tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWeekend Adventure Ch. 02

Weekend Adventure Ch. 02


It was beginning to get late and Ed knew that the DJ would be done within the hour. He told Lisa and I to go dance for a song or two and then come back to the table. So out on the dance floor we were. My shirt was hanging open my tits totally exposed and my skirt was slit on both sides almost to my waist. It was also cut so short in the front it barely covered my pussy when standing still, so of course I was exposed much of the time on the dance floor.

We danced to a couple of songs and went back to the table. I could barely contain my excitement being so exposed in front of so many people. I wondered if this is how the night would end. I thought I will have to leave the bar and go out in the cold like this with my tits bare and my skirt so short.

We sat down to relax a few minutes as the DJ said he was going to take a short break and then play for the last half hour or so till closing. I thought it might be a good idea to make visit to the ladies room while we waited for the music to begin again. Ed told me to take my top off and go to the ladies room completely topless. I thought to myself, I can't, do that here.

I know my shirt was really not covering me but it still made me feel like I was wearing something if that makes sense. Taking it off totally would make me realize I was really exposed. I know it's not rational but it made sense to me. Well Ed insisted and so reluctantly I slid my poor little shirt off my shoulders and handed it to Ed.

I was sure I would get it back before we left the bar so I could at least hold it closed as we walked to the car and then back through the hotel and to our room. So off we went to the ladies room, all eyes watching me as I walked completely topless and showing lots of leg and I am sure some pussy . I was thrilled at all of the attention and thought what a great night this had been and how sad that it was coming to an end.

I was already thinking ahead to my next adventure and how I hoped it would be even better because maybe I could be even bolder and be more exposed in public. Ok well back to the table we headed and sat for just a few minutes before the DJ returned. I didn't see my shirt anywhere but figured Ed had it in his pocket so as not to lose it. I was very brave now, I had enough to drink and was feeling pretty good about being topless . So out to the dance floor we went.

Lisa and I really enjoyed ourselves out there. I happened to look toward the DJ booth and saw Ed talking to the DJ. We finished dancing to the song and went back to the table to get a sip of our drinks. It was then I asked Ed where he had put my shirt, and as I suspected he had it in his pocket. So I felt a little relieved, until he took the shirt out of his pocket and I saw it was cut into small pieces. Now I had mixed feelings, I was excited but yet so nervous realizing that I would have to leave the bar and walk out in the cold then through the hotel parking deck, lobby and topless.

I was just ready to protest a bit when the DJ said there had been a request made for a slow song to end the night. Just then Ed took my hand and led me to the dance floor. He put his arms around me just above my waist as we swayed to the music. I was very relaxed my bare breasts pressed firmly against his chest. I could feel his hands roaming over my ass and then up to my waist. I was somewhat tipsy and so relaxed that at first I didn't notice the tug at my waistband but suddenly I realized I was naked.

Ed had tugged and ripped the small bit of fabric holding my skirt together and was holding it in his hand. Sheer panic struck, I was totally naked on the dance floor of a bar. Well I thought at least I will be able top tie the two ends of the waistband together enough to wear it back to the hotel. I would have to remain topless but that was better than having nothing on until we were back in our room.

As we danced the last dance Ed tossed my shirt over to Lisa sitting at the table. I hoped that maybe she would have a safety pin or maybe we could tie the skirt closed so I could slip it on when we got back to the table. I was ok for now I was pressed up against Ed and so my pussy was covered by his body and everyone could only see that I was totally naked from the back.

The song ended and I tried my best to cover my pussy with my hand as we headed back to the table. Then the light were turned up and now everyone could see I was totally naked. What a turn on it was but I was still looking forward to at least putting my skirt back on so I would be somewhat covered.

We got back to the table and I saw my poor shirt there in pieces, then I realized my skirt was in pieces now also. Lisa was sitting there with a big grin holding the scissors, she had cut my skirt to into pieces now I was totally naked and had nothing at all to wear. It was then that Ed told me that he knew Lisa and had enlisted her to help him out tonight. I had been setup and I really couldn't get mad because I had brought Ed in to do just what he did.

I guess I didn't expect him to be so damn good at it. So now what do I do, I'm naked in a bar miles from the hotel, it's only about 35 degrees outside. Lisa said she had to go and off she went. Everyone in the bar was watching me. I looked at my cut up clothes and nearly cried. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I was angry at Ed for going this far, I was upset with myself for allowing this to happen, I was nervous thinking that I will surely get arrested for indecent exposure before we get back to our hotel room.

All of this and I was also very excited at the prospect of having to walk past all of the customers in the bar and out into the cold night air and to the car for the ride back to the hotel. Then I would of course have to walk through the parking deck and the lobby to get to the elevator to go back to our room. Ed told me to wait in the bar while he went out to start the car. I told him I was not going to stay in the bar naked without him.

He said it was quite cold out but I chose to suffer in the cold rather than stay in the bar alone. We walked toward the door and it seemed as though no one could believe I was going to walk out into the mid 30 degree weather naked. I took a deep breath and out we went. The minute I was outside my nipples popped up and I was covered in goose bumps.

It was very cold out and I thought for sure I would freeze to death. We got in the car and Ed got it started and turned the heat on immediately. I looked over at Ed all nice and warm in his clothes and coat, while I sat in a cold car naked and freezing. The grin on his face said it all, he was pleased with the way things had gone up to this point.

The heat finally began to warm me up as Ed took a slow ride to the hotel. We finally reached the hotel and Ed made sure he parked as far as possible from the entrance. We got out and started the long walk to the elevator to take us down to the hotel entrance.

I was freezing but still so very turned on by how I had been naked in a bar and now walking through the hotel parking deck, thinking how security must have me on camera. I began to wonder if security would be waiting for me to try and enter the hotel and stop me or were they simply enjoying the scene on the camera. We made it onto the elevator and got down to the hotel entrance.

I thought that we would go unnoticed since it was rather late. I was very wrong the lobby was busy. The looks on some of the people were priceless when they saw me walk in from the cold wearing only my heels and some jewelry. Ed suggested a cup of coffee and I said that we could have it brought to the room but he had another idea. He grabbed my arm and guided me to the small restaurant. It was almost empty, we walked in and the few people in there began to stare at me. I thought we would get coffee to go but Ed sat at a table.

I thought there is no way that we will be served with me baring all, but once again I was wrong. A waitress came over looked me up and down, I could not tell if she was disgusted or admired me. We ordered coffee and I sat there naked drinking my coffee while people just seemed to look in disbelief. We were done in a few minutes and now I began to worry about getting stopped in the lobby> I saw everyone looking at me including security but since no one really seemed to be bothered by my nudity no one said a word. We got on the elevator for an uneventful ride up to our floor.

Soon we were back in the room and I was unsure if I should scream at Ed for going as far as he did or if I should just take a hot shower and think about the evening. I chose the latter. I went in and took a hot shower and masturbated thinking about the events of the evening. I thought this is only Friday, what will happen tomorrow.

I had an amazing orgasm while recounting all that had happened. What have I done choosing this man? How far would he go and could I possibly go as far as he would want me to? Well I wanted someone who would not give in to my objections and I sure found him. Life is going to be very interesting from here on.I woke up on Saturday morning thinking about the events of Friday night . I never thought that I would have the courage to be as exposed as I had been in the bar and the areas of the hotel.

I said good morning to Ed and he told me breakfast was ordered and that it would be delivered soon. I decoded to jump in the shower not even noticing the lack of towels in the bathroom before entering the shower. It was only when I stepped out of the shower that I saw there were no towels. Dripping wet I went out to ask Ed what had happened to all the towels. He told me he loved women all wet and naked.

He took the towels so I would have no choice but to come out of naked and wet. He told me that he had heard a thump outside the door, which probably meant the morning paper had been delivered.I was told to I please reach out and get the paper for him. Now he was almost as close to the door as I was but I said yes I would. I opened the door and looked each way seeing no one.

The paper was far enough away from the door that I could not reach it without taking a step or two out. I checked both directions again and still saw no one. Why I was so worried about being seen I don't know. After all I had been naked on the dance floor of a bar and had walked through the hotel lobby naked only a few hours before. Well anyway the hallway was clear and I stepped out to reach for the paper. I took a second step, bent down got the paper in my hand and heard the door close behind me.

I stood up , turned and reached for the doorknob, as I suspected the door was locked. He planned this, of that I had no doubt. The paper was just too far away from the door, I should have known something was up. I banged on the door and asked Ed to please let me in, but there was no response. So there I was wet and naked out in the hallway when I heard the bell on the elevator. I had nowhere to go, all I could do was stand there knocking on the door in hopes that Ed would let me in.

It was not long before the room service waiter appeared with our breakfast. I put a hand over my pussy and explained that I was the victim of a prank. He just smiled and nodded then he knocked on the door and announced room service. The door soon opened and we both entered the room, Ed looked at me with a sly grin on his face .

I walked past him and into my bedroom as he tipped the waiter and made some remark about my ass. I waited until I heard the door close and went out still naked to have breakfast. I could tell Ed was quite proud of himself and I must admit I was feeling a bit turned on after that little incident.

We had breakfast and then Ed said we would go out for a drive and check out the area. He told me that the dress he wanted me to wear was laying out on the bed. The dress was one that buttons all the way up from the hem to just above my breasts. It had a v-neck but one that was not to deep. You could show a lot of thigh or just a little depending on how far down you buttoned the dress.

I had buttoned about 3 buttons below my pussy so when I walked a good amount of my thigh was visible. Ed of course told me to unbutton two more buttons so that my pussy was almost visible as I walked. Once again I loved the attention as I took long strides walking through the lobby so that my dress opened to just below my pussy. It was still pretty cold out and once again I had no coat with me. I also noticed that Ed had no bag or anything so unless he had already put clothes in the car all I had was the dress I was wearing with nothing under it but me.

We got out into the parking deck and again the cold air made my nipples stand out . I knew once in the car that the heat would keep me warm. I could not believe how far we had to walk to the car and I thought about how I had made that walk naked just hours ago. Thoughts of the night before once again began to make me excited and I wondered what today would bring. We were in the car and Ed told me to unbutton my dress completely so that any truckers or those in the higher sport utility vehicles could get a good look at me.

I had made a few truckers happy as Ed saw a small store and pulled in using the excuse that he was thirsty. He told me to go in and get him a drink while he looked at a map of the area. I began to button my dress and he told me to leave it open. I began to protest but he said would I prefer to go in with no dress at all? So I of course left my dress undone and stepped out of the car. My dress flowed behind me as I walked to the entrance leaving me fully exposed in front. Anyone looking would get a good look at my exposed tits and pussy.

As I entered the store my dress began to fall closed and if I was careful how I moved I could get in and out without exposing too much. It was very obvious that my dress was completely unbuttoned and I could see the clerk straining to get a look at some of my good parts. My dress parted enough for him to see my cleavage but not much else. I walked out to go to the car and once again my dress followed behind me. I could hear the catcalls from a car parked near ours. I could feel myself once again feeling excited.

It was now early afternoon and Ed suggested we see a movie to pass sometime. We found the theatre and Ed had me to button only one button near my belly button so that my dress was open all the way down to that button. I walked slowly so as not to expose to much of my lower region as we walked through the lobby.

The theatre was not very crowded and we took a seat down near the front and in the center. Soon after the movie started Ed told me to take my dress off. I looked around and saw there were no people very near us and it was not a movie that would attract kids. I looked around one more time, undid the one button holding my dress closed and took it off. How exciting to be in a public movie house naked, even though no one could see me, it still excited me very much.

We watched the movie without incident, me being excited just at being naked. When it seemed like the movie was nearing the end Ed said he needed to go to the restroom. I was enjoying the movie as Ed took the walk to the restroom. It was a few minutes later when the credits began to roll and I knew the house lights would soon come on. I realized Ed had not yet returned and figured he had seen the movie ending and would be waiting for me in the lobby.

I looked over at his seat and that overwhelming feeling of panic set in as I realized my dress was gone. The son of a bitch had taken my dress with him and left me in the theatre naked. The house lights were now coming on and I slumped a bit in my seat thinking he would come back any minute laughing at his little joke. Minutes passed and I suddenly realized Ed was not coming back for me.

The house lights in the theatre are now all on and I am still waiting for Ed's little joke to end. There are a few stragglers leaving their seats and one looks over at me. As much as I tried I could not hide myself enough and he could tell I was wearing very little clothing if any at all. He elbowed the female with him and she looked my way , shook her head and pulled him up the aisle. I needed to make a decision and soon. I wondered was Ed just letting me sweat a bit, was he in the lobby waiting for me to appear naked from the theatre.

I was sure he would be with one or more theatre employees waiting to see me try and get out of this. I thought he made some deal with the manager or something and once I appeared naked in the lobby I would b given my clothes and off we would go. I think it was because I was so mad, and anxious to give him hell that it was easy for me to get up and start toward the lobby. Now you have to understand that we had parked the car in a small lot about a half block or so from the movie house. I was quite cold during the walk to the theatre as I had no coat and only my dress on me. Well anyhow the theatre was empty and I thought the worst thing now would be running into an usher or a cleaner checking the place before the next show. I knew there would not be a crowd waiting for the next showing as it was much to early . As I approached the door to the lobby I still hoped to see Ed appear but no such luck.

So fine I thought I will peek into the lobby and see Ed there and I will step out and he will laugh and end of story. I can't explain the flood of emotions I felt when I peeked out into the lobby and saw an usher but no Ed. Now I began to panic, where was Ed? Was he just outside, or in the car? Was the car still there? What if he left me totally to find my way back to the hotel. If that were what he did and I made it back I know I would kill him somehow, some way he would never see daylight again.

Well I couldn't stay here forever as much as I wanted to, so I took a deep breath and stepped out into the lobby. The usher, a young college aged kid stared in disbelief. After the shock wore off he asked if anything had happened in the theatre and if I was ok. Once again I used the "victim of a prank" excuse and said that my funny husband was right outside waiting for me.

He said it was much too cold for me to go outside in my condition but I said if I don't then something like this or maybe worse would happen. So I bravely made my way to the door, opened it and stepped out into the very brisk day. I looked there was no Ed to be seen anywhere, my last hope was that he was in the car. If I got near the lot and the car was gone I would have to hurry back to the theatre and ask the usher for help. I was covered in goose bumps and my nipples were just so hard and standing out.

I hurried as fast I could down the street and prayed that when I looked around the corner I would not only see the car, but also see Ed in it keeping it warmed up. I was scared now, when I had been naked before I was nervous and turned on but now it was just plain fear. I reached the corner and there was the car. I could see it was running, Ed was sitting behind the wheel. I reached the car and was so furious but so cold. I got in and sat, teeth chattering so many thoughts. After a few minutes I began to warm up. I looked over at Ed, he knew I was pissed.

I just glared at him for a moment then I screamed, " Are you fucking crazy"? He smiled and said you wanted me to push you to limits you never thought you could endure. He told me that he had told the usher about the situation and so I was never in any danger. He then asked me if I was excited at all during any of this. I thought about it all and realized I had been very excited, much of the time. I had been scared, that's for sure but how thrilling to know that I was a block maybe even miles from my clothes.

Wow to be left there naked, having to walk outside in the cold and to the car naked. Wondering if the car would even be there when I got there. Well Ed finally did give me my dress after we parked the car back at the hotel. I must admit I was hoping I would not see any of my clothes until we were back in our hotel room. I did only button two buttons so everyone got quite a show as I walked through the hotel to the elevator and back to our room.

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