon the urine started and as he finished the man stuck his finger in Roger's asshole and he jumped. "You got a nice tight one bud, I'm gonna enjoy it," and slipped his finger back out and led Roger back to the chair and retied him. "I went to the bathroom when I got here," Nancy blurted out and he turned to her and smiled. He untied her and tied her hands behind her back and led her over to Roger and pushed her on her knees between his.

He reached out and stroked Roger's cock again and got it hard and then pushed her mouth towards it, "Suck him Bitch!" and she parted her lips and took Roger inside of her mouth and began to suck. She caught him out of the corner of her eye, he was taking his clothes off. Tears started again as she knew what was coming and she lay there and sobbed with Roger's cock in her mouth. He pushed her legs apart and settled between them, "You ain't sucking bitch," and pushed her head down onto Roger and she gagged on his semi hard cock.

She began sucking Roger again and she felt him exploring her ass and crotch. He rubbed her clit and that restarted her moisture and he inserted a finger and then two more. "Ever watched your woman get fucked while she sucked you off?" he asked Roger and he shook his head no. He removed his hand and slid his cock up to her entrance and slowly inserted it, Nancy cringed.

She could feel the head of his cock enter her, followed by his shaft and her pussy closed around it and he kept pushing, 'How fucking big is he?' she though and finally his pelvis was against her ass cheeks. He kneaded her ass cheeks as he slowly began moving in and out. Her body started betraying her now as her pussy got wetter and her vaginal muscles squeezed his cock and she sucked harder on Roger's cock. She looked up and Roger was taking in his blow job and seeing his wife fucked too and he started pushing his hips up to meet her mouth, as much as his confines would let him.

"No!" he cried out and just then, the man's thumb popped her cherry ass hole and she screamed. "Damn, she's a lot tighter than you, boy," as he pumped her pussy with his cock and her ass with his thumb. He noticed that she had stopped sucking and he pulled his thumb out and slapped her ass," Get to it!" he insisted and grabbed her bound hands and pushed her into Roger's cock. She went back to sucking and soon, Roger couldn't stand it any more and shot his load in his new bride's mouth as she gagged and tried to swallow it.

The man started fucking her harder and faster and soon she came as well as him as he pumped her pussy full of cum too. He withdrew and pulled her around and made her lick him off and then put her back in the chair and tied her back up. All the commotion had caused her clothespins to come of and he bent down and picked them up and reattached them, she didn't even feel it this time. A few globs of cum tricked down Roger's cock and he bent over and licked them off and Roger thought he was going to be sick, but the tongue started bringing his cock back to life. The man noticed this and sucked and stroked Roger a little and then sat down and admired his captives.

"Don't feel too bad bud," the man said, "first time a guy sucked my cock, made me feel sick too. But your cock don't care who or what takes care of it, don't matter to it. All it wants to do is cum." and smiled at Roger. "And having a cock up your ass don't make you a queer neither, but you'll find out. Asses are a lot tighter than cunts, right missy?" and looked at Nancy. He went through Nancy's overnight bag and got some perfume out and went over and sprayed some on Nancy's neck and then bent over and smelled it. "Nice," he said and sprayed some on Nancy's crotch also. Then he went over and sprayed some on Roger's crotch too, "For later," he said and laughed.

He untied Nancy and led her over to the dining room table and laid her out on her back and tied her to the four corners, then surveyed his prize and rubbed her little breasts and ran his hand over her mound, gently playing with her curls. He pulled a chair up to the table and sat down and leaned forward and sniffed her pussy, the perfume mixed with his and her cum excited him and he drove his head into her cunt making her raise her head off the table and scream. Roger sat helplessly as he feasted on his wife's pussy and saw Nancy's body again start to respond to his tongue lashing.

Her nipples got hard and distended and she began to perspire. Her hands pulled against the ropes trying to push her pussy to his mouth as he gorged himself on her juices. He reached down and untied Nancy's ankles and pulled them up over his shoulders to give him more access and she locked her legs around his head and drew him into her. She began licking her lips furiously as her orgasm rose inside her and exploded in a scream and thrashing her ass against the table.

As her orgasm subsided, he withdrew his face and turned to face Roger, Nancy's juices flowing down his chin. "Damn she likes to get eat, don't she boy?" and untied her and put her back in the chair and retied her, she was exhausted. He kissed her and shared her juices with her as he snaked his tongue in her mouth and she returned his kiss.

He got a drink out of the fridge and sat down and drank it down. He got some water and gave them each a drink and then sat back and looked at his spent little beauty, stroking his cock as he did. He got up and went to Nancy's overnight bag again and fished out a jar of Vaseline. He looked them both up and down and then he untied Roger and bent him over the chair and retied him with his ass up in the air, then he turned Nancy's chair so she could watch.

"In prison, you get dry fucked," he told them, "I'm not going to put your poor little virgin asses through that," as he smiled at them and dipped his finger in the gooey Vaseline and coated Roger's asshole. Nancy saw his cock spring up as he fingered Roger's tight little hole and she marveled at how Roger's cock got hard as he fingered him deeper and deeper. Roger winced as his attacker's finger searched deeper and deeper, spreading the Vaseline around his rim and deeper. The man inched his cock to Roger's ass and Nancy could now see that he was large where before she had only felt his size.

Roger screamed out as the man penetrated his anal ring and pushed deeper and Nancy began to cry, knowing that her time beneath this maniac would come all too soon. He pistoned his cock in and out of Roger's ass now and Nancy saw Roger's cock reach it's potential and then the man reached between their legs and jacked Roger off as he fucked his virgin ass. He fucked Roger like a man possessed, burying his large cock with every thrust and he stroked Roger's cock and soon, Roger blew his load on the chair and floor and the man rubbed his hand over the head of Roger's cock and brought the cum soaked hand to his mouth and licked it off.

Then, he bucked and rammed his cock home and exploded into Roger's virgin ass and slumped over his back. Roger looked comatose to Nancy, lying there with this man across his back. He slowly withdrew and slapped Roger's ass as he did, "That was great ,honey," and laughed and untied and retied Roger to the chair. Roger felt so humiliated as his cock dribbled cum down his shaft and cum trickled from his ass.

'How much more could this man subject them to?' Nancy's mind asked. He sat there and took a sliver of his own cum that ran down his cock and sucked it into his mouth and saw her staring at him.

"I raped four women and killed them," he said, "That's why I'm in prison. But I never appreciated sex until I had it forced on me in prison." He reached out and put his hand on her thigh, "Pussy, asshole, mouth, male, female, it don't matter to me. It's all sex and it feels good. In prison, if someone wants sex, they take it. After awhile, you submit. No fight, just submission." and he inched his hand toward her crotch as he talked. "After awhile, this....." and he stroked her cunt, "Don't matter anymore. This is all that matters," and he stroked his cock.

"I didn't come here to fuck you two, you were an added bonus," and he smiled, "I'm just trying to be free." He reached over and rubbed her tit, "These, you don't get in the joint, So, I appreciate them," and bent over and sucked her nipple and she could see his cock hardening again and thought, 'oh, no.' He untied her and put her in the same position he had put Roger in earlier and retied her, she was so weak now. He turned Roger so he could watch and again dipped his finger into the Vaseline and coated Nancy's asshole this time and she began to cry.

"I'll go a little easier on you missy, you're tighter than him," and brought his cock to her tight entrance. He pushed ever so lightly and popped through her anal ring and she screamed out in pain as he did and kept screaming as he pushed it in further. He bent forward and kissed her back between her shoulder blades and then began to pump in and out of her. His cock felt so foreign there as she tried to visualize her being someplace else, anywhere, just to get the feeling out of her mind.

After he felt sufficiently lubricated, he thrust in and out and she could feel his balls slap against her pussy and as he picked up his pace, they started hitting her square on her clit and she felt herself getting wet once again. Her small tits were bouncing against the edge of the chair as he slammed her and her nipples tightened and before she knew it, her body was meeting his thrusts. Her mouth opened and she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm rushed through her and it was too much for him and he joined her, filling her tight little ass with hot cum.

She looked over at Roger and tried to beg for his forgiveness for being so weak, but he stared blankly ahead. He gave her ass a slap as he got off her, "Damn honey, you liked that as much as I did," and untied and retied her and sat down again. Nancy felt like her ass had been ripped open by a telephone pole and she shifted to take her weight off of it. As she looked at Roger, she remembered that this was their wedding night and her tears started again.

The man dozed off for awhile and Roger and her sat there, trying to justify in their minds what had happened to them. She glanced over at their captor and watched him sleep and thought about how much she hated him. She had never hated anyone in her life, but now she wanted to kill him. 'It was more important that they survive,' she thought to herself, he could do no worse to them than to kill them and she wouldn't let that happen. About an hour or so later, he was awake again and went in and used the bathroom and got himself another drink and sat down and looked at her, Roger had fallen asleep now.

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