tagInterracial LoveWedding Reception Party Ch. 09

Wedding Reception Party Ch. 09


Trent and I pass through the jewelry store together looking for something for Katie's birthday. We get a few odd stares; I know what they mean but Trent's oblivious. I am tempted to pretend we ARE together just to stir up people's psyches. I decide against it as he asks me about Tisha.

"I took the key to my townhouse back," I tell him. "She's plotting something I don't want to be a part of."

"I heard she's spending a lot of time with Kevin."

"Kyle told you that," I assume.

"If it has to do with Sean, I'd advise her against it."

"She's bull headed."

"He's an asshole. A Grade-A one."

"What is it with you?" I don't have many friends but I don't talk about the ones I do have like that.

"Nobody likes him," he tells me, moving behind me to look over my shoulder.

I smile with a thought I shouldn't have. "Oh," I mouse out.

"His own wife doesn't like him," Trent continues. "He's my frat brother so I deal with him. He's Kyle's cousin so he's stuck with him." That news surprises me. "Ian and Luke are his flunkies." I nod, I know that. "Rob can't stand him but he's my brother so he tolerates him." I didn't know that either.

I help him pick out a necklace and earring set for Katie, something ridiculously expensive, and then we're on our way.

"Something I don't know?" he asks when Kyle and Cindy leave.

"Not really."

"Which means?"

"We talk on the phone occasionally. More like text than talk."

"Sexting?" I can't tell if he's jealous or envious by his tone.

"Hardly," I reply with a laugh. "Just basic, 'I can't sleep' shit. He told me about Cindy, sort of. He said Katie introduced him to a girl at work that 'really needs to get a life outside of the office.'"

"Yeah, we all went to dinner and the movies last week, it was cool."

"I guess we've all been busy these past couple weeks. I was surprised to get a call, especially from you."

"No one knows Katie better than you." He smiles, sweet and sincere.

"Guess I should call Katie if she's playing matchmaker."

"You want to date?" There goes that questionable tone again.

"Something wrong with that?" I pose with a raise eyebrow.

"Not at all," he replies quickly shaking his head.

He's quiet most of the rest of the conversation.

I drive him back home; his car is in the shop. He invites me in and I gladly take his invitation.

"You want something to drink?" he asks.

I shake my head as I kick off my shoes. I use the wall to steady myself as the 4 inch height difference is a bit to do alone. Trent comes behind me and presses into me. I can feel his dick against my ass through my skirt. I attempt to turn around but he forces my back to him and presses me against the wall.

"You're not going to fight me," he tells me. "You're going to let me have you. You're going to like it. Right?"

I nod, my face pressed against the wall. He takes one of my hands and puts it to his pants.

"Rub it," he commands.

I start to rub his cock through his pants. It hardens in my hands. He bites my neck, pushing my hair to the side. I moan and suck air in through my teeth. He moves his hand beneath my skirt. He wastes no time and pushes my G-string to the side. He shoves two fingers in my slightly moist pussy.

I grip his cock in my hand and it swells. I dig my nails into the wall.

"That's it. Get it hard for me. I'm not going easy on you. I want you so bad. I wanna taste that chocolate pussy."

"What..." I stammer, "What about Katie. What about your wife."

"This has nothing to do with my wife. This is about a fuck."

"But you've fucked me before."

"Not like I wanna have you. I want that pussy."


He takes his hand out of my pussy and whips me around, taking my arms in his hands and shoving my back against the wall. "What did I say?"

"I'm not fighting you but..."

"But what?" he demands.

I don't speak. I'm not sure what to say.

He runs his hand down my chest, between my breasts and back over my left tit. He manipulates my nipple through my blouse and then takes the top of the low-cut fabric and pulls it down under my bra. He licks the tops of my breasts. My tits heave as I breathe heavily.

He takes my tits in his hands and manhandles them as his shoves his tongue down my throat. My hands quiver and then make their way to his back. I wrap lift my leg and wrap it around his back.

He yanks my bra down and attacks my nipples with his tongue.

I reach down and rub his cock. He pushes me off of him and steps back. He leans against the wall, just a few feet from me in the narrow entrance. He looks at me as he rubs his cock.

"Take that fucking bra and shirt off. That's it. Strip slut. Take it off, bitch. Good. Now come here." He reaches to me and grabs me by my hair. "Get down. That's right get on your fucking knees. Now, suck it. SUCK! Mmmm yeah, wrap those big fucking lips around my dick."

Trent puts his hands on the back of my head and begins to fuck my face. "That's it. Yes. Oh Shay, fuck! You suck a good fucking dick. You're such a nasty whore. Suck it! SUCK IT! Suck the cum outta my cock."

He puts both hands on the back of my head and skulls fucks me. He pulls out to the head and then rams his cock down my throat. "Suck me off you cocksucking bitch! Suck my cock! SUCK IT! YES YES! You want this cum down your throat? Look at me! Look at me with my cock in your fucking mouth. Yeah. Yeah. DAMMIT! That's it. Put that fucking ass in the air. That's it, put that ass up. Let me see that big fucking black ass."

He rubs my ass over the fabric that's slowly inching over my round ass. "Fuck that shit," he pulls it all the way over my ass and smack my ass. "Look at that ass! Fuck! FUUUCK! Yes, bitch. I'm gonna cum down your throat. You want that? You wanna swallow that cum? Here it comes then bitch. Get ready. SWALLOW IT! SWALLOW MY FUCKING DICK! LOOK AT ME WHILE YOU SWALLOW MY NUT HOE! YES! AHHH OOOH. Damn your moth feels so good. That's it, take it all."

He pushes me back and his cock pops out of my mouth. He extends his hand and I take it. "I'm not done with that ass."

He picks me up and carries me into the bedroom. He throws me, face first onto the bed. He moves a wooden, arm less chair from the corner and plants himself behind me just a few feet away. "Come take my fucking pants off."

I do as instructed.

"Now," he turns me around and smacks my ass. "Shake that ghetto shit. That's it. Work that ass. Mmmm, fuck yes. Make it bounce. Shake it. I wanna see that ass jiggle and shake. Yeah. Be my video hoe, baby. Do it! Come put that ass on my dick. Wiggle that ass on my cock. OH FUCK!"

I grind my ass on his lap. I slide his cock between my ass and glide it up and down between my ample butt cheeks. He squeezes my ass and moans. He grips me around my neck, pulling me into him.

"You're gonna be a good fucking cum bucket," he says as he begins to push his cock in my ass. "And you're gonna like it."

I can feel his cock stretching my tight ass. He grips my hips with one hand and thrusts his cock into me as he maintains his hold on my neck. He forces me to stand and spins me around.

"Enough of that. Give me that pussy. That's what I want."

I quickly lower myself onto his cock. I straddle him and he smacks my ass as he sucks and manhandles my tits. My hips buck and grind into him. His hands roam my body as my pussy drips all over his stiff prick.

"Yeah, I know what you like. You like that nasty shit, don't you?"

"Yes," I whimper.

"Because you know what you are, don't you?"


"And what's that."

"A slut."





"A cock sucking whore."

"Yes, yes."

"And here you are fucking your best friend's husband, like the ghetto freak bitch you are."

"Ooh, Trent. You started this," I whine.

"But you're the one who opened your slutty black legs to me. You took my white cock in your mouth. You let me ram my cock up your tight black booty over, and over, and over."

"Trent," I whined, as much as the truth was hurting my feelings it was turning me on. Hearing him talk this nasty, mean, rude, reckless to me was making my pussy wet.

"And even now, you're such a fucking whore you're creaming all over my cock. You've got my thick white meat in your black fuck hole and you're moaning, groaning, and creaming like a bitch in heat. I'm telling you you're nothing better than a fucking cum bucket and you're still riding my dick. I'm not even fucking you and you're trying to get the cum out my cock. You haven't even tried to get up. You like it don't you?"

"Yes," I groan.

"Open your fucking eyes and look at me bitch. You like it don't you."


"You're gonna stop fucking Kyle. You hear me bitch?! You're mine now. All mine. I'm not sharing you with him. He's got Cindy now, I got you."

"What... about... Katie?"

He smirks and pulls me into him. My tits pressed against him. He starts to hammer into my pussy, thrusting his hips into me. "She's my wife. The woman I love. You're just my fucktoy," his words echo in my ears as he says them directly in my ear. I try to turn my head and he holds me down, forcing me to hear his cruel words. "My WHORE ON-THE-SIDE, BITCH. Something for me to put my dick in. Something for me to put my cum in."

He flips me onto my back, never taking his cock out of my pussy.

I wrap my legs around his back as I thrust my hips to meet his strokes. "Trent," I moan.

"Yes bitch."

"It feels so good."

"I know it does. You gonna tell Katie?"




"You better not tell her I had my cock up this pussy."

"I won't."

He pushes my legs apart, forcing them open, and rams his cock deep into my pussy. He thrusts and drills me, jack hammering his thick white cock into me.

"Trent, wait..."

"Shut up, I gotta cum."

"Trent, you're..." I wince as he pounds in me, hitting the bottom of my pussy every time.

"Be a good little cum bucket and take my fucking nut."

"Trent!" I gasp.

"That's it. Scream my fucking name. SCREAM IT!"

"TRENT!" I try to hold in but I can't.

"Fucking cum rag. FUCK SHAY! You look so fucking good with my cock buried in your pussy. Look at those black tits bounce." He grabs my tits and squeezes them as he pounds into my tight, wet black cunt. "Look at me when I cum in you. LOOK AT ME WHILE I PUT MY NUT INTO YOUR PUSSY. Look at me bitch. LOOK AT MEEEEE. YEESSSS! OH FUCK YOU CUM BUCKET. OH FUCK SHAY. OOOH YOU GHETTO WHORE. FUCK YOU'RE A GOOD FUCK. YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD PIECE OF ASS! YES MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM! TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR PUUUSSSSYYYY!!!"

I feel his cum shoot deep inside my pussy. I scream as he bites my nipples, manhandles my tits, and fills my pussy all at the same time.

I collapse onto his chest and wrap my arms around him. We both breathe heavily. I close my eyes and nibble on his shoulder. He stands, holding me in his arms. I let my legs find the floor.

"I should go before Katie gets back," I say reluctantly.

"Yes," he agrees in the same manner.

I force a smile. He kisses my forehead and we hunt for our clothes.

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