tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWedding Reception Party Ch. 04

Wedding Reception Party Ch. 04


About four months after the wedding I went to my mother's house to help my sister go shopping for her prom. I get into the small foyer and hear voices coming from the living room. I hear laughs and tones that sound like male voices. I put my bag down on the dining room table and rush through the kitchen into the living room. As I get closer I can finally hear the words being said.

"That's right. Yeah, you slut, suck me off."

"Make your donkey ass mama proud."

"Look at that fat ass on the screen. HD black booty!"

"Wrap your lips around my cock."

"C'mon bitch we're paying you good money for this shit."

There was a lot of laughter as I got closer to the room.

As I stormed into the room I barely had time to process the scene. The first thing I saw was my sister on the wall across from the door on her knees with her head in the lap of this prick who was sitting on the leather couch in the living room, Sean's hand pushing her head down. I recognized Sean immediately and the boy in the chair looked like his brother—younger, but related.

"What are you doing?!" I demanded as I stormed over to him and yanked his hand off her head.

"What the fuck?!" Ian said, and it was then that I noticed him sitting in the arm chair on the adjacent wall stroking the bulge in his pants but I was too pissed at Sean. I tried to pull my sister up but didn't get the chance.

"Look who it is!" Sean stepped in front of me. "Making sure my brothers get the same treatment you gave me at the wedding." He chuckled, "I didn't know this was your sister. This just makes it that much better. I just ordered a whore."

"A whore?"

"That's right I paid this guy, Terrell, for her ass. $100 for all five. Now, Patrick's enjoying those full, cock sucking lips."

The only Terrell I knew was her shady money-over-bitches, quick scheme boyfriend.

"I didn't know," she whined.

"Keep sucking bitch," the boy, Patrick, forced her head back on his cock. It was obvious he was a rich, selfish prick just like his brother.

"So that's the pussy you fucked?" I hadn't even noticed the boy walking towards me until his hand was on my ass.

"Indeed, Steve."

"Nice merchandise."

I looked Steve up and down, he and Patrick were twins. I pushed his hand away. "Get the fuck off me. You have to get the fuck out. I'll give you your money back." When I pushed him I turned and saw the image of my sister on her knees, her lips wrapped around Patrick's cock on the TV.

"I'm afraid it's too late for that," Steve put his hand on my ass again.

I pushed him and slapped him. "Turn that camera off," I commanded Luke, who was holding a video camera sitting beside Patrick on the couch.

Steve grabbed me before I could take a step and grabbed my arm, forcing it up my back. Pain shot through me as strain was put on my shoulder from the hold. He pressed against me. "I like 'em feisty with attitude. That shit turns me on." He slid his other hand down the front of my body, over my tits and down to skirt, moving his hand beneath the fabric. "Her tits are bigger than her sister's."

I am definitely thicker than my sister, but having a baby played a part in that. She was curvy for her petite frame at 5'6 with 34B tits and a 36 inch ass. But at 5'4 my 36Cs and 40 inch ass made me look much more sexed.

Sean grabbed my neck and forced a kiss on me. He took my hand and slid it into his pants. "Get it ready for me. I'm gonna fuck the shit outta your sister."

He laughed at the fear in my eyes. I looked over at Tisha.

"You want some of this mouth?" Patrick asked Ian.

Ian got up from the couch and made his way to the middle of the floor, stripping off his pants and boxers in the process. His cock was soon deep in Tisha's throat. She gagged on his cock.

Patrick stood up and Sean moved out of the way. Patrick pulled my skirt down and shoved two fingers roughly up my pussy. Together, he and Steve pulled my shirt up. Patrick forced my tits out of my bra and slapped them. He pushed them together and groaned.

Before I knew it my shirt was off and I was sitting on the floor with my knees up and legs spread, Patrick's cock between my tits and Steve's in my mouth. I glanced over and saw Tisha on all fours with Ian's cock in her mouth and Steve lining up to mount her ass. She looked at me with pleading eyes and shame. Steve slapped my face.

"Focus on my dick, bitch," he commanded.

"FUCK!" Patrick screamed as precum leaked from his cock onto my tits.

"You're gonna fuck me, bitch," I hear Sean tell Tisha.

"Fuck her up the ass!" Luke encourages with the camera.

"You wanna watch?" Patrick asks. He grabs me off of Steve's dick, much to Steve's disappointment.

I sit, forced to watch as Ian and Sean abuse my sister.

Sean flips her onto her stomach and pushes his cock on her asshole. She tries to squirm away. "Black bitches need to learn how to take it in the ass," he says and shoves his cock up her ass.

She screams.

Patrick grabs me by the hair and forces me to watch on the TV when I try to look away, which is worse. "Look at your slut sister," he says cruelly into my ear as I'm forced to watch the scene going on a few feet behind me on the TV. The scene in HD and the echoes of the TV and the live audio is humiliating.

On the TV I see the side angle of my sister being plowed in both holes. I turn to look at Tisha, Patrick's hand still in my hair, and see the sight of Sean's glee as he pounds my sister's ass, as she looks up at Ian with her lips wrapped around his cock.

"Damn, this is some good black ass," Sean says to me, taunting me.

Tisha is groaning and moaning and all but screaming as Sean busts her ass open.

"Suck my cock, black slut," Ian commands Tisha. "Suck my big white cock. "That's it. Now I'm gonna put it on your fucking slutty black face. There you go. Suck my balls. Suck 'em."

"Suck those big hairy white nuts!" Sean demands Tisha.

"Are you balls deep up that black ass, Sean?" Ian asks.

"Not at all. She's not deep throating that cock?"

"Maybe if you give her some encouragement." Ian replies devilishly.

Tisha moans in protest.

"NO!" I scream for her.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" Patrick says gripping my hair.

"Alright," Sean rams his cock balls deep up Tisha's ass, pushing her face down on Ian's cock. She chokes and gags on it as it's forced down her throat, coughing over it.

"There you go, ho," says Ian. "Blow me down, bitch. FUCK! Swallow my nut, bitch," Ian instructs

Tisha groans and chokes as his cum is forced down her throat.

"Swallow my load in front of your sister." He grins as he looks back at me. "Bring that slut over here. Let little sister eat big sister and get her wet."

I shake my head.

"Bring those big black tits and tight pussy over here," Sean commands. "Bring that black pussy here."

They drag me to my sister and forced me onto my knees, my big round ass in her face. Sean pushes her head down to make her lick my cunt and ass.

"You nasty whore."

"Let her taste that nasty black pussy."

"Yes, bitch," says Sean as Tisha's tongue dances around my pussy. "And lick her ass too. Spread them fucking cheeks!" he yells as he smacks her ass hard.

She pulls my ass apart and licks from my pussy to my ass as forced my Sean's hand. Sean slaps her ass. She spreads my ass and slaps it as she eats my pussy. I scream.

"You like how that slut eats your black pussy?" Luke taunts.

"Grind on her fucking face!" Ian says and slaps my ass.

"Get that pussy wet for me so I can fuck the whore," Steve adds.

Their voices make my pussy quiver. I began to back my ass on Tisha's face.

"Look at your sister!" Sean demands.

"You heard him!" Patrick says. "Look down at sister eating your pussy, shoving her tongue up your fat ass."

I look behind me. She looks me in my eyes with her tongue shoved up my ass. I squeeze my tit with one hand as I fuck her mouth.

"What kinda role model are you?" Luke chuckles.

They laugh.

"I think the bitch is gonna cum," Ian taunts.

"Don't stop!" Sean says as he pushes her face against my wet pussy.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaim.

"That's it bitch, cum all over her," said Luke.

"Make your sister eat your cum," Patrick demands.

"Fuck!" Sean shouts. "That first nut's cumming."

"Ahhhh," I scream as I feel a great pressure release.

"Shit!" Sean exclaims as he cums in her ass. "Don't you stop bitch."

Tisha keeps licking my pussy.

Sean takes the camera from Luke as Patrick and Steve move towards us. Luke walks up behind the Tisha and shoves his cock up her pussy. She screams and moans into my pussy. Luke begins to ram her. He grabs her ass cheeks and pounds away.

Patrick and Steve turn me around so I'm on my back with my legs spread. Tisha's tongue is soon back on my clit.

"C'mon baby, play with those big black tits," moans Luke.

He slaps her ass. Tisha reached up and began to play with my tits. She rolls my nipples in her fingertips, pinching and squeezing them. She slaps and pinches my tits. I groan and moan.

Steve pushes my tits together and straddles them. He shoves his cock between my big, round, brown breasts. He pumps my tits, pushing them together and squeezing them as Patrick drops his nuts into my mouth. I suck his balls

"Eat her," Luke says. "Eat the slut."

"Tell him to pound your fucking sister," Patrick commands in a devilish voice, much like Sean's. He slaps me, "Tell him!"

"Pound her," I say meekly.

"Tell him bitch!"


"That's it. Again."


"Do what your sister says and fuck me, you ghetto whore," Luke commands. "C'mon, you know you want it. Does it feel good in your pussy?"

"Fuck!" Steve yells

"Suck my balls slut!"

"Fuck me. Fuck my white cock."

"Fuck yes!"

"You like that white dick?"

"Fuck it. Fuck it!"

"Give me those big black tits! Give them to me!"

"Service my brothers you whore! Service their cocks, bitch."

"Give up that pussy!"

"Fuck that ghetto bitch."

I wrapped my legs around Tisha's head.

"Yes, you ghetto whore," Luke moans.

I cum again all over her face. We're quickly separated.

"So you don't want any more pussy? Want more cock?" Sean cruelly asks Tisha.

"No, no, please. No more. I beg you. Please, don't," she pleads as he turns her on her back and crawls between her legs.

"Shut up, bitch." He pushes his cock in her pussy.

Steve grabs my hips and forces me on his thick, young, white cock. "Your tits are turning me on, you freak ho. Straddle my cock, bitch."

"Please, no more," I plead.

"Shut the fuck up," Patrick demands and hoists me down on his twin's cock. In no time I am being forced to straddle his high school prick in my tight, wet pussy. I soon feel Patrick's cock pressing against my ass hole.

"No, no, don't," I beg.

"Shut up! I'm getting my fucking money's worth."

I shut my eyes in anticipation. He spits on my ass and then on his cock.

I try to scurry away and he slaps my ass. I yelp.

"Take my cock up your ass." He says as he thrusts it all in. He slaps my ass. "Shake it. Shake that ass now! That's it. Oooh, yes. Unh, unh, fuck." Patrick pulls me back on his cock.

"Fuck, I'm gonna recommend this ghetto whore around school," says Steve. "C'mere bitch, bring those black tits over here."

I lean forward. He takes one of my tits in his mouth.

"Fucking sluts!" said Luke as he grabs my head and pushes he dick down my throat. I slurp and suck Tisha's pussy juice from his cock. I take it deep in my throat and suck. He pumps his cock in my mouth.

Patrick pinches and squeezes the other from behind. Using my tits as leverage as he rocks in and out of my tight black ass.

"Fuck!" I scream.

"You like it bitch?"

"The whore's creaming on my cock!" Steve tells his brother.

I moan and whimper. The pain and sensation of both their cocks inside me is turning me on. I don't answer. I look over at Tisha. The sight of my little sister being a fucktoy for these white cocks is turning me on. I'm embarrassed and ashamed.

Tisha begins to whimper. "Please wait, I've never had two at once," she pleads as Ian moves beneath her, ready to put his dick deep in her ass.

Ian ignores her. "Slut, take this dick!"

"Guys, please!"

"Shut up," Sean says and he and Ian begin to DP her pussy and ass. "Fuck this feels so fucking good."

"Look," Ian commands. "Look at your sister. She's taking it up her ass. Take it!"

"My brothers are fucking the shit out of her."

"Hey, Luke, I think this slut wants to be three way stuffed like her sister."

I'm disappointed when Luke pulls his cock out of my mouth and walks over to Tisha, presenting his hard cock to her.

"Don't look at me like that," he grabs the back of her head. "You know what to do. Suck that shit, bitch."

She wraps her lips around his cock.

"Yes!" I scream, surprised at how the sight of my sister 3way fucked is turning me on.

"You like it bitch?" Patrick asks as he pounds my ass while Steve bangs my pussy and sucks on my tits.


"Is that pussy wet?"

"This black slut got my dick so fuckin' wet," says Steve between sucks.

"Yes! Fuck me white boy!" I say in disbelief. "Fuck my black pussy."

"You like this high school dick? This young hard white cock in your ghetto ass?"

"Fuck yes. Mmmm. Fuck my black ghetto ass."

"Oh fuck, yes. C'mon bitch," he slaps my ass.

They began to pound and fuck me. My pussy is dripping. Patrick slaps my ass. He pulls out and then shoves all the way in me over and over. He bangs my pussy deep and hard. Each thrust is long.

"Oh fuck. This fucking cock!"

"You like it, bitch?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"I told you these ghetto bitches are the best," Sean tells his brothers. "Just gotta break this one."

"Take cock, you fucking hoes!" Ian yells.

"God, I'm going to enjoy watching this over and over," says Luke. He takes her by the hair and pulls her head up to watch the screen.

They are enjoying it. Each of us moaning and groaning, getting more and more turned on.

"Get off me, mother fuckers," Tisha says, though I can see she's thrusting onto their cocks.

"Shut up, bitch, you're going to ruin it."

"Take it like the ghetto slut you are."

"It's deep up that ass isn't it?" he said.

"Fuck," Steve moans, pulling me in closer to him, my tits pressed against his chest as he and his twin ram my holes. "I love this pussy. I love this slutty pussy. Can I pass you to my friends? I want to pimp your ass out too."

"Look at yourselves, you whores," says Luke, "fucking cock, sucking dick, taking it up the ass like porn star sluts."

"Fuck me. Fuck my fucking cock!"

"Yes, moan and groan sluts."

"Nasty black whores!"

"Oh fuck!"

"Guess what whore?" says Ian. "I'm about to cum."

"Me too," Steve whines.

"I'm about to cum up your phat ghetto ass," Patrick tells me.

"Do it! Do it!"

"Then shake that shit on my fucking cock. Bounce that black ass on my white dick. Fuck me back bitch. Fuck me!"

"I'm gonna cum in your pussy," Sean announces.

"No, no please," Tisha pleads.

"Shut up. Shut the fuck up. Oh fuck. You nasty whore."

"I'll do anything. Just—"

"I know you will," he chuckles. "Starting with taking my cum in your pussy, you nasty ghetto whore. I should gonna pass you around the frat and breed you out."

"Fuck yes!" Patrick screams before exploding in my ass.

I feel Steve's balls tighten as Patrick pumps and spasms in my black ass.

Patrick pulls out near the end to finish spraying it all over my ass just as his brother cums deep in my pussy.

"Yes! Cover that ass with white cum!" Steve groans as he pulses in my pussy, shooting his young nut inside my pussy.

Here it comes," Sean tells Tisha.

Tears roll down her cheeks.

"Open your mouth!" Luke commands. Hot cum shoots over Tisha's tits as Luke cums over her tits and face."

Sean shoves his cock deep in Tisha's pussy at the same time Ian thrusts deep in her ass. They pump hard a couple of times and then hold her down as they bust inside of her. They pull out of her after unloading all of their cum in her holes and let her fall to the floor.

"C'mon guys let's go," Sean says.

"Tisha," I call her softly but she doesn't respond or move. She doesn't do or say anything while they gather all there things and are ready to leave within minutes.

"Shay," Sean says with a smile. "Always a pleasure. Tisha, you can tell Terrell thanks $100 well spent, and we'll get the video to him soon. Oh, and here's a tip." He throws a couple dollars on the floor, laughing before leaving.

"Tisha," I call her again. "Are you okay?"

"She sits up."

"I thought... I never... I can't believe he sold me to white guys."

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