tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWedding Reception Party Ch. 02

Wedding Reception Party Ch. 02


I am on the bed in the groomsmen's suite while I should be downstairs celebrating my friend Katie's wedding to her new husband, Steve. I am still trying to figure out how I got here. Oh yeah, I was trying to be helpful to Jeremy and Sean. Now, I'm on my back with my head hanging off the bed being skull fucked by Luke's long white prick. And to make it worse, he's holding my legs apart pinned by my shoulders while Ian plunges in and out of my asshole.

"Fuck! I can't hold it anymore!" Ian grunts. He cums deep in my ass. I feel his muscles contract and just a few seconds later Luke lets his off in my mouth.

"Swallow," Luke commands, keeping his cock lodged in my throat.

I slurp the cum down and close my eyes, struggling to breathe. He pulls out of my mouth as Ian pulls out of my ass.

I lie on the bed, my holes throbbing, coughing a little bit. I pull my head onto the bed; I don't bother to sit up.

"Come on Rob," says Sean.

He shakes his head.

"You turning fag on me now?"

Rob sucks his teeth. "C'mon man, it's not even like that. I have a girlfriend. I'm good."

"What's this bitch got to do with that? It's not cheating."

"Sean you shouldn't drink. Ever."

"She likes it."

"I'm out," Rob says and heads for the door.

"Jeremy where you going?" Sean demands.

"She's had enough bro," he says with a bit of compassion.

"Everyone's not a heartless son of a bitch like you," I say with a sharp tongue to Sean.

"The fuck you say?" Sean is pissed; I can hear it in his tone.

I sit up. "You heard me." Anger is fueling me.

The room is silent.

Sean walks up to me and grabs my hair. I hit him. I don't know where it comes from but I punch him. He stumbles back. His intoxication is helping me. Even though I'm heavy-handed and have always been a good fighter, the liquor in his system is throwing him off. He lunges at me and starts to choke me. I'm swinging, hitting him in the face.

"Stop before you kill her!" Jeremy shouts as he runs with Rob to pull Sean off me.

"Kyle!" Rob shouts.

"I'm not gonna kill her," Sean shouts, pushing his friends back. "I'm a teach her some fucking manners."

"Ain't shit you can teach me with your little cock." It was an exaggeration. It wasn't small at all; I just wanted to hurt him. Kevin was by far the largest. Sean was probably tied with Kyle for 3rd after Jeremy.

I got off the bed and Sean and I wrestled a while. We shoved each other back and forth and somehow made it to the ground. He flipped me over when I lost my footing and within moments had his cock buried in my ass.

"Take that you fucking slut! Talk to me like that? Hunh?!" He's enraged pounding and slapping my ass.

I throw my ass back onto his cock. "That's all you got? Hunh? Fuck me!"

He pushes my face into the ground by the back off my neck as he hammers into my ass. "You want more cock? That's what you want right? Jeremy!"

Jeremy shakes his head. "You're my best friend, Sean but..." he walks out of the room.

"Fine, fuck you too!" Sean screams. "Kyle!"

"Kyle," Rob says in a soft voice.

"You need help?" I taunt Sean and laugh. He pushes me down flat onto my stomach, grips my ass cheeks with his hands and pile drives into my ass as he stretches my cheeks apart. I yelp, involuntarily.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Sean tells me. "Kyle let's go!"

"Kyle, you don't wanna be here for this," Rob tells him.

Kyle sighs, gather's his brother, Kevin, and leaves the room.

"Bunch of bitches!" Sean yells at his friends. "Ian! Get up in this pussy."

"Hells yeah!"

Sean pulls me back onto him. My legs spread wide. Ian slides his long, slender cock into my pussy. Not very thick but the length he hits the back of my pussy hard every time he slams into me. Sean pushes me down onto his cock by my waist as he plugs my ass. Ian's hands are just above his as his pistons in and out of my wet pussy.

"What about you Luke, you got a dick or a pussy between your legs? Come be a man."

Rob shakes his head at Lucas and then leaves, closing the door behind him.

Luke's thick cock is forced in my mouth again.

"You already had that hole bro," Sean says to Luke. "Switch, get that pussy."

"You two take orders from this bitch?" I say when Luke's cock is out of my mouth. "You're not a man."

"Shut up!" Luke says and shoves his cock in my pussy. It's thicker than Ian's but shorter. I start to fuck him back.

Ian puts his cock between my tits. "Look at me slut."

"You like that cock between those black tits?" I growl at Ian.

"Fuck yeah. Yeah I do."

I spit on his cock. "Fuck them then you prick. Fuck em better than that."

He manhandles my tits. He palms them and squeezes them together around his cock. Shoving his cock up and down between them. Pumping harder and harder.

"THAT'S IT!" I scream. "FUCK THEM."

"SHUT UP!" he commands with a grunt.

"You gonna cum?" I taunt and tease. "You gonna cum on those tits."


"Spew that white cum all over those black tits you fuck!"

"Fuck! FUCK!"


"You want it? Hunh? YOU WANT THAT CUM?!"


He busts his nut all over my fucking tits. Spreading it around with his cock. He sits on the bed and watches Sean plug my ass while Luke hammers my pussy. I lift my tit to my mouth and lick Ian's hot cum off of it, staring Luke in the eyes. I'm going to break all these mutherfuckers.

Luke tries to look away at first, and then is forced to look at me when I squeeze his cock with my pussy.

"Sean! I want that ass!" he says quickly. I smile, knowing he only wants it so as not to cum. He pulls out of my pussy.

Sean slides out of my ass. He picks me up off the floor and sits in the chair against the wall Kevin had been resting in. I straddle him. He smacks my ass, "Arch your back."

Luke slides his cock in my ass. It feels like a thick butt plug. I move my hips fucking both of them. Luke grabs me lightly around my neck for leverage as I throw my ass back onto his cock. I put my hands on Sean's shoulders and fuck his cock.

"You like it in your ass?" Sean asks.

"Fuck yeah. I love feeling that cock in both my fucking holes."

"Suck the cum off your tits."

Luke moves his hands to my waist. I lift my breasts to my mouth and lick Ian's cum from them.

"Suck it off!" Sean moans.

"You like that shit?" I say. "You like watching me suck that cum off while you fuck my pussy. Mmmmm his cock feels so good up my black ass. Fuck me Lucas! I think your friend's gonna cum soon Sean."

"Shut up!"

"I think he's gonna blow his load up my ass. Right Lucas?"

"I...I..." he stammers.

Sean grabs my tits from me and forces them up to my chin. "Put this in your mouth and shut the fuck up!"

"I'd rather take a big white cock in my mouth," I say.

"Oh God!" Lucas groans.

"You liked watching me suck that white cock didn't you Luke?" I ask in an innocent tone. "You liked watching it slide in and out of my mouth, almost as much as you liked fucking that pussy. As much as you like pounding my ass. Mmmmm fuck! You want me to suck your cock again don't you?"

"Yes, yes."

"You want me to deep throat your thick white meat."

"Yes! Yes! I..."

"Ooh Sean, he's deep in my ass! He's pounding it thinking about me sucking his cock." I smirk, noticing Sean is squeezing my tits harder using them to pull me onto his cock. "You like it too! You like fucking this ghetto slut too," I mock him.

"Yes! YES!"

"Ian!" I moan.


"Come fuck this black ass, I know how much you want to. Luke come let me suck you off... Mmmmm," I moan over his cock when it's placed in my mouth. "Yes, let me suck my ass off that cock."

"Suck your ass off my dick," Luke groans.

"Fuck! FUCK!" Sean and Ian exclaim as they fuck my holes.

"YOU FUCKING SLUT! Yes!" Ian groans as he palms my ass and slams into it.

"I knew you liked it," says Sean. "I knew you did you black whore! Ride her ass! RIDE THAT BIG BLACK ASS!"

"Fuck her black pussy! Make the slut cream. GIVE IT TO HER!"

"Black whore," Luke groans. "TAKE IT BITCH."

"Take it up your ass you whore," says Sean.

"God you're such a fucking slut," Ian tells me as he hits the back off my ass.

"FUCK THE BITCH! Fuck her!" Luke moans

"Nasty whore. Suck it down NASTY ASS BITCH!"


"Cock WHORE!"

"Oh yeah. I was built to fuck and suck white cock! DO IT!"

"OH FUCK! Yes!"

"CUM IN MY MOUTH!" I command Lucas. "Cum deep in my mouth again. I love to taste your cum."

"You better swallow it all," Ian says.

"Oh God!" Luke grabs my head and rams his dick in my throat. He cums in my throat. I swallow his cock and the cum. I moan all over it. Before he finishes cumming he pulls out and aims at my face.

"CUM ALL OVER HER!" Ian encourages.

"Cover the bitch with that white jizz," Sean says.

My hips are going crazy as I take Ian deep in my ass and Sean up my cunt.

"She's creaming on my dick, the NASTY BITCH!"


"Yes!" I moan. "Do it!"

"Fuckin' fat black ass.... FUCK! FAT ASS BLACK WHORE!"

"Oh God I'M GONNA CUM!" I scream.

"Cock slap her," Sean moans.

Luke smacks me in the face with his cock as it begins to soften.

"Fuck me! Yes! Give it to me! GIVE ME THAT COCK. Give me your FUCKING CUM!" My ass and pussy tighten as I cum all over Sean's thick white prick.

"Black bitch," Sean cries "I'm gonna shoot it up in you."

"DAMMIT," Ian pounds my tight black ass. "Here it comes. AHHH! SHIT!!!"

"God you're a piece of fucking ass! YOU'RE JUST A FUCKING PIECE OF ASS!"

They cum in my ass and pussy at the same time. Forcing their cocks as deeps as they can go as they fill me up with their jizz. Cum drips out of my ass and pussy when they pull their cocks out of my holes. Luke lets his cock flop out of my mouth.

"God you're a hot fucking piece of ass!" Ian says as he falls back onto the floor.

I stand up and make my way to the bathroom. I lock the door behind me and look into the mirror. My hair is a mess, make-up all over the place. I can hear them laugh and talk about me as they get themselves together.

"Best wedding ever," Luke says.

"Yeah," Sean and Ian agree.

"I told you she liked that shit," Sean says.

"How'd you know?" Luke says.

"They all do," says Ian.

"All women like it hardcore," Sean says. He laughs, "I just fucked all the liquor out my system."

"I doubt that," Ian replies.

They laugh.

Their voices fade as they leave the bedroom.

I wait until I hear the front door close, about ten minutes later and then take a shower. When I get out my dress is neatly hanging over the back of the chair. I'm a bit confused at first. It seems like an out of place gesture considering all that happened. There's a note over it:

No hard feelings,


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