tagInterracial LoveWedding Trip #02

Wedding Trip #02


The sun woke up the following morning as a few rays peaked through the corner of the bedroom curtain. 'Was that real or one hell of a dream I had?' I asked myself about last night. Rolling over I found Dwane still sleeping next to me. I really did have sex with him and worse of all it was amazing. Without a doubt the best sex I have had in a long time, maybe even ever. Yet, the feeling of guilt of doing that while being married was in the back of my head. John could never know about what happened. I would need to act like everything was normal. Figuring I'd take a shower before Dwane wakes up I tossed the covers off. Dwane was completely naked, his soft but still large black dick was slumped between his thighs. I still can't believe he fit that monster in me. Just thinking about it made my body uncontrollably shiver in excitement. I was a little sore though inside of my vagina. I guess it is of no surprise after what he had in me. As for myself I was nearly nude except for the fact I still had on the pair of white stockings from last night. Slipping out of bed I quietly headed into the bathroom shutting the door behind me.

Starting the shower I took off the stockings before stepping inside. Dwane has a nice standup shower stall with foggy glass sides and door separate from his tub. As I wet myself down I noticed something strange on the shower wall. High up, around the top of my head height was a plastic handle held on by two large suction cups. Down below that to the left was another thing held up by a suction cup and looked like some form of soap holder of platform. Figured I would ask Dwane about it later after he woke up. After washing up I decided to stay a little longer under the hot, relaxing water. Not surprising the thought of last night came to mind. I still can't believe that I had sex with him! What would John say if he knew? I can't ever let that happen again and need to put it out of my mind completely. Though that's easier said than done as it kept creeping in there. What's worse is no matter how wrong I knew it was I was getting turned on when I thought of it. Feeling his big dick inside of me, his dark skin against my pale, fuck what was wrong with me? Just as I was about to turn off the shower I heard the bathroom door open.

"Good morning Marisa!" Dwane shouted out loud. His voice made me jump back into reality and shocked me a bit too. Bidding him a good morning as well he asked how I was feeling? I told him fine. He said that he was worried that I might have been sore from last night. Granted the inside of my thighs were slightly plus what I mentioned earlier but I informed him I was fine. I felt a bit awkward with him being there though while I was in the shower. I took the chance to ask him about the things on the shower wall and what they were for while it was on my mind.

"The handle and step suctioned against the shower wall?" Dwane asked. I told him yes which caused him to laugh though at the time I didn't know as to why.

"I also wanted to talk to you about last night" I told him. He asked me what about last night? I began to explain that it was something we should not have done when all of a sudden the shower stall door swung open. Dwane was standing there, still completely naked with only a big smile on his face. My body jumped in surprise as I moved to cover myself up.

"Why so modest? After last night there's nothing I haven't already seen" he told me. "Or touched ... or been inside of" he said winking. Dwane quickly stepped into the shower with me closing the door behind him. I informed him I would get out of his way but he stopped me.

"I thought you wanted to know what these things were for? So, I came inhere to show you" said Dwane. Blocking my way out he grabbed my waist spinning me around so I faced away from him. "Now here" he explained, "first you grab this handle up there with your left hand" telling me as he guided it. "Then you take your right foot and place it up into this small step which will raise you up higher and your left foot will be up on it's toes." Which is exactly what happened. "With you now like this it makes having sex in the shower much easier!"

I felt very exposed at that moment as Dwane got up very close so I was unable to move. Could clearly feel his dick pressing against my upper thigh, slowly growing harder. Whispering into my ear he told me how hot I looked.

Me - "Dwane we can't do this. Not again. It's wrong!"

Dwane - "What's so wrong about it?"

Me - "I'm married and my husband's a friend of yours too."

Dwane - "So, it's just sex! It'll me you feel good and me feel good. And I know you were feeling really good last night! You can't tell me you didn't enjoy it. You wanted it as bad as I did and loved every second as my big black dick gave you such pleasure. I'm sure the thinking of it turns you on. You can't tell me you don't want it Marisa."

In this position I was exposed to him and Dwane took full advantage of this. Immediately he reached down with one of his hands slipping it between my thighs from behind and began to run his fingers along my vagina. My body instantly reacted as I felt a shiver and a wave of excitement surge from my head to toes. I knew it turned me on. I also couldn't say I hadn't enjoyed last night or that I didn't want to do it again. I couldn't and I shouldn't.

"Dwane" I said. "Please, we need to stop this right now. We can't do this again. Pleas ... *gasp!* ..."

I never got to finish what I was saying as he interrupted me by sliding his middle finger into my hole and began moving it in and out. At the same time he started running my clit with another finger. My body almost melted at the moment. Than he began rubbing my G Spot and that's when all resistance ended as I totally relaxed back against him. Fuck, what was I doing? Why did I give in so easy? Even quicker than I did last night. I couldn't even blame the alcohol either. It was so wrong yet I wanted it so bad. Fuck, what's wrong with me! I tried to suck it up and fight my urge. I tried half hearted to stop Dwane one last time. When he didn't I accepted my fate and enjoyed what he was doing to me.

"That's right Marisa! I knew you wanted it you dirty little slut!" Dwane said as he continued to vigorously finger me. "Last night was so fucking hot Marisa. Have wanted to do that to you for a long fucking time! I have to admit you're not only the first white woman I've had sex with but also the first married woman too. Not sure which was hotter, your pale white skin, or that you're married. Both were a turn on for me. The color contrast and knowing I was fucking a married woman and her husband has no idea."

The whole time he kept fingering me from behind. With rubbing both my clit and G Spot it didn't take long until I felt an orgasm building; and was it ever coming on fast. I screamed out as I had a large orgasm. My body shook as I tried to keep my balance on the small foot ledge. As I came down I tried to catch my breath as Dwane moved closer up against me. He slipped his finger out only to have something much bigger move up to take it's place. The massive black head of his equally massive black dick took position replacing his finger lining up with my hole. I hadn't even come down from my orgasm when he grabbed my waist pushed his dick up into me. I gasped for air as he quickly forced the bulbous head into my vagina.

"Shit! You're still so fucking tight!" Dwane groan as he pushed deeper. Like last time he worked it in gradually until he had it as deep as he could go. In this position it wasn't as deep as last night but still much more than I'm used to with John. Dwane didn't take it slow this time as he started hard and fast making me squeal in pleasure. With one hand he held my waist to help keep me in place. The other moved up around the front of me and grabbed my right breast, kneading it.

"I love your big white tits Marisa" Dwane said. "Mind if I say it like that? Calling them your big WHITE tits." I told him I didn't mind. "What about calling you 'white girl' instead of your name? Or my white slut?" he asked. I said not at all since him calling me that was kind of a turn on for me as well. Dwane was happy to hear that as he kept up a good pace on me. I was almost endlessly moaning and screaming in pleasure as he assaulted my body. We were so into having sex neither of us noticed as the water began to cool until it was too late and both of us were freezing. Dwane stopping and switched off the shower.

"Lets move this outside" Dwane told me as he pulled his dick out of me. Opening the shower door Dwane grabbed my hand leading me across the bathroom until we were in front of the mirror. Moving me around until I was facing it. He then moved around behind me. I should have known where this was going as he placed his left hand on my waist to hold my lower body in place as his right hand on the back of my shoulder pushed me so I was bent over. Without saying a word I braced my hands on the edge of the sink. I stared at myself in the mirror with a clear view of the large black man behind me as he looked down towards my ass while lining his large black dick up to re-enter me. With both hands on my waist he peered up at the mirror to watch as he slammed it into me hard. If I he hadn't had such a good hold of me I would have lost my balance. I screamed out loud as he buried his dick in me; this time the entire length.

Dwane began to fuck me hard. My moans filled the room along with the sound of his body and testicles slamming against my body. Shit he was so deep, so thick, felt so good! I was having a hard time keeping my head up so he grabbed my hair holding it all the way back so he could see my face as he screwed me.

Dwane - "Feels good doesn't it white girl?"

Me - "Yes!"

Dwane - "Open your eyes! Watch me! Watch as I fuck you like a good married white slut!"

I did as he said and can't lie, it as really hot. I tried my best to keep watching as he continued fucking me for all he was worth. If I closed my eyes for too long Dwane would yank on my hair to make me open them again.

"I'm almost there Marisa. Keep looking girl! ... Watch me as I cum deep into your tight married white cunt! ... Fuck! ... AAHHH!" Dwane yelled as he slammed himself fully into me. Holding my waist tightly with both hands I felt him explode inside of me. It was a double erotic sensation as I both watched this large black man behind me orgasm and felt it in me as well. His hot semen flowed into my body as load after load struck my cervix and deeply coated my vaginal walls. Dwane jerked a few more times in me before he was spent. When he was sure he had totally emptied his balls into me for a second time he pulled out and backed away. Rushing over I grabbed some toilet paper to clean myself up as I already felt some of his black seed leaking out of my hole.

"Hungry for some breakfast?" Dwane asked with a big smile. I nodded in agreement as I followed him out of the bathroom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

... "Marisa?" ... "Hey, Marisa!" ... "MARISA!"

I snapped my head around quickly towards Judy, the bride to be.

"Are you okay?" she asked me. "You just kind of zoned out there into your own little world."

She was right I had. Here I was with my close friend and the rest of the ladies from the bridal party as we went over some little details and tried our dresses on and all I could think about was Dwane and what we had done this morning. Even now it turned me on as I pictured it in my head. 'NO' I thought to myself. I have to pay attention here.

The meeting itself was nothing special. Afterwards we just sat around talking and enjoying ourselves. Getting up I went into the kitchen to get another drink. After pouring some soda into my glass I shut the refrigerator door and almost jumped from shock to see Laura standing there. She apologized for startling me. Then went on explaining what a great time she had last night at the party and asked where I found that stripper? She had never heard of one who did things in their own house like that. I explained it was a special treat for us, something he normally doesn't do.

"He was hot too!" she said in a whisper. "I've never been much for black guys but I would for him in a second. Looked like he was really packing something big in those shorts too; you know what I mean? Bet that'd feel good" Laura added with a wink. I just smiled as I thought to myself 'she's has no idea!'

When we finished up I headed back to Dwane's place to find him gone. He had to work for a couple hours tonight so I wasn't at all surprised. I took this time to eat some dinner and relax in front of the TV. I was there for some time before my cell phone rang. Yanking it from my purse I answered it knowing full well it was my husband John because of the ring tone I use just for his calls. We talked for quite a while as we both tend to lose track of time on the phone. A little more than thirty minutes into our conversation the front door opened as Dwane walked in from working. Seeing me on the couch talking on my cell phone Dwane asked right away if that was John? I told him it was and that he says hello.

"Tell him hello back and that we'll have to get together soon" Dwane said as he went into the kitchen. Not even a minute later he came back, standing directly against the couch behind me. Looking back up towards him as I talked Dwane was grinning down at me then placed a finger over his lips making a hush sound. I had no idea what he was playing at until he reached around with both his hands placing them on my shoulders first before gliding them down to my chest. I tried to stop him with my one free hand but to no avail. He soon was kneading both my breasts over my clothing. Placing my free hand over the phone I whispered for him to stop.

"Come on I'm just having a little fun. Just go with it and John will never know" he explained. "Plus, I don't know about you but this is kind of a turn on."

I can't deny there was something a bit dirty about it that made it even more of a turn on. I just sat there pretending like everything was normal with my husband as this large black man was playing with my breasts from behind. My nipples were becoming rock hard and poking at the material of my top. Pulling his hand away Dwane began to unbutton my shirt all the way down almost to my belly button before parting it open; exposing my bra covered chest. Moving his hands back to playing with them he decided to slip a few fingers under my right bra cup, pinching my nipple. This caused me to yelp out loud. John stopped mid sentence asking me if everything was okay? I had to come up with a quick lie telling him I had just pricked myself on a thorn from a flower I got earlier today for the wedding. Thankfully he believed me without question.

As I was saying goodbye Dwane interrupted me explaining he'd like to talk to John if he wasn't too busy? I asked John and he said he'd love to talk and I passed the phone up to Dwane who let go of my breasts. First saying hello to my husband he asked him to hold for a moment as he bent over to whisper into my ear.

"Don't button your shirt up yet. I'm not done with you" he said to me softly. I just sat there as Dwane started talking to John as he walked around the couch until he was standing directly in front of me. 'What is he doing?' I thought to myself as I watched him begin to undo his pants with his one free hand. Letting them drop to the floor he followed up with his boxers before stepping out of them both. His dick was almost fully hard as he looked down at my puzzled face with a glint of lust in his eyes. Leaning down lightly he motioned for me to open my legs for him, which I did. Stepping between them he grabbed the back of my head with his free hand and guided it towards his now fully erect cock. I knew without a doubt what he wanted me to do now. He actually wanted me to give him a blow job while he spoke to John on the phone. I nodded no to him.

"Hold on one second John" Dwane said placing his hand tightly over the phone. "Do it Marisa. I want you to suck my dick while I talk to your husband. Or do you want me to tell him what you've been up to?" he told me with an almost evil grin before talking on the phone again. Wasting no time he proceeded to guide my head forward again until the tip of his dick was resting on my lips. 'What can I do?' I tried to reason to myself as I wrapped my right hand around it's shaft. It's not like I don't really want to do this, because I do! I'm one of those women that really enjoy giving oral. It's just odd for me while he's talking to John. Dwane looked down at me mouthing the words "come on" as clear as day. Doing as he said I darted my tongue out running it along the tip and around the head. Felt his dick jump in excitement instantly. Moving my tongue lower I lifted his dick up and ran it up and down his shaft, concentrating mostly on that patch of skin just below the head. Licking my way back up to the tip I slowly glided his dick between my lips and into my waiting mouth.

This is of course only the second one I have had in my mouth, my husband's, like everything else had been my only. I slowly guided it deeper into my mouth as my lips were stretched as far as they could be around his massive dick until I couldn't take anymore in without gagging. Just as slowly as I put it in my mouth I pulled back to the tip. Licking around the head again. Dwane kept talking to John on the phone as if everything was normal. Sliding my hand higher up his shaft to just below the head I looked up at him as I sunk it back into my mouth. At the same time I moved my hand back down his shaft, jerking him off at the same time and began to do this again and again doing my best to give him pleasure. This caused Dwane to moan out loud making my heart jump knowing my husband was talking to him on the phone at that moment.

"What? ... No, nothing's wrong you're wife is just helping my relieve some stress from work and is giving me a massage ... No, I ask her to and she was nice enough to do it. You're a really lucky man John. I don't know how often Marisa does this to you but she's really good at it!" Dwane explained to my husband on the phone trying his best to play it off. I didn't stop for a moment as I stared up at Dwane as I continued sucking his big black dick. Dwane just kept up his conversation with John the entire time.

"Yep! ... I know crazy isn't it ... Been way too long man, I'll have to come out there if you can't get time off ... No, I don't mind Marisa staying here at all. As old friends as me and her are. Not to mention how helpful she's been these last couple days. We've been having a real good time together and grown a lot closer too ... Oh fuck yeah Marisa! Just like that, feels so good ... Sorry about that man, she just hit a real good spot ... Yeah right! ... I know what you mean ... Hey, I hate to ask but can I call you back in a couple minutes? ... Not at all, I just don't know how much longer I can hold it. I am about to explode here any second! ... Okay, not a problem I'll talk to you in a few ... yeah bye for now man."

Dwane turned off the phone, tossing it onto the couch. Grabbing the back of my head with his other hand he now had both of them holding me in place keeping his dick in my mouth as I continued to suck it.

"Fuck yeah Marisa I'm getting real fucking close" Dwane said. "Keep it up baby! Shit, I can't fucking believe I was talking to your husband while you sucked my dick! He had no fucking clue his pretty little white wife had a big black dick in her mouth. When I pull out I want you to grab your big tits and press them up together Marisa. Fuck! Almost there ... FUCK!"

Dwane quickly grabbed his dick, yanking it from my mouth and aiming it down at my chest. Doing as he asked I pressed my breasts tightly together. Less then a second letter Dwane let out a moan as he released his tight grip around his shaft. In an instant he came shooting his hot semen on and between my bra covered breasts. Was an interested sight to watch stream after stream of white cum shot out the tip of his oversized black dick. The thought passed through my mind as I wondered if this is what it looked like when he had cum in me. Was actually kind of hot to think about too. Dwane wiped the last drops across my cleavage.

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